Contour Thread Lift - Not Happy 2 Weeks Later

I'm 40 years old and had a cheek and brow contour...

I'm 40 years old and had a cheek and brow contour thread lift on 9/1/06. I am having a very long recovery period. It is now 16 days later and I have bad puckering in 3 of the 4 areas, swelling in all areas, lines show where the threading was placed (I have "stripes" on my cheeks), numbing and tingling from my forehead back to the top of my scalp. The progress is so slow I don't see these bumps going away for another month or longer (I can't see any improvement from day to day). I'm concerned this might be permanent and I may need to remove them - but I've read bad press on that too. So confused, scared and sad. If this does work out, the advertisement should state the true length of recovery - it doesn't just take a weekend for recovery!


I'm sorry to hear you all have had some problems, I work as a psychologist and have only had a Thread Lift so I can talk about any other procedures that have been thrown into the mix here. The threads are as easy to remove as they are to put in.I had my first thread lift four years ago and just had mine redone. My surgeon explained that all you do is pass a round cannula over the original, slide it along the thread and then the thread will just slide out inside the canula as it's removed. Even years later. The side effects you have mentioned were all explained to me by my surgeon and my Pickering was easy to fix at three weeks. It looked very puckered and pulled for fourteen days, then settled except one small area. Puckering is fixed by your surgeon doing massage and releasing the barb of the thread which has grabbed the skin. The comments above reflect the minority of people who are disappointed. One unhappy patient makes a lot more noise than ten happy ones! All of the problems mentioned above are easily fixed and are part of recovery for some. Monika, I'm confused as to how a thread can give you an allergic reaction as they are inert (the material is used in cardiac transplant and indeed all transplants, also hernia repairs and tying off the appendix after removal, I've not heard of anyone ever being allergic or found any literature on allergy to poly-polypropylene sutures in all of Medline or Pubmed and I did look. I'm even more confused how acupuncture could help, for pain sure, but allergies 100% no, particularly when you don't treat the cause, so I would discount allergy. Neuropathic pain is a feature of any surgical procedure and I'm sorry some of you have discomfort which is prolonged beyond normal recovery. Perhaps for some of you the problem lies with simple misfortune or ones expectations? At 75 I would have to consider the possible impact of any elective surgery on my health and the marked effects that being elderly has to healing, you may be healthier by coming to terms with the features you don't like and forgetting about any plastic surgery, even if you are a very spritely 75 year old. Overall I would recommend it to the right person, I didn't want a big operation. 45 minutes on the table and back to work (albeit looking worse for wear) three days later.
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Who is the doctor that you went too? I need to find one that will remove threads. No luck yet.
Hi monge1204,
i live in Ireland. If it would suite you to see a Doctor here I will give you my surgeons email.
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