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Considering getting BR but very nervous and dont...

Considering getting BR but very nervous and dont take well to pain! I am a 38g/h and cant take the neck and back pain any longer. I gained 50lbs 2 yrs ago and doubled in my chest taking me to this size. So scared about the pain after surgery and if they will be even and nipples in exact location...trying to drop some weight so they will possibly get smaller but easier said than done. Being 42 odds are against me bc I cant exercise being im so large..HELP!!!

Child birth is worse pain than BR..this is nothing compared to that!
What other surgery has a 92% worth it rating?? That is a lot of ladies satisfied with this surgery. Pain is different for everybody. It wasn't bad for me, it was more of a soreness. I once had a staph infection that was much more painful than my BR. If it was a totally awful kind of pain, I doubt the worth it rating would be so high here. I would do it one hundred times over again to get me to the place I am now. I am happy.. My nipples are so cute now. My surgeon did make them smaller to match my new breasts. If I really concentrate on how even they are, of course, I can see a difference between them, but no one else knows they are not exactly proportionate to one another. Even God doesn't make us perfectly symmetrical so we should not expect a surgeon to. Is there pain, yes. Is it bad enough to consider NOT doing the surgery, a big fat NO. Are my nipples even, close enough for me. Are they in the right location, of course, I don't think any surgeon, especially a man, wouldn't know where a woman's nipples are suppose to be. Lol. Go for it.... You will be soooooo glad you did..... :)
I'm glad your doing well! Yeah every time I get up to use the br to pee cause I'm drinking so much water I feel the pain.

Hello everyone! Well my surgery is scheduled for...

Hello everyone! Well my surgery is scheduled for april 4th. I cant express how scared I am..not to mention the pain, I am second guessing myself but know I really need to have it done being I am a 36 G. hoping to go to a 36 c-d. would be very nice.
Is the pain terrible please be honest I am beside myself. just so uncomfotable the way I am so I know iI need to do know what they say..if nothing changes nothing changes. So I am hoping for the best. Hope I pull through this is a big procedure.
Thanks for everyones words of encouragment.
Be Brave! Really the worry was far more than the pain. When I woke up I felt like my stitches was on fire HOWEVER, the meds kicked in and took that way. Since then the worst part for me has been the itching. That part does not hurt it is just annoying. Use ice packs. They will help with swelling and the itching and just make life good. I have not had a baby but I have herd that the swelling feelings like being engorged while nurseing. The pain is the least of the surgery!!!!

You can do this.  Child birth is far worse!!!   The results you will end up with with make you over the top happy.  Go for it and keep your chin up.  

Honestly I had more discomfort that I did actual pain.  


Ok so tomorrow is my surgery date! soooo nervous....

ok so tomorrow is my surgery date! soooo nervous. First I am hoping everything turns out ok in surgery. Second I hope I'm not going to be crying in pain the whole way home.
Please wish me well all. Hope I make it out ok.
Thanks for giving me feedback your words of encouragement mean alot! I will let you all know how everything turns out. keep your fingers crossed. Oh are you able to get up and walk around or is it too painful? let me know thanks

Hello everyone! Well it was definately worth it.I...

Hello everyone! Well it was definately worth it.I had surgery on April 4th. and never looked back. I thought it was going to be very painful and I have to say the same day I was up all day had visitors and you never knew I had surgery. ZERO pain really.
4 days later I had some discomfort bc I could feel the stitches tightening but even now almost 2 weeks later I am feeling great and looking soo much better. I will post pics to show before n after. keep you posted
Hi ebg, Glad to see that you came through o.k. I know how concerned you were about the potential for pain. I had my BR done this past November, and am so glad that, at 56, I took this step. Very best to you.
Hi petite, how long did it take for the stri strips to fall off?
its 2 wks now n im anxious to have them off.
Hi ebg! The NP at the office removed the steri strips as I was too chicken to do this.It was probably at about two weeks though. I would think that showering would help the process along. Are you pleased with your results? I was still swollen and bruised at two weeks, and it took about a month before I could tell what would be. Take care not to lift anything heavy and best to you.
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