6 months. Failed muscle repair. Rev 10/24

Hello, I have been reading all your stories and am...

Hello, I have been reading all your stories and am grateful for your recommendations and updates. Here is a little about me. I am 49 years old, with 3 kids, 17, 15 and 9. I am 5'5 and 134 lbs. I work out every day and cannot get rid of my belly. It is mostly genetic for me, to be honest. I was 112 lbs in high school and had a jelly belly! I am nervous but very excited to have a flat tummy as I have never had one! I am gathering my supplies and have just purchased a BackMax per a reommendation from here. Will update periodically!

Thank you to all of you who are posting your...

Thank you to all of you who are posting your experiences. I am on this site every day and it helps trememdously. I feel I know what to expect . I think the most difficult on this journey will be being patient. Patient for getting back to normal, to sleep well again, etc.

Had my preop today and feel nauseous now after...

Had my preop today and feel nauseous now after hearing the whole spiel. Getting very nervous. Received prescriptions for Scopolamine Patch to be placed the night before, Percocet for pain, and Zofran for nausea. They gave me tow spanx type binders that sip on sides and hace corset hooks= LIke a brief panty that goes right below my boobs. I will not have lipo, as he said I don't need it, he doesn't know about MR till he gets i there, and I mostl likely will have JP drains. Trying to relax and deep breathe-telling myself this is all very doable.

Well, tomorrow is my big day-have been going crazy...

Well, tomorrow is my big day-have been going crazy trying to get everything done! I think I am ready-hope I can sleep tonight! Will check in tomorrow after sx. Good Luck to all the girls this week!

Well,Here I am on then flat side. Ii have to be...

Well,Here I am on then flat side. Ii have to be honest. For me the worst thing has been the nausea vomiting and dizziness from the general. Tummy tuck pain not really that bad. I took one Percocet since I got home yesterday at noon. Choosing Motrin and one muscle relaxer a day. Mainly because I do not want nausea and vomiting to get worse. Throwing up is awful with this surgery. I hope I didn't t tear any sutures. More later congrats to all my fellow TT this week.

Day 2. Took off binder for first time and so...

Day 2. Took off binder for first time and so discouraged with the amt of swelling. My back, belly and hips are extremely swollen. Binder cutting into me. I am walking around a bit, hydrating well, taking arnica and bromelain. I look worse than preop. Anyone else experience this?

I was just wondering if anyone else had their BB...

I was just wondering if anyone else had their BB untouched with a FTT? Everything I have read says that a new BB is made. He said I didn't need it because I didn't have a lot of skin, just a lot of MR needed. So when he pulled the skin down, my BB was in a perfect spot. I do agree that the spot is good. I am short waisted so I had a high BB before. Anyone have this happen?

Day 5 and I have to say yesterday was awful. The...

Day 5 and I have to say yesterday was awful. The swelling was unbearable. I almost felt like the binder was too tight. I could hardly breathe. Only real discomfort is where MR done. Incision fine and drains just a little sore. Drained 12cc and 10 cc. Hopefully be removed at tomorrow's appt. hope everyone else doing well. We all need to hang in there together!

Day 5 and I have to say yesterday was awful. The...

Day 5 and I have to say yesterday was awful. The swelling was unbearable. I almost felt like the binder was too tight. I could hardly breathe. Only real discomfort is where MR done. Incision fine and drains just a little sore. Drained 12cc and 10 cc. Hopefully be removed at tomorrow's appt. hope everyone else doing well. We all need to hang in there together!

Just got back from PS and it was the best day so...

Just got back from PS and it was the best day so far! Had drains removed! Omg this was huge. Those were so painful, the worse thing in the whole process. Did not feel one thing when removed. I am now in a spans binder. Another great thing! I still have mounds of swelling and am due for my period but all is very well! Posted a new pic, mind u I have more swelling and bruising than most quit this is only temporary.

Wanted to update since I haven't for a while. The...

Wanted to update since I haven't for a while. The reason being is that not too much has changed since my last update. I wanted to update to give support to the girls who still have tons and swelling and to say, I'm right there with you! And for the newbies who are just starting this journey. However frustrating it is, and it IS frustrating, and I totally underestimated this surgery, I still would do this again in a heartbeat and can definitely see the light at the end of probably a very long tunnel. The positives first: I love that my BB is unchanged. I had the Modified TT with extensive MR. SInce my BB was so high, he didn't have to detach it from the stalk, just pulled it down. Another positive-my scar is low, straight, thin and pretty short. Not as short as a mini, but not as long as a standard. All good things.
Now the not so positives: Day 20 and my muscles are still so sore. I can sleep on my right side in a modified position but not really on my left because of soreness. Pain pills or Motrin or muscle relaxers don't really even work so I don't even take anything. Just time. I am so swollen that my incision is pulled tight and it burns from time to time. I also have a good amount of scar tissue from where my left drain was. This drain was very painful for me the entire time. It was finally pulled on Day 9, and on Day 12 I was in the shower and heard a pop and blood and fluid just started pouring out. I held pressure for an hour and it wouldn't stop bleeding. Finally my husband (he is a physician) ran to his office and brought back suture material and put 2 stitches in. I didn't even call my PS. My husband deals with drains all the time and he actually was surprised they didn't steristrip it when they removed them. Also, he said I have so much fluid in there, the fluid took the path of least resistance (the tunnel is still open inside from where the tube was placed). No biggie, he took them out 5 days later. That's about it, for me , I believe time is my best friend with this recovery. I really have no control on how my body works. I was also thinking it may be because of my age (I will be 50 in a few months) and my body just takes a little longer to respond! I am hydrated well, avoiding salty foods, not doing too much, resting appropriately. I am ok with all of this. I am staying positive and telling myself this is what I need right now-to be patient. This is a hughe accomplishment for someone that worked out every day! Although a bit jealous when I see the girls here who are in bikinis and looking awesome pretty quickly. You go girls! I'll be there soon too! I posted a pic, not too much different although bruising is better.

Saw my PS today for my 1 mo check. All looks good....

Saw my PS today for my 1 mo check. All looks good. We are both extremely pleased with scar. Still have mod amt of swelling and his advice was not to dwell on it. It will go away, as will the puckers and uneven skin. He assured no seroma or bad outcome. I will look great. I got the OK for gentle lymphatic massage which I am going to do. Posted some pics.

Hello everyone! This is for the ladies who feel...

Hello everyone! This is for the ladies who feel their swelling is slow to dissipate. I am 5 wks postop and have been trying to keep my chin up and stay positive with the swelling but it has been difficult. I realize everyone's recoveries are different and am truly happy for the many ladies who are flat in a week or two. I wanted to share my experience. I started exercising this week reluctantly. I thought to myself, I don't know if I am mentally able to handle the increased amt of swelling that will sure happen when I exercise. But then thought I am already swollen what does it matter? If I am going to be swollen I may as well be fit and swollen. I did my cardio on the Stairmill for 20 m, nothing crazy but def a little challenging for sure. Then I stretched for 30 m. I have been wearing my spanx binder 24/7 anyway, and was prepared for more swelling the next day. Lo and behold I had the significantly less swelling when I removed my binder! Then I decided to do a little experiment and did some of my usual body wt training. Nothing crazy but def more challenging than the previous day. I worked out for 45 min. You can guess what I am going to say. My swelling went down even more! So I wanted to suggest it to ladies who are going thru what I am.. Maybe the exercise mobilizes the fluid and helps with absorption.. I am so happy to finally see a difference. I was reading the revision pages and thought please no, I don't want to go thru this again. I posted a pic. Please let me know if this helps anybody else.

Also wanted to clarify. I had a full tummy tuck...

Also wanted to clarify. I had a full tummy tuck with extensive MR per my PS. He did not move my BB because if at all possible he likes to keep the original. He said mine was high and after all my swelling gone and it looks normal again it will take a superb eye to notice anything unusual.

6 weeks and getting better every week. Had my...

6 weeks and getting better every week. Had my first lymphatic massage to try and mobilize my swelling. The next couple of days me belly looked worse, looser and not as good but then I think it helped. Will go back next week. Other than that, still doing cardio and stretching and a little strength training, that is going well. My ab tightness getting better. Still tight in upper abs where muscle repair done.

Today is my 9 week mark. Pretty much the same from...

Today is my 9 week mark. Pretty much the same from 6 weeks regarding swelling, maybe actually a little more. I actually am back in my Stage 1 CG for the past 2 days. I did read another reviewers update and she mentioned wks 8 to 10 she had an increase in swelling. My belly button still puckered but scar has less puckering. My scar looks good. I haven't done any treatments at all. I slept on my tummy last night! Yeah! A milestone for sure. Getting back to my workouts slowly but coming along nicely. Still have mod amt of pain where MR done. Sneezing coughing and elongating stop me in my tracks! Updated new photos. Hope everyone doing well.

3 months

Hello everyone! Have not updated for awhile so here goes. I am a little over 3 months PO and I feel pretty good. Continuing to follow my previous post style, I will tell positives and negatives. Positives are I can sleep pretty good on my tummy, back to cardio and gym routine except for abs, scar pretty flat and low so can basically wear any bikini bottom. Negatives are swelling still present, flat as soon as I get out of bed but develop a pouch very quickly after being upright. I also have this wrinkly skin above my bb. I am hoping time will resolve both of these. I have noticed my diet has a lot to do with my swelling so I have resolved to eat clean.

4 months

Hello, a quick update at 4 months. I have lost 6 lbs and my swelling (or maybe it was fat) is down. I still have a patch of wrinkly skin above BB but will give it time to see what happens. Back to full gym routine including abs. Anxious to see if abs change.

Comparison from 3 months to 4 months

Just wanted to give hope to newbies that there is light at the end of the swelling tunnel!

3 month to 4 month comparison pic

5 months -Need revision

Hello all, well, I had been hoping for the best during this entire process and trying to stay positive. The bottom line is, I have a bunch of loose skin above by BB that did not resolve with my TT. I had an umbilical float which was clearly not the best choice for me. Mind you, I had no idea this was to happen. I woke up from surgery and was told "I didn't need to move your BB". I had no idea that that was even a possibility. I am changing my review to Not Sure because of this. I have posted my question to other MDs on this board, and the consensus is that I need a Reverse Tummy Tuck to get at the laxity of skin in the upper part of my abdomen. I will have a scar underneath my breasts, but I already have them from my BA. I will most likely get a BL and switch out for silicone at the same time. I have appts with other PS in the next few months. I go back to my PS for my 6 month next month and I will hear what he has to say, but truthfully, I don't know if I want to go back to him. I should have been told that this was a possibility before I had surgery.

5 months revision needed. See pics

Here are some new pics. Too much skin left. Shouldn't look like this when sitting. Options limited because BB divided and floated. Very unhappy.

6 months. Failed muscle repair. Rev scheduled 10/24

Just came back from consultation with different PS. I have a failed MR so that is the reason why I have bulging. As far as the loose skin, I shouldn't have ever had a floating tuck. I will continue my review on the tummy tuck revision page.

Revision Done!

5 weeks post op and couldn't be happier! Love tummy and breasts! See post rev pics on my Tummy Tuck Revision Review

5 weeks post revision

5 week post revision photos

Another 5 week photo

Glastonbury Plastic Surgeon

Friends has used him for augmentations and lifts. Had not seen tummy tucks. I feel he should have told me beforehand that I would be having a floating tuck and not a standard. I should have been able to make the decision if I wanted a vertical or not. Lots of loose rolls above BB as well as separation of rectus muscles. Have no idea what happened. Was never flat post surgery. Need revision now. Waste of time, money, not to mention a whole lot of pain.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi there, I had a full tummy tuck and my doctor didn't touch my belly button either when he should have. I'm a mess and look as though I never had a tummy tuck. I got mine in CT also. Five years later, getting a second tummy tuck with a different doctor in October done correctly...Very excited. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. Sucks that this happened.
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did you have to pay for the revision? Im thinking you did not let the originl surgeon do this since he misled you and screwed up the first time?
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Are you happy with your revision results? Your last photos that you posted have you looking awesome. If I end up looking like that some day I will be very happy!
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Wuaohhhh, what a change, did your surgeon perform the Reverse Tummy,.was the same dr ir you have to get another surgeon and paid more money, thank you for sharing your esperiences with us. :-) (sorry about the mispelling words)
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Hi working mum, I went to a different PS, no idea why it failed, although I had a lot of extra skin as well, so really it was twofold. That's why I chose a different PS.
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Hi babymickey! I'm glad your revision worked out. I happened to chance on your review as I'm commenting on Amy's. I'm 2 weeks postop from my TT. I was wondering in your case...what caused the muscle repair failure...didnt look like you did anything strenuos at all in the first place...also did yuo go to the same PS for revision or go to another one? Just out of curiousity wanted to ask...My best wishes to you!!
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I meant curiosity ..sorry for the typo..with kids iphone is the only way to browse RS ;-) have a great weekend.
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You look awesome!!! I'm so happy for you. What would cause failed muscle repair?
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I don't really know. It could have been that non permament stitches were used. I did vomit twice post op but so do alot of post op tummy tucks. When I had it redone, there was not one suture left. My PS said it was like I had never had a repair done at all. Not a trace of suture, diastasis present. This surgery is totally different. I was flat post op this time. Last time I knew something was wrong. It was more than swelling, I knew it, I was just in denial.
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I'm so glad and happy for you that you were able to get it re-done. I'm sorry you had to go through it twice (yikes). Did you ever contact your 1st surgeon and tell him what happened??
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Thank you both! I feel great, didn't really feel the breasts or flanks at all! The MR was less than the first time. I think because I had a pain pump and I knew what to expect. This entire surgery went so much better than the first.When my PS got in there, he said it appeared that nothing had ever been done, not one stitch remaining at all.
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Oh wow! Did the second use permanent sutures? I'm assuming the first used dissolvable.
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Yes, permanent sutures, he always does permanent anyway on a tensioned wound.
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You look fantastic!!! Was the muscle repair revision painful???
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You look great! Happy healing!
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Doing great now! Thanks so much. Had revision and am so happy!
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How are you doing? I hope all is well.
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I wish you all the luck in the world with your review I can't imagine having to do this twice! Money wise, time wise or pain wise!! Really hope you get the tummy you deserve :D xxxx
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Oh wow!! Good luck to you. You still look really good. I hope your revision fixes it!!
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Thank you elijanh. Tanyadre, thank you also. I feel the same way. More knowledge and information is always empowering. I am staying positive, it will get fixed. I am armed with more knowledge this time, and I will find a PS that I really trust.
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Did you first ps, offer to fix your tt?
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He offered lipo at my last appt, but truthfully, I don't want to go back. He used absorbable sutures on my muscle repair, not permament ones. I don't want to say that is def the reason it released, but it's a definite possibility. It is very uncommon to fail. ANd with the loose skin above my BB, no thanks.
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I completely understand. Well keep us updated!!
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Just read your blog, and its ok for you to not be sure and unhappy but trying to stay positive because your situation can help someone ask certain questions before their procedure. I hope that things get better for you .
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Good luck!
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