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Insurance still being contested but am lucky to be...

Insurance still being contested but am lucky to be able to afford up front cost. Wanted to do this over 30 years ago (I'm 64 now) but surgery was way too problematic. Had been a runner for year and after menopause, breasts got so big (34h) that it really hurt too much to enjoy running. So glad I gave ir a second look

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Just had surgery 3 days ago so no followup care yet and haven't finalized payment

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At what week do we start wearing regular bras? (no underwires for a while my doc said...hey, maybe never!) What week can you know what size you actually ended up?
So far, i've just gotten a couple sports bras. And yeah, there is constantly a need to keep pulling those down.
I am so with you...can you imagine the day we're not reminded of these things!
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I started wearing wirefree bras when I went back to 3.5 weeks. I wear the sport bras around the house and to bed. My bra size hasn't changed since I bought my first bra at 3 weeks. I started wearing underwire bras at 4 months, but I seem to gravitate back to the wirefree bras. My incision underneath my breast still feels a little tender. I will discuss that with my PS today...I have my 6-month checkup today.
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I am 16 days post op....was flying thru with no pain until a couple days ago...SUPER SENSITIVITY!!!! Tylenol wasnt helping, so I started taking my percocet but dont really like to take that too much (causes, ummm, tummy trouble to put it politely).....Doc said to try Aleve or I went and got the Aleve yesterday. REALLY HELPED! Hope it keeps up.
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Hang in there!! My hyper-sensitivity is much better. It has been 9 weeks sense my surgery and I'm feeling much better. The incisions are still sensitive but that is to be expected. I'm sure as time goes on with the healing process that will subside too. I'm looking forward to the day that I'm not reminded I have breasts. Right now my biggest problem is I have to adjust my bra during the day because it seems to rub on the incision. I have bought different bras but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
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Am now 12 days post breast reduction surgery. Breasts are still very tender and quite swollen. No pain to speak off but they are tender. What should I take - Advil or Tylenol? And do I have to worry about increased bleeding because Advil has aspirin in it?
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My drug of choice is Advil it helps with the discomfort and inflamation. 2 weeks after my surgery my breasts became very hyper-sensitive and bothered me very much.I called the doctors office and was told it was normal.They informed me that some women are very sensitive or numb after surgery and if I had to make a choice it was better to be hyper-sensitive.As time passed they are getting better some days are better than others.As far as the increased bleeding is concerned you should ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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Thank you so much so happy for you all x
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Don't wait any longer. Your life will be transformed once you've had the surgery. And it is really not painful - just very uncomfortable.

I had my surgery on Sept 27 and I am back riding a bike at the gym and went for a 4 mile hike today.

Go for it!
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Im 46 and always had large breasts!! Was to embarrassed to ask for help before... l now have ddd of spine and shoulders loss of disk space and spurs.. dont know how much my breasts have caused???? But life aint any fun right now and hasnt been for a number of yours l am disabled with pain hoping to loose some pain too x
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And to you. Bur whether insurance ultimately pays for the procedure or not, I am so glad that I had it done. I feel - and look - like a very different woman.
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I'm in the same boat your in!I had my surgery Sept 9th and so very glad I did. I'm 58 years old with a history of neck pain and shoulder pain and now have degenerative disc disease. My only disgust was with my insurance company which would not pre-approve the surgery.I was informed they would consider it after the surgery and all the documentation was received. Good luck with your insurance,and lets hope who ever is sitting at this desk deciding if insurance is going to pay for this has any idea what we have lived with
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Waiting for mine cannot wait l just hope some of the back pain goes x
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I didn;t have back pain but lots of discomfort with breasts hanging down on chest. Now it feels like there is nothing there - heaven. You will be so happy.
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Congratulations! I know I felt and saw the difference immediately...I had my surgery 4.5 months ago. Relax and heal....
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