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Never Too Late for a Flat Stomach (surgery 7-10-12)

I am 53 and have wanted a better abdomen for about...

I am 53 and have wanted a better abdomen for about 5 years now. I am very short waisted and going thru menopause has not helped the issue. I want to look better in my clothes and get my figure back. I am overweight but my plastic surgeon feels I will still get an excellent result. I want to loose maybe 15 pounds after the surgery to firm up my legs and arms. I went to my pre-op appointment last week and got my scripts and instructions. I am ready to get it over with. I have learned so much from this site and have got my raised toilet seat and shower chair.:) I have several recliners so I believe I will use them to sleep in. My husband went with me to the pre-op and met my surgeon for the first time. They took the photos and took my payment, My husband really like my surgeon which made me feel better. My doctor is taking precautions against blood clots and will be giving me some blood thinners before the procedure. I am very healthy and no health issues. My doctor said I will not like him very much for several days after the surgery but will like the results. I am a little nervous as I am not looking forward to the drains and the pain. Sometimes beauty is pain.

Well. time is ticking away. I have been contacted...

Well. time is ticking away. I have been contacted by the surgery center and they asked routine questions regarding medical history and medications etc. My surgery is Tuesday and it is coming on fast. I am scheduled first thing if nothing changes at 6am. I hate reading all the paperwork that makes your nervous about all the risks including death, blood clots..ugg. I am already worried about complications. I guess you can't say they did not tell you so if something were to happen. :) I just cannot worry about the worst case situation. I have faith it will all work out fine. Life itself has risks and this is just another part of life. My husband is so supportive and has been helping me emotionally thru this. He wants me to be happy with how I look. Continue to keep me in your prayers on Tuesday. I have all my meds filled and I am ready to go. I am excited to see the result.

I had my tummy tuck yesterday morning . The pain...

I had my tummy tuck yesterday morning . The pain is not bad but I am swollen , I am sleeping in a recliner which helps. I have not looked at the incision yet. I plan on looking at it when I take a shower later. I have been told I am not drinking enough water but that is the only concern now. Not much of an appetite to eat much but I have to eat something before I take my pain pills. I will post more photos later this week.

Well I must say this has been very painful. It is...

Well I must say this has been very painful. It is hard to eat and hard to stay comfortable. I will save you from the gory stuff. I have one drain left and will probable keep it a few days. I have to have this binder on a certain way to stay halfway comfortable. I am swelling now and hope that goes away. I feel like a big wuss and just wish it was all over with. I have the shakes typing this. a bunch of pillows really help. I am off my narcs cause they made me sleep too long and constipated. I went on Loratabs and they are just as bad, so only taking Tylenol which increases my pain some. Hope this gets better.

Day 12 PO: Feeling ok. Compression garment is...

Day 12 PO: Feeling ok. Compression garment is killing me and still have my drain, Praying that will be gone tomorrow. Bruising and swelling have gone down but I still feel bloated. I have been eating fruit and drinking water to help with that. It is just frustrating to have so much removed and to feel like you weigh much more that before. I drove for the 1st time last Thursday and that was weird. My brain is still a little foggy at times. I am not on any pain medicine so I am not sure why I feel this way. The only meds are the antibiotics I am still taking from the PS to prevent infection. My drain output is low so we will see when that comes out. I am waiting to post any more photos until the drain is removed. I know the ones I have posted after the surgery are scary but believe me it is much better now. I am not that bruised and swollen any longer. The incision looks great and I do not think I will have much of a scar.I have had a strange day today where I was so exhausted I could not do anything but lay around and sleep. Maybe I overdid it earlier. My biggest fear is that I will not be able to get back my strength as quick as I had hoped. I am supposed to return to work on Weds this week but after today I am not sure if I can handle it. I guess I will have to take it one day at a time and maybe work part time a few days.

I got my drain out today! I am so happy....

I got my drain out today! I am so happy. Everything is looking good for 2 weeks out. I am going back to work on Weds, so we will see how it goes. Still a lot of swelling but it will go done hopefully in the next 4 weeks. I am switching over to a more comfortable garment tomorrow with my doctor's office ok.

Today I went back to the surgeon and had a seroma...

Today I went back to the surgeon and had a seroma drained 170cc. I feel better. i will probably have to go weekly until it stops producing fluid. This is a very common complication so I am not upset about it. I knew it was a possibility. Everthing else looks good. We are watching a couple of areas for the future to see what they look like once they soften up. He will fix any ridges with lipo if needed but we need to wait a 3-4 months to see how it resolves. I really am happy overall with the experience. I wanted to lose the fat I cannot lose in weight loss efforts and I will work on the other parts with diet and exercise once I can exercise again. This is not a fix for being over weight which I knew going into it. I just wanted to look better in my clothes and feel attractive again. This has been life changing for me and I do not regret having it done. Yes there are inconveniences as with any surgery and you have to understand that. I cannot wait until I can see the final result when all the swelling is gone and any touch ups are finished. My doc is very reassuring and easy to talk to. I have full confidence everything will be great once we get past all of the healing. The thing that is the hardest is to be patient with the healing process and to take it easy on yourself. As you can see from my surgery photo it looked brutal (lipo- I bruise easy) but my 3 week photo shows me without any bruising and with some swelling. What a difference. Pros- is I love seeing myself in the mirror now and feel so much better about my body. I look better in clothes and my body healed quicker than I thought. I feel pretty good at 3 weeks and am suprised how quickly I recovered. Cons- pain and discomfort as with any surgery and the emotional roller coaster during the first 2 weeks. Feeling helpless and dependent on someone else for several days and lack of energy and appetite.

I went back to my surgeon today to have my seroma...

I went back to my surgeon today to have my seroma above my BB drained. The output was 120cc so I will have to go back after my vacation to have it drained again. He advised not to worry about it as we will get it under control. I was hoping at 4 weeks all the bloating will be over. Overall though I am happy with the way I look. When we get the seroma resolved, I believe we will be good.

7 week checkup- I went in thinking I may still...

7 week checkup- I went in thinking I may still have fluid to be drained (seroma). He tried but nothing came out! Yea it has been absorbed so no more needles. Glad about that. I still have some swelling in my tummy but he said it should go down the next 6-8 weeks. i do not go back until October. He will take the photos then on my final result. Overall things are going well. I had a great time on vacation and high energy level. I feel like myself again. When I look at the before and what I look like now, I am amazed. I thanked my doc today for all he has done for me. This has been life changing for me and worth the expense. I just wish I had done it sooner is my only regret. :)

Well guys I am almost at 4 months. Feeling great!...

Well guys I am almost at 4 months. Feeling great! I still have numbness below my belly button down to my incision. My incision looks wonderful so no complaints there. I am going back to the Y to work out and try to lose some fat elsewhere on my my thighs and arms.. I still have some swelling around my BB and hoping that will be gone by 6 months. My family physician looked at my scar and thought it looked great. My dermatologist also said my scar looked good for the time it has had to heal. I still use Palmers cocoa butter oil on my scar and it continues to fade. No regrets here. I am glad I had the lipo and the extended tummy tuck because all the pain and discomfort was worth it in the end. I hope my review thus far has helped give folks considering the surgery a realistic expectation on what to expect. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
David Klein

Dr. David Klein in Concord. I found his website via the internet and contacted some former patients for their recommendation. He came highly recommended. He has an long established practice close to where I live. I felt comfortable with him from the day of our 1st consultation. The price of $11,000 includes the tummy tuck, liposuction of my waist and flanks, and the costs of the outpatient surgery center.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you are looking great!!!
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I added some photos today. I am feeling great but I still swell after sitting all day. I am a little swollen in my last photos since they were taken late in the day. I hope everyone else is doing well also. I am amazed when i look at the before and after photos. I hated looking at the before photos but it helps me to see how much better I look. I have my 3 months appt. at the PS October 9th. He will have photos taken at that time.
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Wow NewKay! What a huge difference!! Incredible :) I am so happy for you
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lookin good have any tips send them my way pls i go oct 1 tt/mr/lipo
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Looking good NewKay! Hang in there, I'm sure your final results will be fantastic. I know what you mean about bruising easily, but its looking great now. Good luck with the rest of your recovery, take it easy.
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I uploaded my 3 week photo for all to see. As you can tell it is a big difference. Still have some swelling. I have a seroma that I am going tomorrow to see the PS about. Otherwise my recovery has been good considering what I had done. I am pleased thus far and am looking forward to working out again so I can reduce those thighs now! I believe Dr. Klein did a great job! I cannot wait to see how it will all look once I have the final result.
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wow what a difference. you look good. CONGRATS
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glad to hear you are doing well, I go back to work also on day 17 and am thankful you are telling us how it's going. I am so happy for you and to see YOU are happy with your choice. My PS said most people think you get breast implants when they notice the guy is gone :) I am getting a breast lift at the same time so hopefully they will be lots smaller :) happy healing and hope you have a great weekend
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Made it thru work this week. I worked a reduced schedule, I need to post a pic to show how much better I look. It really is amazing the change 17 days PO. I may wait until next week to see if more swelling goes down. I am very pleased with the result and glad I did it. Everyone at work is just amazed at the difference in my look. One friend asked if I got implants because my breasts looked bigger without the front flab. LOL I advised no and she was amazed that they looked bigger too. I have received so many compliments from everyone and they have been so supportive of me. I am so happy to have such good co-workers. My hubby is very pleased also. He is glad I did it and was a saint in doing everything for me when I was in pain and grouchy. I went thru so many emotions and some days I would just cry cause I was tired of the soreness and the drain and others I felt pretty good. I were my compression garments religiously and that has helped a lot. The best advice I can give is to hang in there and you will be ok and love the result. It is tough on your body so you must rest a lot the first week to heal. I was worried about going back to work so soon but I worked a reduced schedule and I was fine.
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Hi, I went back to work last week (after being out 2 weeks). Though I got around well, I was exhausted at the end of each day. Don't forget to walk around frequently ... And drink lots of water. Wear your binder or compression garment --- and the more you do, the more you swell. I anticipate this week will be much easier.
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hi newkay hope every thing is ok,and good look on wed , iam starting tom, lets see how that goes, happy healing
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I am doing much better. I am walking more and making progress. I hope to get my drain out soon. Body looks better each day.
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Glad to see you are feeling better :)
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Hi NewKay - how are you doing today? Hope everything continues to improve. Please keep us posted. Are you walking?
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I am still alive. Had a couple of rough days with the narcotics and switched to loratabs. The fog is slowly lifting from my brain. I now can eat small amounts and drink like I am supposed to. I am still shaky and look like death warmed over however the incisions look great and I sure I will love the final result. So hang in there ladies. It is worth it.
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Hi, happy healing!!! Menopause does wonderful things to the body, I've been hitting the gym as well to lessen it's affects. I'm sure your results are wonderful. Can't wait for the pics!
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Hey ms lady glad your doing well. I know your excited and cant wait to see the new you! you're so going to love it lol. I go to my 3rd po appt tomorrow and i start my massages so im looking forward to that! HAPPY HEALING
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Happy Healing NewKay hope you get some rest and are able to get some food in ya and keep hydrated! can't wait to see you pics!
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Hey neighbor!! I am in Concord too but having my TT surgery in Charlotte this Friday so excited and scared at the same time! Glad to hear you are feeling OK. Cant wait to see your after pics and I have heard great things about your DR too!!
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happy healing, and if you dont like water atleast gatorade, and eat for your muscles to mend back...happy healing
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We have the same surgery date so we can be recovery buddies! Looking forward to seeing your results.
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your tummy is similar to my old one...You will love the results!
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Thanks so much for the encouragement . I am glad others have done this before me with great results. I asked my PS if I was too fat and he said he could do it with no problem. Menopause caused a lot more fat to deposit in that area. I will watch my diet closely now because my system has slowed down. I will have to eat like a bird.
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Hello i am 27 yo, i did a Tummy tuck 3 month ago, it is really easy the post, just rest and relax, God will be with you....
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My surgery is July 10th. My PS told me not to take any meds that would cause my blood to thin also. The thing he is worried about is a blood clot forming during the surgery because of my age and BMI. So we are doing a small amt of blood thinner during surgery to prevent that. Scary huh! He said he can control bleeding but cannot fix a blood clot. He is very conservative and wants to make sure I come out of surgery ok. I am excited and concerned. Ready to get it over with.
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