I am just starting out on this journey. i have 2...

i am just starting out on this journey. i have 2 consultations scheduled for 2 weeks from now. i am hoping that i will like one of the doctors and get scheduled for surgery for the end of may or beginning of june. i am 41 years old (will be 42 in july) i have 3 teenage children. for as long as i can remember i have said every year "i am going to wear a bikini this year!" and it never happens:( i have never been comfortable with my body. actually, i really hated it for many years. as i've gotten older i've become more accepting of my flaws. (or my perceived flaws) i have a wonderful husband who loves me the way i am and doesn't think i need any alterations. (so glad he feels that way) about 5 years ago i had a breast augmentation and i am really happy with them. he insisted i didn't need them but we both love them now!

i'm trying to think of what else to say here...i'm 5'7" 148 lbs. i could stand to lose 5-10 lbs but that's about it. any extra weight i have is in my midsection. my arms and legs are thin. i have no butt. (one of the things i've accepted already and have no desire for implants there!) i have a few scars already from a c-section, a laparotomy, gall bladder removal and tubal ligation. so, i'm hoping that the plastic surgeon will be able to just extend my c-section scar and also make a smaller nicer belly button. (my belly button has scars all around it from some of the surgeries listed above) when at look at myself in my bra/panties, i don't think i look terrible (especially from across the room) but i know it could be so much better. i've never had a flat stomach before and i am very excited just thinking that it may happen in the near future. i love reading the stories of other women who have been through this already. it has really helped me come to the decision that this is what i really want to do.

I can't wait to do this! i have spent hours...

i can't wait to do this! i have spent hours looking at everyone's photos and can't wait to post some "after" shots myself!

Been thinking about a BBL with the TT. i have no...

been thinking about a BBL with the TT. i have no butt (i mean none!) and it would be nice to have some junk in the trunk but i'm worried about the recovery. anyone who has had the TT and BBL together have any advice???

Going for my 1st consult tomorrow, sooooo excited!!!

going for my 1st consult tomorrow, sooooo excited!!!

Yesterday was difficult. i went to my first...

yesterday was difficult. i went to my first consult and it did not go well. the PS suggested i just have smart lipo and not a TT. i've already done that actually. 3 years ago i had smart lipo on my abdomen and flanks and i had very little results. (or none) i left his office very discouraged and confused. today was my 2nd consult and i really liked the PS. he said he would do it and i could have it done by the end of this month! so now i am very excited! i think i'm going to do it...i have no regrets with anything i've done so far. my breast augmentation was 5 years ago and i love them still. the smart lipo was disappointing but it was a learning experience. i am hoping the TT will be my grand finale!

Scheduled surgery for may 31st!

scheduled surgery for may 31st!

Surgery is 20 days away. i measured myself this a...

surgery is 20 days away. i measured myself this a.m. (yuck) and right now i'm a 38 31 37. i'd like to see my waist change to like 28" that would be nice! i feel like a big rectangle now...actually before i had the breast augmentation 5 years ago i was really a rectangle...i was still 38" across my chest but only an A-B cup! at least now i'm a 38D :)

Only 17 days away...

only 17 days away...

2 weeks from today! i can't wait... this has been...

2 weeks from today! i can't wait... this has been quite an adventure. i'm really glad that this site is here so i have someone to talk to about my upcoming surgery. i haven't talked to anyone except my husband. wait, i told 1 friend because i thought i needed a ride there and back but it turns out my husband can do it. this whole thing has been very therapeutic for me and i want to share how i feel just in case there's someone else out there feeling the same. i haven't talked to anyone about my surgery because i am embarrassed. i feel like i failed. like i should have been able to fix this on my own. 5 years ago when i had the breast augmentation i told everyone about it. (and i think it was obvious!) i never felt bad about that surgery because i was never going to grow breasts on my own...it wasn't like i could diet or exercise and suddenly have them! but with the tummy tuck i felt like it was all my fault...if i just tried harder i could fix it. well, i have been about 10 lbs lighter than i am now and my abdomen is still flabby, it's just more loose skin and less fat. i don't like it any better that way. the scars from the old surgeries are still there. i can't fix the muscles that separated from having 3 children, right? diet and exercise will not put them back together i'm told. so why feel bad? the past few weeks have been like exposure therapy for me. the one thing i am most embarrassed of i have to talk about, and take pictures of it and show it to doctors...(well, it was my decision to do all that) but in the process i began to realize it's not that bad! don't get me wrong, it's still coming off! but i started to feel less ashamed, less like it was my fault and finally seeing it for what it is. it's just a small part of me that i don't like. it doesn't make me a bad person to have it. it won't make me a better person when it's gone. it doesn't matter why it's there, how it happened or what i could've/should've done to fix it...all that matters is that i finally don't feel bad about it anymore. i hope this helps someone else out there. please comment and let me know if it does. ? no regrets, just lessons ?

12 days away!!!

12 days away!!!

Just 9 days away! very excited and nervous!

just 9 days away! very excited and nervous!





IT'S DONE!!! GRAPHIC PHOTOS ADDED!!! got to the...

got to the surgery center at 6:30 a.m. with my wonderful hubby. got changed, they did their usual questions and made me give a urine sample for a pregnancy test! (even though i had my tubes tied 15 years ago) gave me a scopolamine patch behind my ear and the dr. marked me. i had 2 questions, 1. will you take some photos of me in the OR please? well, not of me as much as the specimen...i really wanted to see it on the table! he said he would (or the nurse would do it) i wanted a pic of what i looked like before i got all wrapped up but i didn't get one of those... just have to wait until tomorrow when he said i could unwrap and look. and #2 question was do you have to use a foley catheter? i really hate those things!!! he said he usually does so there's no bladder distention during or right after surgery, and so you don't have to get up and go to the bathroom right away. i agreed to have it during surgery as long as they pulled it right after. (they did) i just know they are another source of infection and who needs that, right? i was in the OR at 7:30 and out by 10 am. he did the full TT with MR and did lipo of my flanks. (looks like he got about 300 ccs out judging by the picture) woke up feeling fine but they gave me something for pain anyway...i don't remember what, but i'm not a fan of pain medication...makes me feel itchy and weird and i'm hardly going to take any. i have a bottle of tylox but i am planning on just using tylenol if at all possible. it's 5 pm now and i haven't taken anything since that 10 am med. started taking my 3 day course of antibiotics. (keflex) my hubby picked me up by 1. (i was ready to go before then but he was doing a half day in the office so he can stay home with me tomorrow) the ride home was fine. i have urinated at least 3 times so far, no problem. i did not get the raised toilet seat and it seems to be fine. i'm also in bed (no recliner) with just a big slanted pillow thing behind me and 1 under my knees. been drinking water and eating unsalted saltines. also had a protein bar and a ginger ale. so far this has been MUCH easier than i anticipated! i'll upload the OR photos now and tomorrow when i unwrap everything i'll take some of the incision.

24 hours post op...everything is still going well!...

24 hours post op...everything is still going well! not much draining going on, just 30 mls in each at 10 am. still haven't taken a single pain med. (just some regular tylenol) i went downstairs and made coffee and had a bagel this am. not feeling sick or dizzy at all. will post more photos later. happy healing everyone!!!

Forgot to mention i am taking Arnica Montana and...

forgot to mention i am taking Arnica Montana and Bromelain a few times a day. hopefully it will help with the bruising and swelling!?

Post op day 2 and all is well. showered today...

post op day 2 and all is well. showered today finally and that made me tired! still no real pain. (just some soreness/burning) not much drainage. (30-40 mls in 24 hours again) posted some new pics. looks great so far!

POST OP DAY 3! all is well, took another shower...

POST OP DAY 3! all is well, took another shower today, recovered the incisions, emptied the drains...not much draining going on, only 20 mls in 24 hours. i'm moving around a lot better, still no pain meds. only 1 thing on my agenda today...BM! i took MOM yesterday twice and once today and nothing has happened!

Well, mission accomplished! my hubby was kind...

well, mission accomplished! my hubby was kind enough to get me a bottle of magnesium citrate and i drank about 5 oz of it and WOW i think i'm clean enough for a colonoscopy! (i know, TMI)

Called the PS office to get an appt for tomorrow...

called the PS office to get an appt for tomorrow and they said i could come in today, yay! hoping to get rid of the drains since there's not much coming out anyway...it's only post op day 4 but so far so good. took a photo with another bikini i had but never wore. very happy so far. happy healing everyone!?

Went to the PS but still have my drains...he said...

went to the PS but still have my drains...he said tomorrow or the next day they can come out. it's only post op day 4 so it's expected. i don't want a seroma so what the hell, they can stay in a little longer! he said everything looks great and was surprised at how well i'm moving around. warned me not to over do it...told me to wear the binder 24 hours except for the shower of course! all is well!!!

DAY 5 POST OP! got on the scale this am expecting...

DAY 5 POST OP! got on the scale this am expecting the worst but was surprised to find i'm 5 lbs less than i was before surgery! hope my weight stays there!

POST OP DAY 6...not much to report, feeling...

POST OP DAY 6...not much to report, feeling stronger every day...went out to lunch with my friend yesterday and had a margarita then was tired for the rest of the day! going to the PS tomorrow, hopefully the drains will come out then...they are really irritating! they are just in an awkward place (pubic area) every time i go to the bathroom i have to carefully pull down my underwear/pants without tugging on them and then put everything back carefully without putting any pressure on them...way too much work! anyway, that's my only complaint. (and i really can't complain, it has been smooth sailing) hope everyone is doing well!?

1 WEEK POST OP!!! went to the PS today and he...

1 WEEK POST OP!!! went to the PS today and he yanked both my drains...and i mean yanked them out! it wasn't bad at all, just a little sting. he said the drain holes would drain/bleed for a couple days and to just cover them with gauze or a pad. feels soooooo good to be without them. i'll take a picture later. happy healing all!?

My PS put micropore tape on my scar today and said...

my PS put micropore tape on my scar today and said to change it every day. i guess i will do that for a few weeks and see how it goes. i bought the silicone strip to use as well...maybe i'll try that after 4-6 weeks with the tape? so many choices...

DAY 8 POST OP...totally over-did it today, went...

DAY 8 POST OP...totally over-did it today, went grocery shopping, had family over, went out to eat...need to rest now! my drain holes haven't been doing anything today which was nice. hope everyone is doing well!

DAY 9 POST OP...think i'm paying for being too...

DAY 9 POST OP...think i'm paying for being too busy yesterday...really hurting today. (not enough to take any meds but very sore) i'm going to lay here and do nothing tonight and tomorrow. and the micropore tape i mentioned 2 days ago...not using that anymore! i used it 2 days and each day when i removed it it really tore the top layer off my incision making it raw/bleeding. i tried wetting it first hoping it would come off easier, but no such luck. oh well, guess i'll try the silicone strip instead?

10 DAYS POST OP...really took it easy today, and...

10 DAYS POST OP...really took it easy today, and i'm feeling good. tomorrow is my oldest son's birthday and he's turning 20....holy crap, i can't believe i have a 20 year old!

11 days post op... all is well. got rid of the...

11 days post op... all is well. got rid of the binder and put on my girdle! it took a lot of effort to get into this thing so it's staying on until i shower tomorrow! (thank god the crotch can unhook) i meant to say i started sleeping on my side again a couple days ago which is nice...when one side gets sore i switch to the other. (did not like sleeping on my back at all) hope everyone is doing well!

OMG, i thought i saw an ab muscle today when i was...

OMG, i thought i saw an ab muscle today when i was looking in the mirror!? i'm not sure because i've never seen one on me... i mean never, i was flabby before i had 3 kids so i can't blame it on pregnancies. seriously, i thought i didn't have ab muscles but the PS assured me they are there...wow!

POST OP DAY 13...holy cow, i can't believe...

POST OP DAY 13...holy cow, i can't believe tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since my surgery! it has gone by so fast... every day i'm stronger, able to do more, feeling more and more "normal." i have to remember not to do certain things that may be too much or ruin my muscle repair...the PS said between weeks 2-4 post op when you start feeling good again is when SOME people ruin it by like lifting heavy objects and they pop open their muscle repair stitches. i do not want to be one of those patients!!! so i will behave... hope you are all doing well.?

Post op day 16...wow, time is flying by. i feel...

post op day 16...wow, time is flying by. i feel almost back to normal. besides wearing the stupid CG's. i've tried a few different ones and either i hate the stupid hook crotch things or they are sliding down on my ribs or the ones with the bra straps are digging in my shoulders, only a couple more weeks and i'll be free of them! everything is healing up nicely. got a new 4th of july bikini, yay!

POST OP DAY 18... saw the ps today and all is well...

POST OP DAY 18... saw the ps today and all is well...don't have to see him again for a month. everything seems to be healing nicely. i'm not doing anything to my incision now...at 4-6 weeks i might try the silicone strip? i still have to wear the CG for another couple weeks. and he said NO to the elliptical :( he said NO exercise for 6 weeks! besides walking...i can always do that! oh well, i can be lazy, why not? :)

Can't believe it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since my...

can't believe it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since my surgery...time is flying by! nothing new to report, just feeling stronger every day and still hating the CGs! (i have 5 different kinds and hate them all) i'm waiting to be 4 weeks post op to start using the silicone strip. hopefully that will flatten the scar. i took a few photos out by the pool today, maybe i'll post a few of those!

I thought I was adding new photos but my Internet...

I thought I was adding new photos but my Internet is down and I can't do photos from my iPad here, why not? I am 4 weeks PO tomorrow and all is well! I'll get more photos up tomorrow somehow. Happy healing everyone!?

Got the new pics up...including the ones of the my...

got the new pics up...including the ones of the my new victoria's secret bikini that's a size large but the top is really small! i think it's made for someone with A-B boobs!? my hubby bought it so i'll wear it... happy healing to you all!

5 weeks post op...not much new to report...just...

5 weeks post op...not much new to report...just waiting to be 6 weeks so i can go to the gym and get in the pool! hope all of you had a happy 4th of july! i spent the day in my new bikini, why not?

6 WEEKS POST OP!!! i'm finally done! i think i'm...

6 WEEKS POST OP!!! i'm finally done! i think i'm done? i threw out my girdle, went swimming in my pool and tomorrow i'm going to the gym! i'm going to see the PS on monday so hopefully he will approve of all these activities, but last time i checked he said i could at 6 weeks post op. i'm going to take pics of my scar after i've used the silicone strip for a few weeks...i'm starting that tonight. hope you are all doing well!?

Wow...i am over 7 weeks post op now. all is well....

wow...i am over 7 weeks post op now. all is well. going to the gym today finally! i'm adding some scar photos with and without the silicone strip. i'm going to use the strip every night for the next month or 2 and see how it looks. hopefully it takes away some of the redness. the only part i don't like is right in the middle where i ripped the micropore tape off (at 1 week post op) and it removed the scab at the time and now that area is a lot thicker and uglier. big mistake, live and learn!

This was my answer to someone's question about sun...

this was my answer to someone's question about sun and i wanted to share it with everyone in case you run into this problem as well:
sun needs to be avoided for about 6 months...i found that out the hard way. i thought after 6 weeks it was ok to be in the sun with sunscreen on my scar and BB...not true. the skin right down the middle above and below my BB BURNS in the sun...very easily. i couldn't figure out why that skin was turning bright red and my PS just informed me, i'm burning it! (duh) i can't feel it on the outside still so i don't notice that it's burning until it's too late. then another day i went out in the sun and kept it covered with a shirt but it was still red after. he said even heat will burn that area, like you could get a good burn from a heating pad there. i had no idea. he said it's because the nerves and blood vessels have been cut (when doing the undermining and muscle repair) and that skin can't react like normal skin to heat. (something about the blood vessels/capillaries being unable to open and close like normal) so lesson learned. i'm actually going to copy and paste this to my profile in case anyone else runs into this issue as well. so, yes, avoid sun/heat for at leasts 6 months!

Wow, can't believe i'm 12 weeks post op now! i...

wow, can't believe i'm 12 weeks post op now! i started a new job 3 weeks ago so i've been very busy and haven't been on here at all. so nice to be back and see all your fabulous results! i have had a week or 2 of feeling fat and swollen :( my new job has me standing 8-9 hours at a time and i am swollen by lunch time and it continues all night. i usually feel good in the am so i am assuming it's just swelling from standing all day. i really need to get back to the gym! i've been a couple times but need to get there more often that's for sure. my scar is ok, there's some nice thin areas and some thicker ugly areas.( the ugly areas from ripping the micropore tape off at 1 week post op) i will post some new pics, the good and the bad...hope you are all healing well?

Well, it's already the end of september, can't...

well, it's already the end of september, can't believe i'm 4 months post op already. i've been going to the gym every other day using the elliptical and doing ab exercises. those ab muscles are still sore but starting to see them for the first time ever! overall i'm pleased with my results. i know it looks better than it did before...however, i still have my days when i feel fat or swollen. i guess my only disappointment stems from the fact that nothing has really changed for me. (in a bikini,yes, big change there) my weight is the same as before surgery (148) my clothes fit the same, my size hasn't changed, even my measurements are the same! i guess i thought that i'd be smaller somehow and i have to accept the fact that flatter does not equal smaller! i'm just going to keep going to the gym and eating well and looking forward to next summer when i can get out there and wear that bikini again! no regrets.?
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Happy Holidays! Just checking in on you.. hope you're doing well:)
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Happy 4 months! Your scar is healing nicely :-)
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I too have also accepted the fact that "flatter does not equal smaller". I work out every day and have only lost 2 lbs since surgery! I keep reminding myself slow & steady wins the race:) You look awesome though!
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Are you still using the silicone strips? What brand do or did you use and long on they? Do you think they helped? Do you use anything else on your incision?
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You look amazing!
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thank you!❤
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thanks!  yes, there's quite a few people on here that i keep checking on...waiting for an update, wanting to see how they look now but they've disappeared! :( i think it's helpful to keep updating and taking photos for 6-12 months after surgery because there's a lot of changes that still occur.
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Hi I agree Newmesoon, I will be doing an update with pics on my 10th week po (next Tues) and then every month. It helps give the new flatside girls hope that things to get better as time goes on! Happy Healing ladies!
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I love to see you model your bikinis and i love your results! So many people don't come back to share their journey but thanks for always sharing!!
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Irregardless of what the numbers say, you look fantastic. The reason the numbers, and pant size, etc... hasn't changed that much was because you were already fit before the TT. The TT only took care of a few problem areas, so a dramatic weight change is not likely to happen. The TT just "fine-tune" a body that was already pretty good to begin with. Again, doesn't matter what the numbers show, you look wonderful. Wish you all the best.
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thanks so much! yes, my tummy was really just a problem area that needed some work. yeah, i wanted to be smaller and i'm not but it's still an improvement so no regrets!
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newmesoon- I posted a question on my profile today. If you get a chance, could you give me your opinion. You got a TT and lipo, so I'm interested in seeing what your thoughts are. Thanks.
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yes, i brought my own camera and asked the nurse to take some photos for me...i love those photos!!! when i'm feeling down or feeling fat again i just look at the photo of the flab on the table and it makes me feel better every time!
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You look fantastic! I do understand what you are talking about though. I too wear the same size clothes. I thought at least my pants would be loose but they fit exactly the same. I was wearing them under the big belly before but i really thought things would change. I didn't lose any weight either, what's up with that? But like you I can wear a bikini again and I look much better in all my shirts, and i feel like i have my body back.
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Dayuuum! You look awesome! I loved the OR room pics! :) I want to see what I look like separated from my body too! I'll def have them take my pics!
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You look GREAT! I, too, weigh pretty much the same. I can feel it definitely faster when I over-eat. The muscles that were so stretched out and felt nothing, feel tight now. But, the rolls of flab and the indecision of "do I tuck all the flat under my waistband or let it flop over" are gone now. Good for you! Congrats!
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no, honestly my clothes fit the same!
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So do mine but I look better in them. But same size of pants. I just got the ok to workout hardcore :)
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First of all, you look awesome!! You should be very proud of your results. I noticed that you mentioned that you are wearing the same size clothes. Do they fit differently? Thanks!
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awesome pictures, you now have a perfect figure, hope mine turns out as good as yours xx
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Hi there! We're in the same boat! I'm 12 weeks PO and same thing, at the end of the day I 'm pretty swollen and I wear the exact same size as before surgery. Though I have to say it fits much better, I can wear anything without the worry of the side rolls or hanging skin, I feel great. My doc said the final results can be observed in 6 months to a year after surgery, so I'll be pacient. You look great!
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Oh my you look amazing! I'll be made up if I can look like you after my op (this Thursday)!!! I hoping too for the over hang to disappear, my seat belt gets swollwed up when I'm in the car! You look great :) X
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thank you! ❤ good luck today!!!
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thank you! ❤
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thank you! ❤ my PS said wait 6 weeks before going to the gym...even if you're just using the treadmill or elliptical, so i waited 6 weeks.  as far as ab exercises i didn't attempt those until at least 8 weeks.  even now at 4 months post op i am doing crunches at a very low weight setting on the machine. (35-40 lbs)  the muscle repair area is still sore. i keep wondering when i won't feel it anymore?  maybe a few more months?  i've never seen an ab muscle on myself before so i'm pretty excited about them making an appearance for the first time!
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