42 Years Old, 112 Lbs, 5ft 5in Tall, Small 34C to 34DD 375cc silicone moderate high profile- Novi, MI

My surgery is TOMORROW! and I'm feeling nervous.....

My surgery is TOMORROW! and I'm feeling nervous.. and anxious.. I have moments of anxiety ( should I do this? Do I need it? Am I being greedy? What if..?) but after a little internet surfing I get my confidence back and feel that I deserve it.. I will look great.. and everything will be fine..

I am getting 375cc silicone implants through the nipple and a lift through the nipple ( yea no scars ) and a full tummy tuck.
Yay. Good luck and keep us posted.
Congrats to you . Wish you all the best.

Surgery went great and I feel great!

Never turn away your pain meds LOL.. Slept good in between peeing every hour or so..
Hang in there, every day gets a little easier :) It'll all be worth it!

Tummy tuck first photo

Congratulations! Happy healing!
Thank you newtummy4ptc.
Thank you jar129.

I'm home :)

Hour long ride home went well no pain at all.. Here is first pic.

Hospital advice..

Keep track of what time you are due for your pain medicine ... they don't always remember. Don't wait until it hurts.
You look amazing already!
You look great! Thank you so much for sharing your story, it's been so helpful to me! My surgery was supposed to be today, but I have a cold so it's postponed till mon. I guess another week of nervousness is ahead! Lol
You look fabulous !! How is your pain? what does it feel like? Did you spend the night at the hospital and do you think it was necessary.?

First morning waking yo at home..

I slept through the night woohoo! Went to bed at 10 slept with knees and head propped up for about 6 hours. I was due for pain meds at 1 am but slipped it.
You look awesome!

Yikes sorry for the typos in my previous posts ( skipped meds at 1am). Must be the drugs.

It's now 10am on day 3 and I am still feeling great. I slept a few more hours and just took my pain meds Again ( every 4 hours). I am also on muscle and stool relaxers every 6 hours. So far this has been worth every penny. If I had to complain it would be about having to pee every 5 minutes.... Must have something to do with the pressure on my bladder.
You look great so far!! Congrats, and happy healing :)
Thank you itwife...
You look great. happy a healing !!!

5pm day 3.. so far so good

The house is incredibly quiet and I am getting lots of sleep... My medicine alarm wakes me up and I fall right back to sleep after taking it.. nite!

7pm day 3

Slept all day except to take meds, drink protein shakes and read real self :)
Thank you suzy7504
YOU LOOK FABULOUS!! What a great result! Congrats, and happy healing :)
Thank you itwife.

9am first shower

Went very well... No pain and had my husbands help. Slept well again.. Thank god for muscle relaxers. My routine is in bed at 9pm, sleep through the night, and up with hubby around 6am to move to couch, get breakfast, take meds, and go right back to sleep.

I feel a little tug every now and then but nothing serious. Still peeing every 5 minutes but I know it's important to stay hydrated so....

ADVICE - take you pain meds and muscle relaxers just after eating and before bed. Also I love my blindfolds. I can't sleep once the sun comes up without them. Also use a hair dryer on cool setting to dry your wounds.

I'm probably not eating enough.. (2 protein shakes a day.. ) I'm going to try and eat more today but to be honest nothing sounds good but at the same time I want what's best for my body... Hmmmmm...
You are looking really good! Great weight preop ;-)!
Thank you so much!


Hubby home and feeding me nuts and green tea. Sleepy again all day.. Feeling very fortunate. No pain except when I raise my arms too high. I don't think I have the swelling a lot of woman post about but will take pics soon to see for sure. I'm taking calcium and turmeric for swelling.

I also had my first bowel movement today. I was worried. I was on my 5th day so I used a suppository after taking a stool softener and everything went fine no pain :).


Pictures 7pm
Wow! You look amazing, your BA looks fantastic and now swelling and not much pain? Gotta check out your doctor. Thanks so much for your updates and keep the pics coming, your journey is really helping me get the courage to take one of my own. Happy healing!

Woke up at 3am..

Not sure why.. I think it' work stress.. I work from home and being on all the meds makes me nervous about my decison making. So instead of sleeping til 6am and taking meds I'm up working now.

Decided to weigh myself. I'm at 115 which I expected with the implants etc. Last night I started to use aquaphor on the areas of my skin that were itchy... worked well. I'm keeping my garments on 24/7 - can't hurt..

I'm so glad I did this.. with my age and fitness level ( or lack thereof ) I thought it would be harder but it's not. I think if you loose as much weight as you can before hand you will have your best chance at a smooth recovery. Saturday is my first follow up doctor appointment so we shall see what he says..
Wow, no swelling and potty dance !!! That's 2 great things to celebrate !!! You have an amazing body !!! Hope all continues to go great !!!
Thank you.. Yes I drink lots of water.. I hear it's best for every reason possible.. except peeing every 5v minutes but hey that's good to - need to keep moving.
You truly look amazing. When do you get your drain out? Is that correct that you only have one?

9:30am not sleeping as well.. work stress ( I'm a realtor ) and my daughter is sick. I guess I'm trying to be supewoman and I s

I have a little bit of pain in my upper left breast when I reach so no more of that .. duh... going to try and get more sleep. nite..
Wow! Congrats! You make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing your journey.
Thank you Hopez!


Day 6 shower 2.. I still have swelling and drain. Saw doctor yesterday and he said it wasn't ready to come out but that I was healing well.

Had my first "cry" today. I got frustrated that my husband was sleeping and I needed help, food, medicine etc and couldn't get it myself.

I'm not taking the muscle relaxers but am still on pain killers. Going to see how that goes.. The muscle relaxers make me sleep all day long..

I can't wait til my swelling goes down and I can see how I look in normal clothes..

Ate brocoli and asparagus for breakfast/lunch trying to be as healthy as possible.

I highly recommend a shower chair.. well worth the money and I can shower myself which is easier than husbands help. It's also nice to just sit and soak up the steam/heat.
You are looking great! Keep your chin up!
Thank you getting it back. Today's a bad day. No husband and a doctors appointment so no meds grrrrr......
Yikes. I can only imagine. Try and take it slow. Don't push yourself. Healing correctly is most important.

Slowed down today and got lots of sleep.

I put my headphones on and listened to a meditation recording called Holysync ( I highly recommend it ). Made me relax and sleep for hours!

Ummm. I think I messed up...

Since my last post I've been very busy running around like a "normal" person... I am so tired... I stayed up late. Got up early, went shopping for a friend who was going for hip surgery etc Etc... Now I'm soar and my doctor put me on an antibiotic because my tummy tuck looked red... crap! But no idiot me had 1 more thing to do on my list which was drive an hour away to visit my friend who had the surgery and give her some much needed supplies.... Ugh... Exhausted and home now ready for bed promising to be good for the rest of the week. Good night :)
Gosh you look soo great!! Im on day 9 post op. Im also taller than you and quit a bit heavier than you. Your boobs look fantastic!! Well everything does!!! Im swollen about 10 timed more than you but u totally give me hope :)
So glad to hear it! swelling always goes down so be patient and you will be fine.
Hi your implants are under the muscle or over the muscle? Silicone? and you look fabulouse......

New pics :)

New pics

Today I am going to spend as much time as possible on the couch helping my body heal. I can't remember if I've said this yet or not but I am taking to Turmeric for swelling. my husband ( A health nut ) swears by it.. It's in the vitamin aisle. I'm also taking A E C and Zinc. Which all were recommended by my doctor.


weight 110.2 wohoo!!!
bust (nipple to nipple ) 35.5
smallest part of waist 27.5
hips 34

SOOOO happy... now to keep it off!
You're healing so nicely! Keep resting =)
Thank you... I wish I could ... ugh....
I was thinking you looked like a D ..unless there is still swelling. What hurt more the TT or BL BA? Darn that waist is small ! What was yor pre op waist ? Thank Yo It looks worth it ..


I spent the 12th thru the 14th crying and yelling at everyone for everything.. After going off all pain meds yesterday and today I have concluded the emotional tole is worse than the pain and am acting like myself again.. ugh glad that is over and the pain is almost nonexistent anyway so SCREW THE MEDS! after about day 10 anyway.... lol
Glad you're feeling like yourself again- glad you were able to discern it was the meds-
Do you find the turmeric helpful? I was thinking about it as well. You are looking great, how's the swelling? I'm post-op day 10 and swelling is very noticeable.
I would say yes... I never really swelled much..

The two week mark with a doc visit

The dirty word for the day is seroma.. I had mine drained for the second time today and have to have it drained again on Friday. It hurts and The needle site was stinging on the way home. I've concluded it's my fault - I didn't rest enough because the pain meds made me feel like I was fine. Other than that doc says everything is great. No exercising until seroma is resolved. You will see from my new photos that I'm more swollen than before. Loving my boobs and get to start using my biocorneum cream.
I am 12 days post op. I got my drains out last Friday. I too could not believe how long the one drain was. I tell people it had to be like two feet long. It's crazy. Kick back and relax. I feel aweSome but I'm still being lazy just hanging out on the couch. I go back to work in 5 days. Hope I don't over do it.
Even though you feel good it doesn't mean that you are completely heeled. Take it easy and allow your body to heal !!!
too bad about seroma, hopefully clear sailing from here on

Not doing well....

I don't know if I'm happy sad satisfied... Mad... Depressed.. I'm on an emotional roller coaster and can't find my way off.. My biggest problem is back pain. I just read to use a heating pad - so far feels great ( it's been 5 minutes). I went back on all my pain meds a couple days ago and really want off but .... Ugh... My 2nd biggest problem is work guilt. I'm a realtor so there's no one telling me I have to show up which sounds great but eventually I will go to pay the bills and.........

In the beginning I thought 2 weeks off and I will be back in full swing. I was wrong.

Do I go back to bed or get on the phones and get back to work... I know go back to bed...
Hun, try and rest. If your body doesn't rest and recuperate well, it may take longer to get back into work full swing. Hopez' suggestion was great!
I did what Hopez said and I also got back on all my pain meds which was hard for me.. I had a mom who abused pills and I hate taking them but feel much better this morning and thank you everyone for all the support. I don't know what I would do without this site.
I suggest to make phone calls in between naps. When I was home I used to do chores in between. I would do chores and rest and repeat. Happy healing !!!

Feeling a little better... today...

I'm not usually a baby.. but dang... spent the weekend crying on and off.. I'm frustrated that I don't have my energy back yet and I'm sick of laying around... by 2pm I'm done.. but because my husbands alarm goes off at 6am I up an rearing to go and of course do to much... I think I'm off the pain med roller coaster ( again ) and am now just taking my antibiotic for the seroma... (yes still have it but the amount is cut in half every few days so hopefully only 1 more needle drain or none.. next doc app is in 2 days). Decided to start drinking coffee today... I have to get on the phones and sound cheerful. Will post pics later.. today is my 3 week anniversary.. boobs look great but TT scar... well I was hoping for better but it's too soon to tell...
I just read all of your posts my body looks just like yours did before surgery I am 49 5 ft 118 lbs 34small c cup . I am getting a ba and full tt too just like you. With two weeks before surgery I have doubts just like you did I too feel like am I selfish for doing this to my body and I will be left with a long scar. I want to do this for myself with the soon to be 50!! I want to look tighter I am a personal trainer I train seniors at a country club and of course I had to tell them that I will be off for three weeks they think I'm Crazy for doing this . You did make me feel betters earring your posts, you do look great! Was it worth it for you ? Are you glad you did it? How's your scar doing ?
Ugh.. I feel your pain... prepare yourself for good days and bad.. I am seeing my doctor today and plan to update with photos after... good luck with your surgery and YOU DESERVE IT!
Ty for responding back It's nice to talk with other ladies that will or have gone through PS

Getting better evey day.... good news/bad news

I'm feeling better THANK GOD!.. No more seroma :) and I found out from my holistic doctor that my low energy wasn't just the surgery. She said I literally had no probiotics in my gutt.. litterally... zero. So for who knows how long now my body has not been absorbing nutrients. She also said that anytime you take antibiotics it wipes out your probiotics and all doctors should prescribe a probiotic after antibiotics... Anyway I am standing up 95% straight and about 80% by the end of the day. My scholiosis is to blame for a lot of it along with some back pain. Here are some pics taken today.
Hey T! How are u love?
How are you coming along? Thank you for sharing your journey. You helped me prepare for mine as I followed you. I'm 10 days post op!
110 is a good weight im hoping to get to that. how tall are you if you dont mind me asking? you look so great!
Dr. Reisin

So far I am very pleased with my doctor. The procedure went great and I am feeling more and more comfortable w him. A true professional who knows his craft.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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