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I am one month post op and fully regret the...

I am one month post op and fully regret the decision. I had never been concerned with my nose up until the ENT mentioned that it is not uncommon for people to undego septorhinoplasty. After examination I thought it be best to explore the opportunity and went to see a the recommended surgeon. Anyhow, I opted to undergo sugery to make my nose "smaller". Esentially closed rhinoplasty was performed to correct a dorsal hump, length and a bulbous tip as shown in the attached.

Needless to say I am horrified with the results. I appreciate there is still significant swelling but it does not resemble my original nose in the slightest. It's too short, crooked, upturned and lacks any definition. I went back to see the surgeon two weeks post op and he assured me that given time I will be pleased with the results. If not, after year he would correct it free of charge. I am depressed and unsure how to handle the situation. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I seriously think u don't need it any smaller than that. It will get much smaller when it swelling goes down. I like ur result to be honest.
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I think your nose looks great! The best thing is, like stated above, your dr did at least offer to fix it free of charge if in a year you are still unsatisfied. Most likely you are just looking in the mirror and not seeing the old you, but it really does look like a job well done!!
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I am in the same boat. I totally regret my rhino. My doctor did not botch it but I feel very dissatified with it.

I can tell you......your pics look great. I think the after is better than the before pic. This is my objective opinion.
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if i were in your shoes, i would go back for repair and be VERY specific with pictures to show the doctor what you mean by "slimmer" here and bulbous tip etc etc just to give reference. you should head the conversation and go in there with bullets of what it is you need and have the dr mark on your face or picture what it is he will do. get him to speak and put it in writing what he plans on doing. for free, you can't go wrong. you can only get better. he probably was on the shy side and didn't want to go too drastic.
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I'm looking into rhinoplasty and ive been researching doctors... who performed your rhinoplasty?
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I think it looks good and you're probably just not use to it. The fact the your doctor agreed to fix it free of charge is a good thing. My doctor really messed my nose up bad and won't fix it. When I tell him all of the problems with it he answers,"I'm sorry you perceive it that way." He is ver condescending. At least your doctor is helpful.
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Why don't you head over to our expert Q&A section and post a question for the doctors. Be sure to include photos. I hope you get some good answers!

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No, there where to surgeons. 1 being the ENT and the other the plastic surgeon. And yes I had seen the ENT for breathing issues.

What I find peculiar is that the surgeon quite clearly is qualified (though has multiple areas of expertise) however has no website. The office is littered with awards, magazine covers etc but try "google" him, nothing.

The first consultation lasted all of 5 minutes. The second, maybe 3. I did not know what was "normal" and presumed this was. He had asked what I would change, with which i responded less pronounced. He never once asked what I would keep/like nor did we discuss the actual surgery and recovery. In hindsight this should have been the warning.

Anyhow, as its in the past there's little i can do. Looking forward, if I'm still unhappy in a years time, should i use the same surgeon or look elsewhere? Would grafts need to be used to restore my old nose? Is it even possible to create a more bulbous tip? Any advice would be terrific.
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I'm truly sorry you're not happy with your results. I think your new nose looks great! And I'm not blowing smoke. Occasionally, post-rhinoplasty, people can go through a sort of dysmorphia where the change is so severe that the patient can look in the mirror, not see what they expect/used to look like and automatically peg the change as ugly.

Your nose doesn't look upturned from the front. Do you have any profile pics you could post?

Did you see the ENT initially for breathing problems? Was she/he the one who did the surgery?

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