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I am a 64 year old women who was just so tired of...

i am a 64 year old women who was just so tired of having jowels and a neck that was so unattractive. i researched the lifestyle lift,read all the pros and con reviews and i asked my husband to just come and listen to see what it was about. i wanted it to look natural not dramatic just better. everyone was wonderful and the dr told us exactly what it was about and what to expect. within two weeks i could go out, had alot of bruising, not alot of pain at all.

i had it done in april of 2010, the after pics were done 6 weeks later. i was awake but comfortable throught the entire procedure and follow ups were excellent. my doctor and staff were the best ever, and i am so pleased with the results. my husband could not believe the difference it made. even my adult sons said i looked great.

there is bandaging that you do and sleep with, and for a while you cant recline totally. however, the biggest downfall is no coffee! but, i wanted it done so badly, i did the no coffee.

would i recomend life style? without a doubt. it was the best $5,000 i ever spent. my sincere thanks to my lifestyle dr. and his staff.

I also had it done on August 12, 2010, and am very happy with the results. I had it done in Little Falls, NJ by Dr. Wise.
Happy Holidays, I'm so glad to hear of someone else that is happy with their results. Nice to hear from you.
Are you still happy with the results?

1 year anniversary, yea!!!! My lifestyle lift...

1 year anniversary, yea!!!! My lifestyle lift still looks and feels great. going to have my 65th birthday soon, and I don't care!!! Never thought I would say that. Thank you Dr Alex and lifestyle lift, Going into medicare never looked so good!

Just got my 1 year photo and I am still so happy...

just got my 1 year photo and I am still so happy with the results.

Second 1 year photo

second 1 year photo

hi Goldiemary, SuzyQue10 is right, there are no Lifestyle Lift Dr's in Ct. Burlington Mass.was the best one for me to go to, and fortunately, it was the right choice. Dr. Alex was my miracle worker.
Evidently there aren't any Dr's in CT connected to Lifestyle Lift. Aleta said she went to a Dr. in Burlington, Massachusetts.

So who is this wonderful Conn. Doctor. I'd drive to conn. For a great dr.


Hi ladies, just wanted to post a 2 year photo of...

Hi ladies, just wanted to post a 2 year photo of my lifestyle lift. I am still very happy with my results. It was worth every
bruise and lack of coffee to have these amazing results. All I can say is you need to shop around and do your homework on
the surgeon you pick.. It was worth all the time I spent finding the right doctor. See you next year. Aleta

,Hi, I don't know where you went in Ct, but I can tell you the lifestyle lift is a surgical procedure done by a certified plastic surgeon. There are some doctors in ct who advertise a procedure in their office for a lift, with out surgery, using injections and fluids. All I can tell you is research research research before you get it done and where. Go to a qualified Life Style lift facility and talk to the surgeons there, it's free and you have nothing to loose, before you make your decision on where to go, once its done, its done and there is no turning back, be sure. Keep in touch. Aleta
Thank you for your input. I did go to a LSL office last week and have done a lot of research since. I do have a very qualified surgeon, actually two. One I have used for another procedure 8 yrs ago and one that just removed a tumor from my husbands neck. I am gg2 stick w/them, not sure which one I will use but I feel very good about them and not doubtful as I feel w/ LSL.
All I can say is that you have to be confident and happy with the doctor who does your procedure. I was totally confident with the wonderful surgeon I had from beginning to end at Life Style Lift. Unfortunately, he has since passed away, and Life Style Lift lost a wonderful talented surgeon from their team and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be one of his patients. I wish you a Happy Healthy New Year and the best of luck with your procedure. Aleta


I have passed my 3 years in April that I had the life St


I have passed my 3 years in April that I had the Life Style Lift done. I am still happy with it. My husband and my children say it still looks good and that means alot to me. Its bitter sweet to post a new picture being that Dr. Alex passed away a year ago. then I thought, it is a tribute to him what a wonderful sugeon he was and how blessed I am to have been one of his patients. I will always have fond memories of him.
You look absolutely wonderful. I hope I can say that for myself in 2 1/2 years.

amazing results

Hello everyone, just an update for my lifestyle lift from April of 2010. I am still HAPPY!!!! I take care of my lift, moisture cream, no sunburn, lots of water, and I still love it. I just turned 68 and I wouldnt hesitate to have it done again if I needed to. It would be bitter sweet to go back to Burlington, Mass, being Dr. Alex has passed away, but I would because they are all awesome there. I still am so thankful for Dr Alex and the lifestyle lift, and I truly have an angel to thank every day. Hope you all are as happy as I am.
Thank you so much for posting your progression. I just had mine done 4 months ago and have been wondering how the years might treat me. I know we all are different in how we heal but it is encouraging to see that it is possible for it to last well. You look wonderful and I am very happy for you.
Thank you so much for your kind words. You just can't just let it go on its own. You really have to put the work into keeping it look good. Sun, is a no no. Im talking sunburn. A little at a time works for me. Be careful not to fluxuate your weight, keep in mind the weight you were when you had it done, if you loose weight quickly, your face will show it, same with gaining. a super good moisture firming cream essential. Make sure you drag the moisture cream around your neck to the back of your neck and under your chin. My incisions hardly show at all. Post a picture Suzie so we can see how beautiful you look. look forward to hearing from you. Aleta
Hi Aleta, thank you for your response and for the great tips. I can sure see how weight gain or loss could really affect the process. What firming moisturizer do you use? I am such a dumb bunny when it comes to computers but I will get one of my daughters to help me post some pictures. My incisions are really nice too. I really had a good Doc. I would love to stay in contact with you. You have already helped me. Thank you, Aleta. Suzie.
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dr. not only answered my questions and didn't rush through the interview, when i had the procedure done he talked to be throughout and made me feel that i was in excellent hands and that he was absolutely sure this procedure was right for me, and i was going to be happy.i had to travel to mass. for him, and it was worth it.

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