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Tummy Tuck!! - Concord, CA

Well.... I guess I'm really doing this! Deposit...

Well.... I guess I'm really doing this! Deposit paid, my name is written down in my PS's calendar! Ive been on the fence with this procedure for years! I had a BA in 2012, I chickened out on the TT then. Since the BA I've been on a war path to get my stomach in the best shape I could with diet and exercise. Well, I've lost 10 pounds and work out 6 days a week.... I do believe I've done all I can.
Everyone thinks I'm crazy... I'm a size 2 and yes my stomach is flat with clothes on, it's just this skin! I hate it! And the stretch marks... Oh, the appendix scar I've hated since I was 10... Let's not forget the cool c section scar to! Everything must go! Hahaha!
I'm not gonna lie, I am extremely nervous about the TT scar! My stomach isn't that bad, I hope the trade off will be worth it ( please let it be worth it!)


With my BA, I was so excited! I never had any doubts. With this TT I'm so worried I'm making the wrong decision. What if the trade off isn't worth it? Some extra skin, stretch marks, c section scar, and an appendix scar, for a huge TT scar. My stomach is for the most part flat already. If this scar isn't low enough, I think I'll hate it. For the most part, I'm fine rocking a bikini, I'd love to look better in one though. I don't think the TT is going to change the way I look in clothes. I'll be happier with my appearance naked, as long as my scar is ok.
Ughhhh..... So many doubts! Why can't I just be excited like I was with my BA? I hear if you're already in good shape, your results are even better. I think the scar is what makes me the most nervous.
Oh my PS also said I'll have a vertical scar. I'm having a hard time finding pictures of this. Any help? :)

Before pictures

Feeling more excited

Still very nervous about that scar..... But I think it'll be ok. My PS said it'll be lower than my c section scar, so it should be covered by swim suits and underthings no problem. Time is flying by so fast!

I did the thing you're not supposed to do.....

Watched YouTube tummy tuck procedure videos!!!! It actually made me feel better! I'm a pre nursing student (just waiting to get into a RN program. I spent some time as an anatomy tutor as well, I guess it'd take a lot scare me, lol. I feel good knowing the how. The procedure I watched was a pretty basic TT with MR, but the woman was quite large, lots of fat.... Holy moly! The drains and pain pump freaked me outa bit (you just pull those things out?) but, I'm not going to have those so no worries here!
Just a little more than two months left! :) Until then I'm continuing my workouts 6 times a week, that's been my routine for the last 6 months now. I want to lose maybe 10 pounds, give the PS all the skin I can! Lol!
I'm a little worried about my bed situation, my bed is high off the ground. Maybe I'll rent a recliner? Idk. The hospital bed seems extreme to me. I shouldn't have MR, so hopefully it isn't needed.

Teeter Totter

That's how I feel. 2 months from now I'll be recovering in the surgical center. Sometimes, I look at my stomach and I think, it's not bad at all... Usually the second I'm bending over it's like, "oh I neeeeed this!"
I know I'm like a broken record but the scar is really the only thing freaking me out! Mostly this vertical portion my PS spoke of. Most pics I see, it pokes out of the bathing suit... Even in some pics I see with pants on. I don't want that! But, I also don't want the whole scar to be higher because I refused the vertical scar. I have seen some here that have it low.

Found a before BA & weight loss pic!

This is before my BA. I was maybe 10 pounds heavier and didn't work out. And after is obvious lol

Darn it!

I'm totally going to be on my period for this! Like right smack in the middle when things are in full swing.... This will be fun! Fun! Fun!

Finally told my mom....

Everyone is so supportive!!!! Yay! She said she'd help me with anything I need. She's gonna have my kids the day of surgery, more if needed :) phew! Weight off my shoulders! I'm really excited about the whole thing today.

I'm finally so excited!

My pre op is Friday morning. I've transferred my funds to pay for everything in full, I'm soooo happy I won't have a bill for this! I guess reality is really set in! Yes, this is going to happen. I have so many questions to ask my PS. I want to know everything! Not just what you're going to do but how? Maybe I'll watch another YouTube video tonight!

There has been some bumps in the road. One of my aunts happens to have a business trip bringing her in the area the same week as my TT. She is actually flying in the same day. I'm not close to her or anything, I only remember meeting her once. But she's really excited to see me! Yay... Oh and it gets better! Another aunt (that I'm closer with, I try to fly out to visit every other year) decided to join the party! Lol! Omg.... Anyway, I didn't want anyone to know that didn't need to know. I decided screw it, spill the beans. It's my life, I do what I want. It doesn't effect them, if they have any problem with it... That's their problem not mine! Hopefully that'll be my only bump. BFD!
I'll update again after my preop!

Pre Op done!!!

Soooo..... It's all paid for! Surgery is set for March 17 @ 9 am! Ahhhh! Lol! I'm so excited. Still no drains, no CG, probably no MR. I'm such a dork! I completely forgot to talk to him about the vertical scar! At my consult he said I might need, he didn't mention it at all today. But he showed me where my scar will be, so low! Omg! Also, there's a freckle I have he refers to, and shows me where it will be post op. I've seen him 3x for this so far, every time the freckle gets lower and lower! Maybe he's gained some new tricks? I'll keep my fingers crossed for no vertical scar. I will ask him the day of. I want the scar low, if I need the T so be it.
So that's about it! Time to prep!

15 more days!!!! :)

I jut took this pic after my workout today. I must say I have it all I could, I gotta leave it up to my wonderful PS to put me back together!

I got a cold! :(

I guess now is the best time to get one, it's 11 days pre op so there's plenty of time to get over it. I just contacted my PS office to double check the meds I can take. As of right now I'm just taking zinc and Vit C. It doesn't seem like a bad cold, I'm just worried I'll get an ear infection (9 times outta 10 I do)

10 more days!!!

I'm feeling 95% better today :) I just love my immune system!
So my count down has officially started! This time, 10 days from now this wrinkly fab of a tummy will be tight again! :)

My measurements:

I think it's really helpful to post measurements here, so people with similar body types can have an idea of what to expect. I'm just doing the measurements that pertain to this surgery, and I will update progress PO. HTH
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130-132 depending on the day
smallest part of waist-27
Largest (about an inch or so below belly button): 32 yuck! Lol


Some kinda craziness is happening! It seems all my bad luck is clearing itself out this last week. I got the cold (I still have a little lingering cough. I'm taking a Tylenol cold med for that). Sunday my son (9 y/o) spilled a cup of noodle soup on his lap, resulting in a huge 2nd degree burn covering his thigh. I took him to the dr to get the blister drained and the dead skin cut away. He got a prescription cream for it twice a day for the next 10 days :/ poor guy.
Then yesterday I went to the dentist, I need two crowns! Wtf!?! The hygienist was telling me how great my teeth look, that I take good care of them, blah, blah, blah..... Then the dentist comes in and says "we have bad news!" Grrrrrrr. I had my wisdom teeth removed last year, and a root canal, I also have TMJ so it's been a rough year for my mouth and I admit, with recovery from the wisdom teeth, I was bad with flossing. But still, two crowns? Damn!
Anyways, bad luck comes in 3's right? I got some good luck today! My period started early! Happy dance! Lol! Sorry TMI but sometimes it starts, then stops, then starts again later (weird right???) hopefully it just keeps going! Never been so happy for a period!

Day 2 PO

I'm all done!
I checked into the surgery center at 9 am yesterday. They took me into the prep/waiting area fairly quickly. I talked to my PS & got marked up. The anestisilogist came in shortly after, put some drugs into my IV, I got into the wheel chair, said goodbye to DH. That's all I remember until I woke up in recovery!
I felt good for the most part. I threw up twice, not fun! I stayed on morphine until today I swticed to Percocet.
So now I'm home! Getting into bed was difficult. I might stay on the couch today after I'm able to get up again.
About the TT: I don't have a vertical scar!!!! Yay! I also had MR, there was separation ranging from 1-2 inches. No drains & no CG :)

PO day 3

Ok.... Let's see.... I'll try my hardest to make sense! The meds are strong! Lol
I'm walking a little more upright. Bad news though, I've started coughing! It hurts so bad! I've been using the spirometer more, it seems to be helping.
My butt hurts from sitting around. I'm trying to get up to walk around as much as possible.
My PO appointment is fri, I'll finally get to see everything!
Thanks for all your support ladies! Happy healing to you all that are healing, and good luck to you all that have upcoming surgeries :)

PO day 4

I had my first pre op today :) it felt so good to get dressed and get out of the house!
All the bandages were removed, I'm so happy with my incision! Nice and low, no vertical incision. My appendix scar was completely removed. My belly button looks great, like a nice natural belly button.
They said I'm healing great, ahead of schedule! I can't complain.

Day 6 PO: warning, I'm gonna whine...

You've been warned!
I really thought I'd be walking more upright by now. I'm so sick of walking like an old lady! It hurts my back. Physically, I feel fine! I'm only taking ibuprofen now :) my butt hurts more than anything from sitting on it so much! It feels like it's just the tight skin holding me back from walking upright :(
I nearly had a panic attack worrying, "what if too much skin was removed and I contract up and never get upright again!?!" I mean, has that ever happened? And at the same time I'm worrying about putting too much tension on my scar from stretching.
So, let's focus on the postives! 1. Aside from being a hunchback, I'm healing great! 2. My scar and belly button look wonderful. 3. Swelling seems to be getting better. 4. Finally pooped yesterday! It took prunes, Metamucil, stool softener pills, and smooth move tea, but I seem regular again :)
Thanks for the ventin venue! Hope you all are doing well!

Day 8

Nothing much to report. Still walking like an old lady. Swelling is no fun. Other than that I feel good! I feel like I could be up and running around, until I stand up and try to walk somewhere! It doesn't hurt at all though. I've been off my pain meds for a few days now. I'm not even really taking the ibuprofen anymore. My BB and incision both look great!

Day 11

This is a process! So here's how things are going:
Swelling- just like everyone else says, it sucks & it's very uncomfortable. Eating is the worst, I think I officially hate eating meals! I will be a grazer from here on out! I have this awesome love handle swelling thing going on. It's freaking me out because I did carry some fat there pre op. I figured the TT would take care of that? I'm worried I should have gotten lipo. I never thought to ask and PS didn't mention or recommend it, so hopefully it's all swelling. *fingers crossed*

Walking- I'm still not upright at day 11. Everyday is a little better. I start the day pretty good, but as the day wears on, and swelling goes up, the more hunched over I get.
Pain- I've been off narcotic pain meds since day 4. The worst days were 1 & 2, I probably could have managed just fine on ibuprofen after that. I'm still taking ibuprofen as needed. It hurts to cough or laugh though.

Belly Button- it's looking really good! Very natural :) the darkness and redness is starting to fade.

Incision- it's nice and low. It feels really bumpy and rope like, but that's how it's supposed to fee. Once the stitches desolve and I can massage the scar it will feel better. My PS gave me micropore tape to protect it.

That's about it so far :)

2 wk measurement update

I thought it'd be a good time to update my measurements. The worst of the swelling has subsided *knock on wood* since day 11.

Weight: the day of surgery I was 133, today I'm 129
However...... On to measurements...
Smallest part of my waist: damn near close to 29! (Up two inches)
Largest part of my waist: a little over 33 (again up two inches).
None of my jeans fit, I'm living in yoga pants!
Everyday I weigh less, so the swelling is slowly going away.
Much like walking, everyday my posture improves. I'm about 95% upright. I have to concentrate on it, especially rolling my shoulders back. This is a process!

4 week update

Things are going great! I went back to the gym today, did a full hour on the elliptical! Yay! Tomorrow I plan on doing the same and strength training :) it feels so good to be back to my normal routine.
I'm still swollen, but my waist is smaller than pre op, and the biggest part just below is getting there! I seem to carry most my swelling on the sides, giving me this lovely spare tire effect :(
I still feel tight, sometimes I get little pinching feelings, other than that no pain.
Here's my new measurements, taken this morning when swelling is at it's lowest:
Waist: 26.5
Below BB: 32.5
Weight: 128

This photo didn't update grrrr

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Love him and his staff!

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Looking good and healing nicely!
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Wow you look amazing x
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Thank you!
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Happy healing and congrats!!! looking good so far!
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looking forward to updates...goodluck ..heal quickly
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Happy healing girl!!!!! We are waiting for your updates :) .... Scheduled 16th April TT
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Ree Ree I forgot to mention lucky u no drains I had two what a pain in the ass they are I finally got one out yesterday
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Woa JC I didn't know you had drains, but you still managed w/out meds. Awesome that they are out now. Continued happy healing.
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Just checking in on you lady. Hope things are moving in the right direction. The muscle repair has been a trip, especially when coughing ugh!! Other than that, I am mostly happy with how my results are developing and hop you are too. Will be looking for your next update. Best...
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Hi Yes coughing not good walking around house with brace on no pain meds or Advil the surgeon says all ok I'm not very swollen but my right boob hurts? He says that normal are u up and walking around too?
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I threw up a few hours after Sx, not the business at all. I can really feel those quilting sutures! But yes happy I don't have a drain.
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Yes I heard that the docs that don't use draines use heavy duty sutures So take it easy feet up
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You're coughing to? It's awful!!!
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You don't have pain meds!?! What???? Yes I'm walking around as much as I can. It helps.
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Yes the coughing has been awful until today. Somehow it's just uncomfortable instead of white hot pain. Hang in there. I'm so excited for your reveal. :-)
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That's good to hear. Using the spirometer thing has helped me a lot. It's just those random surprise coughs that get me! Ouch! I'm not coughing as much as I was yesterday. Wish I could fast forward through this part
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Closer to your dream...
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I'm crazy calm! Can't believe it's tomorrow! How you feeling?
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Surprisingly well just a sharp pain under my right arm but no other pain No pain meds Funny I was calm before my surgery too stay calm u will be just fine
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That's great you're doing so well! Wow no pain meds!
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I'm shocked too U never know I guess?
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4 more days! I'm commenting b/c I want to get updates on your progress. I just saw this from sheena 7's update. You look amazing. I'm so excited for you and your tummy to match the rest of your rockin' shape!
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Thank you! Yes 4 more days! :)
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The countdown is in full swing for you now Alidoshus! Dr. M is so awesome as you said. I'm in pain, though bearable w/meds. Looking forward to your continued updates as you near and clear your sx date.
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Thank you! Get your rest girl! Take full advantage of being a patient! As a mom and a wife, we don't get this opportunity often! I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to take my meds, I recommend doing the same. Take care!
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