New Pics- I bought myself a bathing suit.

Hello I am 36 years old with a 16,14,9 year old...

Hello I am 36 years old with a 16,14,9 year old and waited 16 years. I am having a TT , breast lift( still not sure if it was good idea or if I should have gotten some saline implants to go from B to C cup. Felt very selfish about all of this 'till doc said my ugly post gallbladder surgery bellybutton left me with an hernia there. That makes this a "medically necessary" TT and breast lift- right?? Sure it does!!

Pre-op physical and blood work done today. Husband...

Pre-op physical and blood work done today. Husband cooked himself lunch today- guess he's getting ready too!

Couldn't find front zippering sports bras anywhere...

Couldn't find front zippering sports bras anywhere. I had to dig to find 2 at Walmart. I should have ordered ahead online. My doctor said to get Ginger ale, jello, and crackers for the first few days. I'll have to hide the soda from the kids. The surgery center called today to review everything for Thursday. Even though I'll be in pain it will be good to get it over with and get rid of the stress knot in my stomach.

5:00 am, 30min till pain med dose. I am helpless...

5:00 am, 30min till pain med dose. I am helpless but this is doable. One BIG thing I wish I thought of- Bendy/flexible straws and some throat lozenges for my throat because of the breathing tube.

I'm able to get out of bed- very carefully, and to...

I'm able to get out of bed- very carefully, and to bathroom
On my own. Still need help getting back into the bed. I wish I had taken the advice to get a step stool. I'm taking prune juice and Dulcolax because everyone says I should- but I'm not uncomfortable. My mom is coming to help take off my mummified bandages- she's a nurse so I'll feel a little better. I'm just praying that what I see underneath is worth it all!

Okay- took my first shower (thanks Mom!) I was...

Okay- took my first shower (thanks Mom!) I was afraid of somehow messing something up but i just kept my back to the water. I also learned that I have a very thin film over my breast and other stitching so I was only peeling the banages off of those- not my actual skin. didn't know to get better bandages to re-cover the drainage tube (just one!) so we used the one butterfly one on top and the regular one under. I put the Bacitracin on gently with q-tips. I still question my decision NOT to get implants and just do the lift. Stomach still puffy. I ordered some Bio Oil for the stretch marks left under my belly button ( which I still cannot see). Post-op appointment tomorrow afternoon. Does getting the drain out hurt?

I have finally posted some pics. I have gone from...

I have finally posted some pics. I have gone from depressed and miserable to feeling great and happy, to some type of postpartum anxiety and back. I called the doc today because I do not like how my incision is looking below the belly button. I called on Monday worried about the belly button (infection?), but the APRN said it was normal. I don't know.
I ditched the dreaded binder this past Saturday and switched to SPANX! I have finally started to feel human.
I am so not ready to go back to work! I can't wait until all of this stupid tape comes off. Just a side note- I stopped taking the narcotics 5 days after surgery (after taking out the drain that day during first post-op appt.) they made me feel horrible! Switched to Tylenol and Motrin.

Emailed the pic of my incision to doctor; they...

Emailed the pic of my incision to doctor; they gave me antibiotics just to be safe and I'm going in Friday for them to look at it. They said they still dont think its an infection and it's normal for it to look that way because the most amount of stress on the muscles is in that area so the sutures underneath disolve faster. Any one else have this issue?

Heading back to work today. I am definitely not...

Heading back to work today. I am definitely not ready to keep up with the students. Still swollen. What helps the most? I'm drinking a lot of water and green tea. I just feel like Frankenstein with different parts stitched together- ugh.

Well, I finally went shopping for a 2 piece. I...

Well, I finally went shopping for a 2 piece. I know I still have stretch marks and I'm STILL swollen, but I do not care. I wish it wasn't swollen above the incision line like a mini muffin but the doc said because I had the two hernias taken out at the same time, it will take longer for swelling go down. Anyone with great way to reduce it or a way to fade 16 year old stretch marks- I am all ears!
Name not provided

So far, so good! APRN spent 1.5 hours w mr and surgeon spent 1.5 too in the same visit. I'll add more to this later.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow you look great :)
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You look fab in your bikini!!!
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Looking AWESOME,
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looking good in the red bikini!
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Sooo tired after work and swollen. I should have waited until next week!
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Youll be fine.. and you will LOVE the results.... also if you need to go anywhere for the next few weeks put a garbage bag on the seat of the will REALLY help getting in and out... good to know your up and moving. and yes keep taking the prune juice and stool softener.. your not uncomfortable and want to keep it that way.. thanks for the update
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ohhh I feel so bad...I know how much I used the bendy straws... but youll be ok.. rest
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Congrats, you did it! I'm so happy for you. Now just rest, take your meds & let us know how your doing.
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How are you feeling? Keep us posted!!
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I'm home! They put IV in hand but gave a little numbing first so didn't feel it. Going to sleep. Family being great!
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I think I can...I think I can... Driving there now. Have 2 sets of "after clothes"- thought I messed up the time and called the center in a panic. My daughter asked, "Do you have to do this?" Felt guilty and like just staying home.
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Thanks for the advice! My stomach is doing summersaults- I won't even post my before pics until I get some after pics.
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I didn't even need all my pain meds so I'm sure IF you stay on top of the pain meds you'll do fine. Playing catch up is hard. I set a timer and just took then on time every time no matter what for the first 4 days I think it was. I didnt do pre op photos either untill after I was done.. to scary for me..
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Congrats, this is such an exciting venture your taking on. You will feel so good when you can look in the mirror and not feel disgusted by what you see. The Dr didn't mention it but make sure to get a bottle of MOM aka Milk of Magnesia. It is soooo needed after taking the pain pills. Good luck & keep us updated!
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congratulations and welcome. I hope you do keep us posted and I hope the nerves turn to excitedness...Medicaly needed YES... hello.. if people understood how the way we LOOK directly affects many parts of our lived insurance would pay for it...sadly they dont.. but it's worth it. I am not a vain person or one who thinks "looks" are a big deal.. but how I felt was.. and is.. please let us know how your feeling..nervous.. excited.. THRILLED..

Any questions??
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Agreed! Still nervous though! Hope I have enough pain meds- I just keep thinking if all of you got through it I can too. Thanks for the support!
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