CoolLipo Liposuction

My face looks great, but I was beginning to get a...

My face looks great, but I was beginning to get a sagging chin. I also wanted to get rid of my gut that was starting to become a problem.

I went in for CoolLipo chin and belly treatment. I am so happy. The procedure and recovery was so quick. And going through the procedure, I didn't have any pain. That was fantastic. My neck and new body looks so good now. Such a breeze.

Were you awake during the procedure, and were you able to drive yourself back home aftward?
Dr. Sandra Lotstein

Dr. Lotstein explained the procedure and what it could do for me. She made sure that it was also the right procedure for what I wanted to achieve and that it was safe for me. Her staff is wonderful and my results from this physician is all I could hope for! I have my youth back again. She does a lot of other treatments for me including some minor cosmetic fillers and Botox. I am so impressed with the high caliber of treatment options in my area. I have told all my friends that this is the place to go.

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