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Slim Lipo Lumpy Abdomen -5 Months Post Surgery - Connecticut

I had Slim Lipo on my abdomen and flanks 5 months...

I had Slim Lipo on my abdomen and flanks 5 months ago. There is an area around my umbilicus/belly button about 6 inches in diameter that is very lumpy. It also sticks out further than the rest of my stomach. It looks like large, bumpy cellulite and I'm afraid it won't go away. I need suggestions on what to do/how to improve it. My stomach did not have cellulite prior to surgery.

Also, during my surgery, my doctor said that I had a large amount of fibrous tissue in the area around my belly button-I am 5'3" and 125 pounds, so I was not large prior to surgery.

I was charged $6000 instead of my initial $4000 quote due to the amount of laser energy used. Is this normal?

Again, how long did you wear your compression garment ?
I was still a little swollen and had "hard spots" at 2 months.
I am now a little over 3 months now, and things are looking better.
I just saw my "before" and 3 month pictures...and there is a nice difference.
They say you really don't have a "finished product" until 6 months, so hang in there.
I look exactly the same after 2 months. I am freaking out! Very cellulity and they keep telling me I am still swollen, that's why I still have a pudge.
First, at 5'3" and 125 lbs, I agree you were not "big" to begin with. Second, I'm sure the hardness and bumpiness is more evident to you than it is to us, but hopefully it will get better. Just curious...how long did you wear your compression garment? Lastly, my doctor said I had fiberous tissue, too, but I did not get charged any extra for laser "enery use." My procedure lasted about 3 hours..what about yours? Regardless, to me, all that should be averaged into their pricing structure before quoted.

9 months later and it is still just as lumpy. I...

9 months later and it is still just as lumpy. I really need suggestions/recommendations/help for surgeons in Fairfield County, Connecticut or New York City, who are skilled in this area.

My "before photos" look better than my "after". :(

If you are a surgeon who has expertise in this area and/or specializes in slim lipo/body contouring/etc... please feel free to contact me.

Mmmm - your story is worrisome. I don't like that after all that pain and money, you think you looked better before. I'd hate to have to do it AGAIN. Thank you for sharing a real story so we can be better prepared.
I agree that the "lumpiness" is from uneven fat removal close to the skin. I'm wondering if additional "feathering" was worth it. I'd also like to hear anyone who tried the Wellbox lipomassage machine.
Wow! You wore that garment way longer than I did (I couldn't take it).
I'm at 4 months now, and most of my "hard" spots are gone.
It'll be interesting to see what other changes happen in the next 2 months.
Dr. Robert Bottone

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