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Had Smartlipo Done 2 Weeks Ago. It Went Pretty Well.

I had smartlipo June 15th done on my inner/outer...

I had smartlipo June 15th done on my inner/outer thighs, love handles, and abdomin. I have to say I was not a bit nervous about this procedure because I had a bunion surgery less then a year ago and I have a high tolerance for pain. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children ages, 19, 17, and 8. I lived a pretty active life until after my foot surgery ( healing) and returning back to school. For about 4 months I let loose ate whatever I wanted , and slacked on exersicisng. In the past I was in pretty good shape, but had stubborn spots that stayed even with a low fat diet and cardio.

The surgery went pretty much as everyone has posted , and there were a few areas that were not numb and the probing did feel uncomfortable. I had drainage but only for that day, meds knocked me out for the next 24 hours.

Dr. H filled 4 bottles of fat, and informed me that I needed to lose at least ten pounds and the the cellulite would not make much of a difference with the smartlipo. But after the swelling went down so did'nt the cellulite on my outer thighs. The fat that was behind my stomach muscle was not reachable and he wanted me to work on it. This would help with a better appreance as I am going through the healing process. I did bruise for the about 1 1/2 week, and there are areas that still feel warm to touch and hard. I went back to work 2 days later and exersied a 2 days later. I love my results and will post photos next week. I know that this is not a quick fix and over the next few weeks my body will tranform.

My one concern is that I would love to see post from people who have had this prosecudre done about 3/4 years ago and how they maintained this. Being a mother who has limited time , and still is able to keep it maintained. I guess my only advise would be to have patients this does not work over night, be mentally, ready to have a lifestyle change.

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I had Dr. Heck do my breast augmentation last year and LOVED my results. I am very interested in smart lipo, and if I decide to do it, I will be going to Dr. Heck! Thank you for your post.
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Dr. Heck did amazing job my procedure went wonderful and I would encourage you to use Dr. Heck for your smartlipo procedure .
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I'm happy your proceedure went well!! I am enjoying mine as well. But what I REALLY want to know is more about your bunion surgery!!! I have them as well and want to have mine corrected...Thanks and best wishes!
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Bunion surgery takes is very painful if you are the kind of person who has a hard time sitting still. I had bunions on both of my feet and only had the left side removed. It takes about 3 days to really be able to work around and put pressure on your foot. Depending on what kind of job you could be out of work for a while. It will be almost one year since I had it done. Not being able to wear sneakers and work out had a lot to do with my weight gain. I do wish you luck and best wishes.
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