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Hello RS ladies! Im soo glad I just happen to...

Hello RS ladies! Im soo glad I just happen to stumble upon this site after hearing my sister claim she wanted a bbl again for the millionth for the last 10 years, finally I said well I wonder what it does haha...turns out I am in desperate need of one! Im 5 4" in my 20's I was around 130lbs now I've gained and am usually about 150lb so im at a good weight for sx...but im noticing alot of the ladies are already packin a nice foundation to begin and getting some awesome results. Good foundation to me is your current waist to hip ratio... I am pretty high on that chart and am at risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease "an apple" so Im really hoping that what I need can be acomplished in a surgery and not round 2 and 3. Im still open but have been really thinking Cortes might be who im going with hopefully he can give me that .62 waist to hip..thats 28/45!!

Houston recovery??

I am soooo scatter brain about my bbl! Im in a rough spot and Im not gonna have my husband for care and support like some of these lucky ladies..dont get me wrong. .dont want "him" do need aftercare and I dont have much support down here so im gonna need a nurse or nurses assistant to help me!! Does anyone know any good hearted trustworthy HHA/CNA's in the Houston area???

Countdown begins! 10 days to go

Im so scatter brain right now tryin not to worry ...I need to b in good health and stress free before my big day...missin my chamomile tea:/ but I guess since I have to give up my herbs now I'll have to relax by some other means..
Paid the Dr. Fee now I just need to pay the hospital fees the day of sx... I have an idea of what faja im going to use (Anny 1017) just don't know what size so im waiting till after sx to order..I'll just use alot of compression wrap till it comes. I guess I should b alot more excited but all this fat in the wrong places is weighing on me:/

before pic

Im afraid to post my before pics up here so I'll keep it minimal..

side view

Another day with flatcakes :/ here's a side shot ...front has all the jelly.

My pre op was Wed. I was told

Dr. Cortes told me that my skin is quite tight so I should expect anything from 900-1000 cc per cheek and 300 cc in my hip and thigh a little let down because I want projection as well but the upside is that my skin might not be so loose in my lipoed it seems like if I do want that donk it aint happenin this round...and thats important to realize before going in. I measured myself before going in that day and my measurements were:
36" under breasts
42 1/2"overbreasts
35 1/2" waist
40" below waist
42" widest part of
hips and butt.
I got all my prescriptions and supplies so im just waiting for Monday to get here...another thing is they sell Fajas in the Dr. office so when your there u can just pick one up at your follow up appt. thats it for gettin some pms goin lol ugh its gonna suck having my period wt the same time as my sx :p later


Almost forgot my ginormous arms ...around my biceps 13" around pits and shoulder 17" ...another measurement that might change my back..16" under pits across my back and 6 1/2" in the back of my arms to the top shoulders... carry alot of fat on my back and under my arms its a major issue for me ...its so nasty..mok thats it for now..

Gettin ready for discharge

He removed alot of fat and I got about 1000cc per cheek and 300 cc on my hips! Im happy...cant wait to c my body after swelling goes down.. have been up to use the bathroom on my own today...nomore cathedar:) heres a pic.

I've started with nothing...

I didn't have anything back there to begin with and tight skin so its amazing that he got that much in

feeling good about my results with the exception of

My left knee and vajajay are swollen quite a bit so im trying to stay off my feet as much as possible .. may need a closed bottom garmet to tighten up down there and im using ace bandage on my knee...Peeing has been a struggle but I the toliet lifter thingamajig has been helpful ...also thank God for sisters.. im very lucky to have one so caring. .ill add more pics tomorrow after I get my 2nd garmet. .

1 week po 1st full shower!

I was finally able to get in the shower yesterday! It felt sooo good...low pressure water of skin is extremly sensitive its numb and simetimes it burns, prior to I was just doin the bed bath and I still felt dirty so it makes a huge difference. . feel like I have more control today even though I dont have much energy I plan everything I do before I get up because my left leg is still swollen im tryin to get that down and im tryin to let my incisions on my knees close to avoid infection .I had my follow up to remove my drain on Sat. 2nd 5 days po ... still had alot of fluid come out after it was removed so keep alot of gauze just in case... I was terrified about that visit because my skin felt like it was so thin and squishy it would just fall off and it burned come to find out Dr. Cortes said my po garments weren't on the right way so I had a buldge on my upper abdomen and some burns from my bottom cut into my waistline leaving dead skin...he said I need to keep it moist because its gonna fall off... felt like crying but with all the pain and blood and bruising I was just glad to be standing. .. I need to find out more about these types of burns to know what I can expect..right now im just just keeping them clean and moist with bacterium ointment

Swelling went down ...drastically changed my results

I know its been a minute but I've been going through some emotional changes! At first I just brushed my burns off like they were nothing but as time past realizing that my tight garment would hinder the healing of burns .. had to choose...garmet and infection or no garmet less chance of infection. .. haven't been wearing my garmet too avoid infecting my open skin the burns reach completely around my abdomen ALL THE WAY AROUND... I had blackend skin and blisters which popped anyway now my skin is raw and just waiting for the skin to heal... haven't sat or jeopardized my results in any other way but I still lost inches froms my butt and hips... was 47 1/2" around now im 44". I definitely love the fact that my waist is smaller and my frame is more feminine because before I had nothing .. guess im feeling blessed to b able to change my shape and stressed and depressed about my's a pic today

More pics comming soon;)

Im still not bending as well as I need to change so I haven't been snappin many pics im usually in some baggy clothes durning the day
Dr Wilberto Cortes

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please post pics of the burns when you have time. Thanks.
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More pics! How r u?
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I want to see more recent pics. :D you look great!
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I cant stop looking at this pic of u in the red dress! Lol u look awesome!
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Hi hun looking good so far, sorry about the burns i have read on other peoples profiles that the burns don't really scar. Just wanted to know how many ccs did you in injected into your bum and how much you got injected into your hips.
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Oh thx:) I had 950-1000 in each cheek and 300 cc in ea hip. ..BUT keep in mind I had "ZERO HIPS OR BOOTY!"
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Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hang in there by next summer u will be the talk of the town. God bless..
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Thanks alot the encouragement definitely helps:)
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Hi lady sorry to hear about your burns.. Did this happen from your garment of the doctor? I hope they heal and you feel better. On a lighter note, you look amazing!
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Thanks. . I cant b sure but the Dr. said my garments were on incorrectly after sx and they burned me...
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I hope you get to add more pics sweetie. I like the pics that you took so far. I am looking forward to my sx in 2 weeks from today :-)
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Wow... I clearly remember the anxiety and I began to become scatter brain...I pray for your safety and speedy recovery in Jesus name. Amen
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Well this isn't my first cosmetic surgery but never the less I am always nervous about getting any procedure done. I think I will be in great hands with Dr.Cortes. Thanks for praying for me doll. I will definitely add some pics after my sx.
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I hope your recovering well. I wanted to ask you a question.... Who took care of you after you had your bbl? I need to find myself a nurse in Houston to care for me too in case my hubby cannot come. Can you please help me out doll.
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Hey Goddess ... was going to use a cna or hha but my sister ended up taking care of me... she was a true blessing ..cant do it alone
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Well I have not looked into getting a nurse as yet because I am still not sure if my hubby can come with me or not. I was waiting until next Monday to decide if I will need a nurse or not. I did google it online and found a great agency that caters to nurses that also do house calls. I am not sure of the price though. I will email them to find out the rates. I wish Dr.Cortes had a nurse to help out the girls that need a private nurse in case they are alone.
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I believe if u stay in Conroe the Dr. and his wife will stop by to see u and change ur garment. .still good to have a cna or home health aide there to help u with your daily living and protect u from accidentally falling
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Well that's gonna be a blessing if they come and change my garment for me. I really don't think I can do this all on my own. I am still in the process of looking for an experienced nurse to help me out. I wish Dr.Cortes had his own private nurse just in case females going to sx are on their own.
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How's it going hun? And how are you recovering? Any new pics?
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Hey sorry I haven't been on for awhile but I been so up and down at 1st I was scared it might b to big then I was sad when my butt went down lost 3 1/2" around and my stomach I lost like 4-5 inches...the change is very natural .. I think its beautiful but not my skin... i have hyperpigmentation and burns:/
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I'm so sorry to hear abt your burns! That scares me a little actually but I will still go through with it and wear the cami like you told me too! I Will say though that you look absolutely AMAZING!!! Your body is my wish pic For sure! I hope you heal really soon!
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Aww thx alot:) I will..
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Did you get your knees lipo'd? Is that why your left knee is swollen? Congrats on your sx, can't wait to see pics!
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Oh no I had my inner thighs lipoed and they haven't closed all the way..when I walk or kneel to get up the fluid retention comes out...its a mixture of blood and tumucent fluid so im trying not to get up so much
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You can already see u will have good projection! Cant wait for mine in jan! where did you get all your supplies from. Do you think you could put up a checklist of what you got?
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