Hey Ladies!! I decided to make a new account...

Hey Ladies!! I decided to make a new account because my last account shared my Lipo with my BA, so because I am not getting Lipo anymore I thought this might make more snese :)

A little about me, I have wanted a BA sense I was about 15 and I would cut out the front portion of a bra (the cups with the attached part in the middle) and saftety pin it into the cups of a whole bra.. Pretty crafty if I do say so myslef :) LOL anyways, now 7 years later I am finally able to afford to do this for myself.

Age- 22
Height- 5'2''
Weight- ~107
Current Size- 34B to 32C
Placement- Under the Muscle
Incision- Crease
Style- Mentor Silicone (mod+ or HP.. havent decided)

I chose my PS about a month ago after going to see about 5 doctors and considering going to visit doctors out of state because CA is so expensive. I decided to not look further into the out of stats PS because I wouldn't get the follow up care, I would have to buy plane tickets to go for any questions I had, and I would have to pay for about a week stay in a hotel (or thats what they made it sound like). The doctor that I picked is only a 20 min drive from my house :) For all of my consultations I brought a list of questions of things that are important for me to know (How many revisions of their own work do they do? Would anyone other than them be in the OR and who? Questions about the anesthesia and things like that) I also would bring a couple shirts I wear normally, one in a style I wish I could fill out better, and a bra made by the brand I wear most, and the style and ideal size that I want to be. Some of the PS let me try on sizers, others prefer to wait untill the pre-op appointment, I just wanted to be prepared :)

Dr. Eric Mariotti is the doctor that I chose to do my BA, he is a really really nice man and I feel th most comfortable with him and his office staff of all the PS offices I have been to. He also did my aunts mommy make over and my cousins TT and BA and they are both thrilled with the care he gave them through the process. Dr. Mariotti is from Concord and unlike MOST of the PS in the Bay Area he is fairly priced :)

My worries:
I have been worried abour the anesthesia from the beginning (ive NEVER had any surgery at all).

I am now trying to figure out the right amount of CC's for me, I have had an idea in my head of 350-375 sense my first appointment (that PS let me try on sizers and the consultation) and now I feel that my be too big :/ or maybe I will loose more because I am going under the muscle and they will be too small? Or maybe I will start to be unhappy in a few years and they shrink naturally? But if I go bigger then what size will I have to get when I have to get them redone down the road? SO much to think about!!

I know I dont want to look like a porn star OR have boobs that make me look fat in flowy shirts or dresses, but I also want boobs that will be porportinate to my frame (I have broad shoulders for my size). I guess we willl see what the PS says at my next appt :D

I have reached my next big milestone of this...

I have reached my next big milestone of this process.. I e-mailed my patient coordinator earlier today asking what my next step would be in getting my BA and she called me this evening letting me know the next step in the process would be (if) I plan on using Care Credit I would need to get accepted and then call her to put down my deposit ($639.00) and we would set the date. SO, long story short... WE GOT ACCEPTED for Care Credit! My boyfriend Brian and I are now approved for half of my full payment :):):) I am so happy he agreed to co-sign with me on this, even though he was not for it at all in the beginning, I think he is realizing this is for ME and no one else :) YAY! So I will be calling the office sometime in the next few days to set the exact date!! :) I am on cloud 9 right now!! YAY!! :) I will also be taking new pictures now to add to this :)
your before's are up! you are an itty bitty, your new boobs will look great!!!! CONGRATS ON GETTING ACCEPTED for care credit! Oh my gosh how happy are you!?!?! Its meant to be! That takes away stress I bet! Now you can take a deep breath regarding the financial side of things! Moooovin in the right direction! :) Also what a relief that your boyfriend is moving into acceptance! The stars are aligning for you ;) So happy for you! Set the date, set the date!!!!!!!!
lol Thank You :) I know we are both REALLY excited!! n it takes away A LOT of the stress! Now im going over my finances one more time before I call the office and do my deposit and set my date :) lol I will post it on here the SECOND I post a date!!!!!!!!! YAAAY!!
Congrats, I know you are excited. I think that range will look good on you. I'm shorter and a little heavier than you and I think I could carry a little more but I didn't want to run into any complications going over my bwd. Update when you set a date.

Hey ladies!! So I haven't set a date yet.. But I...

Hey ladies!! So I haven't set a date yet.. But I have a couple questions :) I haven't set a date partially because I havent told my dad yet.. My mom knows, sister knows, and boyfriend of course knows, but I cant figure out HOW to tell my dad :/ He's not really the type of man to sit down and talk about serious things with.. He's very goofy and makes jokes out of everything and I feel like when I bring it up he will just be like "No." and not understand why im doing this.. ANY advice will help.. :) My other question is.. does anyone have any advise on how to loose body fat?! (random I know.. and I am flexing/ sucking in in my pictures..) But, at first I was considering Lipo on top of the BA and decided I didnt really need full on LIPO and could save the extra $3,500.. I go to the gym 5 days a week (anywhere from 30 min of cardio to 45 min cardio, then weights) I really just need an idea of how to cut my body fat down by what to eat/ not eat :/ Thats all for now :)
My dad is the same way. He NEVER looked at my belly when I was pregnant, of course now he spoils his grandson ridiculously! I feel like this BA will be the same way, just kinda pretend its not there. I don't think my dad really cares about my boobs, their size, or if there are implants in there or not. I'm sure he pretends I'm still 6 years old anyway LOL!
Haha my dad was the SAME way when we got our puppy lol was SO against it and then we brought home on Christmas and he is IN LOVE! Lol I hope my dad is the same way as yours :) thank you for the advise!!
My dad was upset with me getting it done but now he is totally supportive after the fact. Lol

Thought I'd tell you all about the dream I had...

Thought I'd tell you all about the dream I had last night lol more like nightmare!.. So basically it was me, my mom, and cousin (who already got a BA from my PS) we were all having surgery on the same day.. Long story short, the PS mixed up all of our "perfect boobs" pictures and when my mom decided we should sneak a peek while we were still in recovery.. My boobs turned out as my moms "perfect boobs" and she's a 38DDD already! So here I was, 5ft 2, 107 with a 38DDD!!! SO SCARY!!! Talk about not wanting to go TOO BIG! AHHH lol
In order to lose body fat you have keep your diet clean, (fruits and veggies, lean meat, healthy carbs and healthy fats) weight train and do your cardio. Make sure you eat 5-6 small meals a day and drink your water. Just stay consistent and you will lose. Good luck m
lol funny story.. I thought you would be the one to ask (based on your AMAZING abs!) lol but didn't want to ask you directly :) Thanks!! I have found a food chart with a list of healthy protein, carbs, and veggies and read that I should eat 5-6 meals a day with one food from each section and only servings as big as my palm :) tried it last night (chick, baked sweet potato, and green beans) all plain and LOVED it and felt GREAT this morning :) YAY I also started to do some "LISS" cardio instead of all High Intensity to maintain my muscle and target fat.. Is it true that I should do that to burn fat and maintain the muscles I do have?
chicken** lol

So... I told my dad :) I went to my parent's...

So... I told my dad :) I went to my parent's after work today and, were sitting in the family room when I basically took a deep breath and blurted it out.
- I said "So, I have something I need to talk to you about/ tell you." (pretty sure he thought I was pregnant!)
Then I said, "Im "thinking" about getting implants."
- And he looked confused and then I think it clicked and said "oh, no you don't need that."
- I then told him "I have been wanting this sense I was in high school, but have been seriously looking into it and saving for it the past two years and now I will be able to pay for this, and pay all my bills and still save money."
- And he said, "oh, well I don't think you need to make a purchase like that right now, and you guys need to get going in life (this shocked me)."
- So, I just said "Yea, I know but this won't effect school or anything and I will be back to work a week after at most."
- He then said "well Jenna I don't think you need to do something like that right now."
- So I told him, "I have done a lot of research into this dad, I have seen 5 PS before I chose the one I want to do the surgery when/ if I make my final decision to do it or not. And if I choose to do it it will be in the next few months so that I can be healed by the summer time."

And we kind of left it at that, he didn't have any questions, didn't say I "can't" (which wouldn't matter but a lot of the times thats my parents response to anything) So I think overall it went pretty well. I think I will wait a few days to see if he has any logical concerns and then HOPEFULLY set the date by the end of the week :):):) YAAY!! One step closer!!!
Listen Girl I'm so excited and proud you did that! I am 42 years old and did not tell my Daddy! I'm a southern daddy's girl and I did not tell him because If he had said "NO your not" I would have listened. I was raised "Honor your mother and your FATHER" has NO age limit. LOL!!! So I just told my mom and let him figure it out after. Which he has been completely okay with it and just kinda laughed at me when he realized it. Thank goodness. But he is also the one who has always said " Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission." LOL !!! But I completely get the nervousness about telling your daddy. Good wishes for Good healing.
:) thank you! I know I did the right thing and am SO glad he didn't flat out say NO... I would have still done it but would feel really guilty :/
thats amazing news Jenna! proud of your dad! hes letting in set in! glad you did it, im sure you are relieved :) phew!

SOOOO.... I AM SCHEDULED!!!! AHHH!! lol I am SO...

SOOOO.... I AM SCHEDULED!!!! AHHH!! lol I am SO excited!! Surgery will be on March 20th and my pre-op will be on March 8th!!! I dont know how to feel right now I am not numb but kind of giddy? is that the word?... My mom gave me the okay to call while I am at work so here I am STUCK in my office with no one to tell (except my mom, and I texd my boyfriend)... So now the patient coordinator Karen is going to send me (first via e-mail, then I will get a hard copy in the mail by the end of the week) a whole packet of info and stuff :) (they did the same thing when I scheduled my consultation) So I will be distracted by that this weekend (except for when we go to Supercross, then I will be WISHING I already had my boobs hahaha)... Sorry I am rambling but I am SOOO EXCITED!!!
Good luck girl! I have 480cc Ultra High Profiles and I'm 6 days post op. Its going to creep up before you know it! Enjoy tummy sleeping or laying while you can ;) Xx
I am so excited for you!! Just a heads up, this month is going to be the slowest month ever!! But it'll be here before you know it! Bring a camera with you to your pre-opp so when you try on different sizers you can have something to look back at when you go home and you're trying to decide. The nurse that was helping me told me the right sizer should feel like "woah, this is a little too big" and if you're trying one on that feels perfect, go one size up :) because you loose like 20cc's once they are in. Good luck lovely! xoxo Keep me posted!!
YES! Agree with MissMae - go bigger than you "think" you want to. =) xoxo

So.. I am trying to figure out sizes AGAIN.. At my...

So.. I am trying to figure out sizes AGAIN.. At my consultation my PS told me to bring in a FULL COVERAGE bra in my goal size.. So when I decided I wanted to go with him I went out and bought a VS 32DD.. So I have tried it on about 20 times sense I bought it and EVERY time it freaks me out how big it feels and I have gone to VS with the bra to exchange it 3 times but then I look at the demi bras (which is what I normally wear) and it doesnt freak me out and I end up going home without exchanging the bra.. I know I am WAY over thinking it but I need opinions... With VS I know a 34D=32DD and currently I am a 34B (barely in VS sizes) so it doesnt sound like I would be going to big with a 34D/32DD but what do you ladies think? Would a 34D/32DD be too big? Should I try on the bra (32DD) stuff it with socks and show you guys? LOL

I have a tip for you post-op ladies (or the pre-op...

I have a tip for you post-op ladies (or the pre-op ladies who are thinking of buying milk of magnesia for after your surgery) because constipation is a COMMON and well shared problem post-op I thought I would share that you can use the left over (if you have any) Milk of Magnesia to get rid of oily skin :) OR you can use it as a spot treatment on blemishes! Just apply it on your skin (or blemish) let dry for 10-15 min. rinse and apply a light facial lotion.. Weird and kind of gross but apparently it works :)
I just read about the milk of magnesia thing on yahoo. Might have to try it out! I have very oily skin.
Haha that's where I read it.. Made me think of the girls on here!!
Ok I have tried on the 34D and it's fine. Maybe snug :-/ The 36C feels the same (and I know it is...just big in the rib cage)....These were undersides and NOT VS. I'm sure for VS I would need 34DD....So that is where 480 UHP bring me at 1 week post op!

For all my pre-op girls I just went to (...

For all my pre-op girls I just went to ( http://www.breastimplantsusa.com/before-after-photos/breast-augmentation/size/B-to-DD.htm ) and they by far have been the most helpful with before and after pictures :) Just thought id share
So what did you decide?! :)
Ok ladies...mine grew as of trying those bras on and they are def a 34 DD....yikes! I did get more than I expected. However, I'm getting used to it fast. I guess this process is extremely unpredictable...

Hey!! I still have 5 weeks and 1 day before my...

Hey!! I still have 5 weeks and 1 day before my surgery but I have been constantly making lists of things I might need or want and one of my big question marks is if I should just use my moms arm rest pillow (idk what else to call it but its a super nice back rest with the arm rests complete with massage, cup holders and a reading light) ... its pretty awesome BUT will that be too propped up for me to use for sleeping? I was on makemeheal and they have the wedge pillows that aren't so upright for $39.95 (thats the least expensive I might go with a more expensive memory foam IF I get one) Does anyone have experiences with either ways of sleeping? Help!!
I spent the first 2 nights on my couch so I could either prop myself up or scooch down to be a little more flat. Since I've moved back to my bed, I use 2 couch throw pillows under my regular pillow and just adjust the angle as needed. I've been progressively getting more and more flat on the bed, and have even been able to sleep on my sides the last couple nights! In the morning, I like having a pillow at my sides so I can rest my arms at a more neutral height. That seems to help relieve my morning boob; it helps that my husband is up and moving a good hour before my alarm goes off, so I just steal his pillow for my arm! :)
I used a couple pillows plus this chair pillow looking thing. Lol it has a back and arms like a chair but its a really fluffy soft pillow. I just laid it back some so it wasn't upright and I got it for 20 bucks. I started sleeping on my side about 3 days post op though with a memory foam pillow under my boobs and a smaller pillow in between them to support them
Kk yea I have the arm chair back thing maybe ill just lay it back and add a few more pillows hopefully ill be sleeping on my side before too long too:)

Hey ladies!! I am now 2 weeks and 3 days from my...

Hey ladies!! I am now 2 weeks and 3 days from my pre-op appointment and I am trying to think of all the things I need to ask my PS!! I was wondering if there are any questions you wish you had asked or any questions it is a good idea to ask? The only questions I really have come up with are about working out, and what Meds I will be given and if I will get anything for nausea.. If anyone can think of questions to add PLEASE pass them my way!! THANKS!!
Hi Jenna! I think my dad would have been the same way! However... my mom told him and apparently he told my mom he wasn't very happy about it but my dad has not said a word about it to me and well I just haven't brought it up. I know that he knows and perhaps at some point it will come up but I think my parents know I'm a pretty determined gal so yeah... Of course I hate disappointing my parents so that part does kinda bum me out however, I think my mom has accepted it now..... anyways I saw that you were asking about how to get your stomach flatter... it is honestly all about what you eat!! I am a pretty petite gal but my stomach area has always been a trouble zone for me! The past 8 weeks I have really been stricter on what I eat (every now and then I will have a treat but it's just a treat not a whole day of eating bad!) I have noticed a huge difference in the tone of my stomach and I know its greatly due to my change in eating. I also try to work out 5 times a week... 3 days of bootcamp and on the weekends I do cardio and some abs and weight training. Best wishes to you! :)
One thing I wish I would have paid more attention to in these reviews is that you will be constipated!! I kind of just blew that off and was one of those things that "wont happen to me" but boy did I bloat up those first two days, had to get my husband to run out to buy milk of magnesium. that part was NOT pleasant
Congrats Jenna on ur choice! And u have similar stats then me so i will defenetly will be following ur story since u having surgery a month before me!! Wuaaaaa :,( Im so jealous of everyone is getting the Tatas before meeeee ...lmao but I wish u the best and an easy recovery! The only thing I will advice u is follow all ur PS instructions!!! For before n after surgery! Good luck Jenna xoxo, Amy

1 Week until my Pre-op!! :) I added pictures...

1 Week until my Pre-op!! :)

I added pictures of the Emotional and Physical reactions after surgery. I know we will all go through CRAZY changes and won't know why were acting strange so hopefully this will help all you post-op ladies get through those tough times and help all of us pre-op understand the craziness before it happens :)
Hey Jenna, my pre op is on the 14th! I am so excited and freaked out at the same time! I think reading the stories of girls who've explained have really worried me but I think I still wanna go through with it.. Lol. And I'm thinking I'll get mod plus since I don't want too much projection, maybe 275/300cc (1 boob is a tad smaller than the other). Have you narrowed down your options at all?
I'm around your size... I'm going with 375cc... Was originally thinking 350cc but when I went in for my pre-op he had me down for 375! I'm doing silicone hp.... but now I keep looking at other gals and wondering is that going to be too much? But i trust that my doctor knows what I am going for and would let me know if he didn't think that was going to work for me!!
Good to know :) I'm just worried HP vs Mod+

~*+*~PRE-OP~*+*~ Hey Ladies!! I had my pre-op...


Hey Ladies!! I had my pre-op today so now I have 1 week and 4 days until my surgery!! YAY!! I will be going in on Wednesday March 8th at 6:30AM!!

I stopped at the bank before the appointment to pull out $3,200 and OMG I have NEVER had that much cash in my hand! AHHH LOL it was very intimidating! But then we got to the doctors office and I wasn't too nervous it was all really surreal and went SUPER fast!

We went back, had pictures taken, then got my prescriptions (Norco and an antibiotic, he said they won't usually give patients anything to calm down before they arrive because they need to be able to stand and focus while he is marking on them and discussing the final goal size).. Then I asked my questions and then he told me that my right breast is bigger than my left (I knew this already because I have scoliosis (mild))... I LOVED the way the 350ccs looked, so the doctor suggested we go with 375R and 400L... but now I am thinking I was already compensating for the ccs that will be lost by going under the muscle with the 350ccs.. But for now we decided we should go with 375 R and 400 L HP... He said most likely HP because I'm small but he will have plenty of sizers to try on in the OR before he makes the final decision with CCs and profile... (My boyfriend and the doctor agreed that the 375/400 were a good size :) Guess all I have to do is trust him now lol :)) THEN as my PS was telling me to go into the patient coordinators office to get day of instructions and pay he said "Well, Ill see you on the day of surgery when I come in and mark you up" and I got SO nervous! I think he could tell because he asked if I was ok LOL oh boy maybe now he understands why I was asking for something before surgery!! Then we went in to sign my life away, and give away all of my money LOL oh well I guess in 1 week and 4 days I will know EXACTLY where my money went :)

So for my post-op I will not be able to wear anything for the first 2-3 days, after that I can wear the "shelf" bra OR a bralette YAY!! I am also supposed to wash with Dial soap the night before or morning of lol HELLO DRY SKIN :/ guess its worth it tho ;) He also doesn't require any kind of arnica (doesn't believe in it) so I can buy it on my own or not I guess its my choice lol... Time to start nesting lol I can't wait!!

I will include pictures with the sizers in PLEASE let me know if you guys think they are too big...

Hope everyone is recovering well!!
Congrats and I think the size is perfect. So excited for you!!
Thank you:)
I think they look good! Especially since once they are under the muscle you will lose a little of that. Exciting!!!!

I've decided to make an appointment to go back in...

I've decided to make an appointment to go back in to the PS and try on sizers.. Everyone (except my mom) seems to think that the 400L and 375R looks good :) BUT I think they look a little big I'm just imaging them in a bathing suit (I spend most of the summer in a bikini) and I feel like I may look top heavy.. So I'm going to go in and take pictures of me from 350L/325R up to the 400L/375R in a tight shirt, loose shirt, and hopefully in a bikini too!! Brian can't come with me :( but my sister is in town for her spring break so I HOPE she can come with :)

Does anyone know what the difference is between Arnica and Mederma? I have seen Mederma at the store but no Arnica :/
arnica is for the swelling/bruising aspect of the surgery. the mederma is to help heal the scars after. id start taking the arnica asap and then maybe a week or two after surgery. the mederma you can use when your PS says you can start treating the scars with something to help fade them, etc. you can get both arnica cream/gel and the pills i think at GNC. counting down them days girl!!! let us know how the re-sizing of the sizers goes lol
Ooohh!! K thanks!! Then ill add Mederma to my list of things to get too :) I will let you all know any post pictures :)
I bought arnica at target and gnc, in target they keep in behind the pharmacy. Good luck!!

So I went back to try on sizers and took LOTS of...

So I went back to try on sizers and took LOTS of pictures BUT in the pictures I cant tell a difference in size!! I went all the way from 400 down to 325 and in my bra and tight tank top they all look the same!! :( That being said I think I will stick with the 400 because I liked the way the 375 look :) But who knows I may get cold feet the day of and tell my PS to aim for putting the 375 in :/ I will post pictures when im not at my work computer :P
I think you should go with the 400cc. That's what I was debating on the day of surgery. My PS said the 375cc would look most natural on me,like you wouldn't know I got implants. And of course that's what I was gojng for, but since some of it gets lost under the muscle, I decided on the 400s and he still said those would look perfect for my body. 25cc doesn't make much of a different , so I say go for it! I'm very happy with mine. :)

Hey ladies I am 3 days from getting boobies!!...

Hey ladies I am 3 days from getting boobies!! Woohoo! I uploaded new pictures with 375ccs because if I do 400ccs it will look like 375ccs when under the muscle... Sorry the bralette is crooked lol I didn't even realize until I left the PS office and looked at the pictures :/

Yesterday My bf and I got a carpet cleaner and really CLEANED our carpets and did a lot of the deep cleaning of the apartment.. So all I will need to focus on is getting caught up with laundry, cleaning the sheets, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the counters :) I also went and got the rest of my post-op supplies yesterday which felt really good to finally have everything ill need!! I'm starting to get really excited!! But still freaked out about the surgery :/ ugh.. Let me know what you guys think bout the 375 sizers :)
GNC has arnica cream, gel, and tablets! The mederma is for scraps but you could also use vitamin e oil. Excited for you!!!
Thanks!! I got the Arnicare cream stuff but no pills and ill get the vitamin e oil :)
I also took in 3,000 in cash and the nurse freaked out! Like no one has ever come in with cash before. My ps does not use high profile implants...not sure why...so I am getting moderate.

Hey ladies so I have a super random question for...

Hey ladies so I have a super random question for ya.. What kind of underwear is appropriate to wear to surgery? Or does it matter? Lol Im a pretty shy girl but all I really own are thongs and I didn't know if I should go buy something different? Lol I've obviously had WAY too much time to think about the surgery :P
I think the 375 look great! And don't worry about what your wear there b/c you'll go into surgery w/ a gown on and nothing else. Just an FYI...I had my hair pulled back in a bun w/ the spiral bobby pins and regular bobby pins in to keep my bangs out of the way. I had to take them all out b/c they're metal and no metal during surgery. If you wear studs in your ears remember to take them out before you get to the surgery center. So excited for you!!
Lol I thought I was going to get to keep my pants on so I had on a thing and my cute sweat pants but then I found out I had to take em off!! So wished I had gotten waxed lmao but he wasn't working down there haha so it's all good! Wear what you are comfortable in!
Haha that's funny if I didn't know I was going to take my pants off and they told me I had to I would have freaked :) but I asked what I would be wearing in the OR lol... Thanks!!

Well tomorrow is my day... It is 1:00 (pm) here...

Well tomorrow is my day... It is 1:00 (pm) here and the house is already cleaned, laundry done, and all I need to do is make our bed with the clean sheets! We also have to go to the store but that's no big deal:)

I can't believe how FAST the day has arrived! It seems like I made my appointment yesterday and here I am waiting for a call from the surgery center and the PS office to confirm the time!! So far it's 6:30 am arrival!! I hope it stays that way..

I am TRYING to drink as much water as I can but so far I've had only one water bottle! I drank A LOT yesterday but for some reason I can't today :/ other than drinking lots if water does anyone have any other tips for the last day of no boobies?? I keep thinking if what I should have for dinner that's filling but I can't think of anything other than pizza lol

So it's 10:10 here and I have to be up and out of...

So it's 10:10 here and I have to be up and out of the house by 5:30-5:45.. I am procrastinating going to bed.. I think because I don't want to feel the nerves when I wake up :/ I have been so freaked out for the past couple days that if I talk or think about tomorrow I get dizzy.. It's a weird feeling :/ I'm going to try to sleep but hopefully I will update again once I'm on my way if I'm not too nervous but if not ill update as soon as I can!!!

GOOD LUCK to those who are having their Boobieday with me!!
That's so exciting, can't wait to see the results!!! Keep us all posted on your recover and sending positive thoughts your way!!!!
Good luck girl! Your going to do just fine! Update as soon as you can! :)
Thank you!! I will :)

Were on our way!! I slept really well surprisingly...

Were on our way!! I slept really well surprisingly... I fell asleep at about 11 and woke up at 5 and nerves started kicking in.. It's 5:51 now and I have to be at the surgery center at 6:30 so I'm kind of afraid we won't get there in time (but then again I'm usually early to everything)... So hear it goes ladies!! Happy Boobieday too me!!

~*+*~BOOBIEVILLE U.S.A.~*+*~ First.. THANK YOU...

~*+*~BOOBIEVILLE U.S.A.~*+*~

First.. THANK YOU for everyone's well wishes! It meant a lot to me reading them on the car ride there! It really reminded me how many of you were thinking bout me :) so Thank You!...

I am officially a part of Boobieville ladies WOOHOO!! I had a whole bunch of energy when I got home so I was just walking around in the apartment but now sitting in bed I am getting sleepy so ill make this quick.. It was SO EASY! The hardest part was waiting in Pre op!! Lol so ladies who goatee today or tomorrow just breathe and relax! I'm telling you it is so simple!... I can't keep my eyes open right now but hopefully ill be able to update in details later!!

Thank You again to everyone for your support and...

Thank You again to everyone for your support and everything it was nice waking up to a bunch of "good luck" and "congratulations" :)

So I'm going to take you guys through my day so far :)

I woke up at 5:15 to be at the surgery center at 6:30, I put up my hair, washed my face, got dressed, and set up my bed for when I got home.. We left the house and I was SO nervous I was shaking!

We arrived at the surgery center and went in at 6:25, I filled out my last paperwork and got my wrist band and waited for about 10 minutes to be brought back to Pre-op

In Pre-op one nurse came in, asked a few questions, got me wrapped in warm blankets, and started my IV (she couldn't find a vein but when she finally did she made putting in an IV seem like child's play lol it was painless! I was shocked!)... About 30 minutes later my PS came in, marked me up, told me he is going to aim for 375ccs and left.. Then about 5 minutes later my OR nurse came in (she is the sweetness most comforting nurse I've ever met but then again I haven't met many nurses) we asked about the procedure and her role in the OR and then she told me the anesthesiologist would be by in a minute and she would be back with a wheelchair.. The anesthesiologist then came in and explained the Meds he would put in my IV and talked about the breathing mask/tube and then told me he would be back with the nurse..

Before I knew it they were opening my curtain and putting me in a wheelchair with more warm blankets on it, the anesthesiologist told me he would be putting lidocaine into my IV and it would calm me down and give me temporary amnesia, it stung for a second but hat went away really fast, then I said bye to Brian and was wheeled into the OR..

I remember getting myself on the table, having more warm blankets put on and a heater blowing under the blankets :) then the anesthesiologist put on the EKG leads (they were very cold) and he told me to breathe deep to get pleanty of fresh oxygen in me, and then he said he was going to add the medication to put me to sleep, the OR nurse then held my hand (told you she was the sweetest lol) and off I went..

Next thing I knew I woke up in a different bed in my post-op room :).. It too was warm and the Dr asked if I would like Brian to come in and I said of course :) then the nurse had me drink ice water and eat crackers and gave me 2 Percocet and let me get dressed and we headed home..

The ride home was simple, bumps didn't hurt, no sick feeling, nothing :) I even texted and called family and friends

And now I have been home texting family and friends.. I tried to sleep but I really couldn't so I have been doing my stretches, walking around, standing, and my sister even brought Brian and I Hawiian BBQ :) yay!! Lol

So over all the hardest part was sitting and building up my nerves in Pre-op, I was so surprised with EVERYONE at the surgery center, the anesthesiologist, and of course my PS.. I took one Norco at 1:00 and I'm sore but nothing horrible, I can still take deep breathes and lift my arms and such :) just not with anything in them lol...

I will post a pic or 2 that I have taken, theyr in a sweatshirt but I might get the courage to post one without anything, lol maybe after one more norco :)

GOOD LUCK everyone who is Pre-op and CONGRATULATIONS everyone who is Post-op!!!

glad everything went well!!! happy healing to you! :)
Thank you!!! How are you healing?!
Over all pretty good. Have some swelling going on and just noticed some dried blood on one of my steri strips :( think its from all the massaging I've had to do! But pain level is minimal! They are slowly starting to soften and settle. Hoping this bloatedness goes away soon! Get lots of rest!!

Today is post-op day 2 (surgery day was day 1)......

Today is post-op day 2 (surgery day was day 1)... I was super amped up all yesterday when I got home, had a couple friends over, just relaxed and talked about my new boobs mostly lol it was nice to have support around me :) I kept up with my massages and streaching oretty much right before i took my pills and then another set right after which I think has made such a difference in helping me feel good and healing faster..

I decided to go to bed around 12:30 and then I was up around 4:30-5:30 mostly waiting to take my next pain pills and then I fell asleep until 7:30 and was up on and off until I got out of bed at 9 :)

I still feel great today, my Norcos really don't have any effect on pain I feel like it's mostly on my mood and make me really talkative lol.. So I asked my PS's nurse today when she called if I could get something more for the pain and she recomended me take 2.5 every 3 hours (my original dose was 1 every 4-5 hours) lol but I still do feel really good so I might only do 2.5 but keep it at every 4 hours.. It's all already set as alarms in my phone lol :)

Yesterday I wasn't very hungry at all.. And this morning I made myself eat eggs, fruit and some toast just so my metabolism got a head start and doesn't slow down from not eating too much..

All in all I am doing WAY better than I thought I would be:) and I am SO happy about that

I will post pictures of me that I took today too :)

Oh and I started taking MOM today, just 2...

Oh and I started taking MOM today, just 2 tablespoons now and ill do another 2 in a little bit :)

My BF and I are also going to go walk around the mall today lol I started online browsing last night and I CAN'T WAIT to buy something lol
You look great! My PS had also given me a copy of the roller-coaster handout - it was interesting. I'd had one of my friends tell me her husband got home after her surgery to find her sobbing on the couch!
Thank you!! You look great too!!! I CANT WAIT to go bikini shopping!!! Oh no! Your poor friend! Yea I haven't gotten to that point yet :) but only time will tell!!
Congrats and welcome to the club!!! Looking awesome!

Post-op day 3 So going shopping yesterday was a...

Post-op day 3

So going shopping yesterday was a lot if fun! I didn't end up buying anything but it was a lot of fun especially trying on strapless dresses (I hated anything strapless because I would have to wear a really uncomfortable padded bra)..

After shopping I got REALLY tired so came home and napped for about an hour and woke up and felt really sick :/ I think it's from me upping my dose if Norco to 2 every 3 hours so for dinner last night I wasn't able to eat much because of my stomach so I took 3 Tylenol before bed and then I was up at 3:00 and was very uncomfortable, while sleeping sitting up I pinched something in my tailbone and it hurts really bad even now (9:30am), and I have a really annoying pain in my right boob it feels almost like a knot behind my implant, has anyone had this feeling or the tailbone feeling?? Any suggestions on how to fix either??

Today I plan to stay in the house and focus on ice, stretching, and massages :) I hope everyone else is having an easy recovery! :)

Hey ladies! Ive been in bed all day, not in pain...

Hey ladies! Ive been in bed all day, not in pain just enjoying relaxing and resting.. I forgot to update you about how the MOM worked for me... It didn't :/ it tastes like fish (I had the cherry flavor) and couldn't make myself take the other 2 tablespoons so sense yesterday my stomach had just been bubbling and nothing happened so earlier I took some MiraLax and it worked :) woohoo so I think I'll take another packet tomorrow morning but I'm glad to get things moving in that department!!
Just want to say hi, because Dr. M did my BA on 3/18... Two days before yours! Small world!! Glad you're recovering well :)
Ahh that's great!! Did you go home feeling AMAZING too?
I do love that surgery center... Treated me like a princess :). Everybody was super nice, and all went so smoothly!

Post-op Day 4 I am feeling better and better...

Post-op Day 4

I am feeling better and better every day :) Last night I had a hard time sleeping from 3am until about 7, I keep waking up really uncomfortable and find myself sitting in bed stretching and walking around the kitchen lol..

Other than that I'm feeling okay, but I have right boob pain it happens when I reach for toilet paper mostly lol or any motion where I have to use my right hand to grab something on my left side.. its annoying :/

The only other thing I was having an issue with is peeing! I think it might be my norcos mixed with tylenol.. so today I have only had 1 norco and 3 tylenol and things seem to be working better :) YAY!!

Oh and my tailbone STILL hurts :/ I tried sitting on a heating pad while I slept last night and it seemed to help a little bit but god, its annoying!!

Well, its nap time :) but when I get up I will try to post more pictures even tho they don't look very different from my other pictures lol
I just cleaned out the bra drawer!!!! ;) You doing ok today? I'm feeling great, went to target and bought some sports bras, me & Dave went for a short walk. It's been a good day, now to relax and watch a movie!
YAAY lol I haven't gotten that far yet.. I am doing great as well!! Went to my parents today for lunch and now were going to dinner with Brian's dad :) we might go see a movie later with a few friends but I think we might stay in and watch a movie :)
Glad you have had a good day! Which ever you decide to do, go out or stay in have a good time!

Post-op Day 5 Short update for today, I'm still...

Post-op Day 5

Short update for today, I'm still feeling great!! Sleeping is getting easier , I dont even need to wake up for pain meds anymore!! I just take them right before bed and then again when im up in the morning:).. and my tailbone doesn't hurt anymore :)

Other than that nothing really to update, still high and swollen

I hope everyone else is healing well!!
You should post your "dress up" pics!
I know it's probably too late but the first 3 nights I slept In a recliner or with 7 pillows holding me up high. Omg did it help. But I know by day 5 I was back to myself and by day 7 I was food shopping and worki g with no problems. They look awesome
you look so good im so happy for you! i hope you are feeling better soon by looking at you i know it is all worth it : )

Hey ladies!! Heres a little recap.. Post-Op Day...

Hey ladies!! Heres a little recap..

Post-Op Day 6

So yesterday I worked from home which was great because I was able to stop and take a nap :) then Brian and I went to the mall, we got there and I already felt swollen and sleepy so I didn't end up buying anything or trying anything on BUT there were A LOT of things that I saw and CANT WAIT to have more energy (and feel skinny again) to go back and try on!!

Post-Op Day 7

Last night I slept REALLY well once I fell asleep (these Norcos make my mind race sometimes and that was tough) but I think I am getting more comfy on my back and finding ways to put the pillows that work for me :)

Today I had my first post-op appointment.. It was SO SIMPLE! I was taken straight back like always, the nurse came in and took the tape off my incisions and said they look great, she showed me and I couldn't believe how healed they are already! Her and the doctor both seem very impressed with how my boobs look so far, they both said that they are nice and soft and I should keep doing what I have been doing (YAY ME!! :)) then we went over my new "massages" I have to basically push my implant up as far as I can by pushing up between my nipple and incision, it hurts but it is nice to move them a little :) I go back in next Thursday for my next post-op

***OH! and I found out I ended up with 400cc's Left and 375cc's Right, HP :)

After that I took a long nap and went to target to get some of their awesome sports bras, they are SO SOFT and comfy! I can't wear them all day but for when I leave the house its nice to have something on..

I am only at 7 days post-op and I already am SO anxious to get my butt back to the gym!! I don't know if anyone else has had this feeling (I'm sure some have) but its killing me that I haven't been in a week.. I think tomorrow I might go walk SLOWLY on the treadmill and possibly do some squats and leg lifts to work my abs.. I know my PS is fine with the walking part and if I can walk the mall I can walk on a treadmill :) right?

I will post pictures tomorrow sometime :)
Happy Healing!!
Hey Jenna! You are looking great and I'm glad you are feeling well! I'm eager to get back to the gym as well and I'm hoping my ps clears me to start doing SOMETHING on thursday! I can't believe it's been a week for ya!
Thank you!! You look GREAT too!! :) yea I don't see a problem with walking unless someone has been told NO WALKING AT ALL I don't see what harm it will do :) I know time has FLOWN by!!
The nurse technically had told me I could but then the Thursday visit happened and he told me to just take it easy this week. So I did but I really want to get back to the gym!!

Post-op Day 8 This healing process just gets...

Post-op Day 8

This healing process just gets easier and easier :) I slept through the night lastnight, no back ache, no waking up to adjust, and no pain killers in the middle of the night!! I just went back to the mall to grab a sports bra from Nordies and I ended up trying on some bathingsuits:):) I took pictures so I will post those now too :)

Hope healing for everyone is going well and remember it will get easier!! :)

How is my boob buddy? It's been a while..
I've been lurking through realself reading a lot of reviews about ladies BA and I have to say some were putting me in dismay over committing to it because of the recovery. Your recovery sounds like it hasnt been difficult! Have you been able to get up by yourself? I'm very independent and will mostly be doing my recovery by myself after 3 days so I'm wondering if I'll need any help.
Thippie after three days I was fine the only thing is you will work out ur stomach a lot by getting up alone which is a plus. Just make sure your meds are open already cause its a little tough to open them. Other than that you should be fine (;

Post-Op About 1 and a half weeks Sorry I...

Post-Op About 1 and a half weeks

Sorry I haven't updated in a while.. I've had a lot going on... Basically as of now I have no pain except if I over do it during the day, I have to come home and ice but that's about it.. I'm still sleeping proped up a little bit because I'm afraid of sleeping on my back has anyone else had this fear?? I went back into work on Friday for a little bit (I have been working from home) it wasn't too bad but I did get tired really fast which has been happening a lot the past week.

I have my 2nd post-op appointment on Thursday and I am going to ask about tanning, a NORMAL bra (finding something to wear for Easter was difficult because I had to wear a bralette or nothing lol) and about going back to the GYM!!! :)

I will post new pictures! Hope everyone else is healing well!!

I couldn't take god pictures but ill uploaded what...

I couldn't take god pictures but ill uploaded what I got and then have Brian take some later! They are very even (even though they look funny in the pictures, I think)
Hey Jenna, i got the go ahead to ride my bike and even run last week!! So I bought the mother of all sports bras for support and I've run a mile for the last couple nights with no problems. It feels so good to be exercising again!!! I was starting to feel pretty lazy...!!

Hey I'm planning on seeing dr. Mariotti too! Do you think it's too early for an 18 year old having a BA? I'm pretty sure I'm don't growing becAuse I haven't grown AT all in that area lol.

It really don't matter how old. It preferred to wait til 22 but my aunt got them done when she was 26 and even after she got them she grew two cup sizes within 4 years. So either way it don't matter. I was a late bloomer and could have never hit puberty if my dr wouldn't have given me medicine. I was 18 when that happened and just turned 21 3 week after BA. So your good (:

Post-Op Day 16 Hey ladies!! I had my 2 week...

Post-Op Day 16

Hey ladies!! I had my 2 week post-op on Thursday and it went pretty well (my LS had an emergency so I saw the nurse Sara(h) who is just as awesome) I told her I was worried about my right looking bigger even tho they put the bigger implant into the left side and she said its because its not dropping as fast :/ (I thought it would be the left not dropping as fast because I was under the impression that when they drop they look bigger....?) so I have to go back in a week to see if they have to put me in THE STRAP!! AHHH!! And she mentioned that because its only the right side they might have to put me in a weird strap that only pushes one boob down instead of both.. Has anyone had or even heard of this?!

I was told at my appt that I have been able to do cardio and lower body all along! AHH this killed me but oh we'll I was in the gym first thing this morning and it felt great! I only did 30 min of cardio and crunches and only one leg workout but oh well :) it was a good start..

I was also told that tanning is perfectly fine just cover my incisions with tape or use a 30 SPF on them so because I already use sunscreen for my tattoos I used that and I have been twice the past two days :):):) I figured sense I havent been working out it would be a good idea to tan asap... because if you can't loose it tan it!!

I've been feeling pretty great :) sleeping great and today I spent about 5 hours trying on dresses for an auction fundraiser that I'm going to tomorrow!! Funny tho because none of the dresses I bought show off my new boobies! Maybe I was being conservative because the auction is for my brothers school and I will be there with my parents, and all of my parents friends and parents of kids from the school :/ oh well I will find time to show them off soon

I have been feeling like my boobs are a little small.. But only in clothes lol as soon as I take them off I'm like WOAH ok I'm crazy and they are perfect but I wish I had that feeling in my clothes too.. Has anyone had that post op? Don't get me wrong I am VERY happy with my size but just in certain things I wish I could show them off more lol

I hope all of you are healing well :)
I totally feel the same! I have 34DDDs and you cannot tell in regular clothes! It is a little sad that I have to wear something tight or revealing or buy a great bra when I paid all of this money to have them stand out without any extra effort lol. But, it is what it is and I do love them but definitely wish I went bigger with a higher profile! ;) xoxo
Yea I'm a little bummed :/ but Im holding on to the idea that I will have to get them re done after I have babies so I will go bigger then :)
I feel the EXACT same way about the size in clothes/without. I feel like they arent even noticeable in clothes sometimes! I keep telling myself that once I am cleared to wear regular bras that will change though!

So the auction on Saturday went GREAT!! I LOVED...

So the auction on Saturday went GREAT!! I LOVED the way I looked in my dress and that was a nice change for me because ive always wanted to look good in a dress and now I do.. Before I was always worried about my hips being wide and my chest was so narrow and now I'm pretty even but a little bigger on top ;) (squats will help even out the bottom ;))

Anyways to explain why my Title is "LOVE my new boobs so much that I..." At the auction my families photographer (she's been taking pictures of my family sense my parents wedding!) decided to donate 4 boudior packages and I won one!!!! Lol I've ALWAYS been very shy with my body (never thought id want professional pictures taken of it nude or almost nude) but now I am REALLY REALLY excited to show it off in such an artistic and beautiful way... Although I hope a little alcohol is included :) I haven't set a date for it yet because I want to get back into shape (even tho Bambi can make every woman look so gorgeous you wouldn't believe it!) but I will keep you ladies in the loop with all of that and post pictures as soon as I have them done!!

As far as my healing is going.. I have no complaints :) other than possibly needing a one boob strap lol but we will find out more about that on Thursday :)

Hope you ladies are enjoying your boobs as much as I am ;)
You look great! I love the pink/fusia (whatever color its considered)bikini better! I bought a bikini top.....with hopes to fill it in. God it looks HORRIBLE now! I can't wait for my new boobs!!
So happy to hear you are doing good! Let me know about this one sided strap contraption..... You know your going to HAVE to post these boudoir photos! I actually did that for my hubby's bday a few years ago, I want to do it again! Take some wine with ya! It helps lol ;)
Oh I will! I looked in the mirror tonight and my right nipple points forward and my left is still down :( UGGH thyrsday can't come fast enough!! I hope my ps tells me EXACTLY what I need to do to make them even :/ I will post some pix from my shoot.. Still don't know when I'm doing it but I HOPE my boobs are even by then!!! And I will be bringing some wine lol I feel like I'm researching boudoir info almost as much as I did for my boobs haha!!

3 Weeks 5 Days Post-Op: Hey ladies!! So sense...

3 Weeks 5 Days Post-Op:

Hey ladies!! So sense my last update I had my 3 week post op appointment, the dr didn't seem to be worried about the unevenness, and didn't even bring up the possibility of getting a strap, I asked him about it and he said at my next appointment (in 3 weeks) we would see if I need it and we left it at that.. I hope it fixes it's self on its own :/

I don't really have anything else to add... But I will post pictures that I took today please let me know what you think about the unevenness that I see! It's freaking me out:/
They look great I have been considering this doc for awhile
They looks absolutely great!(: hoping mine turn turn out as good as yours!!! Thanks for sharing!
It's been a while since I have been able to get on here and check on my girls! How are you and the new additions? Hope all is well!
Dr. Eric Mariotti

My aunt and cousin have both been to Dr. Mariotti for BAs and couldn't say enough good things about him, the office staff, the anesthesiologist and the surgery center staff.. And they ALL exceeded my expectations!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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