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Tt and Lipo 11 Dpo...do I Look Awful? - Connecticut, CT

Ok this is 11 days out...i am not sure if I am...

Ok this is 11 days out...i am not sure if I am doing this right I have to go back and delete my profile pic.

I feel very big and I feel like i look awful. I am still not sure I am putting this in the right place

Hi all....I tried to post a question but it never showed. I see all these people that look so flat already at my time and I look so swollen and THICK is the only way I can describe it. I don't look or feel ANY smaller than i did before my - maybe its in my head.I look chubby is the only way I can describe- does it take some people just a longer? It doesn't seem like anyone else looks chubby in their pictures. I am 5'2" and I was about 128 and I weigh more now- which is depressing as well. Thank you


From the research that I did, it seems as though patients who opt for lipo with their tummy tuck end up swelling a lot more and it takes longer for the swelling to go away. You'll obviously have less fat than you did before, but it'll take more time for that to be evident. Hang in there. Keep making healthy food choices, and it'll all pay off.
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Hey Leslie, how are you feeling? You were on a downer on your last update! Hope you're feeling a little better, maybe a little less swollen!? I went clothes shopping today and amazed myself at how straight I was stood...it's only taken 5 weeks! Omg no-one tells you it's gonna take that long - but for some of it does! We'll get there in the end though - and just in time for summertime YAY!! Best wishes Gail x
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Yay! You're standing up straight. I'm feeling pretty good but really tired for some reason. Can't wait to be 5 weeks post-op because I'm sure my seroma will be healed by them. Thanks so much for asking. Have a terrific week! Hugs to you!
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