Looking Like a Chipmunk After Mid Face Lift and Fat Transfer - Connecticut

I am upset because almost a year ago I got a mid...

I am upset because almost a year ago I got a mid face lift and fat transfer from my stomach into my face.The wrinkles are gone but boy do I look fat with this big huge face. I am disappointed and have to go to a new surgeon next month to fix this.Any suggestions?Oh I am 53.

Hi has anyone had fat transfer with dr Stephen baker at Georgetown. I have heard only positive things about him. I considered dr Tzikas but I have heard some negative things about him.

Hi Ladies,

I had a mid lift 5 years ago which looked terrible, and it's taken me about 3 years to find someone I trust to do fat transfer. I'm going for a consult with Dr Norman Shorr in California since he was doing this long before any of the newbie docs. His site has amazing before and afters, and they also sent me other pics which I could hardly believe. Good Luck

Be careful of Dr. Tzikas. If you are unhappy with the results you'll have problems with him.
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