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My surgery is scheduled for May 7, 2014 at 7.30 am...

My surgery is scheduled for May 7, 2014 at 7.30 am. My husband has yet to come to terms with my decision to have a TT, BA & lipo. Although my daughter is on board and extremely supportive. Im 5.3, 125 - 130 lbs and it's been hell trying to maintain my weight around 115 - 120. I'm an avid exerciser, but cannot do anything about the 2 & 3rd stomach rolls. OMG, it's so disgusting.
Finally it dawned on me that I'm 47 now and for the rolls to go away I'll have to look into medical intervention! I've had mommy makeovers in the back of my mind after seeing KRON's Heath & Beauty segments on TV. But in my heart I knew I wasn't ready yet because I was able to manage my weight and was happy with how I looked. Once I knew this was the route now and after doing countless hours of research here I am, 1week away from pre op and 3 weeks alway from MM. I'm nervous, excited, worried my post op would be too much for husband and daughter but we shall see.

I thank this forum for connecting me with you all going through the same. I haven't shared my story with my family as I know they will not understand my reasons. So, this is great and I'm very thankful.

I wish & pray for all you ladies out there pre & post op, lots of luck, strength and happy healing.

Take care,
Millie's Mom
Hoping your surgery went well and your hubby has been supportive with your decisions. Hugs
How are you feeling? Your day is almost here =)
i'm excited for you!!!! we'll be recovery buddies.

Post op day 2!

Wow... Ladies PO is no joke. I did fine until yesterday afternoon when the swelling kicked in. And the key is to remain on top of your meds. Getting in and out of bed is an event. Once I'm up I'm ok though. I ran a lite fever last night 100.9 and I'll see how things go today.
Hey mamas how are you feeling??? Almost 1 month post op!! Hope your recovery has been going smooth!
Hi Shao. I'm feeling better, thank you for asking. Tummys pretty swollen but I'm hanging in there. It's day 10. However, I envy our RS ladies who don't have a appetite post op. I am so hungry and crave spicy foods. Weird... I know. I have my 2nd post op on Monday and will pick his brains. Take care.
Hey hey hey! How was your post-op? I hope your doing well!
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