Lots of PAIN with Zeltiq (done twice), but this may help - don't do too many treatments at once

Best thing I have ever done. Dr. J and his gals...

Best thing I have ever done. Dr. J and his gals are wonderful! It is VERY painful days 2-9 after the procedure.

It is 6 weeks post and it was a wonderful experience. I wish that they did more areas of the body. I would def go back to my Dr. in a heartbeat.

I just had a second round of zeltiq in april. I...

I just had a second round of zeltiq in april. I was prepared for the terrible pain again tho. Weird thing is that the only place where the pain was bad was my tummy. I had my outer and inner legs done, and no MAJOR pain in these areas.

I noticed these items really help with the pain. ...

I noticed these items really help with the pain. I had TERRIBLE itching and burning with Zeltiq both times. Waddled like a duck.

Warm/hot bath -- Dermoplast spray, red can, hospital grade -- Oxycotton pain meds for 4 days, but don't start for say 5 days post procedure -- control top pantyhose -- DO NOT SIT!!! If you keep moving it will help a ton, or lay down.

Sitting, avoid at ALL costs. Do not rub too much or have jeans that rub on the area. Try to keep your mind off of it. Do not exersise for say 2 weeks unless you want to pay for the pain.

Results are insane! Best thing I have done for...

Results are insane! Best thing I have done for myself. Very pleased. I had my inner thighs, outer legs, love handles, and tummy done. I did have my tummy done twice. Even with all the pain and burning it was worth it. Kinda like having a baby, you forget the pain after you have the results for a while.

If you do lots of treatments in one day drink tons...

If you do lots of treatments in one day drink tons of water so that when the fat breaks up you do not feel sick. I had this happen to me and it was NOT good.
Coeur d'Alene General Surgeon

The girls and dr johnson are great in CDA idaho. They have done enough patients now that they know the little tricks to get the most outta your treatment. Britney and Kat are the BEST! I like the fact that they have you move different ways to see where the largest area of fat is, and how they can do the best job for you. They really care at Advanced Asthetics, not just doing a job. I recommend them to EVERYONE -- best place ever.

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Hi Montana, are you ready to post a before/after pic?  We would love to see!


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can you tell me when the swollen stomach goes down after treatment. My stomach feels completely bloated and looks like I am 3 month pregnant. I am freaking out as going on vacation in a week an I had treatment done 2 days ago. Does the swelling go down? at least a little...My doctor told me no side effects.
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prob 2-3 weeks... sorry -- it prob takes 3-4 weeks to even see results.. you will swell way up before it starts to go away.
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HAHA, that's funny, YES please post your pics!  You need to show yourself off. :)

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I have not taken any picts --- how funny is that! I should and post them... altho the before pictures frighten me now... like REALLY
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Hi Montana, do you have any pics of your results that you'd feel comfortable sharing with us?

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My legs are STILL numb -- and it will be 4 weeks tomorrow.
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My legs don't feel much different. It was the small applicator and no side effects, hopefully it worked because $1000 for legs is not cheap! I hope I'm not the only one that has no side effects. My abdomen was sore for 2 weeks with a lot of pins and needles and numbness. Y legs are not numb.
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The inner legs you have to lay a special way so that is different. The legs do not hurt like the tummy, at least for me.

I still feel like jello, and it has almost been a month.
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I just had inner thighs done 2 days ago and have no side effects or pain or bur using and I'm worried that I won't have a good result. My abdomen was sore for 2 weeks and to not have any thing for kegs concerns me.
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I was told they were not doing legs when I had my pooch done.
I wonder how they get just the fat and not muscle in the head from such a small area?
Could it be you expected it to feel like your other procedure, maybe each area of the body reacts differently.That would be nice.
Does the area feel jello like?
After having the stomach done I see more spots I would like to get done, but money is a huge issue. Having packages where there is discount for multiple spots would be very enticing.
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Don't worry... I had the same feeling with my legs. it works it just takes FOREVER compared to the tummy. I am now 4 weeks out
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What size head did they use on your legs? How is that doing?
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Inner legs they used the LARGE suction and on the outer ones they used the small one. My inner thighs would jiggle while my outter thighs are more muscle.

It was a challange to get the entire thigh in the large cup but I told them we could do it... so with me an the gal working together we got the fat in.

I didn't have any pain with the legs... I had the "dead" feeling or the thigh was asleep for 3 weeks which was just really annoying.
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Can you give us an idea of how many inches you've lost so far?
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I'm on day 15 ... my stomach is back to pre-second treatment. The last time it took 3 weeks before I had noticeable changes ... will update. The first treatment I lost about one inch.
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They did not measure me the first time... the second time they measured me but did not give me the numbers, so I am not exactly sure.

I had toxin overload tho 2 weeks into it. It was horrible. Drink TONS of water if you have lots of areas done at once.
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how many weeks between treatments?
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Thanks for the info ... glad to hear you are back to normal. I'm on day 8 today & still feeling some it. I think I had more pain this time than the last. Keep us informed on your progress/results !! Good luck !!
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Montana108 ... thank you so much for sharing your knowledge !!! What does excersing makes the pain worst ?
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I wouldn't say it makes it worse, but I didn't want to stir it up. I personally just didn't feel like exercising after because my fat felt like dead weight and I didn't care to make it worse. I waited 2 weeks the first time and this time say 10 days before I really started to doing anything hard core.

12 days post procedure and back to normal. Still a little swelling and numb, but the pain is gone. Still the itching every once and a while.
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Thanks for sharing your CoolSculpting experience. Glad to hear it worked out well for you.

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