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Have not yet gotten this procedure, but I am all...

Have not yet gotten this procedure, but I am all scheduled!!
Some about me:
I am 19 years old, 5'6, and 135 pounds. As of now I have a 30DDD bust. From developing quickly and early on, they have dropped quite a bit and caused back pain, not to mention endless teasing. I have finally got up the courage to start going to consultations! My main concerns were: smaller, perkier, natural looking breasts with more upper pole fullness. I decided upon a C cup because it would fit my frame without being too big or too small.

I had 3 consultations, one with insurance covered reduction only (which was a disaster), and two with cosmetic plastic surgeons. The first surgeon recommended a full reduction, with a second surgery about 6 months later to put in implants (forget the cc's, but it would bring me to a C cup). I hated the idea of two different surgeries and recovery times, not to mention the weight of the large implants instead of my natural breast tissue wouldn't really alleviate the pain. The second doc, Dr. Mariotti, I loved! His office was inviting, staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and he really spent time addressing my concerns. We decided on a reduction to bring me to a B cup, lift, and small implants to bring me to a C while helping fix my deflated upper pole.

I have a follow up consultation where I bring in pictures of what I want the outcome to be, talk about recovery and follow ups, and out my down payment on Nov 5th. I will update then!

Only 5 months from the big day :)

Before pictures

Second consult

I went to the second consult, but I think I'm getting cold feet with this doctor. Not sure why, think it's because I found few after pictures that I liked from him. Putting him (but not the procedure) on hold and visiting other doctors throughout the Bay Area. Will keep everyone updated

2 years later

Haven't gotten breast reduction yet and am now properly sized at a 36-38F. Not sure how I was squeezing in those other bras. Waiting until September 2015 to have it done, thinking of Marriotti!
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