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So I am mother of 4 by c-section. Ive been...

So I am mother of 4 by c-section. Ive been dreaming of having TT since my first child. Well a few weeks ago I had my first visit with the dr and booked my tt today. Once it was booked I freaked out and cancel the appt. I dont understand why am I so scared and having a panic attack with something that I so want. Any one else have that fear and what did they do to overcome it.

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I had mine done last Thursday and let me tell you, it's totally worth it, it's been only a week since surgery and I feel great! though I know, everybody has a different tolerance to pain, but to my experience it's not that bad. I creid when I saw my new belly, I didn't even know how important was this for me until I saw the results. Don't be afraid! if you are a good candidate for this surgery don't hesitate it and go for it, it's also very important to trust your surgeon, mine is in New Haven, Dr.Restifo, I highly recommend him. I hope this helps you. a big hug!
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Thanks for the post- Glad to hear that you had a great experience with Dr. Restifo. He was the doctor that I was going to do my TT with. Its been over a year and regreat my decision and now thinking of doing it again
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I did the exact same thing! I had my surgery done at Norwalk hospital. I had scheduled my tt for April of 2010, and freaked out after I made the appt. I ended up canceling and losing $500. Then I rescheduled for Oct 2010 and went through with it. All I can say is that the tt wasnt bad at all. I would definately do it again if I had to. There was no pain at all, just soreness. I wish I would have gone through with it last April. Oh live and learn! Good luck with rescheduling your appt. Where in CT do you live? I am in Wilton..
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Oh yes all normal.  It is several things that cause this panic.  #1 it is elective surgery, #2 you are doing something for yourself, #3 motherly guilt, #4 the unknown.

We have all been in the freak out mode but you will get through this.  Try not to think too much about it or you will run like a scared little girl.  Been there...

So you pick up that phone, re-schedule, and stick with all of us on the site.  We will help you through. 

It is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I would do it all over again if necessary.  Love my results and my new body.  Do it for yourself and be happy because you deserve it.
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What happens if you gain weight or lose weight after a TT? Just curious. I am scheduled for April 12th. I asked my PS if I should lose weight before I have surgery. He said no. All my weight is in my belly. 5'4", 179# and 53 yrs old.
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You really should be at a pretty stable weight before and after surgery.  They tell you that you should be about 15 pounds within your ideal weight before surgery.  And then should try to stay there after. 

I have read that if you flex up and down withing 5-10 pounds that you should be fine.  But if you plan to drop a large amount of weight after you; run the risk of ending up with extra skin again. 

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Thanks for the info.
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I was reading through all of my Pre-Op paperwork today and it I think it finally became real that I am going to be getting this done. Up until today I think it was just more of a dream then a reality... Granted I still have 2 whole months to wait... I am already starting to think about all the "cons".... but, like the other ladies said... I just look at my belly and think, its going to be SO worth it! I have never been so scared of anything in my life... and, I am a big fat whimp... but, I know its something I have to do for ME.
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Something My PS told me is no matter how much weight I lose, No matter how many crunches or sit-ups I do, My stomach will never be flat.....
I only had one child, Vaginal Birth, and as a nurse I know what a C-section can do to a woman let alone childbearing.
It is perfectly Normal to freak out, panic and be scared.
Read through most everyones reviews and you will find that we were all nervous, anxious, and scared.
Just breath. Make the appointment because you deserve to feel good about yourself, and do something for yourself.. You will not regret it.. I promise.
It is very worth it... Let us know if you reschedule,,,, Also make sure you read all the posts. They do help a tremendous amount.
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whenever i would get super panic attacked i would lift up my shirt and look at my stomach and say to myself that i went through childbirth, this will be a peice of cake,wont even be awake for the surgery, and ill look and feel great, and it's going to be worth it!"
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