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Had an upper eye Bleph 7 days ago. Thrilled with...

Had an upper eye Bleph 7 days ago. Thrilled with the result so far. Bruising and swelling have almost gone. Sutures trimmed at 5 days. My eyes look so open and refreshed now. I can't wait to put eyeshadow on again, which I could not do before, due to excess skin. Doctor Wuest was proffesional and caring. I had only a local anaesthetic and took 2 xanax I hour before. Surgery was so easy, pain free and quick. The whole procedure took approx 45 minutes from start to finish. I can't reccomend him highly enough.


You look great!
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9 days after with makeup ??


Your results are great - you look very refreshed. You look like you have had hardly any swelling or bruising. Did you take arnica or anything for bruising? Thanks for sharing.
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Hi there! No I didn't take anything for swelling. I actually was very swollen and bruised by day 3. But it resolved very quickly. I started scar massage as soon as my sutures were cut on day 5. The bruising left very quickly. I still have a tiny bit of swelling, but every day it gets less and less! Thanks for your kind comments ☺️
Great results!
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Day 3 to show I did have bruising

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9 days after with make up!

Sorry my photos are all mixed up. I also had a lower bleph 20 years ago. It left me with a bit of hollowness which I fill in with restyline once a year!


Wow! I just looked back at the pictures again & the difference from day 3 & day 9???? Usually it takes about 3 weeks for those kind of bruises to go away. You really heal fast. Maybellineo
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You look fabulous! Great job by your Dr. Maybellineo
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Thank you so much! As with most cosmetic surgery, family and friends tell you, you don't need it. But I notice a real difference. I'm still a little swollen but it's only been 12 days!!

13 days today!! No swelling! Remarkable healing

Make up on! 13 days post surgery today!


WOW!! Such awesome results!!! I hope mine as as nice! Thanks for the review and pics!!
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You are too kind!! Thanks so much!!

Today is day 19

I just had an app with my doctor. He was so pleased with my healing and result, that he took his post op photos today! I had a tiny milia inner eye, that he popped out with a tiny needle.


Thank you! I just posted a day 19 close up photo, to show my scar is now invisible to the naked eye!!
Woo hoooooooo! awesome results Jane! I am so excited for you!!!!

Under eye restyline filler

I had a lower bleph 20 years ago that left me with a slight hollow under my eye. I have a tiny bit of restyline injected every 9 months to fill that out. A small price to pay for no hollows, dark circles or shadows!


My upper eyes are great, no problems. Under eyes, I get a little hollow every 9 months/1 year, after under eye bleph 20 years ago. Yes I will continue with the resty every year under eyes. No surgery gives a perfect result. Sometimes we still need a little bit of maintenance. However for my age I'm very happy with uppers and lowers now.
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Hey Jane: Where do you get your resty done? Your PS or a dermatologist? Maybellineo
I get Restyline from my Plastic surgeon. He is very conservative and careful with placement. Too much and you cause a festoon bag, too little and you have a hollow/dark circle. He gets it just right! Have been seeing him for 10 years now!

Upper/under eye bleph.

4 week photo of upper eyes and restyline under eyes.


Wow you are healing really fast- congrats!  You are right- I can't even tell you have any sort of under eye bag with the Restylane.  How much do you pay per resty visit?
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You look great! What eye makeup are you wearing in the under eye image?
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Yes I will. ☺️

Under eye bleph 20 years ago


Jane, you look fantastic! Congratulations! Did you have dissolvable sutures?
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Thank you mollygirl!! Yes I had dissolvable sutures. My PS just trimmed the ends 5 days post op. It's 4 weeks tomorrow since I had the bleph done. I feel totally healed now, don't know if I am?
Girl you look good !!!!! Man I wish my eyes were like that!!!
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4 weeks tomorrow!

Fully healed, I think!'


You look absolutely amazing!!!!!!
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Thank you so much!
Have any picks of hollowness under eyes before restilyn? Is it possible for me to do just restilyn instead of under eye lid surgery? Was restilyn around 20 yrs ago? Thank you for responding back, these blogs are priceless!!
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Fully healed at 5 weeks


Wow ur eyes look amazing , i woyld love to be able to wear eyemake but lids too heavy :(
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