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After waiting for a year I finally had the courage...

After waiting for a year I finally had the courage to do it. Yesterday I went and had my abdomen and flanks done. I am active but have this muffin top that I can't get rid of. Been the same weight for five years. I am hoping this gives me a boost and helps me feel and look better
Did the full run 3x at 50. A little uncomfortable at some points but fairly easy. Woke up this morning and see a little bruising starting. I was told to wear a control top undergarment for two days and that will help keep the swelling and bruising down. Keep you posted

It's been a few days now. Still a little swollen...

It's been a few days now. Still a little swollen but feel fine. Bruising on the sides and some on my stomach. Did a lot of walking today. Will go back to the gym tomorrow

Ok it's been about 20 days now and today I do feel...

Ok it's been about 20 days now and today I do feel like its starting to show. Afrind of mine commented that I looked flatter....she doesn't know I had it done. So hopefully it's working now
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This will be better answered if I see the results. The process itself was great

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Ok so now I am seeing the difference. I usually take an 8 pant, sometimes 10' just bought two pairs of jeans. Size 6
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That is great! I really want to get it done but am going to wait another couple of months for getting it done (had a baby 7 months ago). Do you know if it is possible to have it done more than one time in the same place?
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Thanks, I didn't do anything different, I work out a few days a week, walk a lot and generally watch what I eat. I think it's just slowly showing. I wasn't sure if it was working until people started to comment and when I tried on a pair of short and thought, wow...these fit again.
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that's wonderful, katherine07!!!

i've had mine for a month now... and i must say i'm still the same, i can not tell the difference.

just wondering if you have done anything - ie, different diet, more exercise?
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Sorry, been busy! Actually I have started to see results. Down a size and I had some shorts that didn't fit, that I wore comfortably yesterday. People have been commenting I look different. So I feel it's working
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no further update?
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Looking forward to seeing your results!
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Swelling is going down and bruises almost gone. I think I am noticing a change, too early to tell. Keep u posted
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Ok I will in a few weeks. Hopefully I will have something to show
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plz plz post pics when you start seeing results! there are not enough before and after pics. I will do the same in a couple weeks!
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Where did you have it done..I live in Surrey, BC and want to get it done. Thanks.
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I did it at Vancouver skin downtown vancouver. Check out their website
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