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Tummy and Lipo - Columbus, OH

Day before thanksgiving I had lipo and tummy tuck....

Day before thanksgiving I had lipo and tummy tuck. Now on day 5 and feel great to slowly get up and move. Hardest part is drain, so no shower and cannot pick up house. Stitches and drain site starting to pull and itch. So far 15 lbs gone and rolls of skin are gone under binder garment!!

If you have this done make sure you have someone handy to help adjust binder and keep it tight- it sure helps!

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Visually feels great to see rolls and chunky gone!

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Hey Columbus. A year later (almost). Are you still happy with Dr. Heck's results?
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Surgeon fee was approx $4500, then I had to pay day of surgery anethec. $1500, surgery center fees. After surgery in recovery I had to purchase Spanx which are pricy. Overall, I would estimate $6000-$7000 total.

Now I am very happy with results. Thank goodness my doctor's nurse was honest about 1st month challenges.

1. Plan on daily massage, moisturizing your scar if not it looks awful
2. Food effects your stomach and digestive track something awful. Be prepared to eat lite and use stool softners or you will be in serious pain
3. Always wear the garmet or Spanx, it keeps swelling down
4. Absolutely no lifting, plan first 4 wks to have feet up 75% of time or you will swell.

Since this was a huge investment I took all the warnings and limitations very seriuos. Now I feel wonderful and have wonderful results 6 weeks out. Cannot wait to show off my new body at the pool this summer, I no longer have muffin tops!
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I called in and asked this Doctor too. They quote about $2600 per part. Your surgeon fee is about $4500. So I assume that the tummy tuck is $1,900. Surgery center fees$1500 ? For all patients? I'm a student, I can barely afford 2600. I hope I have an option.
Thank you so much!
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Hello Columbus 784. I have some more in detail questions about the financials. Was the 5900 everything? I'm currently saving. How do you feel now that more time has lapsed? Thanks!
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Today I had the best day early, wrapped my drain, binder garment and took a gloriously careful shower- heaven. It was work but felt so great. As everyone says then I fell into a deep sleep- everything is exhausting.

1st- please tell all patients prior to surgery and immediately following to take laxatives. 5 days later having a movement was horrific!
2nd- please tell all you will need 24hour care for first 6 days! Everytime I tried to do for self just exhausted myself and inflicted pulling-stinging pain on incision line.
3rd- with lipo, you must massage sides, stomach multiple times day to keep fluid and swelling out- each time you need someone to pull the binder tightly back on!!

Now I am just taking tylenol and barely doing anything. Thank heavens I can do my job via computer and cell phone.

Now its time for another nap!!
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Yes rest up my friend!!  Thank you for the feedback!
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Oh my gosh..15 pounds gone!!  That is crazy....you must feel awesome.  Just take it easy and don't do any housework for a while.  You might feel really good but you can over do it quickly and not even realize it. 

Will you be posting before and after pictures?  Would love to see them.  I look forward to reading more about your recovery as you go through the process. 

Very exciting and I bet you look wonderful :)
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