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23 Year Old on Her Way to a Perfect Smile :) - Connecticut, CT

So I've been wanting braces since high school but...

So I've been wanting braces since high school but have been seriously debating them for the past 2 years now. My top teeth are pretty straight minus a few little imperfections, but my bottom have some crowding (made worse by my wisdom teeth). I did a lot of research and decided to finally make an appointment to talk to an orthodontist about Invisalign. I got about 3 or 4 different opinions and finally chose the dr that I felt the most comfortable with.

In the beginning of June I went for my appointment for my impressions. This was neat as my ortho doesn't use those nasty molds anymore. He instead uses a camera that goes around and takes a whole bunch of digital pictures of my teeth to make a 3d model on the computer. That appointment only lasted about 30 minutes and I was told that it would take about 4 weeks for my trash to come in.

Well, this is my first week with Invisalign (it's been 5 days so far) and I've got to say it is an adjustment! On Tuesday i went for my appointment to receive my trays and the whole 9 yards. I also had 9 attachments put on my teeth (total surprise to me ) luckily most of them are on back teeth or the lower teeth that my lip covers anyways. I have 18 trays (about 9 months worth) without counting revisions if needed. My teeth were not sore at first (which I wasn't expecting) but after about 5-6 hours of wearing the aligners they began to ache. Taking my retainers out for the first time was a nightmare. It took me no lie a good 30 minutes to get those things out ! I thought to myself "there's got to be an easier way". Well for the next 3 days, I thought getting them out was impossible. But don't fret, after a few days it DOES get easier!! It's messy, but i pop these babies out in about 2-3 minutes now. I'm not looking forward to my next tray as I know I'll have to start this process all over again! Also SOFT foods for the next day or so after putting a new tray in, is your best friend. My teeth were so sensitive from the pressures of the aligners and my teeth moving. That fades away after a day or two and you'll be able to eat whatever you'd like.

So to wrap this first post up a bit, Invisalign is definitely a life style change but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end :)
Congratulations!  And welcome to our Invisalign community!  

2-3 minutes is a long time.  I think partly it was so difficult for you because you got your attachments right away with the first tray.  A lot of doctors wait, so you already know the trick of taking out the tray and have a lot of practice before they start with the attachments--which, of course, make taking out the trays waaaaaaaay harder.  You will be able to take them out in 10 seconds soon :).  Both trays.  If you have at least one well-placed nail.  I like to keep my nails short, but while I had invisalign, I had to keep my right index finger (upper tray) and thumb (lower tray) a little longer and it made a huge difference!

I'm going to give you some names of others working on moderate to severe crowding.  Your upper jaw really isn't crowded, but your lower jaw is more significant, as you said.  You can see how Invisalign is working for others with similar issues :).

HenryZ (had to have a tooth pulled, he's nearly done)
Mil ou's crowding is mainly on the bottom and it's pretty moderate, but there is an overlap tooth.
humbleoracle has pretty severe overcrowding in the bottom jaw
knitsew also has an overlapped tooth in her bottom jaw
JLD_Sail also pretty moderate
kellynyc16 is mostly on the bottom
Dante555 has severe overcrowding on the bottom but nearly none on the top
Sunluvva's crowding is pretty severe
and finally, both AreYouKiddingMe and Cazzieboo have very severe overcrowding.
mlb502, one of our RealFriends, started with pretty crowded teeth as well, but she's nearly done after a long time.
jbranchfield and Yangche are our newest community members before you who have pictures included.  We have a couple of other new members who haven't uploaded pictures yet, so I'm not sure how severe their crowding is.  Hopefully you'll find the time to meet some of the above-listed people :).


A quick update on tray 2

Well guys I'm on day 4 of my second trays. after reading tons of reviews on here I decided it was best to change my trays before bedtime (and it was the best choice ever). I was nervous about changing trays as I was expecting it to be similar to when I first got Invisalign (ya know, uncomfortable, tough to take in and out yada yada yada) and to my surprise it wasn't anything like it. I put tray 2 in and it fit like a glove. Obviously you could feel pressure but nothing drastic. By the time I woke up the next day my mouth was feeling good and surprisingly it was just as quick to take The aligners in and out. This time I've had some sensitivity to a few of my teeth (mostly the bottom crowded ones) but hopefully it's a good thing! I'm not going to post any photos this time as you obviously can't see a change quite yet! But so far so good :)
Awesome!  So glad reading other reviews is actually helpful, LOL!  It's not unusual to start feeling a bit of tenderness after half a day or so, so it might get a little worse during the day today, but you should be fine :).  That's the good part that means it's all working!

Wahoo tray 7!

Holy cow times flies! Can't believe I'm already on tray 7/18!! I'm not going to lie I was feeling discouraged up until my last ortho appt which was a few weeks ago. I didn't really feel like I've seen any changes but now looking back at older pictures I can definitely see a change. So quick update. My trays come in and out super quick and easy now, I can take them out in a matter of seconds. I only have slight discomfort when I first start my set of aligners which thanks to everyone on here I change them at night before bed. They're still really unnoticeable which i love. I have my next appt for tray 10, which I'll get my enamel shaved down to help my teeth move. So I'll update again after that. :)
Your front teeth are straight together now! 7 trays is actually pretty fast to start seeing results in crowding cases, so congratulations! Thank you for updating us :):):).
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