Full TT with MR 2 months PO

Let's try this again, don't think I did it...

Let's try this again, don't think I did it right the first time. Ive thought about doing this forever but never actually pursued it until now. I'm definitely nervous about the pain but nothing else really. This site has so much info, it's great. I'm 5'7 and weigh around 198. I've lost 30lbs over a year ago and work out regularly with a trainer but no matter how many ab exercises I do my belly doesn't change...so it's time to make that change happen. My husban is wonderfully supportive and I'm blessed to have him to help me.

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Updated review with before photo's cannot wait...

Updated review with before photo's cannot wait until I can post the after photo's...hope there's huge improvements between the before and after photo's. :)


May God Bless you as you embark on this new adventure. Take care.
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Thanks, I only took two weeks off work so nervous that won't be enough time...hopefully it will be though. Yes very thankful he's so supportive, not sure I could do it if he weren't bc I know I'll be depending on him a lot.
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I commented but it didn't post so I'm commenting again...keep us posted with updates u will do fine. I had my surgery on4/1912, 5 days post op and doing ok, in some pain but not unbearable...u will need help so it's good that your hubby is supportive
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Went for my pre-op appt. yesterday, everything...

Went for my pre-op appt. yesterday, everything went good. Talked to them about the fact that pain meds make me sick and they're going to switch my meds so feeling relieved by that. Also showed my my garmet and I really like the ones they use, so also happy there. We talked more about my expected results and I have to say I'm really starting to get excited about how different my tummy is going to look after this! I have dealt with this sagging thing long enough! lol I have 15 more days until I'm on the other side of this and I'm feeling more and more confident in my decision. YAY!


good luck and glad to see someone else from ohio, and almost same time, my tt and lipo etc is on may 9th
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I'm getting nervous the closer it gets, but definitely keeping my eye on the prize so to speak, I've wanted this gone way to long to ever dream of backing out. I am figuring I will wake up from surgery wondering what the heck I just did to myself, but hopefully that feeling will subside quickly. Hope your back get's to feeling better quickly!!
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good luck!! i know how you feel qbout being nervous and everything. I'm 6 days PO and I am happy with my tummy already even though i havent been able to stand straight to see it lol The worse part is right when you wake up for the surgerya dn not being able to stand up straight really does a number on your back.
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So big day for me, PS got back with me and said...

So big day for me, PS got back with me and said absolutely shouldn't start the blood thinner injections until after the surgery. Also, since I was so concerned with taking the pain meds after surgery because pain meds make me throw up they are going to do the the pain pump, which will last 3-5 days and deliver non-narcotic numbing pain meds right to the abdomen! It's $300 extra but they said you feel nothing afterwards in those first few days of healing so I'm going for it....I figure I'm spending enough already why not make myself as comfortable as possible without the possibility of throwing up. This is a huge relief because they said the patients who have done the pump swear by it. Yay! I told my hubby it was extra and he agreed I should definitely not cut corners now so I'm definitely doing it. Have I mentioned I have the greatest husband in the world? :) Only 10 more days to go!!


Me too Kathy...although I have to admit I still wonder if I should've pushed the lipo
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anxious here, but i think i waited the right amount of time, just ready to get it over with now, did my homework, somewhat know what to expect and thinking positive.
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The voice, I am nervous but more ready to get on with it! I can't believe it's a week away! Hope this week just flies by!!!!
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Only 7 more days to go!! I'm excited! PS office...

Only 7 more days to go!! I'm excited! PS office called today and my surgery time is at 9 a.m.!! Yay! Have busy weekend planned...we are doing more gardening around here and have a late family easter dinner planned (we were on vacation during Easter this year). Hoping next 7 days go quickly!!


I am Sugar! I can't fathom in 7 days it will be my turn!
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Getting closer bye bye, are you getting excited??
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i know what you mean, but i guess you got to listen and trust doc, did he say why no ipo, maybe he doesnt think its necessary for a good look for you

Less than 12 hours to go!! I can't believe it's...

Less than 12 hours to go!! I can't believe it's almost here and I'm not nervous yet....worried I'll just have a meltdown tomorrow since I seriously haven't been nervous at all this past week or so! I'm ready, everything is clean, have all needed supplies and ready to be on the recovery side of this. I'll update as soon as I'm able to after surgery.


Thanks so much Krnamba, that means a lot! You keep resting and no more passing out, that is so scary! I'll post as soon as possible to let everyone know how it went. I'm scheduled at 9 a.m. start. :)
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Yay! You're going to be so happy! I am sure it is different for everyone, but the first day was actually very easy for me. If it is for you as well, remember to still take it easy. The pain meds can trick you into thinking you're stronger than you are. I am very excited for you! Woohoo, you're almost on the flat side!!!!
Good luck tomorrow girl! I will be thinking of you. Sending good vibes your way. Remember to take it easy and drink lots of fluids. We are all here if you have any post-op questions. *hugs*
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Hi, just wanted to give another update! I talke to...

Hi, just wanted to give another update! I talke to mt mother in law and hubby and they said when doctor came out he was extremely happy with is work and told them I'm completely flat!!! Yahoo! I can tell she I have to un snap the farmer to use restroom my incision is very low!!!! Yay!!! Also I love my doctor, and where he put my one drain...it's not in the way at all!!! Also this pain pump is a complete lifesaver! I feel very little pain, more just uncomfortable but not bad at all!


Hi krnamba, it's been a rough few days for me... I'm hoping it starts to get better. Haven't taken garmet off yet...mainly because it's not a wrap and afraid it will be really hard to put back on! Your pics look amazing btw!
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Hey! I was thinking about you and wanted to check in and see how you're doing!! I can't wait to see some pictures! Keep us updated!!
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yep from what i can feel and what nurses and doc said sounds like flat belly, lol, i will believe it when i see it, im starting to fel better, these drains are kind of a pain but i see the reason behind it. we can recover together
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Today is PO day 4 and haven't taken anything other...

Today is PO day 4 and haven't taken anything other than Tylenol extra strength all day and have been pain free. Able to walk around more today and not as hunched over, feeling really good overall for only 4 days out! I've only drained 30cc's all day so hoping I may get this drain out Friday when I go back to see the PS. Can tell I'm still swollen, but have been really good about my diet...all low sodium so hoping swelling starts to subside soon. We pulled pain pump yesterday morning and while it was a weird feeling it didn't hurt. Hoping to get some pics up soon


Thanks Sugar, I'm definitely feeling much better. I haven't even needed anything other than extra strength Tylenol for pain today! Definitely good day.
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Glad to hear you are well, and the pain pump is working. I was on percocets and it pretty much just put me to sleep. Hope you continue having a healthy recovery
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Had my 7 day PO visit today and the PS was pleased...

Had my 7 day PO visit today and the PS was pleased with how I was doing. The girls in the office couldn't believe how upright I was walking....I feel hunched over but I guess I'm not as hunched over as they expected....I never was hunched way over from the start so that's probably why. They removed the staples and put on the tape strips. Since I have only one drain they don't want to remove it until I'm under 20 cc's in a 24 hour period and I'm right around 25 cc's right now, so hopefully Monday or Tuesday. He was really pleased with how everything is looking and said that I'm probably at the height of my swelling and it should start getting less and less as time goes on. I asked about the swelling on the top of my legs since I had nothing done to them and he said that is also to be expected. Hubby got a decent picture of me sitting and I got a few after my shower so I'll post those. So far I'm pleased even with the swelling....although hoping those hips are more swelling than not or I have some serious work to do there...Sometimes I wonder if I even go to boot camp when I look at my body lol It sure seems like I exercise a lot more than it winds up showing.


Thanks zaftigmom! I just checked yours out and you look great! You must be very happy!!
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your pics are amazing! I was 2 weeks po on thursday and went back to work part time. You'll be ok as long as you don't lift anything heavy or move around too much. I was getting bored just laying around!
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Thanks girls!
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Today is PO day 9 & I'm having a terrific day!...

Today is PO day 9 & I'm having a terrific day! Last night my hubby took me to visit the in laws for a little bit and then we went to the grocery store and I have to tell you it was so nice getting out of the house. We are the type of couple always doing something and I was really missing our away time! Today I folded and put away two loads of laundry...of course my son had to carry it for me but I still felt like I was helping :). I also made dinner for the family (beef and noodles in the crock pot mind you) but they were happy campers...and I only had a very small amount because of the sodium. Speaking of diet, I have been so good about my low sodium and I can see where it's helping with the swelling. I haven't had caffeine since my surgery, only water and on glass of OJ here and there. I finally weighed myself today even though I'm still fairly swollen I'm down 9lbs, and that's with me weighing myself late today...I'm pleased with that! I sat out by the pool today while the hubby took a dip and the warm sunshine felt like heaven! While I know I still have a lot if recovery ahead of me, I never dreamed I'd be this far along by day 9, so I'll take it! Happy healing TT buddies and good luck to upcoming TT'ers.

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Oh forgot to mention that I haven't needed even...

Oh forgot to mention that I haven't needed even Tylenol extra strength the entire weekend! No pain meds of any kind and I'm comfortable! Whooo Hoooo!

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I had been religiously going to boot camp the past...

I had been religiously going to boot camp the past two years and had lost 30lbs...but was discouraged as nothing made a huge difference in the appearance of my stomach.


Daniela, I definitely am not running any marathons right now but definitely feel much better than I expected to feel at 10 days PO! You'll do great and the results are worth those hard days :)
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You look so amazing!! Loved ready how awesome your recovery is going, I hope everything goes just as well for me too :0)
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Fromthetrenches, thanks...I'm loving my new tummy! I hope your recovery is as smooth also...I think I had myself thinking it was going to be the most awful thing ever that I'm just so thankful not to be in pain and unable to move...I'm able to get up and down and walk with relative ease. I've been walking my long driveway several times a day just to build up my energy and it was tough the first time I did one lap and now I do 6-7 laps and am barely tired...still take it slower of course as I wouldn't dare chance messing up my muscle repair. :)

Had another really good day today so I decided it...

Had another really good day today so I decided it was time to try on some clothes both at home and a few new bathing suits at the mall. Not buying any yet since the dr says I am still swollen....but am excited to say I went down 2 sizes already in bathing suits!!!!! OMG I was so freaking happy about that!! I got my one and only drain out today and I feel so free! Hope everyone else is having a great day! I think the thing I loved the most was putting on a pair of jeans and being able to sit down and nothing flowing over the top of my jeans...that is the best feeling in the world.


Congrats and welcome to the flat side. Hang in there it does get better with time. I didn't have the pain pump but it sounds like the way to go. Take care, happy healing and God bless.
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You look great and I love the red swimsuit you had on!!
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Thanks afkd! I'm going to wait just a lil while longer befor getting a suit just in case when swelling goes down I'm a different size :)

Well today is 15 days PO and Im feeling relatively...

Well today is 15 days PO and Im feeling relatively good, although I overdid it today. I figured since dr said I would be able to work after 2 weeks that I could try doing a little more, so we went grocery shopping, to the butcher, then I came home showered and got ready to go to graduation party. Still feeling great at this point...oh forgot we went to get a bite to eat bf the store (very pleased that I opted for egg kites and fruit, my healthy eating has paid off with an 16 lb weight loss since surgery). Showed at grad party around 4 pm and left around 5:30. Wasn't feeling horrible but no one there knows I did this so didn't want to push it and be obvious if I started feeling tired etc. Got home and couldn't hardly get out of car....like all of a sudden I was stuff and sore! Totally did way too much apparently....rested for a few hours with legs up & thought maybe I could help do a few things around the house, but no can do!!! I'm not in pain at all when sitting but a little sore if try to do anything so hubby has ordered me to slow down & he made me a nice dinner. He told me to quit trying to do so much, and I told him I feel bad he's having to do so much and he says well it doesn't bother me and we knew it would be a while bf you got back to 100% so don't rush it. He's right so I'm slowing way down as I have to go back to work in 9 days and don't need to push it at this point.

Hope all my TT buddies are doing super today :)

P.S. I received a few compliments from friends today saying I looked great!! That felt so nice to hear bc I still feel so swollen and had to wear a skirt with elastic band because my regular shorts/capris won't go over my thighs because they're so swollen! Scheduled lymphatic massage for Monday after reading about it on this site, hoping that helps!


Congratulations on the weight loss. 16 pounds is amazing! That's like a pound a day. My doctor took out 4 lbs of skin and fat, and I am weighing about 4 lbs lighter than when I went in. But I realize I need to go back to watching what I eat. Getting back to wedding weight would be so achievable at this point.
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I know, I am amazed by it, I even weighed myself 4 times on two different scales because I couldn't believe it! I know the dr said he took about 5 lbs of skin and fat from me, and the rest he said is my healthy low sodium diet I've been on the past 17 days. I must say today when everyone cooked out my hubby made me a small lean steak and pineapple and it didn't even bother me that the other high sodium foods were around, I really like how I'm feeling and had I known I could drop weight like that with low/no sodium I would have done it years ago lol. I think the walking I'm doing is helping too, even though I can't do a lot the walking I do is much harder for my body right now so that may be part of it. I don't know, but so excited to see how my clothes fit after the swelling goes down. lol
Hi there! Your results look amazing! I’m only at 6 days post op and very swollen. I wanted to know if you needed to get an “okay” from your ps before getting the massage done. I still have drains in and have quite a bit of bruising from the lipo so I don’t think I am able to get massaged anytime soon. I’d like to hear how it goes after you’ve had the massage and if you can let us know if it helped with your swelling. Thank you for sharing your recovery experience! Happy healing!
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Today is 18 days PO, and considering how major...

Today is 18 days PO, and considering how major this procedure is I am feeling great! I am still sticking to my low sodium diet and since surgery have lost 17 lbs, which considering that I'm still very swollen through the hips and thighs I'm pretty ecstatic about that as it's an unexpected treat. lol I had my lymphatic massage yesterday and so far I don't see a huge difference....but not sure how much time it takes. I will tell anyone thinking of doing this a few things: 1) make sure you are able to lay flat as part of the massage requires it ( I was a little sore doing this but not too bad at all) and 2) make sure you are comfortable being massaged in places traditional massage doesn't touch....for expample he did very light ( I do mean very light, couldn't hardly tell) massage of the tummy...but the lymph nodes in the leg area are more in the groin area so that was a little strange, but I wasn't uncomfortable...although I do get regular massages so probably not too sensitive. Also in the arm pits, that was weird lol. Hopefully it takes the swelling down some....although I guess it's not anything I can't deal with for now.

I had my check up with the dr this morning and he cleared me to start using Mederma or New Gel so happy about this new stage. Nurse removed all the steri strips....OUCH that hurt like crazy as it pulled some hair!! I don't think scar looks bad at all for only 18 days PO....I will post some pics later to see what you all think. I don't go back until July 20th for next visit and PS is very pleased with the results, and I'm beyond pleased! This is honestly the best decision I've ever made!!! Hope all my tt buddies are doing well out there. :)


Congratulations on the weight loss! 17 lbs is ridiculous! You look so good just being 18 days post. Keep up the good work!
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LOVE that red bathing suit! :)
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I really don't think I can give the best advice on the baby part of it, there is a place on here where you can post that question to doctors and get their advice. I know a few people have talked about revisions after having more children following their TT. As far as the pain pump I have heard pretty mixed reviews. I wanted it, didn't get it because it wasn't offered and glad I ended up without it. Haven't heard too many people who didn't have wish they had , but have read plenty of others say they didn't have enough relief from it. Read up on it before you mke the decision.
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Hi TT buddies! Hope everyone is feeling good this...

Hi TT buddies! Hope everyone is feeling good this morning....I'm doing good, a little tired this morning but I did a lot yesterday (well a lot considering I'm only 20 days PO lol). The hubby and I went to bike night last night and walked around some. I ran into a girl from boot camp who doesn't know about the surgery and both hubby and I were laughing after because she kept looking at my stomach...never asked anything but you could tell she noticed something was different lol. I also was in the mood yesterday afternoon to pull out some old pants/jeans I had stored in case I could ever fit in them again and OMG all but one pair fit!!! I couldn't believe it, I haven't been able to wear these particular capri's/jeans in at least 5 years! I also found three pair of dress pants for work that I haven't worn for a long time that fit so that made me happy too since my 'normal' dress pants don't fit at all...but I wore these fairly loose before because I didn't want to enhance that old bulge lol. This saves me from having to go shopping too soon before all the swelling is gone. I have been working from home past two weeks but tomorrow I go back into office 1/2 day and then full time again starting Monday....I feel I'm ready but that's easy to say from the seat of my recliner hahahaha.

Have a super day everyone!


Well, we obviously Ned more than one car to get out there. 8 adults in our navigator will not be fun so yeah I'm thinking the car. It would be close to the same feeling right. Top down, wind through my hair...
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yea wow i just wonder also that is alot of riding and you might be able to do some of it but you could end up getting sore.............
Okay, so crazy question .... Did you actually ride the bike to bike night? I'm still flinching in a car at bumps in the road. My husband and I, along with four other couples are trail erring our bikes to the east coast in another month. We riding about 250 miles a day. I'm scared to death that's going to be more than I can handle. We have a convertible that I'm offering to drive behind everyone! Lol
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Hi sorry I've been MIA this past several days......

Hi sorry I've been MIA this past several days....I've been feeling a lot better and able to do more and more which is keeping me busy. I went back to work 1/2 day Friday which was the 3 week PO mark and then full time this week. I feel pretty good, a little sore at end of the day, which is probably to be expected and a little more swelling than bf, but not major. I've noticed I've been less comfortable the past few nights sleeping in bed which I'm not sure if it's because I'm doing more during the day, but last night was a little better. Lost another 2lbs which puts my weight loss since surgery at 19lbs total. I'm still shocked at that as I honestly didn't expect any major weight loss after surgery. I can only assume its due to the low sodium diet and also the smaller portions as I get full much quicker now. Hope all my tt buddies are doing awesome and feeling better each day! Oh, and when I went back to work I got tons of questions on if I had lost weight, don't think anyone noticed the tummy as the only place since I've lost weight in other area's too...especially can tell in my face so I just said yes I had been on a low sodium diet and had lost some weight so no one pushed but it was definitely noticed.


Please everyone keep posting your comments. I am seriously considering tummy tuck.
I just spent $2400 on cool sculpt and that was a joke. No results.
Now thinking of tummy tuck and lipo. I'm very scared. My husband is supportive.
Thinking after Xmas would be a great time. I work retail and we slow down a lot after that. I am planning on 4 weeks off.
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Am i nutso? i went back to work after 9 days... God I hope I didn't mess anything up on my TT!
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You are nuts. I went back to work at 11 days post op and regretted it....You really need a full two weeks

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't updated for a little...

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't updated for a little while, been really busy with being back to work. I'm doing well though and we went away this past weekend for our 17th wedding anniversary and guess what??? I rode my motorcycle and had no pain. We also went to Cedar Point which even though I couldn't ride roller coasters or rides for that matter, we enjoyed walking around and we did the lazy river in the water park. We had a really nice getaway and we did a little shopping and it was so nice picking a shirt off the rack and knowing it would look good! I'm really enjoying that for sure! Hope everyone is doing awesome and healing beautifully.


@sayingbye2mybelly--I am scheduled for a TT on 8/31/12. From reading your blog I will expect swelling in my thighs too. What type of low sodium foods did you eat after your TT?. Your lifestyle is similar to mine..i workout 6 days/week..have lost about 45 lbs,currently weight about 196 now----Do pineapples help with the swelling? i was told I should take the Arnika tabs to help with swelling too. I dread that when it is time for me to return to work 3 weeks after my TT that my pre-op pants wont fit !!! ^^^%$(((*(&^%%$#@!!
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So it's been a while since I updated, guess I've...

So it's been a while since I updated, guess I've just been too busy/tired to get online to update. Still feeling good, but notice I have been more worn out past few weeks for some reason. Last week had to travel to Iowa and North Carolina for work and boy was it a pain lugging my luggage through airports, it really wore me out and I was sore too. Shouldn't have to travel again til end of this month but then will be traveling 6 weeks straight...let's hope I'm less tired by then! Lol Swelling is good some days and bad others. I did order a new CG in a size smaller as original wasn't giving enough support. I wear it all the time except last several days at night I've been experimenting without it. Still hanging in at the 20lb loss which I am glad I'm maintaining but having trouble shedding more. :/ it's har when I still am not cleared for exercise other than walking. Still have been watching sodium and haven't had a soda since bf surgery which I'm super happy that I'm still doing so well without that! Noticed when I don't have binder on and I sit I seem to have little belly which I never noticed bf but completely flat standing. Haven't gained weight so hoping its just swelling. Still battling upper thigh swelling but not as much as bf. I had deep tissue massage and that really helped. Hope all my TT buddies are doing well!


@sayingbye2mybelly--thanks for that info. I pretty much eat healthy anyway, but I will make sure i watch the sodium intake much closer after the TT. BTW --U look awesome!!!
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Hey, Lady! Thanks for checking in. Wow, you are really on the go this summer! Sounds like you have it all under control though. Congrats on the no pop and maintaining your weight loss. Your shape is so beautiful!
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hey ima, how you doin? and you sayingbye ? glad to see you two on here, how are you both doing? Ima did you go on that trip yet where you were either going to ride on motorcycle or take convertible, lol, anyway glad to see you two on here, im doing good, believe it or not i am still sore, its been almost 8 weeks, maybe cause feeling coming back, im not sure, i dont really feel like im over doing anything, but wow sometimes im surprised on the soreness and almost stabbing pains i get, maybe cause all the MR, im not totally sure.

Tomorrow will be 2 months post op & to celebrate I...

Tomorrow will be 2 months post op & to celebrate I decided to go buy a new bathing suit today. I picked up two and I'm not sure if I'm keeping both of them or not, I'll post pics here so you girls can tell me what you think. I am planning on using these in the safety of my own pool only since I was brave and bought bikini's. lol I am feeling good overall, still swelling especially in the evenings and sore at times. Can't wait to get back to boot camp but have another month bf dr will clear me for that! Hope all my TT buddies are doing well!


Looking great! Looks like you had a blast swim suite shopping! It's the best feeling ever not seeing anything hanging over!
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Tee, you aren't kidding! It was best feeling ever!
You look fantastic!! I love the white and teal one :). I have only worn mine in my backyard pool. Will try to go public soon. You are doing great!!! That is a flat tummy!!!
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So today I went for a body wrap and when the lady...

So today I went for a body wrap and when the lady was wrapping me she said I just have to tell you that you have an amazingly flat tummy! I simply said thank you, she was like no really I see a lot if women's bodies and you have such a nice flat tummy...I dream of having a tummy that flat. I never said how I got it, felt a little guilty about that but was so happy it wasn't just obvious and that my belly button looks so natural she didn't notice. She asked me what kind of exercises I do...I feel bad for not saying how but honestly didn't want to go into it, just wanted my wrap and relaxation. Am I horrible or what?


Lookin good girl, your BB looks really natural too!
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Sayingbye, no your not horrible, you were paying to get a service done and if you want to go and relax and not tell all your personal information that is totally your right to do that, sometimes when i have went and had massages the people giving it to me want to talk the whole time and sometimes i just want to be quiet and relax and enjoy, thats why i go to relax and enjoy ! dont worry about it for a minute.
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I totally get it and I didn't take it that way at all, I know what you mean completely!

Had my 3 month post op appt Friday (a week early...

Had my 3 month post op appt Friday (a week early bc dr is going on vacation) and they did measurements and I was ecstatic because I lost nearly 15 inches! Holy cow! Here are the losses:

Upper abdomen: 4.75 inches
Waist: 5 inches
Lower abdomen: 5 inches

By no means do I have a model figure but I've gotta tell you this surgery has exceeded my expectations in nearly every way! I was also cleared to exercise after one more week. I'll post my 3 month pic as soon as I have a chance to get on the PC... Really wish we could post them from iPhone/iPad :)


I was wondering if you also had lipo? Your hips look great.
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Hi, no I didn't have any lipo, I was super worried going into the surgery that my dr wasn't recommending lipo but I was pleased with the results without...I still wonder if my hips could have used some though...because they seem huge to me lol
I hope you are doing well. I haven't been on in a while and with my 1 year PO this week I was checking in to see how everybody was doing. would love to see some new PO pictures.
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Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Updated on 20 May 2012:I absolutely have had the best experience with Dr. Colon and his staff. I had a tummy tuck and muscle repair and couldn't be more pleased with my results...& it's only post op day 9. I love Kimberly & Sherri in his office and felt at ease with Dr. Colon from the start...& my husband has even commented how well he feels the doc did, and how he likes the staff. I would totally recommend Dr. Colon, & will use him again!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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