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TT and Vaser Lipo, Dr. Lagrasso - Cooper City, FL

Going to be having a TT and Vaser Lipo of the...

Going to be having a TT and Vaser Lipo of the Flanks and back bra bulge. My primary concern is to have my mothers apron removed, the rest is to enhance the effects of the procedure. The surgery will be done through Forever Young MedSpa by Dr. Lagrasso @ Tribecca in Miami. I am really excited. The price I paid is quite low but keep in mind I got not only the Holiday promo but a military discount, I am a Marine Veteran.

15 hours post OP

Everthing went well, Dr. Lagrasso was a complete professional sweet heart, the staff at Tribecca are amazing. I am in a WORLD of pain however, I'm not sure if that is due to my oversensitive pain sensors being that I suffer from Fibromyalgia. Regardless the pain upon movement is extreme for me at this point. I am also experience a lot of leakage, otherwise I am on the road to recovery ;-)

about me

I am 29, 5 '7' weighing 184. I am a single mother of one beautiful 5 year old daughter. I am a full time student studying psychology. I will be undergoing a divorce shortly, and I am a disabled Marine Veteran. Just wanted to give my background so whom ever follows me through my recovery could know who I am , find comfort, and or relate to me . Xoxo God Bless.

Night prior to surgery photos

Night prior to surgery photos. These are way better than my initial photos, you can really the deficient areas to be corrected. Xoxo RS

additional night prior to surgery photos

Sorry jump the gun on last post did not add the rest of the photos before posting, so here they are...

4 days post op

My mom is my cargiver and my five year old daughter is the official assistant LOL. Included is my sister and father my entire househld has really been working hard to help me through the recovery phase, I couldn't nemore blessed to have them. I do feel progressively better, but still awful (if that makes sense) yesterday I went from 2 Percocet every 4 hours to 1 every four hours, if I surpass four hours I feel like death. Along with the pain meds and antibiotic I take 1 flexeril at night and it helps me get through part of the night. I had my first car ride today to have a follow-up with the surgeon, when we got there they told me he was stuck in surgery and would not be able to see me OMG, that was a mission to get there, I was a tad frustrated, but in to o much pain to actually put energy towards that emotion. When we got home they called me and told me he could see me in an hour. So I will be on a mission in 30 mins to get in and out if the car (oh joy ;-))

This back of the throat tickle is the devil OMG :-)

So wed which was like two days post Op I started getting this tickle in the back of my throat. The tickle triggered my cough reflex and OMG it felt like my abdomen was going to explode. In fear of the pain I would try and hold back the cough and then start feeling like I couldn't breath OMG the drama! What a painful feeling, just sharing so if others experience this they can see they are not alone ;-)

BTW I will try and post some post Op pics later today I had not taken any because I was in pain and not yet ready to see my self, craziness .

5 days post op pics

Post Operation Day 8

I am in day 8 not quit where I thought I would be by now. I am extremely swollen abdomen , hips, and ankles (?). I'm still walking extremely stooped over, I have been using a walker to take some stress off of my back while walking. Today I began my attempt to stop the percocet, still using prescription strength motrin though. The pain has decreased immensely now its mostly tightness, and this discomfort of not being able to stand fully erect. Day by day looking forward to when i can actually look in the mirror and say YaAyyy!


I am so swollen I look Grosse! not trying to be negative but it's hard to be positive when I feel like I can bust at any moment from the swelling. I wear my binder 24/7 as instructed and that should reduce swelling but sure doesn't seem like it's doing much. When I sat Im swollen I don't mean a little, I'm a lot swollen my entire abdomen, upper hips, and pubic area.... I have a follow up tommorow late afternoon... Trying to be cool calm and collective but I'm really freaking out with this swelling :-( sorry guys not trying to be "debie downer"
I have this knot, lump thingy at the very top center of my abdomen where the ribcage makes that arch...wth is thay about?

Non official *Side by side* Still healing

Follow up

First day out the house in a literal week, besides my pool deck lol in the waiting area at forever kinda feeling anxious about what he will say about my progress and the knot.... Maybe I will get my drains out lets see... X Prayer n fingers crossed will update in a bit.,;-)

update todays follow up

Okay he said everything looks great my horrid swelling is normal and he took out one drain the other he expects to be out by Monday the knot at the center he wasn't to concerned about he massaged a bit and told me it was okay and from swelling but he made me loose the binder cuz it was causing indentation swelling on my hips he wants me in a whole torso type girdle, it's a good thing I have one and I ordered a better one on line today by Ann Cherry. So I'm excited there's progress just praying for swelling to go down some cuz it is really bad. I also took a trip to Wal-Mart today first outting road one of those electric carts felt like such a weirdo I hate bringing attention to myself and being young in an electric cart definetly turns heads in the isles GRRRRRR but it was nice to be out n about ;-)

A little scared

On my right hip where the drain was I have a HUGE lump :-( it should be a nice smooth curve like the left side but instead it digs in and then out where your waist meets your hips....it could be funky swelling, that's what im hoping for... Or a botched job ? The docter said it was from the binder he told me to instead where a whole piece girdle compression garment.... I'm just freaking out that it could be a permanent distortion or something..... :-( #veryscared#prayingforthebest#kindafreakinout
*Btw you can kinda see it in my 5 day post Op pic*


Swelling was a tad better today as far as hips and ankles goes but any time I would do something like laundry or make the bed my abdomen would swell hard and super tight felt like it cud pop! Still not at the stage where I'm happpy with my decision...


15 days you


Oops above last pic is suppose to say "15 days post Op" not "15 days post Op"

First real outting Today

Had Court this morning for child support, thank God I am almost walking completely erect , when my stomach tightens from swelling I tend to hunch over more, I was concerned about this and my left foot/ankle that constantly swells but everything went well suprisingly my ankle did not swell much (I wore wedges/platforms)
Btw everything went well in court aswell the dead beat dad has to pay up


Swelling is a tad better

Today the swelling was not as bad as yesterday.There is some visible swell reduction on my upper hip/lower flank area. My back felt really swollen today though. It feels like some parts of my abdomen and back are beginning to feel "normal" (sensation to touch) I suppose that is result of the swelling subsiding,it is nice to feel and see some progress , although I am nowhere near "show my new body off mode" lol gotta keep the goodies under raps for a tad longer lol. I am walking straighter as well, but not fully erect, yet very close. Overall better day today :-)

Lower abdomen swelling post TT

?Swelling? of my lower abdomen within the suture line gives me a huge pouch.... I hope it's just swelling because one of the main reasons I got a TT was to remove my mothers apron which through loathing gave the pouch appearance, I dispise so much #feelingconcerned#pushinghopeful

What is going on...

Things are pretty much the same still swollen, my lower abdomen looks like I'm a few months prego still (in my opinion) my back is still somewhat swollen, achey from the Vaser lipo; as well as, my upper hips to lower flanks bilaterally. I am moving around a little better, but still I'm still somewhat stooped over as my abdomen is still tight, I try to gently ( very gently, I am not trying to ruin anything) stretch back while in the seated position to help losen things up. So not much going on just patiently waiting in the healing process praying my end results are AMAZING. I look in the mirror and I see the changes, but I see so much swelling not a little so much that I can't really say I'm happy with my choice yet .... Happy to be doing more with my daughter now since it really isn't a matter of pain anymore just discomfort. We started getting ready for the class V-Day party :-) getting crafty we love the getting crafty ;-)
Got my new girdle today it was a lil difficult to get over my "ghetto booty" lol but it fit nice and snug on the waist so far so good :-)

new faja


Went for a follow-up today, Doc said everything was looking great and he was happy with the progress. He did find some seroma in my lower abdomen where I been having all the ridiculous swelling that has been me look prego, I was not suprised I suspected this was the cause. So he did some draining and will check on it at next weeks apt. He gave me the go ahead to begin lymphatic massages and to begin treating my incision with scar treatment, which I have bio oil and the silicone strips.

4 Weeks

Finally seeing that hourglass the Doc shaped up for me, now that some of the swelling has subsided. Got drained again this week this time only one syringe of fluid was removed, that's good can't wait for this pooch swelling to subside so I can finally see a flat stomach (excited).My back is still tender in the areas liposuctioned. Otherwise all is well and progress in healing is underway.

Weigh in today...

So the lower abdomen swelling remains GRRRR! On a nice note, it's great to look at the scale and see that I weigh 173

Looking in the mirror...

Went to the Doc for follow up yesterday he removed like four syringeS of fluid from my lower abdomen, Here is my pooch before the Doc removed the fluid and after you can see it's gone down a tad not much but some. Besides that Everthingis going great just waiting for fluid to stop building and swelling to subside.
I look at my new shape and Doctor Lagrasso really went above and beyond because I had no wish pic nor did I even have a way I expected to look post procedure. The only thing I wanted and expected was to have my mothers apron removed that was the big deal, when he suggested Lipo here and there I was like okay why not, but I never had a mental pic of what I thought I would look like after, so when I look in the mirror now I'm awed like is this really my new body all curvey and stuff can't remeber the last time I looked in the mirror and saw anything near this curvacious LOL


I really wanna start excersiseing my arms legs and ass so they can match my new abdomen... Doc says no jumping the gun :-( he wants me to wait a full two months post procedure... Better safe than sorry I suppose, but my ass and arms feel so jiggley I'm ready to get working on that.

Photo Catch up!

Haveny been on in awhile. Thought I should post some pics of my side view progress. Slowly but surely the lower abdomen swelling subsides Phhheww Thank God!

Photo Update!

Today's pics, side and frontal. Feeling good about the progress and results! I do have a little issue that's literally popped up, on the outer rim of my BB I noticed a little opening. It just look like a small small opening that would heal on it's own till I was in the shower and I felt something scratchy on my BB I thought it was a scab, from how it felt but upon closer inspection it's like a plastic string. No confirmation from the doc yet but it appears to be a suture.... going in to see him this week, it should be no big deal.... In the pic you can a little white bandage Iput on it so it would not be irritated by the compression garment.

healing progressing

It's been a while, I am healing very nicely and I am happy with the results thus far all looks great. I did recently start getting a pain below the incision I checked the area and there is nothing there I think my sensation may be coming back in that area and I may be experiencing the healing pain or something it kinda feels like a constant pubic hair pulling really weird.

photo update


Before and After 3 mo mark

Advisory: Please disregard the fact that I have to work out my upper and lower body now to match my new midsection lol
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

Thus far the doctor has been very comforting, and thorough. Add: once again only good things to say about this doctor, while I was being prepared for release, post surgery, he took time out to enlighten and reassure my mother in the waiting area( he also have her an on the spot complimentary consultation for some trouble areas she has been considering having work on). My mom was really empressd with his demeanor, openness, and informativeness to questions regarding my procedure. That night post Op he called me to check on me, answer questions and provide comfort "amazing!"

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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OMG you look amazing !!! A lot of blessing for you I haven't being able to update my profile my phone is having some kind of tantrum when I get. To the upload it part it just takes me out . But I got tummy tuck and whole back lipo on the 9th of this moth and so far and so super happy with the results is not even funny !! But going back to you I lot your results and how everything looks is perfect to me !!! A lot of blessing to you . :-*
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Thank you and congratulations on your procedure I hope you are able to get the phone issues fixed so you can post soon ;-) Happy Healing! - Yvonne
  • Reply
I loved reading your story, I'm still so early in its frustrating. Can't wait to look like you in the blue dress!
  • Reply
Thank you very much I'm still in disbelief when I look in the mirror ;-). I remember being at your same stage, frustrated and anxious to see the real results I paid; then, the time really flew by. I cant believe I'm at 3 months post op already, so you will get there soon girl and before you know it you will be able to appreciate what you have invested in a little more. Happy healing. - Yvonne
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Girl YESSSS!! That set is everything on you!
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Aww thank you hun :-)
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you look great girl! those curves are on point!!!
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Thanks hun checked out your page saw your using Dr. Lagrasso too Yay! He's been wonderful
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Hi Yvonnes I love your results I'm currently planning into getting the same form the same doctor but I wonder how u look now and how it was everything about your lipo , did you got lipo in the entire back?
  • Reply
Hello Thank you, I will post some more pics soon ;-) I got Lipo on my back from around or about the bra line down :-) do you have a date scheduled yet?
  • Reply
Hi thanks for taking the time to replied, well yes I do is may 1 hoping not to change I've been looking for so long and I think I finally made my decision already and seeing your result motivated me even more. You look fabulous I love how he work on the details .
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You are looking great hun! Your shape is gorgeous! Sorry about the seroma. Six weeks was turning point for me when I started to feel more normal. Swelling goes down each week but not completely. It is also not as bothersome after the 6 week mark. Happy healing!
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Thank you!
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Hello, I really enjoyed reading about your journey so far. Your shape is coming along Amazing! I have always had hips and I hope to see that hour glass shape once again. I also don't have wish pics, never thought to really find one either. I'm just ready to see me in a new way, of course after all the crapy swelling you are talking about, yuck! Again you look great, glad it's all turning around for you(:
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Thank you! Best of luck in the entire process
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You are looking hot girly!! I swear we are having the same swelling(hopefully) problem in the lower ab right above the incision. I'm really unhappy with mine. Going to ask the dr about it tomorrow for sure. Goodnight!!!
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Thank you hun! That swelling can be depressing I hope the doctor gave you productive news today keep us posted, your healing is coming along great and you look amazing XOX Ps Yesterday my doc took like four syringes of fluid out of my lower abdomen it has made a huge difference thus far there is still visible swelling but a lot better than prior to aspiration :-D
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I can totally see the difference from aspiration!!?? I think your results will be perfect once the seroma is gone. I talked to my dr and for some reason he doesn't think we need to drain mine!!?? I think it's totally jiggly like it's fluid??? Oh well. He did say he thinks it's swelling but after 6 mo if it's still there he will go back in and lipo it at no cost to me! So I'm ok with it for now lol . I totally feel the same about wanting to workout my ass and legs/arms. They are putting my DRs great work to shame! Lol
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chica tu eres fabulosa y' hermosa ahora...pero b4 i c ur "bulge yep apron/front/big,but near waist b4 pix?you look as if u did lose some weight,toward that area/section the waist,pero the front apron,we all can relate to that.good job he did for you,and ur receiving a military discount,how nice was that.great job he did on u.and flat es muy sexy isn't it! the front belly area that is.lol u look beautiful.your all ready for the nueva ti, y' spring/summer/new vida,out wit the old,(divorce)that is,and belly all new,so be happy and god bless. it took time to get it just right,and see,do not keep fretting,ur still really healing.pero i m loving ur pix,god speed.adios.
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Aww thank you your sweet and your right even with the swelling there is a huge difference he hooked my waist up lol thanks and like you said out with old in with new! Thank you and God Bless u 2 XOX
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i know that's right. hola.y' si. mi friend always say this,"OWTO" 'out wit the old!" in wit the new,and YOUR Nueva es hermosa. so smile ,chica,feel good don't it? regular clothing again,you are hot. and deserve it,life too short. not to"look how we feel inward" god speed 2 u.
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congrats on ur new you and safe healing. glad u have a great support system helping you out. all the best
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Thank you hun xox
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I see you are dealing with alot of swelling just like me . I wonder why our swelling is mainlyin our lower abdomen ? And why is taking so long to go away.. Your waist looks tiny ! Lets stay positive =)
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