35-years-old, Petite Mama with 2 Kiddos and No Boobies Left - Miami, FL

I have always been petite, 5'2" and about 100-107...

I have always been petite, 5'2" and about 100-107 pounds when not pregnant. I loved my pregnancy and breastfeeding boobs. But after 2.5 years of nursing, my breasts have been left deflated, empty, and sad. I have thought about implants literally since high school. Now feels like the right time to do it.

I had a consult about two months ago and I was told I need to different sized implants, 304 cc on one side and a 340 cc on the other. I guess my breasts have always been different sizes, but it's certainly been more noticeable after nursing.

So I have surgery scheduled on 5/12/14. I have been reading stories on here and trying to gather all the necessary supplies.


I had my surgery April 3rd with dr freiman. I've never been happier!!! Some tips- buy stool softeners(the pain meds make you constipated) ice pack ice packs ice packs!!! I literally loved with one on my boobs the first couple of weeks!! The bottle says take 1 or 2 perc, take 2!! The muscle relaxers really help so don't forget to take those also!! I brought a fluffy pillow for my ride home and I'm so happy I did because my back was killing me and we were stuck in traffic for 30min. Last but not least don't discouraged the first week or 2 with the appearance. At first they will look square and very high up. With time they will settle and "fluff". Meaning round out :). Take a look on my page. I have before and after pics and I've been updating with progress pics. Your in good hands!! Dr freiman is an amazing plastic surgeon!
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thank you for the tips! I am getting excited. I am definitely afraid about my own reaction in the first few days. I have a tendency to be my own worst self-critic (don't we all?). I know I need to patient and not become too critical.
Hello, I have my surgery booked for this June:) Are you going with silicone or saline?
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Before pics

Nothing like putting pics of the breasts I don't really like on the internet for all to see! This is an exercise in bravery or self-humiliation, I'm not sure which! But I truly appreciate everyone putting so many pictures up, so I will do the same.

I have some differences in my two breasts (nipples, areolas, and size). I am nervous about all these factors and my PS said my breasts may look pretty different for up to 3 months. The differences never bothered me pre-surgery, so I'm hoping I don't become overly critical post-surgery. I am hoping once my breasts are "plumped up" with implants, the differences might be less noticeable?


I know the feeling, I still only have one picture up and that was hard! But it's true without pictures it seems harder to relate or share my story with someone and give them a transformation someday. I'm breastfeeding my 4th kid right now, I'm afraid to stop breastfeeding because I don't want to see the aftermath. I'm planning to get my BA next year. I want boobs now lol but thanking many for sharing while I'm doing my research. It would be hard to hear them say you might need two different sizes but it doesn't sound like much. Have you decided on saline or silicone?
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I am actually okay with two different sized implants. Truly, I never thought about all the differences in my breasts. I am just hoping I don't start to focus on them after surgery too much! I am going with silicone. I was amazed at the difference between the implants when I felt them. I was very reluctant to stop breastfeeding! I was afraid of what my breasts would look like...they were as bad as I had feared. lol Good luck with your journey! And, good for you for nursing your baby!
Thank you, you too!

I had surgery!

Yesterday was the BIG day, literally! I arrived at the office a little before 9, for my 9 am appointment. I'm not sure what happened but I waited until about 10:30 before I was called back. I did a pregnancy test and met with the plastic surgeon one last time. He made marks on my breasts and we talked about my expectations. I had really been struggling with what size I wanted. I was worried I wasn't going big enough. I told the surgeon I trusted his judgment, but if he had to make a decision, go bigger, not smaller.

The anesthesiologist met with me and started a saline IV. I walked into the OR and was really nervous. I was helped onto the table and within a minute, the anesthesiologist gave me a "cocktail." I was out very quickly. My next memory is of someone helping me get dressed. I came home and dozed most of the day. I really didn't feel pain, but pressure. Other people had told me it was the same sensation as being engorged with milk, and that seemed really accurate to me. I took Percocet every 4-6 hours and the muscle relaxers about 8 hours. I slept through the night in my own bed without meds.

Anyway, here are the pics. I was very happy with the first day results- although I know this isn't how they will ultimately look. I got 304 cc in my right breast and 344 in the left breast.

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Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling stiff, but not really sore. I took Percocet and a muscle relaxer and felt better within minutes. Through the day I have relaxed on the couch. I was able to open the car door and the refrigerator door, both of which surprised me. I am trying to take it easy and relax because I know that is the best thing for me healing.

I went to a follow up appointment today and the doctor said I looked great. I have stitches under my breast and the gauze was removed. The tape covering the stitches will remain until they fall off.

My implants are still really high and hard. Based on the pictures, I think my breasts/implants are more misshapen today than yesterday.


Congratulations!! :-) your dream is finally here...how exciting.
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Your looking good so far!! Did you get a band to help them settle?
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No band yet. At 24 hour follow up, the doc didn't think a band would be necessary. To be honest, I wish I had one because they still feel so high and I want more volume in lower pole.

Day 4

I am kind of discouraged because I don't feel they are big enough. They look bigger in pictures than in real life. With clothes on, I think I look exactly the same as I did with a padded bra. I am trying to patiently wait for them to drop and fluff. I'm also hoping a better bra with real support will give more of the look I was going for.


Don't get discouraged and whenever you do please check out others profiles. It takes months for them to drop etc. I heard boob greed was very common :) the size will come when they drop. Hang in there!!
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wow these look great! It has been so encouraging finding other gals like me who end up with wonderful results. Thanks for sharing and they are looking great, here's to a quick recovery.
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Just be patient! Look at my day 1 pic. They were high up, square and didn't look very big!! They still have some settling to do but so far I'm a 36dd
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1 week post surgery

So the recovery process was much easier than I expected. Yes, morning boob is real. I am very stiff in the morning and it is difficult to get out of bed. I stopped taking Percocet after about the 3rd day and in general, I found the muscle relaxers more helpful than the pain killers.

I had my one-week follow up appointment and I was taught to start doing massages. I did them for one day and noticed an improvement. I really like the way my breasts look. I like the high, round look. Not sure I really want to do more massages because I don't want them to fall.

As you can tell from the pics, there are still differences in my two breasts. Implants didn't change any of that. And, for the most part I am okay with it. I still wish my implants were a little bigger, but I do like the way I look naked and in a swimsuit. I know I can always use a padded bra to make my breasts appear bigger under clothing.


Just read your update. Your not even 2 weeks post op. If your not happy with the size you will be in a few weeks!! As the settle and fluffy they get bigger!!! I'm 6weeks post op and they're getting bigger every week haha. Don't get discouraged mama
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Thanks. I'm not sure I want them to get fluffy. I kind of like the high-up look. Did yours feel like they sagged or anything as they dropped and fluffed?
Not at all. They've just gotten rounder

3 week update

All is going very well. My breasts have fallen a little and really rounded out. I went and bought a real bra (no underwire) and a bralette when I was 2 weeks post surgery. I think those made all the difference in the world! Suddenly, I had more shape and support under clothing. I was finally happy with the size of my breasts under clothes.

I am thrilled with the size in a swimsuit or when I am naked. I truly take back any concern I had. My PS knew exactly what he was doing and really did choose the perfect size for my body. I was measured at VS this week and measured a 32 DD or a 34 D. I was shocked and elated!

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6 weeks post Surgery

Tomorrow is 6 weeks post surgery. I bought a couple underwire bras and I wear them sometimes, but not daily yet. I tried on a few different styles and sizes 34 D seems to be the correct size. I have definitely noticed my breasts have fallen and rounded out. I liked the high, round look, but I can still create that with a push-up bra.

I still have very little sensation on the bottom half of my breasts. Don't know when that will come back. My scars are a little more visible than I thought they would be, but I also haven't used any scar treatment, so that would probably help.

I still would highly recommend Dr. Freiman to anyone seeking breast implants in Miami. He is a skilled surgeon and he definitely has the ability to know what will compliment each woman's body. I think he chose the right size for me. He warned me in advance my breasts would look pretty different for a while due to the pre-existing differences present prior to surgery. However, they are becoming more similar each week.

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Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I thought the doctor was very brief. I spent only a few minutes with him, but his reviews have been great so I am hopeful. 3 weeks post surgery and I am thrilled with my results! I really trusted this PS a lot and he delivered! I believe he chose the perfect size implants for my body. I can cover them up so as not to draw attention to my breasts, or I can wear a low-cut top. He is an excellent surgeon- very skilled and knowledgable. My breasts look the way I have always dreamed of. The center is extremely busy and there isn't much personal attention. I had to wait over 1.5 hours for a follow-up appointment, but the cost is low and the results are excellent! I highly recommend to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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