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Lower Body Lift - Conroe, TX

Just went to Dr.Cortes on 9/16/2013 for first...

Just went to Dr.Cortes on 9/16/2013 for first evaluation need to lose another 30 to 50lbs before BBL and thought lift hope to get it done in Jan or Feb 2014 got a lot if work to do but it can be done if anyone got any helpful hints please advise. Will post pics for every 10 lbs lost I hope all goes well!!!!


I scheduled my procedure today for February 4,2014. This is for my thought lift and butt job LOL!!!

1 month left

I have one month left wished it was two wanted to reschedule to March but no available dates if anyone wants to switch to February and has a March date please let me know thanks

Pics before


I am not having my surgery on feb 4 th due to personal reason weight being the main one I am losing inches talked with Lucy yesterday ordered a garment with sleeves to see if it will help with fluid loss going to see dr cortes on the 13th hopefully be can guide me better looking for surgery in June or maybe may have someone to help with weight loss so maybe all will be better!!!!


New date June 23rd yeppy this gives me plenty of time to hit the gym just want to lose more weight will post more photos after I lose 10 lbs

Losing it!!!!

Well down to 269 got my ban tightened on jan 31 6lbs so far got 39 left!!!!

New pics

Not a lot of a change but as promised here are some pics at down 10 lbs back smaller as is top of abdomen going to see Dr.Cortes on the 5th might change procedure to a TT and re do breast lets see what the expert says....

Appt in afternoon!!!

Going to see Doc tomorrow.... Hope he says he will do a tummy tuck losing so many inches hips down to 51 waste down to 42 but no pounds muscle does weigh more than fat but.... I hope the doc sees that!!!

Drum roll please.....

We'll seem the doc it's going to be a tummy tuck I have to weigh in in six weeks and going to fix my chi chi's then in December bbl and thigh lift

To weigh or not to weigh.....

We'll been exercising doing really good but my back is giving me fits was down to 267 on the 7th but now up to 278 seen doc today and it's water weight going to increase h2o to see if that helps grrr but trainer also thinks it maybe muscle don't know not going to weigh again till I see dr cortes next month

Water weight

Well so I was up all night peeing yeah no sleep lol but I weighed this morning down to 271 so it was water weight and I am still peeing a lot got a big liter of h2o and am drinking it and my back is better hopefully I can walk at the park tomorrow!!!

Yeppy.... Hopefully

Well got up this morning went that dang scale and talked really hard to it got on it and it said 269.4!!!!! All I can say is about time I am going to drink like a fish!!!!

Back troubles

Well had to goto the ER a couple of days ago my back pain is from an L1 fracture so he put me on some meds and it's feeling better so hopefully next week I can start walking again but no hard core working out until TT cause believes that my pannus caused it...

Getting better I think....

Getting better I think taking meds right now. I was put on prednisone which is a steroid it causes weight gain of course the scale is going up but I still drinking the h2o so in about a week or do hopefully I will lose it all plus some. I have a follow up with my pcp on the 2nd if all is good then on Monday I will start walking and only walking until doc days it's okay no weights or elliptical hopefully I can lose some weight by June got 13 weeks left!!!

Weight coming Down another appt set

Today I weighed 266 yeah I called the doc wants me to come see him on May 5 http weigh in I want to be at 255 I can do this I hope it makes him happy!!!
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I am doing Whole30 right now. Check it out!
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What's that???
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You definitely got this! You already know what to do. Now all you have to do is hammer it out.
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Thanks just pray for me to keep this carb cravings under wraps !!!
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Hows your back feeling now hunny? Cant wait until out Cortes Doll Weekend!!!
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OHHHH I'm so proud and happy for you on your weight loss!!!! Okay I'm on a water mission. You just motivated me and reminded me of the habits I use to practice while in TX, that helped me to get this weight off in the first place. I'm retaining do to this swollen leg of mine. I just popped a few Diurex, now I'm getting ready to guzzle. Keep up the good work! You are going to look so good. All of your weight is centered in your mid section. Once your tummy is gone you are going to look I different person. Look at me. My body was the same.
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Yep one big ole gut is all no booty just gut and man o man my back hurts from it but once of these steroids I will be good to go
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That prednisone should help you heal quickly. Glad you went to the doc. I think you will be able to get the weight off sis! GOOD JOB!
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Thanks will try going to gym next week
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You're Doing Great!! Keep Us Posted On Your Journey!! Good Luck To You!!
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Thank I will
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Good job
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Thank you hope just drinking h2o was the problem!!!
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Doing good doll!
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Thanks just got to do it
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Wondering how things are going. Please give us an update. And stop by my profile "I wanna look how I feel" I think we have similar body shapes
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Sorry for not replying doing good my back is injured trying to lose the weight but seen a doc today says I am having water weight issues and to drink more h2o so going to start tomorrow with that so hope it goes well
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Ill be there tommorow at 1pm!!! Good luck!
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Youre doing great! Keep it up!
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Good luck doll!!!!
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Hey, Well like you mentioned you get more time to drop a little more. I can identify with having a personal weight loss goal! Best wishes for continued success on your journey!
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Well I think we are all in this journey together tough we are miles and miles away but I really enjoy meeting all of you through this site I also rescheduled cause I my os that did my arms redid my arms on Wednesday and I can't recover from both at the same time
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Oh wow! You redid your arms? Have posted pix? Smart. Docs agree that the bbl sx is the hardest recovery of all other cosmetic procedures. So no, it's best not to compromise your recovery.
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I had planned on getting my bbl first, but I didn't want a big ol' booty, and the hanging apron and muffin top hanging over my pants. I just felt that I could continue to "fake it till I make it" (wearing my butt pads) for another 8 months to a year longer. I just want all this damn gut, and rolls to ***POOF*** be gone! After extensive lipo to my lower back, I may be good since I have some roundness at the bottom.
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As you can see I have nooooooo butt at all just muscle and bone lol
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