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I'm 28, 98lbs, 5'5. Deflated A or B to D. 600cc in...

I'm 28, 98lbs, 5'5. Deflated A or B to D. 600cc in each, round, smooth, high profile implants. Subpectoral. Natrelle implants.
I feel a bit disappointed by my experience.
I wanted a large C, anatomical implants.
After paying my nonrefundable charge, the day before surgery I was told they only use round implants. This is an issue to me because I'm so thin that the round edges will be more noticeable than tear drop breasts might be.
Also, I'm only guessing that I'm a D right now, but my breasts are definitely larger than I the pictures I had shown my surgeon. They're possibly a DD. Ill figure it out in a month when I go bra shopping.
I was only given 15 pain pills, maybe that works for others, but I must have a low pain tolerance. Today is day 5, and I'm still in a lot of pain. My pain comes and goes... I can't sleep at night.. I wish he had prescribed at least 30 pills to get me through my first week. When I discussed my pain with him, he refused to prescribe more. I've been taking 600 mg ibuprofen, even 2x and it's not helping at all.
So far I think he did a great job. My breasts are swollen and high, but I know that's normal.
I feel the surgeons coordinators were only about the money, not the patient.
I traveled from WY to Miami for my procedure. My coordinator recommended that i leave Friday, my surgery was Wednesday. Not a good recommendation! My surgeon was unhappy that I did not stay longer and told me the coordinators work off commission and will say anything to get you there. Wow! So the coordinators did not care about my comfort nor health and safety.

The car rides and plane ride back home were incredibly painful due to the bumps. I wish I had stayed an extra few days to heal...
I also felt very rushed in the office, just a thing being passed through. Not a person.. I also wish I was given a more in depth list of post op instructions. My surgeon forgot to tell me when and how to massage my breasts. He discussed when I can workout, lotion, healing, etc. but none of it was written and now I can't remember all the details.
Because he's in Miami and I'm in Wy I can't just go back and have him show me.. So google has been my bf, lol.
Well there's my book.

6 days post op

I think my girls dropped ever so slightly. I feel better about them today. I can't wait for them to fully drop and look normal. They seem so huge on my small frame. But I think they're growing on me

Day 6

Loving them more.

Day 13, almost 2 weeks

Almost two weeks, or 3. I feel like I'm counting down for these markers. At these points I've read that I can at least use the elliptical or treadmill for light-mild walking. Right? I'm not sure what my surgeon would've said. With as little as he told me and how fast he rushed me out, I haven't wanted to call him. So I hope what I've read is correct.
I feel like I'm gaining 5lbs a day. I hate not working out, and am going to lose it soon. It makes me sad to have these amazing breasts, but to be losing my firm tummy, butt, and thighs.
I think I'll hit the treadmill at my 2 wk mark tomorrow.
My breasts hurt less all the time, but they do have their moments. I still can't pick up my 4 month baby without hurting myself :( morning boob still happens, but far less extreme.
I think my left breast is smaller than my right, it has been my whole life. I don't understand why both my breasts got 600cc when they were uneven sized. I hope they even out when the swelling and dropping/fluffing finishes up. You can see the difference in my breasts, size, shape, and height.
I'm very in love with my girls now.
I absolutely hate my sports bra that zips in the front, it hurts. But no other bra gives that extreme support. I still haven't decided how important the "extreme" support is.
Feeling a little down about the rest if my body and not being able to hold my baby..,

Left is not so round

Thanks gals!
I'm actually pretty happy that my surgeon went bigger than I had wanted! Didn't think I would be, but these girls are really growing on me. Im very tired of my sports bras, still can't find the perfect one. My zip fronts are uncomfortable with all the seams pressing into me, and the shoulder straps are lying on my trapezius and makes it swell.. But the support is outstanding. My other sports bras are more comfortable, but not as great support.
I can't wait to wear a lace bra.
I'm a little concerned as to why my left breast is not so round, I hope at this early it's still just my tight muscles. I suppose I'll post this question for the surgeons.
I get a lot of stinging pains during the day... And my girls get very itchy in the evening.
Otherwise I think all is going well

Flaky doctor

Well I am now 22 days post op. wow, that's unbelievable.
My left breast has dropped more than my right and looks pretty nice. Tho my right breast is still riding high and pretty swollen. My right breast is sore, very sensitive nipples, sometimes hurts to touch the right. Lifting is still uncomfortable, and my right arm periodically hurts.
I know it's too early to be getting all worried about capsular contracture and other conditions. But I am!
My surgeon is in Miami and I'm in WY, so I can't walk in and ask him to look at me.
I emailed him with my concerns and photos and he never responded. His secretary emailed me telling me to do the massages that he showed me in his office. But he never showed me the massages while I was in his office! She told me to stand against a wall while someone pushes my breast down. NO I'm not doing that, it hurts.
I'm so frustrated and even more disappointed in my doctor than I was. I paid for these, I deserve to have him answer me. I'm so worried and honestly scared, it's just a terrible feeling to have a doctor who doesn't care what you're going through :(
The price was right, but otherwise I do regret traveling so far for my BA.
Here's my photos, you can see the difference in my left and right.

3 wk and 5 days PO for BA

Well the swelling in my right breast has home down a little. I hope that continues.
My coordinator finally got back to me about my painful swollen breast and arm. She and my doctor don't believe it's swollen, they said its just the angle if the camera. (I sent them pictures) that was very insulting, they acted like I don't see and feel my breast everyday, to know its swollen. So they just brushed me off. They also said the pain in my arm and breast is normal and in 6 months ill feel better. Has anyone else felt pain in their arm from a BA? This worries me.
I posted my pictures and concerns in the Q&A on this site and none of the doctors had anything good to say about it. But I don't have enough money nor insurance to get it checked right now. So forced to wait it out and see if it gets better or worse.
Here's my ladies now :) I'm still in love with them and getting used to the heaviness up top. Lol
They're both not as high anymore, but still have more dropping and fluffing to do.
The other night my bandages came off in the shower. My scars look really good. It was exciting to finally see them!

These are boobs now

I asked for a large c-small d and was given a DDD! So I wear a 32ddd, which is not available where I love :( online ordering is all I can do.
But I do like how they've turned out. I just wish they were closer together for better cleavage. But dr. Handshakes told me he had to go with my natural cleavage. Is that what everyone has been told?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr him saker is blunt, quick, and witty. He seemed friendly enough. And I think he did a good job with my surgery. I just wish he had listened to me a bit more in what I wanted and my pain.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey has the pain gotten any better :/
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hi, i got 600ccs too and i don't feel they are too big. you look great in a bikini! i had a wonderful experience with my BA & my doc and i'm sorry you had some issues with the distance. i hope everything worked out in the end and you are happy with your results! :)
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I saw your review a couplemonths back and felt bad for you since hour surgeon didn't listen to you..and they looked so painful...bit I'm glad they have dropped and feel better for you now
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Also I got 600 cc and its a larger implant...I had 400 originally when I was 110 lbs and now I'm 133 and could ccarry the larger implant
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Hi Hun! I hate your surgeon and I don't even know him... From reading your experience. I told my surgeon when I got mine done that I wanted a natural look so he told me that he was going to create pockets closer to each other so I can have some cleavage. Your breasts look a lot better than when it was very high. My doc told me that the more I massage, the more they will drop because it loosens up the muscles :). Keep up the massages and Keep your mind strong.
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Wow! Thanks for the update and pics - your breasts look fantastic! I would be super pleased if mine turned out anywhere close to that! Congrats! And thanks for answering all my questions regarding CGCS. Sounds like anyone who goes to CGCS comes out with nice results, and have to go into it knowing that there is no support afterwards and in if anything goes wrong I am on my own....decisions, decisions.......
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Hey A2DFinally, just wondering how you are making out with your experience? Are you still finding it a challenge with not being able to talk to your surgeon after surgery? Just wondering about the experience has been as I am possibly putting my down payment with Coral Gables this month but I am a bit hesitant......
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Hi, no I've had no further contact with them. They never check up on me and weren't helpful the other times I talked to them. I'd say just research the doctors there. I asked for a large C or small D and ended up being a 32 DDD, I'm very upset. No one sells that size so I have to order online. And dr. Hunsaker did not give me what I asked for. He gave me what he thought would look good on me. And that's not right. My breasts have evened out and I'm happy with how they look now. But they don't fit my 98lb frame.
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Thanks for getting back to me! I had a feeling that was how they treat their patients. I can't believe how big he went! And without your approval!! That freaks me out because I am very petite as well, and I would just die if I got anywhere close to a D. I want a small C. Would love to see an updated picture. Def. making me think twice about going ahead with CGCS :(
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I went through CGCC and while the office doesn't call/email me for follow up, my PS has and I email him regularly. He responds back quickly. I would say pick the PS very carefully. I used Dr. Freiman and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. After reading reviews on Dr. H I knew we would not be a good fit. Just my 2 cents.
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How is everything going?
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How is everything going?
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You look great Hun. Inbox me if you have questions.
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Hey hunny. Not sure if you remember me. I met you and your mom at your last post op appt before you flew home. I was the Russian girl from NJ that was also there with you. I hope you are feeling good. You look amazing!
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Hi Stella! I met a few girls that day. Did you get a breast augmentation? I'm sorry, I was doped up lol
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I am from Ontario, Canada so I would by flying in as well. This is because all Miami prices are about half price for this procedure. If I am not going to CGCC I will be going to Ghersi who is also in Miami however Ghersi I feel will continue to answer my questions, etc. He even said he would talk to me over Skype after the surgery so he can look at my breasts so that right there maybe worth the extra money. IDK. Dr. Freiman suggested that I need high profile so I was thinking maybe the shaped ones would be nice but you are saying they only have round. Also, since I will be having surgery out of the country I have arranged for a plastic surgeon in my area to see me for after care appointments. Maybe that is something you should consider doing if you have concerns.....
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Jean. Where are you located? I'm in wy, and I regret going so far. I wish I could walk into the office to have my ps look at my breasts. And I hate that he doesn't call me or seem to care and I can't do anything about it because I live too far away. But otherwise everything went fine. You're very rushed there. Just make sure you know everything before paying me. My ps told me the coordinators will tell you whatever they need to get your money because they're pd off commission. I don't know if my ps did a good job on mine or not. One is bigger than the other, also it's wider than the other. That really makes me unhappy. It's a big issue to me. But you do have a different PS so hopefully yours will do better :)
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Thank you, A2Dfinally. I am concerned about that. I don't have 100% trust in what Yadira is telling me, however, I do feel that I have trust in the doctor and that he can give me the results I am looking for. I was told that I won't even see the surgeon for post op app :( I feel that CGCC will be a good place if all goes smooth but if something goes wrong, I would pretty much be screwed! Dr. Ghersi who used to work at CGCC is 1,000 more at his private practice and I am trying to decide if the extra money may be worth it in the long run as Dr. Ghersi has emailed me personally with responses to my questions.
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I have been communicating with Coral Gables because they have a special on for 3,500 for silicone implants but it concerns me because they said I need to make a one time full payment of the 3,500 to book the date. Usually there is a deposit. Did you have to pay upfront? They make me seem like they are shady....and a bit untrustworthy, however I did have a phone consult with Dr. Freiman and he seemed really nice and told me what I wanted to hear :)
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