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Hello, I have been banded for almost 3yrs it's...

I have been banded for almost 3yrs it's been a long hard road but worth it. I was a diabetic and weighed 400lbs, I'm am down to 280 with a loss of 120lbs. I am working on loosing more and I am looking into a panniculectomy cause of my hanging stomach it's giving me back pain and it's hard to workout and ride a bike. But I'm thankful for my progress I even had a baby since having the lab band i didn't even gain any weight matter a fact I lost 20lbs during my pregnancy. I have only had 2 fills since my lab band and now I'm going back to doctor to get a fill so I can loose about 60-80lbs...then I think I will be happier :) well that's my story I love the band I'm no longer a diabetic and so glad I'm in the 200'S lol haven't been there in over 8yrs. But looking forward to loosing more and looking and getting healthy.

Panniculectomy and Adominalplasty approved

Well I got my approval for my paniculectomy and abdominalplasty and scheduled for August 20th! Im so happy I can't even express words!


So I got a call from hospital I'm having surgery at and they only had me down for panniculectomy and I asked why they didn't have the adominalplasty also they said I had to call doctors office. I called them she said panni and adominalplasty goes hand in hand that the doctor always does the muscle tightening with the panni and doesn't charge extra but I was approved thru Insurance for both... so does that sound right?? Im confused she said they are the same procedure when I know for a fact there not im nervous don't know what to think??
Dr Richard Wilkinfield

He was good no complaints.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Congrats on Losing Weight ! My Daughter Lisa ( That since has Passed away on 2-5-10 ) Went and had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. She went from 360 Pounds down to 150 Pounds ( From May 15th of 2005 to Feb 25th, 2006.) She lost a Total of 210 Pounds ! I wanted her to go and get Your Kind of Surgery - so she would feel better for Herself.
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Im so sorry for your loss!! The doctors recommend the bypass a few did or the sleeve but my husband didn't want me to get that the risk was alot higher than the lap band...I knew with the band it would've been alot harder for me but I thank God I did it. It took alot longer for me I still have alot more to loose but I can do I take it one day at a time. If you dont mind me asking did she pass from complications from her weight loss surgery?
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Congrats on ur weight loss and ur upcoming surgery
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Thank you! Im very excited!!
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Congrats on lossing so much weight best of wishes w/ t. t.
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Thanks so much!!
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Yeah I agree cleofet. But lap band divas they really give alot of great information its a wonderful support group!! You can ask the biggest or smallest question and you will definitely get a helpful answer.
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Support groups on line. You have to watch which ones you choose. Some are full of band haters and there is just to much drama. Two that I belong to are obesity BariatricFoodie. Com or org not sure which.
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Im gettin banded in u know of any pre or post op support group's
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Well now I did find a group on Facebook called lap band divas I love them alot of helpful information you can try that. Good luck!
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You look great, well done you!
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Thanks so much!
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Welcome and congratulations on your weight loss, that's a huge achievement.

How was your recovery period, following surgery? Did you have much pain and downtime?
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I went back to work 1 week later. I didn't have much pain at all, only the gas pain for the first time that was very hard to deal with but then I got used to it. Other than that it went very well.
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The gas pain is something else, isn't it? What's your eating regime like now, how much to you have per portion?
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Omg! Yes! Horrible! Well I don't eat breakfast very much maybe a coffee or protien shake cause I can't really get anything down in the mornings. Lunch I have maybe 1 1/2 cup of salad or chips and tuna or a soup with a few crackers then I snack on almonds and raisins to help me thru the day. Dinner is small porportion of what ever I cook like maybe a small piece of dark meat cause white meat doesn't go down well at all or a beef pattie no bread with one small side. Its a working progress still learning to eat right and I have my moments when I just eat ice cream for a meal LOL.
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