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I had vaser lipo on my abs 16 days ago. During the...

I had vaser lipo on my abs 16 days ago. During the procedure he said I had a lot of fat on my stomach and was not going to be able to take the love handles on the same day. I was okay with that because I was much more concerned about the fat on my stomach. The procedure did not hurt at all. He too 3 and a half canisters of fat out. Which I think is like 5000cc. I'm not sure.

The problem is I was severly bruised after. I was padding my stomach the way they taught me. Gauze and tape it down. Well one time when I was gently pulling it off to put a new dressing on it pulled some of the skin off one bruise and it started to bleed. The problem is it hasn't stopped. When I take the gauze off it has some blood on it and hard like yellow stuff. It is like a scap that is trying to form but keeps getting peeled off every time I remove the dressing. The wound doesn't spell, it or really hurt. I also have my lower abs ( right above my panty line swollen, hard and protruding out. OPINIONS PLEASE.


I loved it. I'd recommend it.
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I loved it. I have no complaints. I recommend it.
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It is clear that you sustained partial thickness burns likely as a result of the VASER probe not used properly. These burns are caused when the probe is too close to the skin or stationary for too long. You should heal okay but these burns should be treated closely. You may develop some hyper pigmentation or scarring as a result. The presence of your severe stretch marks also tells me that you were probably not a great candidate for liposuction since it relies on your skin to adequately contract and tighten.
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Name not provided

The doctor that performed the liposuction is a OB/GYN that started a MedSpa.

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