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I am one month post op and fully regret the...

I am one month post op and fully regret the decision. I had never been concerned with my nose up until the ENT mentioned that it is not uncommon for people to undego septorhinoplasty. After examination I thought it be best to explore the opportunity and went to see a the recommended surgeon. Anyhow, I opted to undergo sugery to make my nose "smaller". Esentially closed rhinoplasty was performed to correct a dorsal hump, length and a bulbous tip as shown in the attached.

Needless to say I am horrified with the results. I appreciate there is still significant swelling but it does not resemble my original nose in the slightest. It's too short, crooked, upturned and lacks any definition. I went back to see the surgeon two weeks post op and he assured me that given time I will be pleased with the results. If not, after year he would correct it free of charge. I am depressed and unsure how to handle the situation. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I seriously think u don't need it any smaller than that. It will get much smaller when it swelling goes down. I like ur result to be honest.
I think your nose looks great! The best thing is, like stated above, your dr did at least offer to fix it free of charge if in a year you are still unsatisfied. Most likely you are just looking in the mirror and not seeing the old you, but it really does look like a job well done!!

I am in the same boat. I totally regret my rhino. My doctor did not botch it but I feel very dissatified with it.

I can tell you......your pics look great. I think the after is better than the before pic. This is my objective opinion.
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