42 Yrs Old, measured at a j/k stuffed in falling out 40 F

Ive already had my pre op appointments, date is...

Ive already had my pre op appointments, date is set just waiting now. Im very nervous even after reading most of the reviews a dozen times. I hit puberty at the age of 9, I had full d/dd by the age of 12. Before that I was a tomboy, I had dreamed of becoming a baseball player but that dream disappeared with in the first week back to school in the 4th grade. The boys I had just spent the summer playing ball, fishing with, and just hanging out with all of a sudden wouldn't play with me anymore. The girls hated me and even teachers made comments about not be allowed to run around the playground due to my chest. I was so embarrassed and this was the beginning of me hating myself, my body, school, just being around other people. I started getting attention from older men grown women called me names because their husbands would look at me. Needless to say I had a misreable childhood/ teen life. I meet my much older husband at a friends when I was about 18. He loved my big boobs. The more kids and weight the bigger they got. I was very sad, never leaving the house, ashamed for ppl to see me I became a hostage to my breast and my weight. So to spend things up a bit I did look into a reduction many times over the years but never got farther than the first appointment (just ppl looking at me had me a wreck) anyways I finally did it...i have the surgery date and everything. I am down to 167-170 wishing I could loose alot more weight (its a struggle) but im ready for this. I cant imagine spending the rest of my life with normal beautiful breast , no more headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, indentations, and hopefully next summer brave enough to go to the pool/ beach without a shirt over my bathing suit ....

surgery went great

I haven't seen them yet, but what I see I love. Monday I had a scare, the surgery center called and my share of the payment was going to be 1271.10 I was shocked. I just assumed insurance covered it all and I didn't have the money. Well Wednesday after noon some amazing ppl called me up asking how much and who to make the check to. So here I am on the other side..I am so grateful for my family and friends. Dr Duffy told my friend that I would be extremely pleased and si far I really am.


Headed to doctor for the unveiling


OMG! I love em

feel new

Very satisfied! Thank you lady's for the compliments.


I get to shower today. I woke up to a special visitor this morning and thought oh god im hemorrhaging. .. im not suppose to stArt for 4 more days oh well least I have pain killers to help me through. Im feeling like im not that strong ot as tough as everyone thinks because at times I feel like I had my lungs ripped out :( im still veey happy and knw this to shall pass but I wish it would hurry..lol

feeling whoozie

Still sore of course and I started my period soooooo other than that im very happy with my results. This has been an exciting adventure a cant wait to see their finale results. Im bruised somewhat but here ate some more pictures. I gotta loose quite a bit of weight to.

4th day

Been feeling very sick and hurting. I feel like such a whimp today. I had to call in and ask for more meds. I hate taking anything but I hurt really bad. Its all worth it of course, but I was extremely embarrassed for asking for more pain meds..heres another before and after.. im finally gonna eat something besides grapes or crackers today (try)

10 days

I feel so much better since the doctor took me off the antibiotics. Im getting an appetite back. I love my new boobies. Dr Duffy gave me something back that I never thought possible "self-esteem" I feel so beautiful now. I still have some weight to loose but what a difference in the way I feel, how I see myself. Thank YOU Dr. Duffy! You are an artist, my BOOBIES are beautiful! Is this crazy to feel like this? I dont know, but I am so grateful He choose to be my Doctor and His staff are amazing.... I love the new me!

tomorrow will be 3 wks 9/11/14

I was told today I look almost flat chested. ..lol
Best compliment ever hehe

Day 25

Everything is coming along nicely. Everyday they shape better n better.

Day 35

Ive been on antibiotics for a couple days, I have a little infection. Its clearing up good. My incisions are looking great. I love the way my peepers are forming. The bruises are almost gone. I am so happy I had this done. They still kinda hurt and a little stingy (probably from the infection) but lookin good. Im pretty sure im gonna be a 36 C once all is done...so very happy about that :) hopefully ill get to get back to working out soon. Im still at 164lbs which is a big difference from 235lbs but I really wanna get down to at least 140 by new years. Im so happy and excited with the new found confidence...what a difference a breast reduction can make...

keep gettin better

Dr. Duffy

Dr Duffy is amazing, he did such a wonderful job. His staff are fabulous. .I just dont have the words to express my gratitude.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Awww man! Do you know what prompted an infection?
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Probably using scented soap when washing. But really i dont know. I went trying bras on then a couple days later had a red blistery looking thing. So i honestly could say. But its already a lot better. Thank you :)
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*couldn't say
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Ok good! =)
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Im approved! I do have to pay the surgery center $1500... I'm still waiting on the office to call me back because I have to pay 20%
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WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO thats so exciting! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Do you have your date yet? I am do excited for you. You are going to be so HAPPY!
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ikr =) and its October 2nd, 2 days before my birthday haha
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Oooooh what a HAPPPPPPPY HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY that will be...
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you look great! congrats!
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Thank You!
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Wow! Your boobs look unbelievable! What a huge difference!
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Thank you! Im still gettin use to them some of my old shirts I wore (only with a jacket over them) I laugh putting them on now and wonder how in the world I ever fit in it before...its almost like Christmas everyday gettin ti wrap and unwrap these puppies :)
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I am so happy for you! I read your introduction, and said, "Oh my that is me!" The started wearing a bra at 9 and into sports - I had to bind them to stop bouncing when I was running. Anyway, I have a consult next month... with a few complications thrown in. I hope I can be where you are soon.. Congrats on your new look!
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Thank you! I cant wait to see your after pictures :)
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I'm getting nervous about the consult.. Hoping not to forget anything. Any suggestions?
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I forgot everything! I didnt even have a clue is to what to ask. Im sorry, hopefully one of the other lady's will be able to help :(
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I am starting to get dry around the incision areas, what is the best thing to do about this or should i just leave them alone? I haven't used anything for the swelling or bruising and i am still pretty swollen and bruised
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After my breast cancer surgery, when the scars started drying out. The doc gave me samples of aquaphor to use. Probably should check with your doc though.
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no oils or creams on the scars until at least 4 weeks post op
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Thank You!
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Thank YOU!
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thanks !
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Awesome! Congrats that IS a compliment! (:
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thank you!!!!! Im so happy about this.
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you look so great!
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