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I am having a tummy tuck in jan 2014 with Dr....

I am having a tummy tuck in jan 2014 with Dr. Freiman at Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery. I am very anxious as the time gets near but I am really excited to see the results. Dr. Freiman performed my breast augmentation surgery back in March 2013, and I couldn't be any happier with my results. I am really hoping to say the same thing about tummy tuck when I check back in. I will update as things go along. Happy New Years and to a happier you :)
That's good to hear...am to having a surgery (breast augmentation ) to be exact . With Dr. Freiman . Glad to hear that you did it with him and you love them..good luck on your tummy tuck...
Oh that's awesome.. I went from a 36A to 36D, 550 cc saline under muscle, at that time it sounded so much (the cc's) but he said not too worry and so I went with it and I love them. I'm traveling from bradenton because I believe is worth the drive to get the tt done with him. Good luck hun. I know I'm getting anxious, I'm traveling to Miami soon as my consultation is tomorrow. Will update as soon about.. :)

heading to my tt consult

Need to get some rest but the anxiety is not letting me. I will be traveling to miami soon and knowing that when I return I will not be able to do anything has me making sure everything is done before I get some rest. Laundry diashes linens etc etc etc oh my oh my is like a dream I never thought I would get to this point. So anxious, ty guys for sharing your feelings with us, it sure does help a lot :)
Dr. Freiman is a great Dr. He did my Breast Augmentation March 2013. And did a wonderful job. You'll enjoy your new you soon. Happy wishes for you. Happy New year 2014. Marilyn
Ha, Im happy to hear that Im also happy with my results, tomorrow is another journey with Dr Freiman and I'm anxious to see the results jiji ty for your support :)
Congrats, your story is alot like mine, im 31 with 5 kids also i am 2mon post-op.

consultation done

Ok so consultation is done and I am feeling much better now. Stitches will be dissolvable and the tt scar will be panty line. Lipo on the flanks, he said the top of my stomach has a lil fat and I would need to loose some weight for that since he really can't do lipo on it due to oxygen cause of tt.. my meds are getting filled now.. tty soon :)
Good Luck!!!
Ty so much flmama :)

surgery scheduled for tomorrow jan 3, 2014. here is a few more pics before the big day :)few

Praying for you happy healing
Congrats...can't wait to see the results!
Thank you naturalbeautie7.. :)

today at surgery day and after pics

Keeping up with pain meds was able to get up and walk around, drains will be out next week stitches are dissolvable nd the cg is tight.. ty guys for the wonderful support
Congrats... Can't wait to see your pics!!!
Congrats, have a great healing!!!!!
Happy healing. .

PO tt consultation

On my way to my first Dr. Appt, wil check bk in to let you know how it went. Pain: my booty hurts from laying down on my bk, I feel like shocking ways accross my tummy (nothing I can't handle) but it gets you by surprise. Haven't open my compression garment yet but if dr opens it I will def take pictures. Chao tty soon
Good luck with the recovery, I am looking forward to seeing your after pics!
Ty hun.. will post as soon as I take some. :)

po pictures from my consultation today

Today I'm still in pain. I can't get up by myself or barely walk without someone'sb help it sucks :'( but the pain is manageable with the pain meds. My booty is hurting me from laying so much on it lol my breathing is fine and the drains are fine too. I am not draining as much as yesterday. Today I empty them at 8am and is now 5hrs and is not even at the point that it needs to be empty yet. My sides nd my lower are hurting. We on our way bk home now, a 3 1\2hr drive but I've taken my pills before leaving. The dr said everything is looking good and that I can take a shower to remove the dried blood. She also said to dry my tummy with a blow dryer in the cold setting. Lets see how that goes when I get home. Kit tty soon :)
Awww get better soon - the first few days are brutal and you are going to wish you never gone through it - BUT I ASSURE it gets better everyday - whatever you do, make sure you give your body time to heal, as mothers we always feel we need to be doing something..... What ever you do...Don't laugh, don't cough, don't sneeze and take YOUR PAIN KILLERS!! Can't wait to see your progress, you will have great results. Oh..and wear your faja girl!!!!
:) ty ma yes faja faja.. pain killers are my best friend righ now. It does hurt mostly the bruising from the lipo. When did you get yours and how you doing? Kit ma ty for the support
Happy healing...ur on flat side!!

3rd day PO, drains, and shower

Taking a shower was not bad at all. The hot water running down felt amazing, my hubby then had to dry my tapes with thebblow dryer like the dr said to do in the cold setting. I got to see my incision and the bruses from lipo took more pictures got dressed and was ready for bed. I am still taking my pain meds because I still feel those spasms going across my tummy.. and oh gosh coughing is the worst I felt like I tipped my insides apart so hold yourself tide bend down as much as you can towards your knees while sitting down and then cough it was much much better. Today is PO 3day. I am walking around as much as I can. My kids and the house are doing great thanks to my hubby he has been great help. You really really really gonna need someone there with you trust me.. drains will be out as soon as I see less than 25 within a 48hr period so I am witting the Times I change it and how much is in there.. I don't need an appointment for my drain removal I just walk in and they remove them and change all of my tapes at the same time too.. can't wait for those drains to be bye bye.
Didn't know you could shower so soon...looking good already happy healing
I was surprised too when she told I could shower. I watched so many youtube videos and the majority of them when they remove the tubes is when they shower. It felt so good I felt so much better. I do have pain where my tubes are. They are in a different place from my main incision which I think is great but I can't wait till they come out. Ty for your support. . :) :)
Gosh, look how tiny and flat you are already! You must be thrilled. Good luck :)


I'm so itchy every where, it feels so good to just pass my hand through the top of my cg but it still itches so much awwww :'( today I got to get up by myself out of the recliner and use the bathroom by myself. I finally had movement back there, if you know what I mean lol.. it was uncomfortable cleaning myself but I DID IT YEEY.. I am still measuring my drains in hopes that soon they go away. . I'm just relaxing today not much pain or discomfort but when I touch the lipo areas I still feel pain. I can't wait for the tape to be changed
Congrats...looking Good
Wow! Such a big difference already... You look FANTASTIC! So glad you have someone to take care of you. Keep us posted & hope you continue to do well pretty mama!
Congrats on your journey Happy Healing


Today emotions set in. I don't mean to sound like a baby or something. But today I felt like I'm just effortless. Laying on this recliner all day long seeing my hubby run the house the business and me just makes me feel so bad. I know is only temporary and I'm trying my best to stay positive. Is only a few daya more til we travel to miami again so drains could be remove. Lets see how tomorrow is. For now I'm glad my hubby is sitting next to me to watch a Netflix movie and lay on the couch next to me.
Looking good! Can't wait to get the drains out too. Let us know how it goes.
So are you that's great. I can't believe they too pictures while operating you, that's amazing. Hopefully Friday is the day.. :)
You look great!! I use the same position for when I sneeze too. First timber sneezed before getting into position I thought I was ripping my stitches apart.

things are looking up

Feeling much better today. I am almost standing straight up, I've been able to use the bathroom yesterday and today which is great. Showering feels great and I will be finished with my antibiotics tonight. I am only taking my pain meds one in the am and one at night. Yesterday I loosen up the cg, not a good idea. I started getting air build up and pain was horrible. My hubby tightened the cg and gases came right out. I know is tmi but I thought it was good to know. I'm still taking it easy, laying on my recliner pretty much all day, just getting up to use bathroom at that time I take the opportunity to walk a little and go back to my cave (the recliner) jijiji. Once drains are out I know things will be different so for now I am getting all the rest I could get, my body will thank me later, I hope.. :)
You look amazing! in time you will feel great too so happy for you :)
Ty hun you look amazing yourself too. :)
Wow girl. Your looking fabulous, congrats. I can't wait to to get mine scheduled and done also. You really look great!!!

BB update

Taking a shower yesterday was great. Came out the shower to dry all of the tapes with blow dryer when I notice a light funky smell. Told bae about it and he searched for it. He said it was my bb and that he could clean it for me, oh gosh I was already getting light headed is 10pm & clinic was not open at that time. Well he removed the tape and was static of how cute my bb was, I on the other hand could not look at it bc at this point I was out of breath nauseated and light headed at the same time. Well he put new tape he wanna to put alcohol nd I said NOOOOO I'm a wuss gosh lol. While showering my cg was getting washed finally and ready by the time I got dressed. I was exhausted so i took a pain killer and went to bed. Today I paid my bills online and slept most of the day bc I didn't rest well last night. Cg feels tight and Im only feeling pain from the lipo mostly on my right side not sure why. love reading all of you ladies stories, it keeps me busy.
It's amazing how much work showers are Hu? Lol never thought about it until I had my TT. Make sure to rest and keep you surgery sites clean and dry :).
You absolutely right. All is involved legs core back arms... you exhausted when taking a shower after having a tt done

BB pix

Taken two nights ago while my bandage got changed.

bb pic

Congrats on your TT! look forward to following your journey :)
My bb was gross looking too but doc was pleased with it. I was like you - I was like you I didn't wanna look! But you are doing and looking great!!

1 week po (a milestone 2 celebrate)

Yeey one week anniversary, it has been one bumpy road but I followed my doc instructions and I am feeling great. I rested rested rested that my butt chicks hurt lol. I called the clinic today to make an appointment for my drains so they will both be out on Monday since I'm draining less than 25cc in a 24hr period. I am happy to hear that so 2-3 more days. I am off the pain medication, I only take one at night if needed. My bruising is fading more, I wear my stage 1 cg 24/7 only take it off for showering. Is now about that time when I need to shave so we will see how that goes. I am still sleeping on my recliner, bm is good, kids and house is good too :). My hubby has a lady that comes every day cooks cleans and makes sure I'm ok. I can do things for myself but my hubby thinks I shouldn't. Ok so as long as the drains are in, I will be on my recliner resting. Have a safe weekend :)
You are healing at a great rate! Tummy and lipo look fab. Clean bb with peroxide then put Vaseline in it. Doesn't hurt as it's still numb.

traveling. .

Today woke up feeling great. Took a nice hot shower, blow dried my incisions, got dressed, did my makeup (which made me feel so much more alive :) ). We on our way to Miami a 3.5hr drive. Tomorrow is my Dr appt @ 9am. Drains will most likely be remove and I will be able to walk normal again. As far as pain goes i am doing way better now. Bately any pain now. Bruising is about 80% gone now. I will post pics tomorrow and let you know what doc says. Beautiful sunny sunday. Happy healing :)
Looking forward to seeing your updated pics. Especially since we are so close. I had my surgery jan 2
Pictures are posted.. hope you are healing well and happy healing :)

too much to say.. lets start with drains are out

Ok so my f/u dc appt was this morning in miami. I got both drains out, ouccchhh it hurt my Jesus. He than cleaned both incisions and put antibiotic ointment and taped a gauze over them. He said do thisfor a wk eevery time I shower. Also took off tape of bb cleaned it and said from now on only water and soap no tape or ointment. My tt incision tape was also removed, cleaned and new tape was put on. This tape should only stay on for a week I should then take it off and start scar treatment. He proceed it to say stage 2 garment needs to start now. He wants to see me in 3weeks. I than scheduled my nxt appt and purchased my scar treatment, bioCorneum. Which I can start in about a week. I left and went to a garment store and purchased my new tight tight garment and along with that I purchased a board which the lady said it will help tremendously with my swelling bc I am swell hell lol. All together cost me $155. I would need to continue wearing this and switch to the smaller setting once swell hell goes away lol.. I am happy to be back home. I have been wearing my new cg and board since this am and it has done wonders. I am able to talk breath stand up sit down among other things by myself whereas I couldn't before with the reg cg.. most of all if not all of the bruising is gone. I still feel soreness on my hips so hopefully that means I am also swallon there too. Hmm I think that is all for now. I love my new bb but I'm still like ahhh about tt bc of how swallon I am I still can't see my hips but one thing is noticeable noooo belly rolls or hanging over anymore. I gotta give it more time for now I probably will cont to rest will sleep in my bed FINALLY YEEY and do light moving around. Tty soon ladies
This really helped me a lot!!!! :) I have mine on Thursday and have been scared out of my mind but reading your post made me a lil at ease! Team ready for it!!!! And you look great!
Awww so excited for you love. Anything I can help or answer please please ask away or shoot mea mesage. I am so happy for, remember to get through the 1st 3 days and you will be fine. Lots of help ok hugs and see u soon on the flat side
great pictures I'm glad they took the drains out. Does it feel more free but you don't have those dreams hanging. Also I see that your belly button is looking very very nice. If you go to work when do you have to go back to work from the date of your procedure? Just checking to see what kind of time I'm going to need for when I get ready for mine.

tt board does make a difference

I wanna to show you the difference the tt board has already made. Just took this pictures because I took a shower. The drain wholes did not burn or hurt when I put the antibacterial soap on it.

Ok my ladies I am going to touch a little subject that no one does jajja like the subject about period is the subject about sex ha. Well idk if it was the board or the tubes being removed but today at 10 days po I..... yes finally. .. yess lol tmi I know but for those of you lady that like to sneak one in whenever possible lol. Just wanna to go over that. Well take your time listen to your body and don't over do yourself, I just like when you starting your exercise regimen back up :)
Te ves hermosa y tu recuperacion es rapida, tengo fe que mi recuperacion sea asi....suerte
Y asi sera ya veras que pronto tendras el estomago que as deseado gracias y muchisimas suerte a ti tambien zllydoll.
Honestamente no sabia Que hables espanol. Muchas deseos , Que sigas mejorandote .Marillyn.

errands and back aids

today I woke up tired but by the middle of the day I got dressed and took my niece (now under custody) & my son to dr appt ro update shots. Then I went to the school and picked my other 3 kids. I drove straight back home and layed on the couch to take a quick nap. I was exhausted and my bk was hurting from walking hunch. I wake up walking straight but as the day goes I start hunching down lol.. so I am now ready to take a nice warm shower, take a breather from this tight cg put it bk on and lay down. Last night sleeping on my bed was a nightmare. I still can't lay straight which forces me to sleep on my side which puts my legs to sleep ahhhh got up at like 530 and went to my recliner when all of the sudden alarms goes off for kids to start getting dress for school. Lol gotta be positive everyday will not be flowers so I helped my hubby and sent them off. I am pleased to be without pain and off meds so gotta take it easy that's all. Happy healing ladies
Congratulations morè you look great :)
Thank you ma.. you already have a curvy body you will look amazing once you are done.. see you on the flat side soon :)
Lol l was just talking about curves & how squared my body is :/ but your welcome :)) if I come out anywhere as close to how you did I think I'll need face lift next cuz I wouldn't b able to stop smiling lmao! Flat side here I comee!!

healing journey

I have no pain anymore, I stopped taking pain medication a few days ago, no Tylenol or anything. My swelling has gone done tremendously and the board keeps it from returning at night or after a rough day like it usually happens in a lot of cases. I have been driving yesterday and today just taking it easy going in andout. I am ashowering on my own but haven't shaved my legs bc still feels weird bending down. I do have a funky smell in my bb. Do I need to worry? I am cleaning it with soap and water and now I started putting saline water in it and drying it. I'm not sure if I should use any other methods, for now ill give this one a chance for a few days and see. Incision is good, next week I get to remove the tape and finally reveal it.. I'm scared lol. I'm still sleeping in my recliner bc I feel most comfortable I am not rushing the healing but I wanna walk straight soon :( how long does this usually take? Overall I am so far pleased with figure and pain lets see how everything else works out.. hope you ladies are doing good in ya process.. ;)
You are doing awesome!! I'm nervous about my bb - mine still has the gauze in it ... I'm not noticing any smells tho... I sort if want to encourage the dressing off but I'll wait until it chooses ;) I go see my surgeon on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to it since I haven't been back to her since it was done. Bad roads here... So I'm stoked to go and see what she has to say :)
I changed my dressing like at po day 4 it was full of blood from sx. I got so light headed lol but now I got used to looking at it jajaja. I am happy you gonna get a chance to see him soon. Is so much more reassuring when the Dr says everything looks good and on track. Wish you good luck on Tuesday love
Just stopping by to check on you looking good. Happy Healing

another milestone completed

I am 2weeks po and a day. I am feeling wonderful. No pain at all well only when I cough sneeze. I can laugh but not really hard. I am driving now well since po day 12 which is great. I've had to carry my 8month old niece in her carseat in and out of the car. No problem there so far, I take my time and listen to my body. The board has been my bestfriend. I am supported, and kept flat all day long. My incision tape is starting to come off but I get to pull it off on Monday. Bb is doing much better I am keeping up with the saline wash twice a day. Hmm I really need to change my eating habits, they are bad. I want to get fit and not have any fat so I need to change my state of mind. While recuperating my hubby would buy all kinds of stuff and yup need to stop that now. I haven't weight myself and I am not going to jajjaja until I start exercising. it has been so cold here in Fl that when I get cold my insides quench and I start to fill discomfort so gotta make sure I stay to my body temperature. Hmmm what else ;) ohh I see a stitch hanging down on my tummy from bb it doesn't bother me so I will wait until next app in two weeks and I'm sure they will cut it off. I shaved my legs and private area two nights ago and I am overall feeling great. Ty all for the amazing support. The ideas and advice and helping each other. Lifting each one spirits and making sure we believe in ourselves. :) Happy healing and to great journeys
Where did you buy your tt board? Can you post pix of it? Thanks!
Good idea. I'm taking some right now
I'm happy to hear that you are doing so well!! Today is my 11th day postop and I'm eager to eager to get where you are. I feel a cold coming on which is freaking me out a wee little bit. No to coughing right now *.*


Thanks for the request Flmama
Where did you order your board..how much was it...when having sex was it painful to move? And you look great so far
I purchased it at the same time and the same place where I brough the cg. The website is www.fajadepot.com or check out www.lipoexpress.com . Having sex was not painful at all, just take your time. And ty for the compliment hun..
Thank youuuuuu!!! XOXO

can't believe my eyes

Never in a million years thought I would ever wear a two piece.. so excited for summer
Wow baby girl you look amazing. I didn't know in 16 days that you would look that much different from before you had your TT. now you really got me convinced that I am definitely going to have to get mine done soon I'm definitely going to do this this year. Congrats and thanks for the updated pictures.

TT Incision reveal

The most awaited day, well for me lol. It felt weird but I cleaned it with saline water, put the scar treatment on and new surgical tape. I rubbed my belly with coconut oil and my flanks. My flanks and hips are still sore and tender to the touch. I have seen cases like mine that with the stretch marks the incision looks a lil wrinkly but that with time it smooths out so I am hopeful :)
You look fantastic! My hope is to have fast results as you ! I have many more years on my body , but believe in the power of positive thinking!!! :) I am wanting more info about this TT board? Where do you get them? Thank you girl! Keep up your happy healing !!!!
I purchased the board at the same place I got my compression garment. The store suggested it. Lol I am not really sure where else they would have them.
You look great! Thanks for adding the tummy board I have to go look for one online. ;)

can't believe 3weeks have gone by

I am feeling fantastic. I have no pain in my incision. The only soreness I still have to the touch is my flanks wow do they hurt even when I lay sidewides on my bed, both sides still sore. I am able to sleep way better now on my bed. I shower and dry myself better. Bending down is easier but feels a little weird because I feel like my tummy walls are detaching so I just bend my knees for now. Maybe is just in my mind lol bc when I do bend I don't have any pain. When I wake up I have this huge urge to stretch my belly is something I can't control like my body really really needs it. I do stretch but not as much as my body wants too, I'm the boss lol jk I just don't wanna pull something. I change my surgical tape every 3-4days clean it with alcohol dry it really good and put pure aloe on it. I am staying away from the biocordeum for now I just don't know much about it :(... once the aloe is on I let it dry and put new tape on. I message my flanks with coconut oil and my drain hole site too. My bb is cleaned with alcohol everyday. The smell has completely banished. I don't put anything but alcohol on my bb I feel like I should leave it alone for a while longer. Hmm what else lol. I am able to drive, street bumps are a little weird but no big deal anymore. I cook and clean regularly and take naps too bc I still feel my body needs it. It has been too cold so I stay indoors must of the days bc the cold makes my body quench and I start to feel like my body is acheing so I rather stay home. The board keeps me flat all day and so I love having it on because at the end of my day I'm not as swallon as I should be if I didn't have it on. I ware my cg stage 2 all during the day but take it off for the night and stg1 cg at night bc cg#2 cuts my legs circulation at night I have no idea why only at night. But this method seems to work for me so far. I love how my clothing is fitting. The other day just for the fun of it I took 3 things out that I had in my closet and would never wear because my rolls would come out or my belly would stick out or iy would simply not look good around my wait. I was amazed of how it looked on me now, I was so happy and so pleased I did the surgery.

On the another note, 2days ago I noticed a lil opening in my incision when I took the tape of, nothing huge and is no deep enough to rise a concern to me. I am cleaning it with alcohol and putting a little neosporin on it and keeping it tape up along with the rest of my incision. Will keep you posted on that.

I have a f/u appt in a week from now. Monday feb 3rd. Hopefully everything is good then. Happy healing ladies and thank you thank you thank you for all of the wonderful support and beautiful words you guys share with me.. :)
It's funny cause I wake up and my belly starts stretching. It's like I have no control over it. It feels good but I have to say whoa! Stop!!
Oh gosh I go through the same thing. My body just makes itself stretch, is like a force lol and I have to stop it jaja but is ok it only happens when I first wake up and then I'm ok. I can't wait to be off the cg stage though. I just wanna be 6 months po already. I gotta be patient :(

Where is the time going???!!!! :) … 4 weeks already!!! 1 month update

Ladiessss!!!! time is certainly flying. I am feeling great, the lipo area soreness has subsided. I am still massaging the area with coconut oil and treating my scar with aloe. I am keeping the tape on, changing it every three days to clean the incision with alcohol and letting it dry, then I put new tape back on..

Things that have changed:
I can sleep on my side easily now and switch side to side.
I can bend down to pick things up but still can't stay down too long
I am picking my 12lbs niece easily but still carefully
I can massage my mid section easily without saying ouch anymore :)
I can get in and out of my cg without help (is a size small)
Swelling is still under control with the board and my flanks are showing less swelling
Is so much easier to sneeze now but not cough :(
My stretch marks, the ones along the incision have smoothed out
Also the slight opening has closed and most of the scabs are gone now

Things still to look forward to:
can't sleep on my tummy yet
for all the lipo soreness to go away
still get tired by the middle of the day, I have to take naps regularly
loosing about 5-10lbs
exercising, I am not doing anything as of yet
seeing my Dr on Monday for my 1month po appt yeeey

My belly button smell has completely gone away, I think since week 3. The saline water helped a lot with that. If I wear pants with during the day without the cg, then I only wear spandex pants so that I don't mess with the incision. I get so tired of wearing it all the time and being wrapped like a mummy that I just take it off once in a while and be without it. At the end of the day I can see that I am swollen but I put my cg at night to sleep with and everything is back to normal in the morning.

I am traveling back to Miami on Monday, I don't foresee any problems with that like the other times before, that I was scared and uncomfortable, which is a big plus for me since is a long drive. I will post pictures tonight of the incision with and without the tape on and also the bb.

Happy healing ladies!!!
You look great, I love how short your incision is. Keep the updates coming!
thank you. i guess you right didn't notice it before :)… i like the fact that is symmetrical, my surgeon did good.
Can't wait to see your pictures! Glad you are resting more! Can't wait until I can sleep on my sides!

4 weeks photos

I haven't seen much of a change in the incision. I do see my sides getting more definition and my bb healing quick. Oh yes in the incision, towards the two corners I used to have skin that folded over right by the stretch mark area. I had this on both sides and they are now about 90% smooth out. I'm happy about that.

lets try again ja

I also have some skin folded, is this normal?
yes i seen it in some cases before, i watched a lot of youtube videos and it does smooth out with time, one week for me and I can already see a difference.

feeling fat, tired and ahhhhh :(

when i look at my tummy i loved what I have done with myself, but overall I feel big, I have been feeling so tired lately, I really need to start eating clean and drinking more water. I also can't wait to start the gym. Monday I see my ps so I will ask him if i can start the treadmill in a slow pace.

I think I will have to go back and get lipo after the 6 month mark but my Dr had already warned me about this so I knew ahead of time. I will get fit as much as I can (when the Dr gives me the ok) but I don't want to loose anymore than 10lbs because I like my curves and my butt I just want to be FIRM and fit. So by the end of the year I might be having lipo in my upper and lower tummy along with my inner thighs if they don't behave with the excersise lol

Sorry for being a downer right now, just thought I shared my feelings.. Talk soon ladies
I love your shape. Very nice curves. Waiting to start exercising is hard, but you really don't want to rush it and injure yourself in the process. Be patient and hang in there.
I so agree with you. I see my ps Monday and I'm thinking on getting more loop on my flanks and inner thighs I haven't start the gym like I said I was. I love my stomach but I still feel big I want to be petite
Awww! I guess we all have those moments or days... But you look great and you should be proud of how well you are doing! I've been using my treadmill since 1 1/2 weeks post. Not fast or for long but a little walk all the same. I went for a good 25 minutes today at 2.5 mph... Good pace and made me feel good. Don't be too hard on yourself *hug*

1 month PO PS Appt

So today we traveled to Miami for our 1 month tt anniversary appt. I say "we" because my hubby has had to endure everything with me that has to do with the surgery, he is great. Ok soooooo (drums) lol

1. I can start exercising everything except the abs
2. I can drink alcohol
3. I can use high heels
4. My incision and bb are healed up so I am ok to do any type of scar treatment
5. I need to keep wearing my cg for another month, their advice is to wear it for a total of 3 months because that is what it usually takes for the tissues to reconnect and things but is my decision if I want to continue afterwards until the 6 month mark (NOT!!!!) :) I'm just so ready to ditch it now but I can wait another 3 weeks and some
6. The stitch that is hanging off my skin under my bb will eventually fall off, or I can just cut it off if it starts to bother me, at this point is like is not even there so no worries for me
7. Lastly, I can start messaging the scar

In case you were wondering they took 1 litter of fat but they don't weight/measure the skin so no info on that. Is 1 litter bad? I didn't ask about the lipo in my upper abs (like a revision or something), I thought about it and I think is too soon to make judgement and to even go there lol

My next appt will be in March, in another Month and ½ weeks.

Wanted to go over the scar treatment since we talked about it at this appt. He said that what ever I am using I can continue because is doing good. I am using the micropore tape and pure aloe, i really wanted to keep it natural, he said that is fine. I told him I bought the biocordeum the last time and haven't even use it yet, he then said that the biocordeum is a great product and that I should give it a try. So maybe I will alternate the weeks between my methods, I think this should be fine.

My treadmill is folded up, once is good to go (this week :)) I will post my weight so that together we can track this together. I want to loose 8-10 lbs.

Ty ladies.. TTYS :)
thank u so much i am in tom for a mummy make over i have 4 kids and reading this has calmed me down ahhh so excited but huge nerves but wow u look so so amazing hope u are doing well
Thank you much. I am really glad they are helping you and easing you thoughts about the whole process. Did you say tomorrow is your sx? I wish you the best of luck I know you will be fine and will look fabulous. Lots of rest ok... xxxx :)
Yes today in 3 hrs iam going under iam ok I know as time is closer I be bit teary I am just so worried how I cope with 4 kids after it ahhh

taken 2/4/2014.. yesterday. 32 days po

the pictures start from one point of the incision to the other end of the incision. Is still a little lumpy but it has smooth out a lot through out the weeks. I will continue my natural treatments. I am also looking into exfoliating my scar but I am looking into it more since I am unsure about when is safe to start. I am still waring the cg all day and nights but I most be honest at least one day of the week I keep it off but just during the day. I do see the swelling coming by the end of the day so I "007" it (lol) with the cg at night and all day the day after.. any questions please let me know.

Thank you tummy tuckers :)
Wow u look amazing, im getting lipo and tt how long u think it will take before i can go to work. I work sitting down at an office no heavy lifting at all just sitting down,,. Any tips? And how was the pain hun
Mamita I think 2 weeks will just be fine. At po 13-14 I was already driving. Pain was manageable with no pain meds at po 8, the first 3-4 are lots of rest and pain meds, pain was mainly the spasms and I only felt them when it was time for my next pain meds, likey body was telling me. Don't sweat it ma, you will get through it just lots of rest and help ok. X

the most awaited time for most of us dolls!!!

6 weeks update... yeeey

I am feeling amazing. I still have numbness in the incision area. Some of the lipo area in the flanks still sore but I really have to press hard to even feel that now so that means it has faded with time. Is easier to get a better stretch now without feeling that I'm pulling o r ripping something apart. But I still can't get a full stretch, just not there yet. when I first get up from a nap, or from sleeping or if I been sitting for a while, I first stand up like hunged over, it only takes a few sec like 5 to get bk to straight but is something inevitable and not so bad. i havent started working out yet but I do take walks here and there. Went food Shopping three nights ago at walmart and by the end of the shopping I felt like I had the worse case of mmenstruation cramps. I was able to walk to the car but went straight to bed when I got home. The pain was totally gone by the morning and I was fine. I still keep my incision taped up, I started to message the area and I don't wear my cg as much. I hated it. Should I be worried about it or wear something like spandex? What are does anyways? I hear a lot of dolls talk about it, hmmm. Maybe a picture will help me see what it is. I will post pics later ladies. Xxxx
Sound like you are doing great! We are so close together... Most things you are saying I'm like yes, yes, for sure, yes...:) yesterday I had to work, like 5 hrs of giving it... Valentines day at the resteraunt... I nearly died!! But on the plus side, no swelling, no Tylenol needed... Just water and a good sleep!! Soon our energy will be 'normal'. The thing you are thinking are 'spanx'. A lot of women wear them under slim fitting clothes to smooth out the rolls and stuff bc they are tight!!! Basically a compression garment of sorts... I am at the point of not loving my cg either... I don't think you need to wear something like spanx (google them) but ask your doc :)
Sounds like we in the right path then. Thanks doll :)

updated pics

Pbaez how you been doing? How's is the scar coming along? Any swelling at this point?? Hope all is well, take care.
Hi TTLatina, I am doing good. I still wear my compression garment day and night with the tummy board, I hardly ever see any swelling because of it. the scar is getting a little better, it does still have that little lumpy area on one side, I am hoping it smoothest out soon. how are you doing?
Glad your doing good. The muscle repair is what hurts if I do too much. Have swelling, not totally flat. :-\ I hope that gets better. My doctor said to wear the compression garment for 3 months.. I'm curious about that board. I'm gonna research about it..my tape doesn't want to come off so I haven't seen my scar yet..Thursday my drains are supposed to come out and hopefully I can sleep on my side again...oh I almost forgot!! Remember that I asked you before about the road trip. I had an awful car accident on the pre-op , hit by two cars (one an 18 wheeler) I jinxed myself that time. My 4 days post op visit, I had a mini panic attacks going up there ugh!! Hopefully is better this Thursday...okay sweetie take care, nice to hear from you!

feeling under the weather. ahhhh :(

I have a cold, sneezing, stuffy nose, headaches & sore throat. . notttt goood :( I really do wished I had taken vitamins and ate more fruits to keep my immune system stronger. I wanna to update my review to let you ladies know that a surgery like this can weaken your immune system and to keep up with your daily vitamins and eat healthy. It might just be my body or the flu that's going on but I really feel like poop. Ja

TC ladies. X
Hey luv u look great!!! When did u start using ur abdominal board?
Vitamin c and greens!!! Load up girlfriend ^_^ get feeling better soon!!!
Very inspiring. Looking hot lady! I can't wait for my surgery.

is been 2months already. wow

I am feeling amazing. I am able to stretch fully now. Remember when I said that when I first wake up in the am, I would wake up all hunged well that's all gone now. I am walking straight the whole day now. I am able to lift and push heavy objects now with no pain but I'm still being very careful. I am pretty much back to my old routines now. The stitch that was hanging off my bb is gone now as off 3days ago. It took a whole 2months to dissolve but it never bothered me again. Hmm what else, cg I'm only waring it when Im doin something that requires me to use muscles, other than that I'm pretty much in spandx. Incision is all closed and bb is good. I still clean bb with alcohol everytime I get out the shower just to keep it clean. I am using the biocordeum on my incision for now, we'll see how it goes. :) Happy healing ladies

Cold update: feeling 90% better, thanks ladies
You look great!
Awe, thx mama:)
Glad you are doing well. It feels so good to be able to stretch fully. Things get easier each day.

everything falling into place

Hi chikas, checking in with you. I am feeling great, I am no longer wearing my cg or spandx. I was so over them. It took a few days for my body to adjust but then after I didnt feel any discomfort or pain. I am able to do full body stretchs, I have been sleeping on my tummy all night, feels great. I am still treating my incision with my oils and the biocordeum. I am back to doing everything I was doing prior to sx. The lil ripple that I had on one side of the incision has smooth out a whole lot. Sex is great and clothes are fitting good. I don't like wearing jeans so it doesn't upset the incision and so I am staying far from them lol. I get a bit swollen when I am cleaning a lot and or doing too much of something but is nothing like OMG jaja... ok ladies.. tc and kit X
I am glad you are doing so well. It feels great to look the same on the outside the way we feel on the inside.

hope this video thing works :)

You look great
Ty wwashanta...

missed my dr appt

I will reschedule for Monday, possibly. I wanna see the dr opinion about my tt. My opinion: I think he should have taken more skin off, and I really wonder how much MR he did. I never feel anything there and it leads me to believe they were barely touched. I might be wrong, lets hope. But I do think I might go in for a revision. Will post pixs soon

not too happy 11wks

I feel like I never got MR done. :( is it just swelling or I'm simply fat.. no matter what it is...... I'm rescheduling the appt for Monday. Wanted see what they have to say...

appt made for monday

Sent the clinic two of the pictures shown above showing my belly and explaning my concerns. They emailed me back saying that it may not be extra skin but just extra fat. We will see their final though about it when they see me in person. Hope you ladies are doing good :)
You look awesome! I just got my TT on March 14, 2014 : ) Enjoyed reading all of this! Thanks
How are you sweety.. happy with your results? I am happy and welcome to the flat side

checking in for my 3 months

I can't believe it has been this long already. I am feeling good. I have no pain. I still have no feeling in the incision area and treating my incision with different things. I am not too happy with the results but we will see. It may be too soon too say but I am starting to look other surgery work like lipo sculpture and bbl for more roundness and hips. I want my waist smaller than it is. Not sure if anyone has gone through this before. Kit ladies. Xoxo

sx in other countries

I may not post much on my page but I constantly keep up w you guys stories and support as much as I can. I am so shock with the amount of deaths that are happening in Dr from BBL and tt. I know is really cheap and I know you get the dream body shoot I wanna too but lets sit back and think. I rather live, is just my opinion. I may not be totally satisfied as of yet with my tt but I still have a flat tummy and no jelly rolls. Ladies please please be careful and keep reading all of these reviews they are so informative. Take care ladies and good luck on your journey. X
Wow love how flat your belly is!
Thanks hun. Everyday is a progress. After a tummy tuck the maintanance is even greater and I'm learning everyday since I really don't ever eat clean or excersise :(
My doctor did not do a great job! But I still continue to workout everyday until I can get it redone. Keep it up you look great!

my love and hate relationship with my tummy

I'm very thankful to be able to wear a two piece even though I may still have a couple stretch marks left. I gotta love dem

taken 4/5/2014

Updated pics. 4/5/14
Looks great!
Looking fabulous:-) Congrats on your journey:-). Ty for your honesty n detailed journey.
It's such an up and down journey isn't it??? You look fab Hun. Sometimes I wonder whether I'll ever be happy with how my body looks. I love my belly but I still get those darn fat days. Looking forward to the next time I'm in Florida in a bikini!!! Xxx

4 months po update

Not much has changed. I am using maderma and rubbing vitamin e and rosehip oil at night all over my tummy.I do sometimes from time to time get this weird pain around my belly button in the inside. Like is not healed completely yet. I am able to stretch completely now bend and carry heavy stuff. I have lost a few lbs but I'm not at my preop weight yet. :(... I am happy with my results and feel sexy when I'm naked. Question: when you ladies sit down, does your tummy look weird? I hated. I gotta travel to Miami and see what I can do about it..


You are looking really nice...healing nicely.... Are you still wearing Faja...... it can take up to 1 year for your body to fully recover.....remember we get bloated and can also retain more water during our monthly cycle.....
Thanks.. I am not using it. Should I continue wearing it??
Some people wear Faja garments to keep the muscles together and the swelling down......you should post a question to the dr here in real self.


Went to the pool this weekend and for the first time I was able to swim without my tummy feeling like it was going to pull apart. Before, I used to feel my MR and my skin stretching and pulling too much and I would immediately stop. This weekend definitely felt different. Thanks ladies
U look great! Congrats
Thank you!!
You look great! ZFrieman does excellent work! Love my new girls he did

6m and 1wk update

Wanted to post updated pics. More surgery is in the near future. I like to get lipo in my inner thighs arms and more projections in the butt with definitely more hips. I hate my side dents :( but I love my TT and my BA that Dr. Freiman performed. I really wish I could see moreof his BBL wwork here on RS.

few more things to add.

I still have no feeling by the incision. BB is all good. I love my results and my incision is lightened up towards the ends. I'm still putting the maderma on among other oils. Hopefully the mid section catches up soon but I am not worried I rather the scar than my pre op picture situation... Thanks for keeping up with me

550ccs mod profile

Wanted to share this as well with you. I love Dr Freiman's work. BA through nipple behind muscle done 03/2013
You look great. All in all would you still do it?
Yesss definitely.. I love my results

got my bbl quotes.. mmmm

Duran: $3900
Yily: $3500
Dr. Freiman: $4000
They all include stomach flanks back and thighs
Hmmm. Yily and Duran required traveling and a 10 day stay.. Plus need to obtain a passport=more money and a dreamed for body
Dr: Freiman requires gas money for traveling to Miami 4hrs away..
Not so much of the dreamed hips waist and ass. I might be taking a chance here..

Hmmmmm.. Decisions decisions..
Is only $250 to secure date with Duran..
I am so close to doing it.. How much else will I expect to spend???
You look amazing! I love Freimans TT very low incision scar. Happy healing doll :)
Thank you so much.. Did you get surgery with him?
Not yet. Had to reschedule to January 2015 because I'm doing the bbl with fisher in October :)
Dr. Freiman

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