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I promised to hold off from blogging until I set...

I promised to hold off from blogging until I set an actual date for my procedure, and it's official! I'll be having my breast augmentation on January 3rd. I'm so excited, I won't give you a loooong back story, let's just say I've wanted this since my little chest started to develop.

I went to a couple consultations last year and I decided on Dr. wolf. He answered all my questions, and was very "straight to the point" that's what I liked most about him. Other surgeons gave me that sales pitch feel. I put 250$ down to save a date & the rest will be paid in full prior to the surgery. I'm getting the cohesive gel silicone implants (the notorious gummy bear implants) a friend of mine had hers done with Wolf and they look phenomenal! I haven't decided on CCs yet 400 maybe? I'm a 32B now and I'd like to be a D. I'll be updating again December 16th on my pre-op appointment :)
happy boobyear.
Gracias! I can't wait!

Pre- op appointment

I arrived at Wolf's office at 10AM (a half & hour early lol I was too excited) there was no wait time to see him. We talked over what would go on before, during & after the surgery. He was very straight forward and answered all my questions. He gave me a little folder with everything that he had explained on paper, along with my prescriptions. Then it was off to pick my size!!!!!! I originally said 400cc's or larger but I'm petite, and ended up picking 375cc's hopefully I won't regret going smaller. I've had a lot of anxiety about this. But my final decision was based off of the fact that I can always go bigger later if I preferred to. I'd regret going TOO big.

My stats; I'm 5'0" , 105lbs and my current bra size is 32B.
I'm a bit curvy (perky butt) & I'm afraid of looking top heavy.

& YES! I'll be posting before & afters, closer to when they are done don't worry.
just a couple more dayyyssss :D good luck so excited for you! ^_^ let us know how it all goes!

Less than 24 hours!

I can't believe this! This is really happening! HAPPY BOOB YEAR TO ME! I've got everything together at home, stocked up on food, got myprescriptions filled etc. now it's the waiting game. I'm feeling so many different emotions right now, excited, nervous, and a bit of dis belief. My surgery is at 8AM about a hour away from home. I really don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight, I was instructed by my doctor to take one muscle relaxer pill before bed & one when I leave the house the next morning. (No food no drink, only a little sip of water with the pills). Hopefully it helps me sleep, my nerves are through the roof. I've changed my size AGAIN, to 350ccs. I know it isn't a huge difference but it'll give me a little peace of mind. I've been sporting uncomfortable rice sizers & the 350s look better.

Here are my befores! Sorry about the quality.
Good luck on your surgery
I have the same stats and I got 450cc hp silicone implants n I love them(:
if you're flat.. i wish i was flat lol :P ! good luck im sure theyre going to look great ! ^_^ happy recovery!


In the waiting room, literally biting my nails off! Ahhh!

Took muscle relaxers last night, still barley slept. Not food or water. But WOAHHHHH I really had to pee this morning. I heald it two hours to go when I got to the sergical center, (urine sample) I knew I wouldn't be able to go again.

Nothing going on yet, besides the fact that I'm STARVING!

Next update I'll have my new tatas!
Good luck! We can't wait to see!!
Good Luck Today!!


Lying in bed, very tight & sore. The ride home in the car was the worst. Swear my grandma hit every bump lol.

My breasts don't feel heavy per say. But, I feel pressure in the middle of my chest (about three fingers vertically in the cleavage area). I'm also numbed.
The actual surgery was very quick. 45 minuets or so. I felt no pain & woke up fully dressed wrapped in a heated blanked. Thank you Dr. Wolf & staff! They were so friendly and helped me relax.

I know they are swollen, but the size is PEEFECT! I'll take pictures soon, I can't fully extend my arms. Didn't expect to be feeling handicapped lol my grandma is taking the best care of me! I love her so much! I can't sit up on my own. And when we first arrived home I couldn't eat on my own. My arms felt more weak than they do now. Probably from the anesthesia.

I had an appetite today & no nausea thank goodness! Ate small stuff, applesauce, cottage cheese, noodles & home made mochi.

The pain pills are a MUST! Every six hours. Muscle relaxers also every six hours or as needed.

OH! and I don't really have "frankenboob" woooohh! I was so terrified of that. Pictures soon loves :)
Welcome to the otherside. We have very similar stats and I ended up with 345 cc. Best of luck on your recovery!!
So excited to follow your recovery process! I'm getting mine done in 4 days! And we are both around the same height/ weight. :) hope your first few days are smooth sailing!!!


Finally took my bra off! They look beautiful already! I'm really surprised. My left side feels better, less pain.

my incisions are a little itchy. My breasts are feeling softer everyday.

Oh, and my nipples aren't bigger! In my before pictured they are hard (TMI sorry lol) and currently they are soft & a bit numb.
Congratulations! Looking great! Happy healing! :-)
Very nice! Congrats!
Congrats! You look great.. And I sure hope to have it smooth like you..

Feeling sick

One week update. Up until today I was okay & now all of a sudden I'm feeling so sick. Nauseous but not actually throwing up. Headaches and my upper back is killing me. I eat food before all my meds, I'm really confused as to why I'm feeling so shitty.... Anyone else have sickness like this?

Boobs are feeling sore in the middle still. & are still sitting high. Went to my post opp and Doc said I'm still swollen. I'm a bit relieved to hear that because they are feeling really big. I don't want second thoughts about size...I think I would of had a mental break down if I'd gone any bigger. Hoping they feel better as they drop & the swelling subsides.
Got them in Wednesday and doc chose 650cc's
650?! Damn! Lol I have 300ccs less & mine feel huge! I'm so curious what our bra sizes are going to be.
My chest muscles were super tight, so she had to give me a boost to get past that issue and your pre-op breasts were bigger than mine by far. Lol mine actually look about the same size as yours lol it will be fun to see their progress :)

Picture 1 week

Hey how old are you? Ive been wanting mine done for years and I just turned 20 now everyone ive seen thats gone to him ive loved there results but I know most suregons want you to be 22 for silicone :(. Im just hoping theres a little hope for me to get them before then.
I'm 20 also. Turning 21 next month. That was the first thing I asked when I walked into his office - if he could do the memory gel silicone (if not I was going to wait) and he examined me & said yes. He explained that the new silicone implants look and feel wayyyyyyyyyyy better than saline and he recommended them more often.
So happy for you!! They look wonderful already!

Three weeks!

OMG time is flyingggggg, I feel like i just got my boobies yesterday lol. Anywho... Let me talk about how things have been.

PROS: My implants are dropping and feeling SO MUCH softer! I'm surprised how quickly this happened. & no, I cannot feel the implant or "foreign object" in me at all. They just feel like mine. Started my massages or breast exorcize after my first post opp apt & it's paying off, I'm starting to get a little jiggle when I walking or going up & down stairs which is nice. The swelling has gone down and the pain is at a 2... Barley need pain meds anymore. My incisions look great, they are perfectly hidden in the crease. You can't even see them unless you lift up the breast & closely look. I can actually reach for things now lol. Everyone is different, I definitely babied myself during recovery. Didn't lift anything and barley used my arms above the elbo (if that makes sense). I was terrified of pulling a muscle and having the breast pocket form abnormally so I took it easy. And lastly almost all the numbness is gone. There were a couple spots maybe the size of a quarter that I noticed where numb after the second week. But now everything is back to normal.

CONS: My nipples are hypersensitive, not to happy about that but they should go back to normal in time. It's just really annoying. I can still feel where my incisions are. But dr. Wolf said that's the internal sutures and they can take longer to dissolve that's all. Still can't lay on my side, just like natural breasts when you lay on your side they flop over but at this point THAT HURTS! (In the middle of my chest, this must be where my muscles are the tightest because it's hurt the most during recovery).
Seriously your boobs look amazingly- like you are a perfect wax figure of what women want to look like! Get ready for kickin men away this summer!!!!
Look amazing* (Darn auto correct )
A wax figure?! Wow thanks! Just hope I don't melt this summer! Lmao


Talk about squish! I'm so happy I could scream. I have cleavage, and they jiggle! Here are some new pics.
Your boobs look amazing! I was wondering what profile did you get? And can you do an updated picture? My surgery is in a month and I would love to show my surgeon your boobies :)
they look great!
Can you give us an update please?


Hello loves, boobie update here! Today is my three month anniversary! I'm so pleased with how they've turned out. Very natural feeling, I can't remember the difference between my breasts before or now. They feel great. I've had minimal pain. Every once in a while they can be achy (mostly after physical activity) and an over the counter pain pill dose the trick. Here are some updated pictures!!
Hello! awe, thank you!! & you have my permission. I have high profile implants. they fit better on my small frame. If you are getting mentor implants you can go on their website & they have all the measurements per implant. (That really helped me decide) mine are 350cc memory gel silicone high profile implants. Oh & good luck with your BA as well!! Xo

More pictures

I think I told u this before but I'm in love with your boobs lol I am going to try to go to him in November
They look amazing!! Would you mind telling me your profile choice?
Sorry I'm late, but I have high profile. & thanks :)
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