I have been thinking about having a tummy tuck for...

I have been thinking about having a tummy tuck for the last three years but was always too nervous to make the appointment for surgery. I will be 40 this year and decided that Im not going to put it off any longer. I've decided that this will be a gift to myself this year and have scheduled my surgery for the end of September! I can't even believe that I finally put the deposit down and scheduled the surgery date! It feels so real now....kinda scary and exciting at the same time. I've been following a lot of your ladies journeys and feel very inspired by so many of you. It is a great feeling to know that my thoughts and anxieties about doing this are very normal. About myself, I am a mom of two. I'm 5'7" and my weight has fluctuated between 140-155lbs. Both my pregnancies were normal, but bothbabies were about ten lbs. I went up to 19 with the first pregnancy and 210 with the second. This left me with loose skin on my belly which has always bothered me. A few years back I decided to see if I could make a difference on my own and went down to 133 lbs. I was happy with the way my body looked but it was still hard to hide the lose skin on my belly. Before surgery I would like to get down to 140 which means I need to loose about fifteen lbs in the next 2 1/2 months. I will post pre op pics soon. I have to download them on my computer because I guess I can't download them onto my proflie from my tablet. I am very grateful to all of u for posting your experiences. I will post pics soon.

So its been a while since i last posted but the...

so its been a while since i last posted but the anxiety is sure starting to kick in big time now!!!!!!! This week is my preop and I cant believe the time is so close! i guess from what ive read from you ladies on here that this feeling is normal.....i feel like I cant think of anything else. My biggest fear is the anesthesia.....fear of the unknown. If i didnt have small children it wouldnt b so intense but Im always thinking im deciding to put myself at risk when my children still really need me. It doesnt help that i finally told my mom last week and she seemed ok that day then called me a few days later and expressed the same exact fear im having which definetly doesnt help! On a better note, I did have an appointment with my general doctor for clearance and she did put me at ease (slightly) telling me that i am considered very low risk since I have nor have had any medical issues. She talked to me about how everyday life is full of risks and unknowns. She also told me to imagine the amount of people that have general anesthesia every day including small children. So anyway my husband keeps telling me Ill b fine. He will be home with me for six days after surgery. I was thinking about hiring a nurse for the first 24-48 hours. Has anyone done this? was it helpful? Take care for today. Ill post after my preop this week and upload some preop pics soon.

Wow i cant belive its just under a week for my...

Wow i cant belive its just under a week for my tummy transformation to begin. Im still feeling anxious but also excited. I spent today shopping for supplies and tomm I will get my prescriptions filled and look for a toilet seat riser. Was hoping to find one at cvs or target but no luck at either place. I guess i have to go to a more specialized store. For prescriptions I have percocet and something for nausea (zofran i think). I have also asked for a couple of my friends to come help me for the first week the times my husband is working. Another exciting event is that I was able to meet one of the ladies I met through this site! I couldnt believe when I found out that we live in the same town! It was great to c her results over three months post op so I know what I have to look forward to!!!!!

So its Friday which means only four days to...

So its Friday which means only four days to go!!!!!! I finally downloaded some pics of the belly that I've taken over the months. It would be so much easier if I could just post them right from my phone, But oh well here they are.....

Ok so three more sleeps before my belly...

Ok so three more sleeps before my belly transformation. I'm going to take advantage of this beautiful weekend with my hubby and kids. The rest of the weekend I need to arrange my area downstairs with all the supplies I'll be needing as well as relocating my recliner downstairs for the time being. The nurse told me at the preop that I would have a hard time climbing 14 stairs to where my recliner is currently located so downstairs it is. Just thinking about post op now and wondering what I do when my binder is being washed? They said I could shower three days post op. Will I need to clean my binder at that time? If yes, should I be purchasing another one? Also since I'm having lipo of the flanks and hips will I need to change dressings and how often? Hmmmm....I'll prob be calling the ps office Monday to clarify. My cold on the otherhand seems to be getting better. Sore throat has finally gone away just a little bit of dry cough. If anyone can let me know about their experiences with binder immediately post op and drainage from lipo sites immediately post op please let me know. I won't have my first post op appt until 6 days after surgery.

Ok so tomm is the big day. Im nervous and excited...

Ok so tomm is the big day. Im nervous and excited all at the same time. I have my recovery area ready at home with all my essentials close by. I dont know if Im going to b able to sleep well tonight. The only thing that really stinks is that i just got my period this morning ugh!!!!! I knew it was coming but I was hoping it would hold off for another few days. Has anyone else dealt with this during surgery????????????

On the flat side....had surgery this morning home...

On the flat side....had surgery this morning home and resting will post soon

Day one post op. Had a difficult time sleeping...

Day one post op. Had a difficult time sleeping last night. Even with the pain I just felt so excited that im on the recovery path now. Kinda feeling sleepy now. Taking 1 1/2 percocet every four hours for pain. Its manageable sitting down but going to the bathroom is another story. By tge time I get back to my recliner im shivering which def doesnt feel good since my muscles contract. Thinking about having one of my nurse friends change my dressings but im scared to look lol. Ill have her take pics if she does.

So its 230am and I'm wide awake. I Seem ti sleep...

So its 230am and I'm wide awake. I Seem ti sleep for only an hour to two at a time. Right now Im feeling soooo itchy under binder. Anyone else experience that? Friday Im cleared to shower.....don't know if ill b up to it but I will def undo binder to change dressing. Will takes pics at that time.

Im feeling a bit stronger today. Also I added...

Im feeling a bit stronger today. Also I added ibuprofen for pain instead of two percocet. Now Im trying 400mg Ibuprofen and one perc every 6 hours. Tomm I will look under my binder for the first time. And the most exciting thing today is that prune juice really worked!!!!!

Day 4 po. Finally I had a decent nights sleep....

Day 4 po. Finally I had a decent nights sleep. Only got up once to pee and take a pain med. It had been 8 hours since the last pain med-that was the longest time so far. Today feeling pretty much the same. A little stinging from the drain site holes and a lot of itching under this binder. I had a nurse friend of mine open the binder yesterday and take out all the original gauze and replace it with clean. Also tucked one of my tank tops under binder hoping that will help with this crazy itch. My appetite is still somewhat nonexistent. I'm eating yogurt applesauce broth crackers (wout salt) an egg for breakfast. Basically eating to make sure my body gets some protein for healing and to have something in my stomach when taking pain meds. I'm also drinking one glass of prune juice in the mornings and that's helping me out in the bm department. So for today my mom is coming over with one of her hairdresser friends to attempt and wash my hair in the big kitchen sink and blow dry it straight for me. That will feel good. Still deciding if I should attempt shower today or wait till Tomm. We'll c how I feel as the day goes. I def want to get in the shower before my first post op on Monday. As far as my drains, they seem to b slowing down. Had 10cc in one and 20 cc in the other.

Post op day 4. Spent the day in my trusty recliner...

Post op day 4. Spent the day in my trusty recliner for another day. I'm so happy that I do get company throughout te day. It really makes the days go by pretty quickly. I noticed that I am even stronger today since I needed no assistance getting up and into my recliner. Pain is really manageable at this point. I'm taking one perc every nine hours. I may start doing just one at night to morrow just to make me rest. I really don't sleep at all during the day. The only areas right now that are a little uncomfortable are my lower back from being hunched and one of the drain sites that pulls and stings a bit. One thing I miss right now is snuggling and fooling around with my 8 and 9 year old boys. I had my older one come in the house today while I had my binder off standing and checking things out in the mirror, he caught a glimpse and said wow mom your belly looks ten times better:-). It was so weird for me to look down past my boobs and not be looking at jiggly skin! I will b posting post op pics soon. Today I also accomplished washing my hair in the sink and blowdrying it while sitting down. That made me feel so good. I'm so excited to get drains pulled so I could try clothes on from my closet and c how I feel in them post op.

So today is day 5 po. Still feeling stronger but...

So today is day 5 po. Still feeling stronger but can only stand for a few minutes before my lower back starts burning to the point that i need to sit to get relief. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!!!

Po day 6. Today was my first Po doctors visit. He...

Po day 6. Today was my first Po doctors visit. He said everything looked good. He didn't want to remove drains because Im putting out about 10cc in each per day and he wants 10cc total. I'm ok w that knowing that they will b out by Thursday along with my stitches. He has me watching my left drain site because I was complaining that Im having a lot of pinching there. He said it looks pink and gave me a rx for an antibiotic incase it started getting red warm or more irritated. Other than that, it was great to get out of the house today.....its so beautiful out sunny, all the leaves changing colors :) things I miss sitting on my recliner lol. My mom and I just grabbed a decaf pumpkin coffee from dunkin doughnuts that I'm now going to enjoy ( in my recliner of course). Happy healing

Today is 9 days po and I just returned from my...

Today is 9 days po and I just returned from my doctors apt minus my drains! Yay!!!!! Was kinda nervous but really didnt feel anything when they were pulled out. I also had stitches removed from my belly button. Next apt isnt for two weeks. Last night i showered wout any help and it felt great! So all in all today is a good day. I defentily notice that im most sore when i first stand up but when i continue moving it gets more manageable. Well time for recliner, tv, and rest. Hope everyone happy healing.

So Im finally one month post op. Time actually...

So Im finally one month post op. Time actually went by so quickly. Hard to believe that I'm feeling so much like myself already. I couldnt have imagined I'd be feeling this good just a few weeks ago. I'm still wearing my binder the majority of the time. If i leave the house I usually switch to a spanx type garment but I notice that by later afternoon I start to swell if not in the binder. I dont feel very tired anymore just sometimes get frustrated by the swelling. Its annoying to go through this and still be looking for tops to cover my midsection. But I do know its early and I have to be patient. I have a tropical vacation planned in seven weeks and hope that I will do ok without any type of compresstion garment since i will be in swimsuits and sundresses the majority of the time. Im taking pics as the weeks pass to track and progress and have posted post ops today. I hope everyone is healing well. I'll check in soon with more pics........maybe I'll break out some swimsuits lol

Yesterday I decided to walk on the treadmill for...

Yesterday I decided to walk on the treadmill for 25 minutes at a slow 2.5mph at 12% incline. I was surprised how sweaty I was. Not sure if it was the exercise or the food I ate but boy was I swollen later that evening. I walked with my binder on for support. Has anyone had luck with low intensity exercise at 4 weeks post op? Maybe its too early?

Yea today is 6 weeks post op. Time has gone by so...

Yea today is 6 weeks post op. Time has gone by so quick...I can't believe how normal I feel. Just the usual frustration with swelling anytime I increase my activity. I'm still wearing cg pretty much all day except for showering. Its frustrating to have it on but I just don't feel the same support without it. I start to feel like I begin to hunch forward and my upper belly swells. My incision is healing well but Im noticing what looks like a small dog ear on my left side. I don't go back to c my ps till Dec 10th so ill ask him about it at that time. Has anyone thought about repeircing bb after tt? I had mine pierced for 15 years and my hubby really liked it but I feel so torn whether to put a new hole in my brand new bb????? Anyway I have update pics but need to load them to my computer. Will post soon.

Ok new pics of six week progress posted!. Should I...

Ok new pics of six week progress posted!. Should I repeirce this nicely healing bb or leave it be? I know I would have to wait at least 6 months but I'm trying to decide. My hubby wants me to do it again but I'm not sure. I will update again soon hope you all are doing well with recovery and best wishes to those who have surgery coming. It is so worth it!!!!!!!!!

Seven weeks on Tuesday! Still wearing my Flexees...

Seven weeks on Tuesday! Still wearing my Flexees garment 24/7 other then showering. I've gotten pretty use to it by now but I'll prob start weaning off a little at a time. Its like a security blanket at this point lol. Tomm going to try and really focus on eating good and some mild cardio daily. Our tip to Mexico is only 4 weeks away and I want to feel as good as possible at this point in my journey. I havent been as careful eating healthy so Im going to really try hard. Im gonna have to have my kids hide the rest of their Halloween candy from me cause Im still picking through their candy on a daily basis lol. I am so thrilled with the way I feel and look other than my bra fat roll that still exists from behind. I've got to have it taken care of to get the full result Ive wanted. I will keep you all posted with how that goes when I discuss it with my ps. Im so impatient I feel like I want to have it done right away but Im sure hes going to want me to wait. So I guess it is what it is for my upcoming trip but for summer I want to be healed and complete and rocking my bikini :) By the way have any of you heard about awake lipo? Im going to inquire about it because I hate the thought of having anesthesia again.

52 days po pics posted. Cant wait to discuss lipo...

52 days po pics posted. Cant wait to discuss lipo of flanks and bra roll with ps. Will keep you all posted :)

It's been awhile since I've posted because I feel...

It's been awhile since I've posted because I feel that things are pretty much the same at this point. Had a follow up apt this morning with the ps. He said the scar is healing beautifully and should flatten out even further. The hardness above and below incision line should also soften. I will be going on vacation this wednesday so I will see how I do not wearing any type of cg the majority of the time since we will be by the pool or on the beach. I hope swelling doesnt get out of control otherwise I'll look like im wearing a floatation device lol. Ps said I really dont need to wear any type of compression at all anymore he said there is not much benefit in it at this point....but it makes me feel better sometimes especially when walking too much like on the treadmill. Talking about treadmill, I've been doing 45 min 3 or 4x a week to keep my legs from getting more jiggly. I only walk at 3mph on a 10 incline. I'm also doing small arm weights to fight the jiggliness of those too. Other than that I am thinking about doing the back flank lipo and back roll lipo in february. Just have to discuss with my husband. Im sure hes not going to be thrilled dishing out another 6500$. But I am very pleased with my belly results and just really want those results at all 360 degrees. I asked about awake lipo and my ps will only do that for small areas and he said this is a 2 1/2 procedure and he thinks its safest to be under general. Not thrilled about that part. Well have a wonderful holiday ladies. We get back from our tropical vaca on the 23rd so I will be in touch. Wish me luck talking to my husband lol.

I forgot to add that if I add lipo of my inner and...

I forgot to add that if I add lipo of my inner and outer thighs at the same time the price jumps to $9400 OUCH!!!!!!!!! WHAT TO DO???????????????????

Just over 5 months post op and feeling great!...

Just over 5 months post op and feeling great! Still some soreness and numbness below belly button but very manageable. It was all def worth it. I still have the area of my bra fat that bothers me but hopefully that will be a thing of the past. In six days I will be having vaser lipo to that area as well as my flanks. Ill be having it under local anesthesia which Im a little nervous about. Then ill have a few months before bathing suit season. Not looking forward to wearing compression garment for another 6 weeks. Ill keep you all posted. Happy healing.

Hello fellow rs ladies. I am already 7 months po...

Hello fellow rs ladies. I am already 7 months po and very excited to b going into this warm weather minus my extra skin and rolls. I have a question though for those of you further along in this journey......I feel like the area in between my belly button and incision is still very hard. If I put a very form fitting dress on that area looks like its puffed out. Is this normal? If anyone experienced this, how long did it last? Thank you for any input.

8 months + TT w muscle repair and lipo

Well another Month has passed and things are not much different from last month. Still trying to exercise at least 4 days a week and am still looking to loose approx 15 lbs. It seems so much harder now that Im 40 ugh! My upper and lower tummy still feel hard and tight if Im too active or consume too much salt. Even with that frustration its still 10x better then dealing with the extra skin! Lipo has def helped smooth out contour of flanks and my bra rolls are looking better but Im not completely satisfied with them yet. Will b visiting ps for follow up Tomm and will ask if I should expect any more improvement or discuss my options. All in all I am enjoying summer clothes a lot more this year......just have to work on my thighs since they feel so big to me now. I still love checking in with all u ladies xoxo!!!!!!! I added a couple pics by pool.

8 months po TT MR Lipo

8 months

almost 10 months!

Feeling good. Swelling is less and less as months go on. Still exercising 4x a week plus doing crunches. Only down a few pounds thanks to the great summer weather and all the picnics. Still want to loose at least 15 lbs........happy healing

14 months post

Hi ladies....hope ur all doing well. Its been over a year since my tt and 8 months since vaser lipo on my back fat rolls. I'm still struggling loosing at least 15lbs but am very motivated since myself and my family are going to the caribbean before christmas woohoo!!!!!! Being critical, the biggest area of frustration for me would be my flanks that I can grab a whole handful. I asked ps who did my vaser about this and he said I don't have much fat in there but rather loose skin ugh!!!! I would imagine the only solution would be to remove it with a longer incision which I'm really not sure I would be willing to do. Ill ask him out of curiosity next time I c him. Also I wish upper tummy was a little tighter but I'm hoping it will look better if I loose some weight. Any other ladies struggling with the same issues?

14 months

Front view

14 months

Front view

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Thanks for continuing to update your journey. I had a hard time finding reviews past 1 year and it's nice to see the results after a year. You look great!! Very sexy in that bikini by the pool!!!
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Thank you so much. I as well like to c reviews on the long term results. I will b posting another update soon ;)
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Your stomach looks look great!
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Awww thank u so much :)
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Btw just looked at ur profile again and all I can say is amazing!!!!
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People keep saying that and I honestly just don't see it. All I see are the flaws! But thank you I appreciate it xx
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I can relate. I'm the same way.....picking out all the flaws. Its so frustrating. But from an outsider looking in I don't c ur flaws ;) Love ur weight loss. Any tips? Trying to get rid of these 15-20 lbs I put on.
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Just emailed you the link :)
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Tou Are my inspiration! TT and lipo of middle down, BA and lipo of legs next. I hope I look as good when I'm done. Did you use anything special on your TT scar?
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Thank you AnasScott. Just checked out your profile and your transformation is already amazing! I used palmers oil on tt scar but now just leave it alone. Look forward to ur progression and your upcoming procedure
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This will be my 3rd rev. I have a complicated BA history. First ones in 1988. Developed symmastia but kept them for 20 years! Big mistake. 2nd done in 2007, but now they have dropped out of the pockets, sort of like a double bubble but not really. It's like there is nothing holding them in place so they feel really heavy. I need a lift and wider implants, possibly Strattice. Have 320cc Saline HP's now which I hate. Way too narrow for me. Dr. Beam didn't do either of my BA's. I consulted with him but am consulting with others too. Found someone I really like in Hartford. Did Dr.Beam do yours?
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Yes he did my lift. I also had 375 salines put in under muscle for some volume I lost after breast feeding my kids. My bra size went from a D to a full D/DD
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Thank you-it is getting better every day. So I understand what you are saying even at 10 months out. I went to him for my 3 month in June and told him of my concern with the skin above my BB. He examined me and thought it might be alittle bit of fat that he could lipo in the office.He said we would look at it in 6 months and decide then. I go back to him in Sept. He is supposed to do a breast rev on me in March. I wanted both done but he won't do a MM, he feels it it too hard a recovery. I pleaded with him and said I am a good pt but he must have had a bad experience. I am consulting with other docs in the Hartford area to get other opinions. He should do your dog ear for free, his prices are high enough!
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Very true on prices lol....I had my breast lift w him a few years back and he also would not do the TT at the same time.....so 2 surgeries later ugh. Y are u having a breast revision? I'm going to make my next apt around my one year mark that way he doesn't say to wait a little longer. By one year I'm pretty sure that's about the final result.
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wow you look great gbu
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Thank u :) Best of luck on ur upcoming TT
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thanks mama gbu
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You look great! I love the last pic with the blue shirt!
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Thank u babymickey......I just looked throughyour profile again and think ur looking great! I understand ur concern w swelling and laxisity but truly my swelling is just starting to lessen now after 10 months. When do u go back to c dr beam? I haven't been since my 3-4 month point but I'd like to c him soon to ask about a small dog ear I have. I wonder if he'll fix it for me wout charge.
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Hi friend! You look gorgeous!!! Have fun this summer!!'
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Hey :) How have u been? Ur looking awesome! Have u gone away already?
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Hi! Thanks , yes we went away when I was 5 weeks PO and I survived lol ( hadn't been looking forward to it) it was just so far for a w/e wedding (5 hr flight each way) glad it's over :) Tomorrow will be 8 weeks PO for me~ so happy I did this! You were the first person I corresponded with and I thank you for all your advice!
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I am so happy I was able to help u through your journey. It really is a good feeling to hear that our words and personal experiences can help another woman :) Keep posting Ur progress......I look forward to it! You really do look amazing!!!!!!!
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Thank you! As do you!! Yes, your story and help plus the other stories here helped me go forward with the surgery. If someone had told me in 2012 that I'd be doing this in 2013 I wouldn't have believed it, I was that scared. I remember you saying "think of all the people that have general anesthesia every day including little children" it really helped me get some perspective lol Take care!! Keep us posted ;)
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Wow, so jealous. Your scar looks great!! Did u use any certain cream on it?
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