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Upper and Lower Abs, Upper Back, Flanks, Love Handles and Inner Thighs.....oh, My! - Columbus, OH

I am a little over a week out from my Smartlipo...

I am a little over a week out from my Smartlipo procedure. So far, not feeling nervous, just excited to (hopefully!) see some dramatic results. I am 36 years old, 5'8", 165 lbs; currently wearing a snug size 10. I am not overly concerned with the actual weight loss associated with this procedure; my main goal is to have a significant reduction in inches and a more "smooth" appearance overall. I have started taking Arnica as well as a daily multivitamin, and drinking plenty of water.

I am planning on only taking 2 days off work (ambitious, I know.). For those of you who have had this many areas done, do you think this is realistic? I work at a corporate office (desk job) so I will not have to be on my feet much.

I will be posting my before photos later today.


Hello! Good luck! Just 5 weeks ago I had my upper/lower and done and took off an entire week ahead of time. I work a desk job as well but knowing I had to wear compression all day the first week I just opted to enjoy the time off. I had the procedure on Thursday was sore over the weekend by playing with my kids by Monday. I was grateful for my yoga pants the first week with the swelling. My first week back to work I was tender but didn't notice anything while busy. Good luck next week! Can't wait to see after pics. If you look at my before and after I think you'll know you're in for fantastic results. My tummy was much larger than yours and I'm very happy!!
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Hi, I just recently had my left and right flanks, upper and lower abs, as well as small areas where my pelvic bone and thigh meets and my results are amazing. I too work sitting behind a desk for 8 hours. Its been 1 week for me and im still a little sore but I stop taking pain pills my 2nd post op day. I took Friday (day of procedure) and monday off and was bavk to work on Tuesday. But everyo e is different. No seriously weight loss but definitely a loss of inches. Good luck
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Hi, I had the same experience as you. No excess pains, and I only took one pain killer and was fine ever after, except for the normal soreness. I did my procedure on a Tuesday and was in school the next day! I have healed well too, no lumps or anything unsightly. You can check out my profile and see my results and give me a little feedback too. Good luck with your healing.

Wow, what a day. I had my procedure yesterday at...

Wow, what a day. I had my procedure yesterday at 1p.m, so I am less than 24 hrs out. I have to be very honest and say I had a pretty bad experience :(. Not with my doctor (he was wonderful) but I did not tolerate the actual procedure well. I took one Xanex and one vicadin 1hr prior to surgery so I felt a little loopy when things go started. I found the numbing part more painful than most have described, but tolerable. It was certainly NOT pain free! The nurses re-dosed my meds (1 more Zanex + 1 Vicodin). Then my surgeon got started on the actual lipo (he started on my bra fat area). That's when things started to go down hill. I felt a tremendous amount of pain (even after being re-numbed). I started to feel very nauseated and asked for some meds to help. The nurses were extremely attentive and brought anti nausea meds quickly. Doctor resumed the procedure. Again, I felt pain, then broke out into a cold sweat and proceeded to vomit! It was terrible. I was so sick they had to give me a 20 minute break to try to recover. After sone crackers and a little water, I felt much better and the lipo started on my stomach. It was less painful than my back but I definitely still felt pain (again, after being re-numbed). The final area performed were my inner thighs, about the same as my stomach in terms of pain. Then, finally, we were finished. The nurses got me cleaned up, placed my binders on and had me sit down to rest. Immediately, the nausea returned and I started vomiting again. Nurses gave me Sprite and I stated feeling much better. My doc wanted to keep me for 30 mins to make sure I was truly okay before heading home. He was so nice about everything.

I am not posting this to frighten anyone, just wanted to be honest about MY experience. I think the pain meds on an empty stomach, along with the pain are what caused me to get sick. I typically have a tough time with pain meds and should have know this would not be any different.

As for my results, I have no clue! Have not looked at myself in the mirror once....just haven't had the energy. I want to focus on my healing first and foremost.

I will be posting my after pics ASAP, hopefully in 2-3 days!

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Day 3 and thus far I am totally UNDERwhelmed by my...

Day 3 and thus far I am totally UNDERwhelmed by my results. Nothing looks different to me. I am aware that I am swollen, etc but I thought for sure I would be able to see some improvements. My lower abdomen is protruding more now than it was pre-surgery! I feel so sad right now.


I had such a similar expeirence to yours!!! They had me take 2 xanax before and i ended up asking for pain meds half way through because it hurt a lot! I am 2 weeks post op now. I swelled up and down alot the first 2 weeks but now im starting to firm up. It will continue to improve. Dont over due exercise etc or it will swell more. Good luck :)
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How come these doctors don't properly medicate prior to surgery! Did they give delaudid or something?!
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Well, that's a good question. I was made to feel as if one Xanex and one Vicadin would be "sufficient"; it most certainly was not! They did try to re-dose me but I just couldn't keep it down. Who knows if things might have been different had I been able to.

Freaking. Out. I am 2 weeks post op, my stomach...

Freaking. Out.
I am 2 weeks post op, my stomach is flat, bruising and swelling are minimal BUT major divots, lumps and unevenness are starting to emerge on my stomach. See attached photo. I need advice.....is this normal or time to be very concerned? So scared. I've seen revisions make people worse, so I am terrified to go down that road!


A little uneveness is normal in the beginning, but by two or three months they should all be gone. It's mostly fluids so just massage it in the shower when you take one it will soon be gone. I had hardness around my belly button at first but now it's completely gone and my belly smooth and very normal.
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i had 3 lumps when i had lipo 4 years ago on my belly, i didn't have any massage, i had the garment for 6 weeks. I don't remember exactly how long it took but after a view weeks/months the lumps were gone! be patient and wait at least 2.5 months before being sure. I know it sucks and is very difficult not to worry,, but with my belly everything smoothed out perfectly, and I was very skinny to start with, they say that on skinny people it is even worse. in any case i am in recovery now as well ;) 10 days po from my bbl, and sometimes worried also, because i had and think still have lumps on my thighs, which i hoped would dissapaire from this second round
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I am 3 weeks out and my belly is uneven like yours. But I believe its just swelling! Some areas will have different amounts of lumps and swelling. My doctor said its all part of the healing process. I find gentle message helps, I do it once a day. Give it time, I think it will turn out great.
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4 months post op update. Did I really pay $10k to look like I lost a few pounds?? Not happy.

I am a little over 4 months out from my procedure and I am feeling less impressed with my results every day. I have lost ZERO weight and am still wearing the exact same size (10) as I was prior to surgery. This infuriates me. Worst of all, not one single friend, co-worker, etc. has mentioned that I look ANY different.

My inner thighs are a major source of my disappointment; my surgeon admitted they are in need of a touch up. They are totally uneven and "wavy" in appearance. I hate them. Surgeon says we have to wait at least 9 months before they can be corrected....very unfortunate as I now have to endure the entire swimsuit season looking like this.

In addition to being less than satisfied with my appearance, I am noticing from the other reviews on this site that I paid WAY more than most. I spent over $10,000!!!! For what?? I am still not sure.....

Photos to come.


How are your results now? Did you see an improvement?
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