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After spending nearly two years researching, my...

After spending nearly two years researching, my girlfriend and I have secured a July surgery date with Constantino Mendieta. We're looking to be as prepared as possible and are wondering if any of you guys who have already had the surgery can give us any tips or pointers for pre and post-op care. We'll post more on our experience with the doctor in the coming months. Thanks
There is lots and lots of valuable information in the reviews on this site, the girls invested lots of time and effort journaling their stories, reading them is the best way to get your information, you will get to see some very raw emotions and results, some great, some no so great. it's going to take some time and effort to gather information but it will be worth it, it would be difficult for these bbl sistahs to repeat all the advise to you or anybody, reading all the journals it's the only way you will know what to expect. Good luck with Doc Mendiata, I had consult with him a few weeks ago. Still not sure about getting this done. Best to you and your girlfriend!
Good luck!
You've chosen the best!
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