32 Year Old Fat Transfer/BBL with Dr. Ortega! - Coral Gables, FL

I have always wanted lipo on my thighs and stomach...

I have always wanted lipo on my thighs and stomach. I finally decided to take the first steps when my sister started looked for a surgeon for her "Mommy Makeover". Luckily I had someone who was researching/prepping/having surgery/recovering with me. Initially feelings of anxiety overwhelmed me as I am 32 years old without kids and have never had any surgeries. Anticipating the outcome and results (along with having my sis with me) helped me along my journey. We decided to schedule our surgeries the same day. After much research and based upon numerous email exchanges with our patient coordinator (Blanca-so patient and helpful!) we decided to travel from PA to FL (CG Cosmetic). We were advised we would need to stay in Miami for 10days due to my sis' mommy makeover. Otherwise it would have been a 5-7 stay for the fat transfer/BBL.

Our consultation was scheduled two days before our surgery. This was the first time I met or spoke with Dr. Ortega. He was very down to earth (straight shooter) and actually a little funny. I told him I was looking to lose my thighs and mid section without having a HUGE butt. I really wanted something natural. He told me I probably wouldn't have enough fat for a HUGE butt anyway. Boy was I relieved!!

The next day I patiently waited/counted down for my surgery day.

Day of surgery we arrived at our scheduled appointment times and were taken to pre op right away. I was given a gown, disposable hair net thing and disposable foot covers and then was connected to an IV drip. At this point I was all alone and terrified.

Dr. Ortega entered the room and quickly calmed me down. He "drew" on me providing an online for the areas he would work on. I remember thinking "wow that's a lot". Then the anesthesiologist came in and thoroughly explained what he would do in the ER. I was ready!

Soon after it was time... I went into the OR suite and immediately was scared and terrified. I remember laying on the table and I began to cry. I told the anesthesiologist I was scared. He told me everything would be fine. The next thing I knew...I was awake and in the recovery room. I felt NOTHING and remember nothing during the surgery. I was a bit sore and definitely out of it when I woke up. The nurses informed me that the compression garment I purchased was too small (buyer beware...don't believe the package regarding sizes/weight) and they were unable to put the garment I purchased on. I asked if they had one for purchase because I knew I didn't want to deal with trying to get a tight compression garment on while extremely bruised and sore. They did have one available for purchase for $150 (not the best but it did it's job for a couple days).

Recovery...I will submit under a separate post.

The drawing...

This was my drawing right before surgery. That looks like a lot of work!

The absolute best compression garment store and they ship!

I purchased 2 compression garments which where horrible material and quality. Neither one fit (not even close) and with each one I went 1 size up from what the package said. Fajas M&D ships and is running a sale- buy 1 get 1 half off!!

I have learned that more than 1 garment is a MUST!! The material of these garments are tight where needed yet breathable. There is a zipper in the crotch so you can handle your business. I found other garments to be open leaving my delicate parts being slightly cut off or even exposed.

The fabrics are Powernet, Lycra Nylon, Cotton Lycra (good for BA), and Satin Lycra. The salesperson Janaisa was super helpful and even put the garment on me. The other thing I like about this place is that they will exchange your.garment with the tags on if you purchased the wrong size. Every place I looked at will not exchange or refund! So frustrating!!!

The garments I purchased are below. Each garment is originally $131. I both garments for $200 plus tax. It was so worth it!

I paid $150 for each garment that didn't fit...such a waste!

Recovery...Day of Surgery

Our designated driver (my niece) drove us to the condo we rented located less than 15 mins away from CG (message me for info...great deal and view). I had to lay on my stomach across the backseat. I was in the position at all times while in the car. When we got to the condo I just wanted to rest and take my rx. I slept the entire rest if the day and nibbled on crackers. I was in pain but took the rx as needed and was totally fine. Easy peasy.

Post Op - Day 1

So the next day after surgery you have to go to GC for a follow ou appointment to be sure all is ok. The follow up doctor will see you not the surgeon. I decided to take the compression garment if to clean up before my appointment was like "WHOA that's a booty"! Pics below...

At first I was very anxious to go because I thought it would be an ordeal to get dress and head over to the office. To my surprise it was totally fine. We were seen right away.

Post Op - Day 9

Swelling has gone down a bit. Still sore in bruised areas. Like the curve in my back. I can tell my stomach will be flat once the swelling goes down. Really like the way that looks. Looking forward to working out to work on abs and thighs. Wish more of my thighs came off :(

Help...so much cellulite on my new butt

Why is there so much cellulite on my butt?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Friendly, great bedside manner, and thorough.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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You look great! I am debating about booking with dr. Ortega or Dr. Fisher. Still cant decide leaning towards Ortega since he doesnt seem to have any negative reviews.
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Your booty looks amazing. Thats what i want also. My thighs to not touch. How are you feeling? How does your thigh lipo'd area feel i have read many different reviews saying some feel it doesnt hurt and some said it does. Im afraid to get my inner thighs added because of the pain.
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You look amazing! How much did you weigh before your surgery? Did you have to lose or gain any weight?
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You are shaping up very nicely. Can't to wait to see your body morph over the next several months. Congrats!
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Looking good!
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Thank you!
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U look amazing!! Wow
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Thank you!
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Welcome to RS!
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Thank you! Was a stalker of RS before getting anything done. Great resource!
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Whyd u get it for $4000? They're charging me $4100 when I get it in October.
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They charged me $4500.00 and I'm in Oct too.
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It was a special they were running when I booked.
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Looks very good so far. Very symmetrical and good size. Congrats!
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Thank you! Just can't wait to sit on it!!! LOL.
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You look great. I am also getting bbl by Dr.Ortega. He did my mommy makeover. Very happy with my results
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WOW! Mommy Makeover looks great! Good luck!
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How are you doing? Do u have any post op pics yet
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I feel totally fine and was up and moving around like nothing happened by post op day 2. It's difficult to stay on your stomach all the time. Yes you can sit on a boppy pillow but it's not really recommended until week 3 post op. You have to do everything on your stomach. This causes a lot of backache along with the stitches that are back there.
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I had a BA in April plus 2 kids that I slept mostly on my back with. My 2nd prob 99% of the time. I'll be getting a TT with mine so I'll be on my back with something under me to keep the weight off my butt unless I don't do hips, I can lay on my sides
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I would double check with your coordinator. Usually it is not recommended to do both surgeries. My sis had a TT and she has been slouched forward since our surgery 10 days ago. The TT is intense! The reason why you can't sit/sleep on your side or back is because you can't have any pressure on your butt (I have tried to lay on my back with something under me but it's very difficult to keep the weight off). Pressure on the butt will kill the fat cells transferred (usually only 30-40% of the cells will live after a fat transfer). Good luck to you! Your BA looks great!!!
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I am aware of everything entailed. I research all day everyday as much as I can. The only time I am not researching is when I'm physically doing something else like changing a diaper or drawing blood. Lol. I will be getting a pain pump and my ps did say it would be about 10 days to stand up straight although most I see are about 7 days. Hubby is working from home now. I took 3 wks off work which is light duty anyways and it will be during winter break so don't have to take the kids back and forth to school. I prefer to do them together because I don't want any additional surgeries. I am aware that it will be a touch recovery but I am prepared for it and would prefer it this way as it is only a few wks instead of doing it twice especially since I was planning on originally just having a TT then added BA which I was gonna do at the same time but didn't. So I really don't want to have a 3rd surgery. Thanks for the complement. I know that was a lot. Lol
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Happy healing! Was your inner thigh lipo included in the cost?
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Yes, the upper thigh area was included - this was done so the thighs wouldn't touch. I was specific that I wanted all of my thighs and around the knee caps done. Unfortunately they took most of the fat from my abdomen, flanks and back. I will probably come back to get my thighs completely done.
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