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Wow! Where to start. I am sorry to all you lovely...

Wow! Where to start. I am sorry to all you lovely ladies that I didn't write reviews up until my procedure date- rather I am backtracking and writing it all now.

I am 25- pretty petite- have always had big boobs- but after I stopped playing high school and college sports- they grew to be a DD- way bigger than my body. they practically took up my whole torso. I went to visit my PS about 3 years ago- but chickened out and never ended up getting it done. However, this past year I had noticed a lump in my right breast which ended up being a benign fibroadenoma (thankgod) that needed to be taken out regardless- because it was the size of a golf ball- and that's when I revisited the thought of a breast reduction at the same time.

And here I am today! 3 days post-op- got both done at once! I am SO thrilled! Its like my stomach actually does exist again. I feel so much lighter already- like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The pain is pretty minimal so far. I did get sick- (throwing up) the day of the surgery and also this morning- but I think it's just from the medication being slightly strong- otherwise I feel great. I feel that the incisions are slightly itchy but that's what seems to be bothering me most.

Oh, and yesterday I got my drains pulled out- HOLY OUCH. That was by far the worst pain yet- and I think that's why today has been so far the most painful day- though its very much tolerable. I describe to everyone that asks by saying- "Menstrual cramps hurt worse than the pain I am experiencing."

I will try to keep updating you all if I remember! Xo Hope you all are doing great!

4 days post op!

Still doing really well! The pain is very minimal with the pain pills- however the pain pills are so strong they make me feel a little crazy. I'm so dizzy, lightheaded, and tired on them- I am hoping to switch to Advil soon! I can take my tape off in a few days which will give me better pics to update with. Right now they still pretty much look the same! I am loving it!

One more thing!

I forgot to add that I already have nipple sensation/feeling which I am THRILLED about! They tell you there's a chance you may never again! But don't lose hope ladies- it's only been 4 days for me and I have full fledged feeling- hardening and all haha.


Hi again! So everything was going so lovely until I broke out into a major rash around my boobs- with unbearable itching! I have been up since yesterday afternoon the itching is so bad. I went to my PS this morning and turns out I am allergic to the medical tape/adhesive.

My advice is to ask the PS/hospital for paper tape-esp if you have sensitive skin. This has been complete torture- it's like I don't even know I had surgery the itching is so bad. I do not have sensitive skin at all- which is why I am shocked I am having this reaction.

Another thing it may possibly be is an allergy to the sutures (dissolvable stitches)- I recommend asking for removable stitches- if I ever have to get something stitched up again I will request this, just to be on the safe side. I never want to have to go through this again. I bought Benadryl and cortisone cream but it's hardly working so far.

Other than this they are looking great and I am feeling great mobile-wise.
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My procedure was fully covered by insurance BTW! :)

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Your boobies look great! What size did you end up being?
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Thanks! I am not sure yet bc they are still swollen. I would guess they are a small C
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They look good! :)
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You look so good thus far!! Congratulations on getting them done!! So glad the lump was benign! If you're still taking pain medication, drink prune juice!!! =0)
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Thank you! Yes us girls should be warned to buy laxatives before the surgery!
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Hi, you look great! I'm so looking forward to seeing my torso again.... Who was your doc in the group? thanks!
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Thanks! You are going to be so thrilled! I saw sunny waitze
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Thank You!
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I am 6 days post op and, like you, am amazed at the lack of pain. I am waiting for a bad day to hit, but maybe have avoided any so far bc I have Really been laying low.
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I h ave my surgery on the 14th and I'm really worried about the aftermath- so you think pain isn't that bad?
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That's what I was most worried about! Trust me the aftermath really isn't that bad. Just make sure you give yourself the time you need. I have to say I really haven't had pain. Like a 2 in a scale of 1-10! Good luck!
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Wow you are looking amazing!   The itching gets to be a little intense but it's all worth it in the end.  Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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