Combination Pearl and Pearl Fractional Laser Worked Great!

I am 38 years old, don't smoke or tan, and...

I am 38 years old, don't smoke or tan, and generally take good care of my skin, but I wanted to get rid of some acne scars, smooth some fine lines, and firm the skin under my eyes. Don't really have crow's feet, just a little crepiness. A few of my acne scars were right in that nose-to-mouth line, so they made this line look deeper on my left side. I was considering filler injections (like Juvederm) and maybe a chemical peel.

My Dr. said the Pearl Fractional would be more effective, not to mention more permanent, for the acne scars, but I didn't need it all over my face since otherwise my skin was in good condition. He also suggested the Pearl Laser rather than the medium-depth chemical peel for my under-eye and forehead wrinkles. He performs both the Pearl laser and chemical peels, and they cost the same amount, but he said the Pearl was less invasive and painful than the chemical. I am also VERY fair-skinned, which I understand can make laser procedures more effective. So this was the one time in my life that being pale worked in my favor.

So he did the Pearl laser all over my face, and then the Pearl Fractional just on my cheeks. He charged me 1/2 price for the Pearl fractional since he didn't do my entire face, and discounted the price of the Pearl laser since I was having more than one procedure, which I thought was a pretty good deal. He even did the Pearl laser on my neck.

I had both procedures performed with just the topical anesthetic, and had very little pain. It hurt a little during the procedures, but the pain was very brief. The worst part was later that day and night. I was told to expect some oozing from the Pearl Fractional area, but I was oozing blood from every hole they drilled in my face! Even this was NOT painful, just gross. This continued for the first 18 hours or so. My pillow was ruined, even with 2 pillow cases. I never really felt pain, my face was just warm like a sunburn. The vinegar soaks and vaseline helped. And I was a little nauseous the first night and the next day.

The procedures were done on a Wednesday afternoon, my skin peeled completely on Saturday, and I returned to work, with make-up, on Monday. After the oozing stopped, it was really unbelievable how quickly I healed. My skin improved exponentially each day.

It has been one week, and I look great! My cheeks are still red and my skin is drier than normal, but getting better every day. My acne scars are about 90% gone, and the skin under my eyes and the rest of my face is firmer and smooth. After spending who-knows-how-much on products that don't work, it is really satisfying to see such great results.

I know this was a really long review, but I have searched extensively trying to find out what to expect with these treatments, but couldn't find anything detailed. The only cons to having these procedures I can think of are the messiness from the oozing and the vaseline, and that I was bored to death since I couldn't go out in the sun and had to stay home. Small sacrifice!

Shreveport Facial Plastic Surgeon

He recommended the best procedures for me and gave me the results he promised. The rest of his staff was also very friendly and helpful.

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I am confused. First you say that it is "not worth it" in the headline, yet when we read your post you are praising it. Might want to change your headline.
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I have gone through exactly the same two procedures as you did, primarily for acne scars, 3 days ago here in Australia. I'm amazed at how quickly it is all healing up today, but the first two days oozing blood from every pore was incredibly gross! I'll be interested to see how much my acne scars will be reduced over the next few months. May I ask how yours look now after 7 months? I can't say that I relish the thought of a second round of zapping.
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I had pearl/pearl fractional 6 days ago. healing pretty quick, still very red. I have read some comments that the pricks/dot marks have not healed on some. Was this the case for you? Can you still see them?
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Have bad news for you folks - nearly a year after my procedure, my skin condition is about the same as it was before. My acne scars and under-eye wrinkles may be 10% better than before, but that's it. The "increased collagen production" that was supposed to continue for up to 6 months after the fractional never happened. And if I look closely in the mirror, I can still see the tiny red dots from the fractional laser, they can be covered with make up, but still, that's one more thing. So considering the cost, I no longer feel having this procedure was worth it. Hopefully some of you that have already had the procedure will have a better outcome. Good luck!
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OMG..I wish I had read this before I did the pearl fractional. I did it 2 wks ago and I am freaking out because I look darker than my normal self and am still blotchy. The doctor told me it's fine and it takes time and everyone is different. But, I am freaking out...especially after reading your comment. Did you go through blotchy-ness phase as well? How long until your skin go back to its normal color? Please share with us...
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Hi Tor98,

Here is so information about the healing time after pearl and what to expect, from our expert Q&A hope it helps.


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Do you have any pictures that you would be willing to share? I am scheduled for Pearl/Pearl Fractional in November, and after reading your review and many others, I am very hesitant.
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My acne scars were mild to moderate pick scars, not red at all. As it turns out, some of the results I had at the time I posted this was from swelling, so the scars appeared more smooth than they would remain. After six weeks or so, now I would say they are 50% better. Still good results, but don't expect perfection. And to be fair, this is about what my Dr. said I should expect. My Dr. said a second regular pearl would give me even better results. I'm considering it, but I have not had the time or money. Good luck!
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I am getting the Pearl Fractional in 2 weeks for acne scarring. You mention that your scars are 90% gone. Were yours simply red spots- or indentions? Just trying to get an idea on what I can expect in the way of results for my moderate pick scars. Glad you had great results!
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