Desperate to Correct Sculptra Lumps

Help- I'm desperate. Its been over a year of...

Help- I'm desperate. Its been over a year of severe depression due to a sculptra treatment I had. I've cried countless nights thinking I've permanently damaged my face.

Over a year ago I had treatment and I received a LOT of overgrowth and hated the effect. I had a kenalog treatment to treat some of the overgrowth (not lumps)in a limited area which worked well. However 9-11 months after the treatment I'm getting hardening tissue all over my face. Pea sized lumps I'm sure anyone who has read these message boards knows are common with sculptra. I have about a half dozen of these and they are very hard. I also have smaller granules of lumps which are more like a grain of couscous or rice that are harder to feel. Finally I have large strands running through my jaw where it was injected that feels like chewed up gum. It has created a very uneven strange looking jaw with a ledge that curves along these strands of abnormal tissue. I always wear my hair down to try to cover it up. It is so upsetting.

If there is a Dr. out there who has experience improving complications from sculptra in the northeast area, please please please help me. I went to a dr. in NY who had helped me with the initial kenalog, but he is out of the country for some time. I really need to do something. It keeps getting worse.

If there are any members out there who have similiar experience with any sort of improvement please from treatment or just the course of time please let me know. I would love a little bit of hope at this point.

Are there any expert Dr.s or patients out there who have had success correcting sculptra complications in the Northeast Area?
Am trawling through this site with the same purpose in mind. I have seen some here that have had the lumps surgically removed but am looking for more ideas
Dear Desperate - I received my first treatment this week so don't know yet what my results will be. I was told to message my face 5 times a day for 5 minutes for 5 days which I'm guessing is to eliminate the lumps. Did you do that?
Hello MBH, I just had my first Sculptra injection Monday April 19th. I am so sorry I didn't check out this website first. I trusted my derm as I've had botox from him for about 3 years in the brow and at crows feet. He thought Sculptra would be good to soften my jaw and fill temples and slight cheek hollows I'm developing (51 year old female). I feel so anxious now after reading the postings by Desperate along with so many others. So far I'm fine. My face was slightly swollen and some red blotchiness but it's pretty much back to normal. I am doing the 5 for 5 and wonder if I should continue longer than 5 days. Have you done a second treatment yet or have you decided not to continue? I just don't know what to do now.
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