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Almost One Year Post-Op!! I've Officially Made It ;-) - Columbus, OH

I am 28 years old and a stay-at-home mother to two...

I am 28 years old and a stay-at-home mother to two beautiful children, ages 6 and 3. I've never been too heavy but have always had trouble with my midsection. That has always been the place that I would gain the weight first and then the last place that I would lose it.

While I was pregnant with my first child, I developed preeclamsia. Even though I gained about 30 pounds, I was left with huge stretch marks all over my stomach because of holding water and gaining weight rapidly. This just added to the hideous appearance of my stomach. I have NEVER worn a bikini in my entire life and I am really hoping that once I have my surgery, I will feel confident enough to do it. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall and weigh 140 pounds. I work out 5 days a week. I think I'm pretty toned but stomach just looks fat and grotesque. I'm hoping that I can lose about 10 more pounds before my surgery but I am really having a tough time taking that last 10 pounds off. Do you think I would still have good results without losing the 10 pounds? Anyways, my surgery will be in October and I have so many reservations and fears about it. I worry about the recovery time, about not being able to pick up my very needy 3 year old daughter, and about possible complications like blood clots and infection.

I want this soooo bad though. I just don't want to risk my life having a surgery because I'm being superficial. But I also don't think I can be happy with my appearance with a stomach that looks like mine. I have a "frown" belly button that you can see if I wear anything remotely tight and it drives me insane and limits what clothes I can wear. I am going to post my before pictures tonight so you all can see what I am talking about. I look forward to all the support from this site as I start my journey towards a new, cute tummy! So scared but so excited to have this procedure done.

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I am adding my "before" pictures today. Try not to...

I am adding my "before" pictures today. Try not to get too grossed out lol.

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I am adding a photo of me from the back. I am...

I am adding a photo of me from the back. I am possibly going to have liposuction of my "flanks" and so I want to be able to show the difference if I do ;-)


Thinking of having Tummy Tuck and like you don't want to risk my life just to have a flat tummy. I have 2 grown childern and have lost 57 pounds so a tummy tuck is needed. I am afraid to make the call to take the next step. Hope all goes well for you and you recovery quickly.
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Thank you. The thing that got me to actually go and schedule the consultation and then the surgery was seeing two friends of mine have the procedure done. They both encouraged me and said that it really wasn't that bad and that they had minimal pain and were only down about 2 weeks. However, every person is different and I keep worrying that I may have a low tolerance for pain, or maybe I might have a reaction to the pain meds (I've never taken vicodin or any other drug before), or what if my body takes longer to heal, etc. etc. Worries are always there but right now my desire to have a "normal" stomach is stronger.
I feel you on the before pictures, but your pictures look much better than mine. Hopefully that will make you feel better. Good luck on your upcoming procedure I am sure you will look great, try and focus on what you will look like after surgery to boost you confidence. I am sure all will go well.
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I am struggling with my fears about taking pain...

I am struggling with my fears about taking pain meds after surgery. Each day there is a new worry lol! I was wondering if any of you out there that have had a tummy tuck got the pain pump and if I should request to have one? I am really scared about taking pain pills (vicodin) since I have never taken them before and both of my parents get sick on them (worried that I may be the same way??). I was hoping that if I got the pain pump, then maybe I wouldn't have to take the narcotics??? Anyone have any insight on that for me? I am just worried that on top of just having surgery, I will feel sick and out of it too and I hate feeling out of control.....


Well I sure hope I get instant gratification. I hope
You fully recover very soon! I put on a straight skirt for church & thot that little pooch that I suck
In all the time will one day b Gone!!!
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I never had the pain pump and only took the Vicodin.  I never had any problems with that.   Make sure to have some food in your tummy when you take the pills and you should be fine.  And if one drug does not work for you the doctor can always try a different one.  

Most people don't have the pain pump for more that 3-4 days.  I found that I needed my pain meds for the first week on a pretty regular basis.  Then week two I tapered down on the dose and on;y took when I really needed it.  

Don't let this stress you out.  

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Thank you so much! That really made me feel better ;-) Everyone has been telling me that I will definitely need the pain meds so I just need to come to terms with that and try them. I am so funny about taking medications and I always worry about side effects and allergic reactions lol. I'm such a worrier but I know this is something I am going to do and need to do to feel better about myself.

I keep reading about people taking "bromelain" and...

I keep reading about people taking "bromelain" and "arnica". Going to look into those and I am preparing to buy my post-op binder, wedge pillows, and other tummy tuck necessities ;-) Can't wait until Wednesday to talk with the PS and see what I am officially going to have done. So many reservations about the whole thing but I am also ready to get the show on the road. I have been visualizing having surgery, seeing my incision, and picturing a good outcome. Also doing a lot of praying. God doesn't answer selfish prayers but I continue to pray for guidance and comfort through this process ;-)


I am so excited for you. I will be two weeks post-op tomorrow. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. My recovery has been so much easier then I ever expected. I had really prepared for the worst. Don't get me wrong, the first week I was uncomfortable but I was never in pain. I was given percocet for pain and my PS also gave me a perscription for Zofran just in case put stomach got upset. I never had to take to the Zofran. I always took my pain medicine with crackers. After the first three days, I was able to take xtra strength tylenol during the day and would only take the Percocet at night. I've been off all meds for the past 3 days. I must mention though, I never had children so my muscle repair was minimal. I did have lipo in my lower abdomen and flanks. I am so pleased with my new tummy, even with the swelling, it looks great. I walk around and I feel like I'm glowing. You are going to do great and I know you will be happy. Good Luck to you.
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I think you'll do just fine!!! I'm 6 days post op & from the first time I saw myself (which was only 24hrs after surgery), I for sure had instant gratification!! best of luck!!!
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I made the mistake of reading a post where a girl...

I made the mistake of reading a post where a girl developed blood clots in her lungs about 3 and a half months after lipo and tummy tuck surgery and that has me really scared. She was my age and said she was active and it still happened :-( Really struggling with that today. Part of me wants to call this whole thing off and live with what I have. My life and my children are more important that having a nice stomach and being able to wear a bikini. I will discuss this tomorrow with the plastic surgeon, along with fifty million other questions that I have. I am just so torn now - to go through with it and risk having complications that could possibly be severe or to go through the rest of my life hating my appearance......??????? Ugh!


I'm sure reading that did freak you out. I read something similar to that before my surgery and it made me a little nervous. You do start to wonder if your making the right decision. There are definitely risks with this surgery. There are risks with any surgery. Personally, I think the chances of you experiencing any of these risks are low, especially if you do what your doctor tells you. There were two things my doctor told me are very important. He wanted me to get up and walk a few times a day. Even if they were just small walks. What I would do is every time I got up to go to the bathroom, I would take a small walk before getting back in my recliner. (I slept in a recliner the first week and I actually slept great. I was very uncomfortable in a bed.) The second thing he wanted me to do and he told me it would not be easy but he wanted me to cough a few times a day. He was right it wasn't easy, and I can tell you, they were wimpy little coughs, but I did it. I also would take several deep breaths throughout the day. (First couple of days you might find it hard to take a really deep breath which is totally normal so don't panic if you can't get that deep breath in. Just breath as deep as you can and relax.) I stayed one night in the hospital and I was given a shot of a blood thinner in my thigh while in the hospital. I also took an aspirin a day for the first week. The power of the mind never ceases to amaze me. Think positive and try hard to relax. We start thinking to much and it makes us nervous. Hang in there.
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Thank you so much! Your comment really made me feel better. I plan on asking the doctor if she will give me a shot of a blood thinner or not. I will definitely do everything that you mentioned after surgery. I talked with my hubby (who is so supportive and reassuring) and we both agreed I should still do it (but we are upping my life insurance lol). I will update tomorrow on any new details. Can't wait to talk to the PS so I can feel better ;-)
So Deserving, thank you so much for the encouragement! That makes me feel good knowing that I may be like you and have a nice experience with without any pain ;-) I saw your pics and your tummy tuck turned out great! That gives me hope....

Went to see my PS today and I feel much better...

Went to see my PS today and I feel much better about going forward with my surgery. She was honest in all her answers but we discussed all of the precautions that she and I will take to avoid any and all risks/complications. I felt sOOoOoo much better. I was happy to learn that she will not need to lipo my flanks - yay!! This girl didn't want to have to have lipo ;-) We also discussed my breasts and me possibly having an augmentation with a lift. Well, she talked me right out of that lol! I am not too saggy and have plenty of breast tissue so we decided that scaring up my breasts wasn't worth it. They look good with a nice push up bra so I'm okay he he. October can't come fast enough though. I want it here so I can do it while I have the courage. I've been really scared of dying or having complications after surgery. I will continue to pray about my decision and continue to trust in God, that He will watch over me and bring me through this ;-)


I'm so glad your appointment went well today and your feeling better about this. Keep hanging in there.
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Thank you girlie!  The journey was well worth it for me:)

You are going to do just great and have beautiful results.


So I am trying to lose weight before I have my...

So I am trying to lose weight before I have my surgery. I was 140 and now I'm down to 137. It's such a struggle! I was told I didn't need to have lipo of my flanks but now I am starting to wonder. I asked my husband to be completely honest with me (big mistake lol!) and he said I could still stand to lose a few pounds. Wondering if I should push my surgery date back until I lose atleast 10 more pounds??? Feeling chubby and I just want the best results possible. Not sure what to do....Oh well. Gonna keep hitting the gym and trying to eat as healthy as possible from now until then....


That's so good to hear. I hope I feel well and have a good recovery too. Good luck with everything! I hope you heal fast and love your results! I can't wait to have pictures to post ;-) Praying it all looks good!
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I'm 4 days post-op and feeling pretty good today. I'm still sore and can't stand up completely straight, but feeling much better then the surgery day. Good luck with your surgery. So far, I don't have any regrets. Can't wait to see your post-op pictures.
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Hey Bella I have cancelled 2 previous tummy tuck operations because I, like you am scared of risking my life for a cosmetic procedure. However I am rescheduled to go on the 20th December this year. Funnily enough my tummy looks a lot like yours. I can hold mine in and it is flat just very wrinkly. I am 5ft 7 and weigh only 120 pounds so I am well within my ideal weight. I think the long recovery also puts me off and the "swell hell" everybody talks about is a real turn-off for me. As I said my stomach is flat, just wrinkly. My surgeon is using a pain pump and I am staying in hospital for 2 nights. I have to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks. Don't feel alone about being scared, you are not the only one.
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I decided to tell my dad and stepmom about my...

I decided to tell my dad and stepmom about my decision to have the tummy tuck since I would be needing them to get my son on and off the bus on the day of my surgery. They weren't very supportive and didn't understand why I wanted to risk my life and go through all that pain just for a flatter stomach. They were actually quite negative and it made me really sad and is making me question whether I should go through with this. Not sure what I'm going to do now.....


Thanks so much Hoskinn! Of the friends that I've told, they are so supportive and even want to have surgery done on themselves. I guess I was just wanting support from my dad and stepmom because we are so close to each other. It bummed me out but I am still going forward with this procedure and just hope that they can pray for me and help me out during my recovery. Can't wait to do this now!
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I'm 3 weeks and a little bit post op. Feeling pretty good now. My tummy is a little achy - like I did quite a workout.
I was thinking about the negative responses the other day and it seems that women are the worst judges of each other and I was trying to think why? I think that some women feel that it's cheating, taking the easy way out. Of my few friends that I did tell, we are all thinking the same way, there is only so much you can do with diet and exercise if you are stretched out. Even for myself, the stretch marks will never go away no matter how much Bio-oil I put on.
Good Luck again!
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I am 3 weeks out from surgery, we had/have the exact same tummy.. I am so glad I did it, I didn't tell anyone except my boyfriend that I was doing this bc I wanted to avoid all the negative opinions (you don't need it etc.) but I am very glad I went forward. Fortunately, I had an awesome DR, I saw about 5 and when I met him he reassured me of my decision, nothing could change my mind I had wanted this for 2 years. Scheduled the appt the same day and had my surgery Aug 24th (MR,Lipo to waist) I honestly scared myself reading others stories, but I had NO pain at all.I promise this will be all worth it :)
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So....I talked to my ps office today and my tummy...

So....I talked to my ps office today and my tummy tuck is now scheduled for October 20th!!!! That is only 4 weeks away -ahhh!!! I go for my pre-op appointment on October 5th. Please pray that this is the best decision for me and that I don't chicken out ;-) And thank you all for the support!


My surgeon did something like this. He injected something into my muscles during surgery so between that and my percocets/tylenol, my pain was not bad.
Hi Bella, I got really sick with the vicodin and the the other meds to keep from getting nausea didn't work so I couldn't keep them dowm, ask your doctor for the patch or the suppository for the nauseousness, because it will stay in your system, and that might help, read my story.

So....I had the absolute worst dream ever last...

So....I had the absolute worst dream ever last night and I am going to blame it on eating frosted flakes before bed lol. I had a dream that I had my tummy tuck surgery and was left with an open wound and then on top of that found my husband cheating on me lol. It was horrible. I'm totally obsessing about this surgery now because it is literally only 4 weeks away. I'm so scared that something is going to go wrong. Part of me wants to cancel - same old concerns from me guys, sorry, I know it gets redundant. Wish God would give me a sign of approval and a sign that I should go ahead with this......


I had crazy dreams when I was on my pain meds! Your tummy is going to look fabulous when done!
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Felt I had to share this with you. I went for an ultrasound today because I found some lumps under one arm. The GP was concerned and so was I as they were hard and immobile (not a good sign). They turned out to be very deep cysts. So to cut a long story short, I have been so worried that I might have had breast cancer that I hadn't even thought about the upcoming surgery. And I was so so scared. It made me realise that this surgery is a walk in the park compared to having a disease that could potentially kill you. I now feel more at ease to have the tummy tuck. Thousands of people go under general anaesthesia and thousands have tummy tucks. My surgeon told me that he does full body lifts on patients who have BMI's in the 30's (they are at a much higher risk than us) and they all cope with the surgery well. You are young Bella83 and you will also do really well. If you feel at uncomfortable keep asking your surgeon heaps of questions. I have always believed that knowledge is power. Take care.
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Scared mum, I am so happy for you that it wasn't breast cancer!! How scary! That definitely puts things into perspective for sure. I'm going to go through with this and pray that it all works out. I have been making a list of questions to ask at my pre-op appointment in a few weeks lol. I just need to feel safe and secure and that is so hard when something like this has so many unknowns.

Today was a good day ;-) Went from being a blonde...

Today was a good day ;-) Went from being a blonde to a brunette, super fun. I also went shopping for cute comfy outfits to wear while I'm recovering. I just have a few concerns tonight after reading some posts. I am so scared now of everything I will have to put myself and my family through after surgery. I am starting to wonder if it is going to be worth it or not. Not to mention my normal fears of complications and risks. I hate the unknown and wish I could control the outcome, but I can't. How did you ladies overcome your fears and just do it? My friends and hubby are being so supportive and encouraging me to have this done but it seems like each passing day I get more and more apprehensive. I look at my stomach and know for certain that I want it to be better and that I want to have this surgery done, but it is killing me with all the anxiety and fear I am experiencing. Part of me feels like I need to just do it and deal with the consequences later. But the other part of me feels like I need to be realistic and plan to be in pain, to be uncomfortable, to be somewhat depressed, to be housebound for a while, to miss my sons soccer games and my daughters dance classes, to stop going to my bible study for several weeks, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention I don't "sit" very well. I'm always cleaning or finding something to do that I never watch tv. I am also horrible when I'm sick because I hate being down. Wondering if the pros outweigh the cons - not so sure that they do anymore :-( Help!!!!! LOL! Sorry ladies, I know I am constantly updating about all my fears and about possibly backing out. I am just not taking this lightly. It is a very serious surgery with a very long recovery time and it scares me to death......


also....I tried to prepare myself for the worst too before my surgery. The only thing that I think no one can prepare for is the depression. What made the depression for me was one night of my tummy feeling really "full" and it was so uncomfortable. But only lasted one night. The second thing that depressed me was when my husband was gone all day, two days in a row with the kids to soccer games. I was very lonely. I had every bad thought imaginable and cried all day throughout the day. I got through that by reaching out to people on this forum by sending them a private message. Kimmers kept me a float during that time!! If I were to do it all over again, I would have had a friend come over and watch tv with me so that I wasn't alone in my self pity. I was fine though if they were gone for an hour or two, but any more than that I didn't like it.
I used my pain medication and muscle relaxers around the clock (every 4 hours day and night) for the first 6 days. I know other people were off sooner but I needed them because I was uncomfortable. (not pain).
If I rode anywhere in the car I had at least pillows to support my body and feel comfortable. Plus I didn't want to wreck my new tummy if I was in an accident.
The thing that I was able to let go of was the house. That was a first for me and I am serious! I am not a sitter, I am a doer! Being sleepy from the pain meds helps the urge to clean and I was just too dang tired for the first two weeks after surgery to clean. My body just flat out didn't have the energy.
I would not worry about the anesthesia. Of course they have to go over all of the risks, but for them they put people under anesthia all the time. If you are going to a legit place it will go smoothly. You will fall alseep quickly and them all of the sudden you wake up and you are done.
I am 4 weeks po and I do NOT regret my TT at ALL! First two weeks are rough, but heck, you are going through a surgery, even if it is elective. The thing I struggled with the longest before and after the surgery was the selfishness of an elective surgery. Spending the money, putting myself at risk to flatten my tummy, and having my hubby using a week of his vacay to take care of me and the kids. It's all over and now i feel so comfortable with my body...and naked too =)
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It's funny that you mentioned the depression because that has been worrying me too. It is going to be fall/winter during my recovery here in Ohio and it is gloomy and cold. I'm hoping to have someone with me at all times for the first two weeks so I hope that helps. My hubby keeps reassuring me that he will have plenty of stuff for me to do so I can rest well and keep depression at bay(books: "Water for Elephants" and "The Reader", Netflix on the Wii, dvd's). I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks in my early 20's and I am praying that that doesn't return either. That really scares me a lot because that was horrible. I do know that I will definitely be reaching out to you all on here for help/questions after surgery. This site has been so good in preparing me for this surgery and you all are so supportive. Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to tell me all of this stuff and for your positivity!! I feel somewhat ready to do this and it is so crazy that it's less than a month away!! I am so excited to think I could possibly wear a bikini or a tight shirt ;-) Please pray the surgeon does a good job so I can look as good as you!!
Depression hits us all during this journey. Mine lasted only a day which I was very happy for but as soon as I saw my tummy at the end of that day, it made it all totally worth it!

Well...only 23 more days to go!! I go to my...

Well...only 23 more days to go!! I go to my cardiologist on Friday to make sure that my heart is good to go for surgery. I'll be having an EKG and Echo done. I get them once a year anyways due to having a diagnosis of SVT and previous heart murmur(episode free for 4 years now and murmur free for 3!!). Praying that all is well and I get the okay to go ahead with surgery. One week until my pre-op and I'm still adding questions to my very long list ;-) They are going to think I'm a nut case lol! I've been pretty good lately though, not worrying too much about the surgery. I'm going to try to finish up my lists of "things to have after surgery" and "things to do before surgery" so I can get a start on it now. Any suggestions there are appreciated! Also, I see that a lot of people take vitamin C before the surgery. I don't take any vitamins right now, I just try to eat healthy, but do you think I should start taking a multi-vitamin and the vitamin C?


Hey u were asking about vitamins. I take a whole food nutrition capsule that is awesome!
U heal so much faster when u have the proper nutrition. I had hernia surgery a few yrs ago & had tiny bit of swelling & no bruising. Healed incredible ly. Chk it out at www.veggiepowders.com
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I'm not sure if it's because I'm feeling extra...

I'm not sure if it's because I'm feeling extra chubby today or what but I am worried that I need lipo and my doctor said I didn't. I looked at some of the posts on here and the majority of you who have tummy tucks get lipo along with it. Not to mention that a lot of you are much smaller than me and still got it too. Hmm....wondering if that is something that I need to call the PS about? I just want to have the best results possible and now I'm worried that I'll have this surgery and still feel like I'm fat. Or I'll have the tummy tuck and it will make my flanks look even bigger. Man, the worries I have are endless! Lol! Seriously though, should I say something about the lipo? I really don't want to have it because of how painful it is but if I need it, I'd rather get it over with now.....


Thanks so much BellaBelly. I've been struggling to think positively lately and am so scared every time I think of going into the operating room. But I know I want this and have 20 more days to prepare. On the plus side, I went to my cardiologist today and am cleared for surgery ;-) Everything looks good and the palpitations I've been experiencing are benign (I guess a lot of women have an increase in palpitations in the months of September and October). Anyways, I go Wednesday for my pre-op and that is the day that I pay the rest of my balance and so there is no turning back after that day lol.
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Hi Bella,
I was reading about how you're concerned about not having lipo. I had 8 lbs. of skin and fat removed and trust me I needed the lipo. It really doesn't look like you do... You look great in your pics...you're just getting tweaked! LOL. Your surgery will be over before you know it. Keep a positive outlook in the days approaching and going into the OR. My PS gave me that advice. Some things can just happen that our out of our control and when or if they do happen we deal with them. Let the positive energy flow now, you can control that! ;-) You are going to have awesome results!
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Bella, I did not have any lipo and my results are awesome. I had seen a ton of doctors and everyone of them told me they would do lipo of my flanks until I found a doctor I loved who said he wouldn't do lipo because I didn't need it! I also didn't want lipo. Once I knew what was extra skin and what was fat, I figured I could really buckle down and just loose the fat! Know that i've had the Tummy Tuck, what I though was fat, was really just extra skin! You already look in great shape!
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I'm feeling a bit scared and nervous today about...

I'm feeling a bit scared and nervous today about going through with my tummy tuck. I wish I could be happy and excited but I keep having horrible nightmares about surgery and I'm so worried that I will be in the small percentage that has complications. I can't wait to go to my pre-op so my fears can be eased. I just pray every day that I am making the right decision. I also make the mistake of reading a lot of the "Not Worth It" posts. Why in the heck did I do that? LOL! My nightmare last night was me having surgery and then seeing myself after and I looked horrible. My belly button was off center and I still had tons of extra skin. In my dream I was sobbing because the results weren't what I expected and I was so let down. Why am I having all these nightmares??? Ugh! Sorry to unload on you guys but I had to get this off of my chest and my hubby is sick of hearing about it lol! I am struggling with wanting it so bad but feeling like I should cancel out of fear that something bad is going to happen. Not sure how to overcome this....


I am hearing you ladies. Its all I ever think about also. I also googled the percentage of risks, DVT,s Pulmonary embolisms etc. All it does is freaks me out. I am also having a mini-facelift and now I'm also freaking out about that, knowing that the risks are increased with two procedures. I am so glad we are all here to share our fears and support one another.
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We are all in this together and I am sOOoooOOoo thankful for that ;-) This site has been wonderful in helping me (and everyone else) along this journey. Wish there was a guarantee that nothing bad would happen and that none of us would have complications but it's just not possible. Darn it lol!
Ok, my anxiety may be slightly worse. I ran my last half marathon of the season yesterday and couldn't stop thinking about it the entire run. Talk about mental anguish! LOL

That's exactly it. I know that I won't be content just moving forward and not have it done. I want it. I think about it constantly but I'm just paranoid of the "what ifs" and the things that we can't control... I just want to walk in, do it, and walk out with my head held high thinking "ah, this wasn't so bad" or at least "I made it". :)

Will keep you posted!
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Hello ladies ;-) I'm going to be going for my...

Hello ladies ;-) I'm going to be going for my pre-op appointment tomorrow in Columbus. I'm going to get all of my prescriptions, instructions, and pay for the rest of the surgery. I'm still having doubts so please pray that I get a clear answer on what I'm going to do tomorrow (before paying ha ha!). If any of you guys can think of any good questions I should ask, let me know. I have a nice list right now but I can't help but feel I'm missing something. Thank you all for being so supportive and awesome. I really really appreciate it. Man, I'm so happy I found this site!


Good Luck tomorrow. I really think you will feel much better after your appointment. Let us know how it goes. I have no doubt you will be so excited once your surgery is over. It is so cool to walk by a mirror and see a flat tummy. Life is Good!!!
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Same here. Everyone that knows me says that I'm a true overanalytical "Virgo"... Worrying is what I do best! Deep breaths. We got this! ;)
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I am so excited for you both! Can't wait til you are in your recovery!

I had a long night last night. I had so much...

I had a long night last night. I had so much anxiety about going to my pre-op appointment today because I knew I had to make my final decision on whether or not I am going to go through with this procedure. After speaking with the nurse (who was very nice) and going over all of the forms and instructions, I decided that I AM going forward with the surgery. From here on out it is nothing but positive thoughts and excitement. The plastic surgeon and her team are highly trained and the best at what they do so I have to trust that they will take care of me. They explained how they handle emergency situations and what would happen if something went wrong. Hearing all of that made me feel better. The surgery center has all of the safety qualifications and certifications that a hospital has and all of the anesthesiologists are doctors that come over from the nearby hospital, Mount Carmel East. Here is a rundown of all the information I was given:

-Prior to surgery I am to purchase gauze, a pregnancy test, a compression garment (I'm given one but they said to buy another to wear over top after one week. Any suggestions on good ones? Let me know ;-), and I am to fill all of my prescriptions (Percocet for pain, Duricef for antibiotic, Scopoline patch to be placed behind my ear on day of surgery for nausea, and Valium for anxiety after surgery).
-On the day of the surgery I am to get up and shower and be at the surgery center at 7:30am
I will be the first surgery of the day (yay!). This means I will have to leave my house at 5:30a.m but oh well, I'll probably be up anyways.
-I will apply my anti-nausea patch before the drive to the surgery center.
-Once I arrive I will be taken to the pre-op area with my mom and husband. The surgeon will come in and answer any last minute questions and mark on me, the anesthesiologist will come in and explain what he'll be giving me (I may also get a "pre-surgery cocktail" from him to help me relax), and then I will be taken to the surgery room.
-Once in surgery they will put on compression stockings and then I will be put to sleep and monitored.
-Surgery is estimated to take 2 and a half hours but may take less time. After, I'll be taken to a recovery room where they will wake me. I'll have to eat and drink something, walk around, and use the restroom. Once I feel good enough I will either be taken to a local hotel (I live 1 hour and 45 minutes from the surgery center) or my husband will drive me home to recover.
-My surgery is on a Thursday and I will follow up with my doctor the following Wednesday as long as I don't have any problems.
-I will be sent home with compression hose on and will also have a pain pump for 3 days. On Sunday evening I will be allowed to remove the pain pump and then I can shower for the first time on Monday.
-I am not to take anything other than a multi-vitamins without any herbs prior to surgery and after.
-After surgery I am also to do the following: deep breathing exercises and cough to prevent pneumonia from developing, get out of bed walk for a few minutes or move my legs every hour, wear compression hose for 2 to 3 days, and empty my drains every 8 hours and record the amount. I will get drains removed once I am draining less than 30cc in a 16 hour period (usually one to two weeks).

I think that's about everything. My goal from now until then is to stay healthy and prevent illness, as this would cause me to have to reschedule. I'm also going to purchase everything I need and get prescriptions filled. I wasn't told to scrub or wash with any special soap but does anyone recommend that I do that to prevent infection? Only 15 more days and I'll be on the other side - yikes!! Please pray for me during this process, I strongly believe in the power of prayer. Any suggestions or input is greatly appreciated ;-) I'm gonna do this!!!!!!!

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Sorry for the crazy long update earlier ;-) I just...

Sorry for the crazy long update earlier ;-) I just wanted to write down everything that happened today for any new people reading. I thought that it would be nice to know what the exact instructions are and what is prescribed. Plus I'm going to use it for future reference before the surgery, since everything is fresh in my head right now ;-)


Hi there. I LOVED your long update! Sounds exactly like my story...7 days and counting! My meds will be a bit different, but all in the same family. Dramamine before surgery for nausea, Dilaudid for pain (can't take percocet or vicodin), keflex for antibiotics, and flexeril muscle relaxer.

I CAN'T wait. Next week at this time I should be in the recovery room!

Good luck to us!
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Good luck to you!!! You'll be a week ahead so please update and let me know how things go for you ;-) Can't believe that I will be on the "other side" in only two weeks!!! Crazy.
Hey Bella, I spoke to my PS,s scrub nurse today (she has been his scrub nurse for 15 years) and none of his patients has ever had a DVT or a PE. He uses both TED stockings and a pneumatic compression device in theatre. We are fixating on something that is extremely rare. I read somewhere that the chances of a PE are 0.8%. That means that over 99% of people do not get a PE. I know the chances are increased if you are over 40 and are extremely overweight. You have neither of those risk factors . I know you will be fine!!
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I feel the uncertainty and anxiety creeping up...

I feel the uncertainty and anxiety creeping up again....ugh. I am so scared of having complications and I made the mistake of coming across a few lovely women who suddenly developed pulmonary embolisms about a week after surgery :-( Why did I even read that? I am so scared now because they looked healthy, made sure they were walking around, and wore compression hose but still developed pulmonary embolisms. Yes, they survived, but what a scary ordeal! Wish this was easier for me but it's not. I felt so sure and confident a few days ago but my resolve is waivering. When I told my husband my concerns he said that backing out is not an option because he is not losing 50% of the money we paid. I feel bad because I do want this but I just don't want to risk the chance of having a major life threatening complication or even death! Why can this be easier for me???? Sorry ladies. Same old post just a different day. Had to get it out lol.


Wow 12 more days!!!! So exited for you!!!!
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Thanks NewMe!! I'm excited for you too ;-) It is gonna go by so fast!
Bella- Aww! Just saw your response. I thought I was having a hard time but you seem to really be struggling. I remember being in that same place with my last c-section. I spent my entire pregnancy in an awful anxious state worried about having a 3rd c-section. It was bad. I cried almost daily at the thought of something happening to me... It's going to be ok. Funny but that birth was actually my favorite experience of all 3. It was a wonderful experience! You are going to do ok. Deep breaths!

I received my receipt in the mail today from my PS. Attached was a sweet note from my PS nurse. I'm going to share it with you.


Be at peace with your decision...

Bring your mind to a content place.

Let go of things that you cannot control.. It's ok!

Put it in a bubble and blow it away!

See you at your Post op. :-)

Honestly, it's true. Sad but true there is not one portion of our life that we control. We choose to do everything we do...drive to the gym, have children, and yes elective surgeries whether it's a Tummy tuck, knee surgery, or bladder incontinence.

I am definitely still anxious, worried, and with questions. Though I have decided to not let fear ruin this experience for me. Life is about experience. It's going to be tough but in the end it will be done. A memory. Just like everything else.

Chin up! Now the choosing to stay out of the gym. I still can't believe I signed up for that. Jen is the only thing keeping my sanity in that department.
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Well....only 9 more days to go!! I have been doing...

Well....only 9 more days to go!! I have been doing okay, trying to think of only positive outcomes and trying to stay away from the internet lol. I had a bad cough/cold 6 or 7 weeks ago and the cough is still hanging on so I'll be going to see my family doctor today to make sure it isn't bronchitis or something else. I just want it to be gone before surgery. I also called the PS office today and spoke with the nurse (Barb) and felt like she was rushing me off the phone. I don't like that at all. If she is like this now, how will she be after surgery? That kind of bothered me. Anyways, can't wait to be on the other side at this point. Praying all goes well. If you read this, please keep me in your prayers. Thanks ladies ;-)

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One week from tomorrow, at 7:30 am, I will having...

One week from tomorrow, at 7:30 am, I will having my tummy tuck!!! EEK!!!! The countdown begins ;-) Send prayers, positive vibes, and good advice my way. Hoping for a beautiful belly button and low scar (on top of mild pain and zero complications of course). It has been years since I've seen the inside of my belly button, isn't that crazy? Can't wait to see what it actual looks like lol! I spent a few minutes with my belly today and was like, "Look fatty, this time next week you are out of my life forever!!" He he. Trying not to think about the surgery too much and have felt pretty calm the past few days. Is this the calm before the storm? I'm starting to wonder......


Not long to go now Bella. It will be all over soon and you will be loving your new belly.
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I know!!! Only 5 more days now. Today I am nesting - been cleaning out closets and drawers and doing some deep cleaning. It is keeping my mind off of the surgery at least ;-)
Hang in there Bella. I am thinking of you. You can do this, just like I will do it come December. We are all here for you. Its all good!!!
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Only four more days until my surgery!!!! I've been...

Only four more days until my surgery!!!! I've been cleaning like a crazy lady - I'm talking drawers, closets, under beds, cabinets, everything lol! I picked up a few more things today for after my surgery (colace, aspirin, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and flexees compression tanks, bodysuit, and underwear) and I've got my babysitters lined up for Thursday and Friday so I know the kids will taken care of ;-) Praying that I don't get sick from now until Thursday. Today my husband has been having diarrhea (TMI I know!) and I do NOT want to get that. I need to be in tip top shape for surgery or they will reschedule it. I'm not sure I would still do it if they have to reschedule it. I am going to try and keep myself busy from now until then though. I am volunteering at my son's school 2 days this week, cleaning the house again on Wednesday, and then heading down to Columbus Wednesday night. We decided to stay in a hotel the night before instead of making the 1 hour and 45 minute drive the day of. Keep me in your prayers please. When I think of having the surgery and going through with it I feel sick to my stomach. It literally makes me nauseous and scared to death. Thanks everyone for all of the support. Any last minute advice, please let me know!! The next 4 days are going to fly by.


Where do you get the flexees tanks and underwear?

I was nervous like you, but it really was no big deal when it was over, it was my first time having surgery so I didn't know what to expect. I don't even remember going to sleep and the next thing I knew I was waking up and they were putting the compression shorts on me. Tomorrow will be 1 week for me and I am loving it so far. Good luck and will be thinking of you. Your body already looks great so I know you will look fabulous when it's done!
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Aw, thanks so much ;-) I am still nervous but sort of anxious to get it over with. Praying that I'm like you since I have never had surgery and don't really know what to expect.

I got the Flexees at Kohl's Department Store but I think that JC Penney's and Macy's carry the Flexees brand also. My surgeons's nurse recommended the Flexees brand because they are a lot like Spanx but cheaper and I didn't have to order online to get them. I'm hoping I got the right sizes (I chose medium in most of the stuff) but we'll see!
I just finally had the time to scrub my house since my surgery! After going back to work, i hadn't had time to do spring cleaning! I let it go while recovering... yay for a clean house again :-)

Of all the times to get a UTI, why does it have to...

Of all the times to get a UTI, why does it have to be 3 days before my surgery???!!! I am getting ready to head to the doctor and will have to be put on antibiotics but I'll hopefully still be able to move forward with the surgery on Thursday. I already have everything lined up so I would hate to have to reschedule it. I just want to get it done already!!! Did any of you have an infection prior to surgery? The nurse at my PS's office said it should be okay as long as I start my antibiotics today and do not have a fever. I am so bummed right now. I wanted to be in the best shape and condition for my surgery, not have an infection and be on antibiotics :-(


Bella, I will keep you in my prayers this week and also for your recovery. All good!!
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OMG Bella!!! Two more days before your surgery. That is so awesome. Deep breathes because you will be just fine. Don't forget to update. I will be anxious to hear from you since my surgery will be just three days after yours.
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Hi Bella been following your blog and day is almost near, you look great in before pics so I know your after is going to be HOT! yeah having a BA crossed my mind as well but I am at 36c not much sagging and a lot of breast tissue, one consult did mention fat grafting verses augmentation as an option but I read on that and stories with calcifications. I know once tuck is done breast and butt will look extra nice-- well I'm hoping anyways. Lol. Your big day is quickly approaching.
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So....only 2 days until my surgery!! On top of the...

So....only 2 days until my surgery!! On top of the UTI, my antibiotic (Macrobid) is making me feel sick. It woke me up all last night and made me feel like I was going to puke. Today I am exhausted, having stomach pains, and just feel sick :-( Please pray that it gets better for me. I really need to feel better before surgery. I'm actually considering rescheduling it based on how I feel but I know that I have everything lined up for this week already. My husband has his vacation time in, the kids will be going to the sitter, the hotel is booked, and I have been mentally preparing myself. Not sure what in the hell to do??????

Well, off to scrub my upstairs and wash blankets, pillowcases, and sheets. Going to try to keep busy so I don't have to think about things any more than I already do. Hope you all have a good day.


Bella..2 days! How exciting! You will be fine, just breathe and relax! I am on day 5 PO, feeling better each day. I, too, fought off getting a cold for about a week prior to surgery. I had that scratchy throat/runny nose that was just busting at the seams to get me!

Good luck and you will be in my thoughts!
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Thanks so much Portland! I can't believe my day is almost here!! It went by really fast and I just pray that I am feeling well the day of surgery. Right now I feel like crap from my antibiotic and from the UTI. If I have a fever on the day of surgery, it has to be rescheduled so I am praying that I feel better. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts ;-)
Thank you so much Scared mum. I believe in the power of prayer ;-) Praying that everything goes better than expected.

This time tomorrow morning, I'll be in surgery for...

This time tomorrow morning, I'll be in surgery for my tummy tuck!!! Ahhhh!! Oddly enough, my anxiety has been low and I feel pretty calm. I even slept really well last night, which was nice. Praying that I can sleep well tonight and praying that everything goes great and better than expected tomorrow. I've never had surgery of any kind and I've never been under general anesthesia so I hope that goes okay. If you think of me, please pray for me tonight and tomorrow. It brings me comfort to know that people are praying because I believe in the power of prayer. I've also been praying and now I just need to trust in God that he will bring me through this. Going to spend my morning finishing up laundry, light cleaning and picking up, then having lunch with my son at his school, and I've got to pack for the hotel. I'll be heading to Columbus tonight (about an hour and 45 minute drive from my house) with my husband and my mom. I have to be at the surgery center at 7:30am and then my surgery will start around 8am. If I feel well, I'll be back home tomorrow evening and I'll update you all. Thanks in advance for thinking of me and praying for me. I really appreciate all the kind thoughts and encouragement you guys have given me. It has really helped me get through this and stick it out. Hope you all have a blessed day.

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This is my last update before my surgery tomorrow...

This is my last update before my surgery tomorrow morning. I'm packing and then heading down to Columbus. Please, if you read this, say a prayer for me tonight and throughout tomorrow. I'll update you as soon as I get home and feel up to it. Thank you all for your support.


YAY its just about here! Thinking of you girly! Can't wait to see after pics! :-)
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Hey Bella,

I am thinking about you and sending prayers, happy thoughts and warm vibes your way.  You are going to do just fine and soon be on the other side.  We will all be here waiting to hear from you:)

Stay strong and you will soon be back home with your flat tum tum.

Hugs to you girlie!


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Thanks Kimmers, I appreciate it ;-)

I survived ;-) The surgery took 2 and a half hours...

I survived ;-) The surgery took 2 and a half hours. I am already home from Columbus and relaxing in my recliner. Doctor said I had significant muscle separation and laxity of the muscles so she tightened them really good. And guess what? I can tell!!! I am not in severe pain but I have more of a burning sensation throughout my stomach, even after being on morphine and percoset and having a pain pump. She also said that she took off almost 2 pounds of skin and fat!!!! Seems like a lot to me. Anywyas, when I woke up from surgery, I was in quite a bit of pain(like a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale). I also felt extrememly dizzy. However, I stayed up and ate crackers, drank sprite, went to the bathroom, and walked around some. Then we left and made the 1 hour and 45 minute drive home (it wasn't too bad). Right now I'm making sure that I flex my calfs and I'm making myself take deep breaths, even though it kills when I do. Doctor told me to do deep breaths 20 times every two hours. Still wearing the compression hose too and I have to pee all the time it seems. So thankful though that everything went well and I never puked or felt sick. I have no idea what anything looks like and won't be able to see until Sunday. Don't have my pre-op appointment until next Wednesday. Oh, and I only have one drain in! I thought that was kind of weird because everyone on here either has 2 or 3. Hubby just emptied my drain and there was 25 cc's in it.

Sorry my post is all over the place ;-) Please continue with your prayers, I greatly appreciate it! Talk to you soon and I will hopefully be able to post a pic on Sunday when I am allowed to shower and remove my binder. Thanks again ladies for all of your support and encouragement throughout this process.


So glad to hear it went well. Take it easy the next few days. Can't wait to see your pics. I am 10 days po now and really starting to feel like myself. Each day gets better.
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So, excited for you. I'm also glad to see you posting on here the day of your surgery. That is amazing. Helps reassure me that I won't be completely out of it when my day comes. I'm looking forward to following your recovery. 59 days and counting for me.
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Thanks LMM3 ;-) That 59 days will fly by in no time! My advice is to stay active up until a few days prior to surgery (healthy body for good healing). I still can't believe I actually did it. I'm not a risk taker and I am scared of all of the possible complications but I prayed about it and got better. I'll be posting pics on Sunday when I'm allowed to take a shower and take off my binder. Worst part so far is just a burning feeling all over my stomach. But other than that, I'm doing okay. I'm able to get up on my own and pee on my own now ;-) I'm also trying to switch to extra strength tylenol tomorrow so I don't have to feel dizzy and groggy from the percoset. I hate feeling weird so we'll see!

Post-Op Day 1: Today was a pretty good day. I had...

Post-Op Day 1: Today was a pretty good day. I had a bowel movement (i know, tmi), I haven't taken any pain meds, and even got out of the house to ride along to my sisters house to drop off the kids. I also weighed myself this morning and was down to 134lbs! But I am up to 137lbs. as of five minutes ago lol! I do feel like I am more swollen this evening, probably from going down and up my stairs and walking around the house a little more. I feel slightly more swollen on my right side. I am not in too much pain, just uncomfortable and having a burning sensation throughout my stomach. Also having a pins and needles feeling at the incision site and belly button site. But the worst part about this whole process is being hunched over. All the muscles in my back are sore and hurt. I'm laying in a recliner now and have a heating pad on my back. Gave me a little relief I guess. Still don't have much of an appetite. Yesterday I only ate crackers and drank water. Today I am continuing with the water but ate egg whites, prunes, apple, orange, protein bar, and a turkey sandwich. Also, I coughed today and about died. The pain from that was horrible and way worse than when I laugh. Don't wanna cough anymore but I'm supposed to so I can keep my lungs clear. But man it hurts! My drainage is slightly lighter today. It still kind of looks like fruit punch but is getting lighter. My total drainage today was 160 cc's. Not sure if that is good or bad but that's what I got. Oh, I am also feeling short of breath when I get up from a sitting or laying position and get winded when I walk. I think it's because things are so tight when I stand. I am not short of breath when I'm just laying here though. And guess what else? I had to put a call in to my PS because my pupils are extremely dilated! She thinks that the nausea patch that I wore during surgery and part of today got on my hands and then into my eyes. She said it should go away soon. I hope so because it is freaking me out. Super excited for Sunday when I get to see how things look. I hope she did a good job but we'll see. I know that the lady parts are lifted and look good and I also feel like my thighs have been lifted slightly, which is nice. I do feel swollen and bruised "down there" so I'm hoping that goes away soon. Sorry for another long post but I thought ppl who are going to be having this surgery might want to know all the tiny details (I know I did). Good night and have a great weekend ladies!! Once again, thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I greatly appreciate it.


Yeh!!! You go Bella. I can,t wait to see your new pictures. So proud of you!!
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Hey Bella83 !! I hope you have continued to do well. How are you? How is the drain? Can't wait to see your pics?
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Hi NewMe1024! I'm doing pretty well. My drain doesn't bother me and it seems to be getting lighter in color, so that's good. I am off all pain meds as of right now (haven't taken one since yesterday at 9pm). I don't feel horrible pain, just a bearable burning sensation throughout my stomach. Worst part is being hunched over. My back hurts so bad :-( I've been really alert today and never even got to take a nap. Still up and not tired yet but I know I need to rest. My appetite is back and better today so I feel good about that. Even though I haven't seen my belly yet, I can feel that it's swollen. I hope that the swelling subsides soon. Can't wait to post pics. Praying that everything looks good. I did notice that the scar is very low. I just really wanna see the belly button because I haven't seen my in years lol! I always had such a deep belly button. Anyways, I will post pics Sunday evening. I'll be praying for you since your big days is approaching!! If I can do it, you can do it ;-)

Post-Op Day 2: Still doing okay. I haven't taken...

Post-Op Day 2: Still doing okay. I haven't taken any pain meds since the day of surgery and didn't even have any tylenol today. I can do everything without any assistance, aside from bending way down to pickthings up. I am still experiencing some pins and needles sensations (almost like tiny bugs crawling) around the belly button and incision site. Had another bowel movement today with zero pain. I have to attribute that to prunes and no pain meds ;-) Still finding that I pee a TON! But I am also drinking a ton. When I weighed myself this morning (just tracking my swelling) I was 134 again and then around 9:15pm tonight I weighed 135. Feel like the swelling in my pubic area has gone down significantly. My drainage today, so far, has totaled 135 cc's and the color has changed to a orangy/light pink color and seems to be slowing down. My back is still in pain and is probably the most annoying and painful thing right now. Still have to walk hunched over but my husband and son said that I do look much more upright than yesterday so that's good. Also, my husband had to adjust my binder because it was riding up. I couldn't see anything because I was laying down but he said that my incision is very low and looks really good. That made me happy. I will get to see it tomorrow and will hopefully take pics and post them.

My mom came and sat with me while my husband took my son to his football game. She helped me take a sponge bath and put deodorant and lotion on. That made me feel better. My hair needs washed so I'm looking forward to an actual shower tomorrow.

On a more negative note, I had a small breakdown today. Several things are bothering me more than the physical pain: I missed my sons football game and he scored a touchdown, my daughter wanted me to hold her so bad but I couldn't, and I miss my bed and cuddling with my husband beyond belief. This recliner isolates me and isn't that comfy to sleep in. I was up several times last night because I kept having to adjust myself. I also experienced several heart palpitations today and they really freaked me out. I also have pain in my left butt cheek that goes down my left leg. My husband said it is probably my sciatic nerve but it freaks me out and makes my mind race with all the possibilities of what it could be. All of this just got to me and I cried to my husband (crying hurt too by the way). I couldn't help but think that had I not did this, I could be at my sons game, I could hold my daughter, I could be enjoying this beautiful fall weekend with my family. I know this process is an emotional rollercoaster so I am trying to keep things in perspective. I just want the next few months to fly by, I just want to heal well, and I want to experience zero complications.

I did get out of the house again today just to ride along to rent a movie and to get the kids something to eat. It was a short drive but was still nice to get out. I even managed to put a little make-up on. Came home and the kids ate but I still have no appetite. I literally have to make myself eat. Had some crackers, prunes, an apple, a turkey sandwich, and a few bites of broccoli.

Sorry, I'm rambling, but I just want to get out everything that I'm going through and everything I did today so I have it to look back on and compare other days to. One thing is for sure, it's way different to live this than to read about it.


Yay! You made it.....You're on the other side! Congrats! Rest:-)
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Thanks BellaBelly ;-)
So glad to hear you are doing well. Thank you for sharing the details. I have surgery Monday so I appreciate all the information. Can't wait to see your pics!!
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Post-Op Day 3: It's only 10am but I feel like I've...

Post-Op Day 3: It's only 10am but I feel like I've accomplished some things today. I took my pain pump out on my own, had a bowel movement, and sneezed! OMGosh, sneezing hurt just as bad as coughing and i thought for sure that I ripped something. I checked it out and nothing is torn on the outside so that's good. I managed to look at my incision and belly button and took a pic that I will upload as soon as I can. I am swollen on the sides the most, especially the side with the drain in. It looks almost like I may have a dog ear, that's how swollen it is. Oh well, too soon to tell. Taking the pain pump out was super easy. I'm curious to see if I will have an increase in pain at the incision site. Only time will tell.

I am getting ready to take my first shower and I am really nervous about it. I feel like I want to do it in stages throughout the day lol. Like wash my hair first, take a break, wash my upper body, take a break, do my lower half, take a break, shave my legs, etc. I'll have to update later and let you guys know how it goes.

Question for you guys who have had your tummy tucks: How often are you up and around throughout the day? I am not sure if I am doing too much or not enough. I want to make sure that I am moving enough to prevent blood clots. I am still really worried about developing one. I still have my compression hose on so I hope that helps.

Thanks everyone.

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Still Post-Op Day 3 ;-) I managed to take a super...

Still Post-Op Day 3 ;-) I managed to take a super quick shower with the help of my hubby. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't get to shave my legs though. Maybe tomorrow.

Drainage for today was 105 cc's. The color is a pale pink and it is definitely slowing down.

Had another crying spell this evening. I was feeling really anxious about this leg pain and scared that it could be something serious. I wanted to go to the hospital but my husband talked me out of it. I'm going to call the doctor in the morning because I'd much rather be safe than sorry. I can't wait for this to be over, for me to survive, and to get on with my life. And it's only day 4 lol!!!!


You are looking great Bella!!!
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Thanks Scared mum. I'm a little weirded out by my belly button but I know it's too soon to tell what it will really look like. In any case, it's better than before ;-)
Look at your little waist!!! woohoo! Swelling last for a long time. at 9 weeks post op, i still swell!

Each day and week that goes by, you will notice the swelling goes down and your waist takes more of a shape then just the swelling. Rest and dont over do it! Walking here and there will help, but if you have to question if you are doing to much right now, then you probably are! :-)
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Post-Op Day 4: Today was a good day. I slept 7...

Post-Op Day 4: Today was a good day. I slept 7 hours straight last night for the first time since before I had surgery. I woke up soaked in sweat and the swelling in my stomach was virtually gone. My drainage changed back to a fruit punch color from a light pink/orangy color but it has slowed down considerably. My total for today was 40 cc's. I did have to cough today and felt as though it opened my incision, that's how bad it hurt. My husband checked it and everything was fine on the outside.

On a negative note, around 1pm today my husband noticed that I had blood on my compression garment. We discovered that I was bleeding around my drainage tube site. I called the PS and spoke with a nurse who said that I should be fine and that it happens. I go on Wednesday to get checked out for my first post-op appointment. I honestly can't wait. I'm going to ask for some anti-anxiety meds because I have had an increase in anxiety. I think it's from the fact that I'm so tight, I feel like I can't breath. It's such an uncomfortable feeling and one that I didn't expect to have. I am fine when I am laying down but if I get up to walk, I get so out of breath. It's not a good feeling. I literally struggle to talk and walk at the same time.

When it comes to pain, I haven't been in much pain at all and haven't had any pain meds since my surgery day. I just feel tight, uncomfortable, and my back is getting quite a workout. I am still hunched over but standing a little straighter than yesterday. My husband seems to think that I'll be upright by the end of the week and I pray he's right. My back is killing me.

I am taking some pictures tonight and should have them posted by tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about my stomach yet or how I feel about putting myself through this. I have been a little emotional every day (although today was better) and question why I did this. However, it's too late and I can't turn back time so I have to deal with it. I just miss the old me right now, fat and stretch marks and all. Worth It? Not sure at this point.


I felt just like you, thinking why did i put myself through this, but it does get better, hang in there, we all know exactly how you feel, I'm actually 11 weeks and my stomach is still numb under the belly button and it feels more number at night, I guess it is the swelling. I really didn't feel back to my old self till last week, as far as the tightness feeling goes, and feeling like I couldn't breath. Talking was a chore, something I didn't expect, good thing I'm not a singer. I actually didn't stand up straight for at least three weeks. It is a long process, but it does get better everyday, just think by Thanksgiving you'll feel a whole lot better, and by Christmas you'll be be back to your normal self. My plastic surgeon said to wear the compression garments for at least 8 weeks, it was hard giving it up at first, but I'm not missing at all now.
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Hang in there, Bella. It's only day 4 and I'm sure you'll be cheered up by your doc appt. tomorrow. The recovery takes a long time in some ways, but you will see positive changes very soon. I was shopping again today and I swear the sales lady commented how small I was about 15 times. Tonight my swelling is the best it's been in the evening and I was pretty active today. I'm a looong way from 100% and full results, but even after 12 days it was clearly a good decision. You're going to look even better and heal even faster.
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I remember the out of breath feeling and not being able to talk much. We sure do use that core more then I had ever thought! The uncomfortableness of your tummy with out the compression garment will last quite a while. After the 3rd week I started wearing it less around the house so that I could get used to not having it on. As the swelling goes down, you will love your tummy! Hang in there!
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Post-Op Day 5: Wow, last night was absolutely...

Post-Op Day 5: Wow, last night was absolutely HORRIBLE! At one point I thought, this is it, I'm dying. I went to bed around 11pm and woke at one, fell back asleep, woke up at 2am, fell back asleep, and then at 3am I got up and went pee. I noticed blood on my garment and looked and saw some blood coming from my drainage tube site again. I went back to my recliner and , not sure what happened, but I just about passed out. Yelled for my hubby and he talked to me while I was nauseous, shaking, sweating, and out of it. I was then up from 3am until about 7:45am feeling very anxious and shaky and wanting to go to the hospital. My hubby kept telling me it's just anxiety so I stuck it out and didn't go. I'm exhausted today, to say the least. I managed to take a shower, shave my legs (6 days and being Italian, they were hairy!), and then blow dry my hair. I even put a little make-up on because without it, honestly I looked like a zombie. I'm still feeling weird today and can't wait for tomorrow to come so I can talk to the surgeon. Definitely going to ask for some anxiety medication, boy do I need it!!

On a more positive note, my drainage for 16 hours was 12 1/2 cc's but the color is still quite red. Not sure if she'll remove the drain tomorrow or not. And I did weigh myself and was down to 131 pounds. I think I'm starting to lose muscle :-(

Sorry I'm such a negative Nancy ladies. This anxiety was not anticipated and is getting the best of me. Please keep me in your prayers.


Bella, you are healing well and looking fantastic!! Honestly the danger zone is well and truly behind you now. Try not to get anxious. Maybe your PS can give you something just to settle you down when you feel panicky.
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You look amazing!! Congratulations! Sorry, you had such a horrible night. That had to be scary.

My back also hurt more then anything...for days. The tummy tuck itself never hurt so bad that I couldn't take it, but my back did. By the end of the first week I was only taking pain meds because of my back. But it does go away.
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Hey Bella83!!! I totally understand what you are feeling. This was definitely an emotional roller coaster . I myself also felt the same after arriving home and seeing my poor tummy. But I am ecstatic at how flat it is. I have only one drain in as well and I've been bleeding from that site as well. I text my nurse and she said that was normal. I love docs office I text the nurse a couple of times and she responded promptly and the third time it was actually my PS!! They are great. I got another follow up call last night around 10 pm as well. So far I've been doing great since I stopped pukin up a lung thanks to the Vicodin. I slept 7 hours straight last night and am doing find this morning just woke up with a bit of a headache which I blame on this recliner; it makes me so stiff. I have been standing up straight without a problem lets see how long that last. I hope you are doing well your follow up is tomorrow keep us posted. My follow up will be this coming Friday.
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Post-Op Day 6: Well....I went to see my PS today...

Post-Op Day 6: Well....I went to see my PS today and got some good news. Everything is healing well and because I had very minimal drainage the last few days, she removed my one and only drain. Glad she did because now I can attempt to sleep on my side! I'm a right side sleeper and the drain was on my right side so I can't wait to try tonight. As for sleep, I skipped my antibiotic last night because my hubby and I thought that was what was making anxious and I actually slept for 6 straight hours! I woke feeling queasy and exhausted though but I felt better as the day went on. Since my drain is gone, no more antibiotics for me!! I go back in one week to make sure I am doing good and not swelling. I'm praying that I don't develop any seromas. My surgeon said she hasn't had one of those in a looong time so I should be fine. Here are the instructions they gave me:

-No aspirin or ibuprofen for another week to two weeks
-I have to wear my binder for another 2 weeks and it has to be as tight as I can get it (they showed me how tight it should be and I have definitely not been wearing it tight enough. I'm stuffed so tight in this thing right now that I can barely take a deep breath).
-Sleeping position is now to my comfort (Yay! Hopefully I'll be back in bed.)
-No lifting over 5 pounds for another 2 weeks and no increase in heart rate or blood pressure for 4 weeks (Does that mean no sex? Man my hubby is having a rough time with abstaining and I have to admit, I kind of am too.)
-No flying and no long car rides for another 3 weeks.
-Numbness will take a year to subside
-No exposing scar to tanning bed or UV rays for one year. No evaluating scar for one year.
-Energy level will go up and down and I'm to listen to my body.
-Some people experience mild depression after surgery so know that this is normal (Ya think?! LOL! I've been a hot mess but I'm hoping I can get back to normal soon.)
-Begin putting back on wall and practicing standing up straight again. (They want me straight ASAP. Said my back will suffer if I don't start stretching and standing straight in next few days).

I feel like I'm doing okay today and I'm happy to be drain free, antibiotic free, and that my emotions are normal right now. I started my period today so that may help explain some of the anxiety and depression. I'm hoping that I will start feeling a little more normal soon, especially once I can walk upright again. Oh, and guess what my hubby did? He got a wheelchair so he can wheel me through the neighborhood tomorrow night during our trick-or-treat lol! He knew I was sad that I'd be stuck in the house and couldn't take pics of the kids going from door to door. Love that man!

On another note, I didn't ask about my incision but I am kind of upset that it goes up so much on the sides. She never said it was going to be a "smiley face" incision and I was under the impression that it would all be low and hidden by a bikini. I'm happy with how low it is near my pubic area but that it has to go up on my flanks and I think it looks weird. Is it too early to tell or will the scar end up that high????


Looking good Bella Girl!!

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I feel your pain on the swelling. My stretchmarks near my incision have been raised from day one and they are still that way. I'm just hoping to not get new ones! I will charge her! ;)

Tell your neighbors you had a torn muscle in your abdomen repaired..Heck, you could tell them it's part of your costume!

Funny my PS wasn't very informative on a lot of things more of a I will give you what details you need to know and then trust me for the rest...but she gave me a "no sex" for 4 week rule. I don't exactly feel the least bit sexy right now, so I'm good. LOL Could be the sweet TED socks? Or, the maxi pad stuck to my undies? Or, the factor that the binder I'm wearing runs from my boobs to my thighs... Anyway, good luck with that! Let me know how it goes.

Oh and I was also told she would prefer me to stay sleeping in the recliner!!! WTF
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LOL thanks for the laugh Tara with the maxi pad statement! LOL I was one to start my period right after surgery, thank you very much body! LOL

My doc never really said where to sleep... I say keep your self comfy!

And Bella, i'd love to come help you with your little one tomorrow! Take it easy and just becareful.. but you should be ok. I was up caring for my boys by the end of week 1.. making food and such.

Post-Op Day 7: I got to sleep in my bed!!! I...

Post-Op Day 7: I got to sleep in my bed!!! I propped pillows around me and put one between my knees and was able to sleep on my side! I think I got around 6 and a half hours of sleep straight ;-) I think that being in my bed and getting sleep has worked wonders on my emotions. No anxiety at all last night!

My drain site is closed up today and didn't really leak as much as I thought it would. I was super swollen last night but I was much less swollen this morning and felt good enough to do some things around the house. I made the bed, picked up my room, put some clothes away, picked up the house, and then BOOM - I feel I am already swelling and it's only 9am. So I'm going to listen to my body and relax for a while and let the swelling go down.

One thing I want to mention is that I did NOT have my binder on tight enough. Since they showed me how tight it should be yesterday, something amazing has happened - I am pretty much standing up straight! I've been doing the exercises they told me to do (put my shoulders up against the wall to stretch myself out) and since I can stand up straight, my back doesn't hurt. Since my back isn't killing me, I feel like I have more energy and can do more things. Don't get me wrong, I am not doing a lot of bending and lifting but they told me I can start resuming my normal activities aside from the restrictions they set. Apparently the tight binder helps to minimize swelling, helps thing heal properly, and when worn properly, helps reduce back pain. It's amazing.

Also, my hubby went back to work this morning. He will be home at lunch to check on me and as long as I'm doing okay, he'll go back. If not, he is going to work from home. I am going to do puzzles and play Candyland with my 3 year old now ;-) Then when i need a nap, Aladdin is going in the DVD player.

Praying that things continue to get better and better and that I continue to feel better. Hoping I can go two days in a row without having a crying spell lol! Have a good day ladies.


Jen-I'll one up ya. I went into surgery with my period. Started that evening before.. ;) It was this big complex "issue" when arriving at the hospital. Should she use a tampon or a pad? Really!
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Thanks Kimmers ;-)
Lol! Well, I just started my period and so I'm definitely waiting the sex thing out for another week or two ;-) Not feeling too sexy myself but my husband keeps telling me how skinny I look, how my boobs look bigger since my waist is smaller, etc. He'll have to wait because I'm not screwing anything up.

Day 8 Post-Op: Wow, I did a LOT today. Today was...

Day 8 Post-Op: Wow, I did a LOT today. Today was my first full day with both of the kids. I was able to get up at 7am and get myself ready, both of the kids ready, both of them fed, and then walked the 1/2 block to the bus stop with my son. Then I came home and did laundry, put it away, swept my floors, cleaned a bathroom. I did all this by 10:30am and then BAM! I was completely wiped out. I laid around for an hour and a half and then got some energy back ;-) I decided to curl my hair and do make-up and get myself dressed. It made me feel good. I then picked my son up from school, cooked dinner, grocery shopped, went to Hallmark to buy a book, the movie store with the hubby and kids, and now I'm finally down relaxing and ready for bed. I hope I don't suffer tomorrow but it felt soooOooo good to get back to normal. Oh yeah, I'm also standing up straight now!!! Yay!! I only hunch slightly after I've been on my feet a while and when I'm feeling really swollen. I was so proud of the hour at the grocery store because I made myself stay straight the whole time and I did it. I have little to no pain left and my muscles seem to only be sore really low, down in my pubic area. My back is much better, although still tight and I have knots that need worked out. Overall, I feel pretty good. My scar started itching today and I had to fight the urge to scratch it. I guess it's good though, means that it's healing. I took one week post-op pics and should have them posted tomorrow. My scar is looking uglier but that is normal. I was told it will look good, bad, good, bad again, etc. My only real complaint at this point is the weird feeling I get when I take my binder off. I feel like I can't breath without it on. This only happens some times though, which makes it even weirder. I'm definitely asking about that next Wednesday at my next appointment. Well, I hope you all have a good weekend and if you think about it, please keep me in your prayers for continued healing and recovery. I appreciate it ;-) I will do the same for those of you who are on my mind tonight.


dang girl you did get alot done!! Somedays I overdid it, but I think it was what I needed to just feel normal even for a little while!! I had weird feelings in my stomach as well and it was just a phase. And my back pretty much straightened out by day 13.
Good job at the grocery store girl!
May your recovery be speedy and smooth.
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Wow Bella!!! Sounds like you had an awesome day!!! I can only pray that by 8 days po I'm doing as well as you are!!! Congrats and I will continue to pray for your speedy recovery!! And about that CG , I don't know how you guys take pics with it off. I just lift it to change my gauze and I feel the queasy feeling like I'm about to puke.
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Post-Op Day 9: Had a good day today. I did less...

Post-Op Day 9: Had a good day today. I did less than yesterday but I'm super swollen tonight and I think I know why - I got my appetite back!! I ate things that I normally NEVER eat like: candy, chips and salsa, baked chips, pulled pork, and had a pop! Not healthy at all and I am feeling it lol! I'm definitely going back to eating clean tomorrow.

I do want to vent tonight to you guys because I had a little breakdown today. I am just so upset with my incision. The appearance of it is fine - it's thin, looks clean, and will probably fade nicely with time. However, it is a HUGE smiley face incision and I don't think I will be able to hide it under my underwear or in a bikini (unless I pull them up to my belly button!). I have never worn a bikini in my life and I didn't have this procedure just to wear one, but now I don't even have the option and this upsets me. I was told my incision would be so low, it would be hidden by my underwear and as you can see in my pictures, that is not the case at all! I feel cheated and feel so sad about this. I know my belly looks better than it did and I will be able to wear clothes that I couldn't before, but it is upsetting to know that my incision could've been so much lower and more hidden. I hope I don't sound ridiculous but I'm so disappointed in my outcome at this point. My PS will need to explain why she made my incision so high on my sides and dip so low in the middle. My husband agreed that she said the incision would be much lower. Can't wait to hear her explanation on Wednesday.

Praying I can come to terms with things and accept what I have now. I guess I need to learn to be happy with what I have because it's too late to change it now :-(


You're right room2improve, I need to be happy that my stomach is MUCH smaller and that I do look better in tight shirts now ;-) I guess I just see all these other incisions that are so much lower and straighter and wonder what in the hell happened to mine? But it is what it is and I guess I have to come to terms with it. You are so right about being married lol! SO happy I never have to worry about showing my body to anyone else lol! And I've never worn a bikini so not wearing one isn't that big of a deal, I guess I just liked the idea of having the option. Thank you for your post, it really did make me feel better ;-) And I am hoping this appetite settles down by tomorrow! Man, I can not get full so I just keep eating and eating lol!
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Hi Bella. You just wrote a post that I could cut and paste into my review!! My appetite came back soooo strong after a week, and I had 3 frosted cookies yesterday and pizza and ice cream today. It's really hard to eat healthy when you are so starving and craving what you've missed. I envy that Kimmers said she couldn't eat a large serving for quite some time (perhaps forever?). I know I could eat a cow by now.

Secondly, I was reading some of the questions posted to doctors, and one woman posted a pic of her scar saying it was too high. All of the doctors agreed that it was high, and I was like, "hey, that's exactly where mine is." Nice to know that there is consensus that mine is too high! I looked back at my docs pics, and she tends to make them higher than others. I can only hope that she knows what she's doing, and putting them higher allows for less tension and less pleating in patients who don't have that much excess skin. I do know that I didn't have that much extra skin, so when I pinched just above my belly button down to my pubis before surgery, it looked like it was going to be a very close call to make those ends meet. Thus, I'm sure she had to go higher on me than she might have on someone w/ more laxity. You might be the same, as you looked pretty toned before surgery. I did see one of my surgeon's photos w/ a smiley scar like yours. I brought it in to show her that I did not want her to do that to me. I was most insistent on making the scar shorter instead of lower, and she kept it from hip bone to hip bone but didn't extend it up at all. As a result, I have a divot on one side and a pleat on the other b/c it's hard to close the larger top portion to the smaller bottom incision, but she respected my wishes. Yours will probably heal much smoother and will likely fade so much that you can still wear a bikini proudly. I can wear a very high waist bikini, but I'm thinking I won't bother. I'm just trying to be glad about looking better IN clothing. Also, thank goodness I'm married so no one new will be seeing a giant scar just a couple of inches below my new (and kind of really big) belly button. :-)

It's ok to be disappointed and to vent, but we will both just have to make the best of our situation and be happy for the things that we do like. A girlfriend of mine really tried to prepare me before surgery that not everything will be perfect. She's going in for revisions on her surgery in a couple of weeks, but she is overall very happy w/ her results. We will be too!
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Bella, you look so good, as I knew you would. You must be so happy with that tiny, beautiful belly! So exciting...
Happy healing!
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Post-Op Day 10: So swollen today and feeling very...

Post-Op Day 10: So swollen today and feeling very exhausted. My energy levels get zapped very quickly so today I only dusted my downstairs and did some laundry. The rest of the day I relaxed on the couch and cut coupons ;-) Still not feeling any pain or soreness, just very tight and uncomfortable in my lower belly. "Lady parts" are also very swollen today :-( Drinking lots of water and really watching what I eat (although it's hard with all of this Halloween candy tempting me).

Had the weirdest urge to exercise today and, of course, I didn't. I just felt like running lol. I decided I'd just take a short walk in my neighborhood but ended up not going. I am just too exhausted. Praying that my energy levels come back ASAP! I hate being so tired.

Hope you all have a great week and happy healing!


Hey Bella. You are very similar to me in that your hip bones are quite high. I will have a similar scar to you. Maybe it looks higher because you are still swollen. Im sure it will settle down and you will love your final result.
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Thanks Scared mum. I just saw your before pics and you have such a nice figure and are already thin, I think you'll have great results!
Your tummy still looks great!
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Post-Op Day 11: Ugh, I'm officially coming down...

Post-Op Day 11: Ugh, I'm officially coming down with a cold. Both of my kids have it so I knew it was only a matter of time. Sneezing a ton and it isn't that bad but still hurts some. I woke up after a good 7 hours of sleep and felt sore in my stomach. Not sure if it's because my 3 year old crawled into my bed last night and I didn't know it until this morning. Hoping she didn't kick me because she's a wild sleeper. I did manage to cook breakfast, take my son to the bus stop, and do a couple loads of laundry. My energy is already diminishing at it's only around 10am :-( Guess I'm going to hit the couch and relax for a while with my book.

I'm adding one week post-op pics and day 10 post-op pics. You can really tell that swell hell has officially set in.


Bella, your incision is healing really nicely. I hope mines takes that route. Let me ask you something: when did your BB start healing? I'm one week post op and it still looks kinda scary. It's crusty and yucky with dark blood in there. They cleaned it out at my PS's office today but I can't wait until its looking more like yours (clean) .
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Your belly looks beautiful swelling and all!
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Hey Bella, I have a very high incision as well and my PS said if I take care of it and don't expose it to the sun while it's healing it will most likely fade to where I won't see it. The nurse in his office had a tuck with him and she showed me her scar and I couldn't even see it. I now use mederma (I was cleared by my PS) and the nurses in the hospital said to massage it into the scar often. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You look wonderful!
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Post-Op Day 12: I am pretty much back to my normal...

Post-Op Day 12: I am pretty much back to my normal routine, minus my workouts (which I am missing really bad, by the way). I am cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids like normal. I was up and down my stairs a lot yesterday and running around doing all kinds of things because I had energy. Today I woke up and was pretty sore. My lower abs are sore from all the sneezing I did (coming down with a small cold or something) and my legs are super sore today like I worked out (which I am assuming is from going up and down the stairs). I had less energy today but still did a lot. Only thing I really can't do yet is run the vacuum or mop (I use my BONA to spot mop but I am very careful). Worst thing though is that I am SUPER SWOLLEN! I mean the most swollen that I've ever been (especially in the "lady parts") :-( It really sucks because it feels like I'm 9 months pregnant. It is so uncomfortable. That's my biggest complaint right now - swell hell. I go see my doctor tomorrow and I can't wait. I want to make sure I'm not doing too much and see how I'm coming along in the healing department. I'm trying to think of all the questions I need to ask her so if you guys think of anything, remind me lol! I'm going to take my 2 week post-op pics on Thursday. Can't believe I'm almost 2 weeks out already. Thank goodness that time has gone fast!


Hi Bella, make sure you stay on top of your water intake...your body needs it even more if you're coming down with a cold. I was cleared for mederma at 5 weeks po. You look beautiful, keep your chin up and rest, rest, rest!
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Thanks BellaBelly. I am definitely getting sick :-( I feel okay but I have been sneezing like crazy since yesterday. I haven't been sore or in pain for days but after all of the sneezing yesterday, my lower abs are sore today. Good thing is that sneezing is no longer super painful ;-) I'm doing it so much that I'm getting used to it. Hope it's not ruining anything!
Mine looked much better after I could get a full shower and after I had my drain out, possibly because that's when I started with the neosporin? That was around day 6 I think.

Post-Op Day 13: Today I had my 2 week post-op...

Post-Op Day 13: Today I had my 2 week post-op appointment and everything went well. PS said that everything looks good and is healing right on track. She said she doesn't need to see me back until I'm 6 months post-op!! I'm sorry but that seemed crazy to me. I thought I needed to be seen more than that but I guess not. She said I should call if I have any questions or concerns and she would see me right away but that I can start doing light walking now, intensify my workouts at 4 weeks to walking and jogging and spinning, and then free to do whatever is comfortable at 6 weeks. I can switch to wearing my spanx/flexees garments and should continue to wear them until I'm 2 months and then only wear them as needed. I also got the okay to have sex as long as I feel comfortable. Well guess what, I had sex today LOL! Sorry if that's too much info but I wanted to let you guys know that it didn't hurt, wasn't uncomfortable, and (minus the huge compression garment that I wore) it was just like before the tummy tuck (nothing crazy of course ;-) As for my incision, she said that she doesn't recommend using anything on the scar because she said she doesn't think that anything works. She said time will tell and that we will evaluate the scar at 6 months and determine if I need any therapy on it. I can also go for lymphatic messages now as well. When it comes to my incision and how high it is, she said that I am swollen and that it will lower slightly. She said she thinks that it's right where it needs to be and should fade nicely. She said she uses the hip bones to guide her and my hip bones are set a little higher?? Whatever, it's too early to tell I guess.

It just drives me crazy how each doctor is so different. One says this and another tells you to do that. I read all these posts to use this on scars and to message the belly and to walk hunched over. My doctor told me to stand straight ASAP, don't message the belly, and don't use scar cream LOL! She has great credentials and seems to know what she's doing so I am going to trust her judgment and do as I'm told at this point ;-)

Once I left my appointment I went to the mall and walked around with my hubby. We had lunch at Panera and it was so nice to get out and feel normal again. I decided that since I'm allowed to do "light walking", I'm going to the gym tomorrow to walk the indoor track. I know I can rest if I need to and my daughter has been begging to go to the daycare there. She loves the ladies that work there and has friends that we would see every day. I'm kind of excited ;-) I'm still taking it easy at home with not lifting heavy things or scrubbing floors. I do light cleaning and picking up, laundry, and cooking. My energy is up and down so I rest when I need to. Usually that means sitting down for an hour or so a couple times a day. I woke up today with no stiffness or soreness and that was really nice. Still swollen but the PS said it is all normal so I'm just dealing with it at this point.

I just keep praying that things continue to look good and that I heal nicely. I do still worry from time to time about complications but I get better with each passing day. Hope you all are doing well and continue to do well.


Bella, you continue to be a healing superstar!! So glad all is going well. I agree that it's frustrating to hear so much contradictory advice!! I even get mixed instructions from my PS's office. Just depends who I see. That said, I do think massage is important. Kimmers got great results from it, and you should ask your lymphatic massage therapist about it. I asked the nurse at the PS today if I *really* had to be good about massage, and she emphasized the point that all the skin/fat was lifted up off the muscle, and it needs help to reattach smoothly. Again, I was told that you really can't massage it enough. Do it every time you think of it, with nice, even pressure. I'm figuring two good massages a day plus the lymphatic massages once or twice a week should do me good. Re. scar treatment, your PS is probably right that it doesn't do much, but I figure it can't hurt. A doc on this site said drinking water and massaging the scar mattered the most, treatments were secondary.
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Thanks room2improve. I think I'm going to do the massages and the scar treatment anyway, just because it will make me feel better ;-) All of this contradictory advice drives me crazy. I do feel a ridge forming under the scar so I would like to massage it. I just don't know how to do it or when to do it because I don't want to mess anything up or get an infection from it.

Post-Op Day 14: What a busy day!! I got up and got...

Post-Op Day 14: What a busy day!! I got up and got the kids dressed and fed, walked my son to the bus stop, and then my daughter and I headed to the gym ;-) I just went to walk on the inside track (pretty yucky here in Ohio) since I was cleared by my PS to do light walking. I think I may have done a mile or less at a snails pace lol! But it was nice to get out of the house and see my old gym buddies. A few girls knew about my surgery and said I looked so much thinner. I'm glad they can tell because I sure can't! I think it's the swollen feeling that keeps me from feeling skinner lol! I did experience some anxiety going to the gym for some reason. I had to calm myself down because I started feeling dizzy while I was walking the track. It eventually passed though and I'm hoping doesn't happen again. I left the gym and did a little shopping with my daughter, rented some movies, went and picked up subway, then came home and relaxed. I laid down and took a nap with my daughter and felt re-energized when I woke up. I cooked, did laundry, and picked up the house as usual. So far my energy has been pretty good but I do listen to my body and take breaks. Good thing is that I don't really feel any more swollen than normal. If anything, I actually feel less swollen. I hope that continues ;-) I did notice some soreness in my upper abs tonight that I haven't had so I'm hoping I didn't overdo it.

Can't believe it has been 2 weeks and I am so thankful that God has brought me through this so far. I continue to pray for healing and a smooth recovery since I'm not out of the woods just yet. I'll continue to pray for all of you other tummy tuckers who have been going through recovery with me (NewMe and Lil_Gunz and many more!). I am so thankful for this site and for all of you ladies who have helped me (and continue to help me) through this process. I greatly appreciate it ;-)


Hey Bella, it's been awhiel since we touched base. Wanted to check in to see how your anxiety has been. Generally I have been much better (I'm 4 weeks PO). I had lipo on the legs and my pain has been totally bearable. the last couple days I have had some tingling so of course I check the internet about blood clots and tingly arms and legs. This prompted me to put a call into my regular doc and he said it sounded more like nerves and not anything concerning but to call next week if I wanted to check it out. I wanted to tell him that I wanted to get checked out for blood clots before the weekend but I have decided not to freak about it. It's not sending me into panic mode like before so I'm happy about that. I don't even think I have taken any anxiety meds for over a week or so.Yea! I hope this finds you well. It sounds like you are doing great!
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I am doing pretty good. My anxiety has really come down the past week. After I stopped the antibiotics, I stopped having the "episodes" of anxiety that were freaking me out. I did have some anxiety today when I went back to the gym for the first time, just to take a light walk. I'm not sure why this caused me anxiety but I did feel dizzy and my heart raced a little but I just sat down and relaxed for a minute and then I was okay. I hope the anxiety doesn't get any worse because I absolutely hate it. I'm glad that you haven't needed your meds! I know how you feel about the blood clot and tingling sensations. I've been getting the tingling sensations in my legs and have even had leg pain. I had to talk myself out of going to the emergency room lol. It's so funny how we can be our own worst enemy. I hope things continue to get better for you ;-)
Bella, I can't believe you are already two weeks post-op. I was reading your latest post and I must say, my doctor sounds like yours. At my one week post-op visit, I asked my PS if I should massage my stomach (because of some of the things I had read on this site) and he said no. He did not want me touching my stomach. I asked him if I should be putting anything on my incision and he said no. He also wanted me standing up straight as soon as possible. My BB even looked like yours. (Looks a little different now because a lot of that is swelling and mine is starting to go down.) Our doctors must have gone to the same school of medicine, LOL. I must say, I have done everything my doctor has said to do and I am healing nicely and my recovery has gone very well. Your looking great!
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Post-Op Day 15: Extremely swollen today. I'm...

Post-Op Day 15: Extremely swollen today. I'm assuming it was from walking and doing too much yesterday. I even woke up sore and I haven't been sore or had pain in a while. I'm definitely trying to take it easy today but it's hard when everyone forgets that I just had surgery and expects me to perform my usual "duties". I am also pretty tired today but I still have this cold so maybe that is making me feel tired and achy too?? I did wear regular jeans for the first time. I had my binder on and they are loose so it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Now I can ditch the maternity jeans lol! They worked though and when I got tired of wearing sweatpants and leggings, I wore the maternity jeans he he. Not much else is new except being extremely swollen today and in a little bit of pain (not enough to take anything though). My upper abs hurt a little too. Welp, gonna rest up and then hit the grocery tonight. Tomorrow will be a big day. I have my son's last 2 flag football games followed by a pizza party. Then Sunday I am back to volunteering at church in the children's ministry and I am praying that I get through it okay. There's a lot of getting up and down with the kids so I hope I do well with that. Have a good weekend everyone!!


I just read your update.. I know all doctors are different with post op visits but 6 months?!!! I questioned my PS whens he said 4 weeks after my 1 week visit...seems odd for such a major surgery. You even go to see your ob 6 weeks after a baby! LOL

Glad you are doing well. You look so great. Your scar looks amazing. My PS literally had to sew stretch marks so I'm a bit concerned...but we shall see. She said don't even LOOK down there for 4 weeks! LOL
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I know! That's what I thought, 6 months seems crazy. I'm sure I'll find a reason to go in before then lol!

I think you look great right now, stretch marks and all (I have the stretchmarks too). Your incision is so low. I must say I'm a bit jealous ;-) Mine is so high but I just keep telling myself that I need to give it time before I get depressed over it again. I did find a vintage-inspired bikini that comes up pretty high and will cover my scar. My husband is taking us to an indoor water park at the beginning of December. Thought I'd check out some bikini's just in case I was feeling confident enough to wear one. Otherwise I have my old faithful Miraclesuits.

Post-Op Day 16: Still swollen. Extremely swollen....

Post-Op Day 16: Still swollen. Extremely swollen. Uncomfortably swollen. But I managed to venture out in the freezing cold to watch my son play his last flag football game of the season. I wore my flexees garment with my binder over top to help with the swelling. I'm not sure that it did anything so I'm back to just the binder because the flexees garment was riding up my butt lol. Then I had pizza. Bad,bad girl. I doubt that helps with the swelling, and neither will the bbq chips I ate (I know, so bad!). Now I am going to put my feet up, drink lots of water, and read my new book for a while. Posting a pic of me in my comfy pants. Check out how high I have to pull them up to cover my incision. Oh well, flat tummy I guess. And I highly doubt my belly button is going to shrink any so I'll just have to get used to the way I look. Could be worse though so I'm doing alright. Have a good weekend ladies ;-)


Love your comfy pants. I think I'll wear some tomorrow. Since about 1.5 weeks I've only worn real pants (tight ones usually) b/c I was trying to look like someone not recovering from surgery! I also loved the transition from summer to fall, where fall can be much more fashionable. Anyway, I'm getting fed up with feeling constricted, and will wear comfy pants inspired by you tomorrow! Love your attitude about the belly button. Mine's big and long and if you look close, you can see the round red scar inside. Oh well. Not really planning on a bikini anyway. We both have lots of time before summer rolls around again to see if a bikini is in the cards.
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Love the comfy pants!  I have the same and wear them all the time.

Your tummy looks really great!

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Thanks Kimmers ;-)

Post-Op Day 17: Much better today ;-) I have been...

Post-Op Day 17: Much better today ;-) I have been drinking lots of water today and can tell a difference. I'm much less swollen! I also watched what I ate and ate smaller portions more frequently. It seemed to work. I got up around 6am and hardly sat down until around 4pm. That's when the fatigue hit and I laid around for a couple hours until I had to get dinner out of the oven. I feel like it was a productive day though. I'm not in any pain but sometimes I feel my incision aching a bit. I think that's to be expected, especially since I did a lot of bending and squatting today. Still do not have full energy back but it's enough to get me through the day as long as I rest for about an hour to an hour and a half (which I would do anyways before surgery while my daughter napped). Overall, doing good. Incision and belly button are still looking good as well. I think I'm going to take pics of me in the same swimming suit that I took my before pics in so I can see the difference. Might make me feel better because right now I feel kind of fat and ugly lol! Can't wait to start working out again because it makes me feel so much better physically and mentally. Not much longer.

Hope you ladies are doing well and I hope you have a great start to your week. Good luck at work tomorrow NewMe! I hope all goes well and you feel good ;-)


Thanks for the tip, Bella! I'm going to try and drink more and eat smaller more frequent meals. I am so swollen tonight after going out for breakfast and going to the store. I took it easy when I got back home because I was feeling pretty tired. I ended up doing some dishes and helping with dinner. I didn't think I did a whole lot but boy am I really swollen. Sitting in the recliner with ice again. I'll give your tips a try. I hope I'm getting around and doing as good as you are at 17 days!
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I hope so too! Sounds like you're out and about and getting around already so that's good! My friend who had a tummy tuck told me right after I had mine to get up and start moving right away and to move as much as I can every day. She said it helped her recover faster, in her opinion. So that's what I try to do every day. Although I do listen to my body and rest when I need to. But I should clarify that I still have the normal swelling and tightness, just not the extreme swelling and tightness that I had yesterday (which I contribute to my super bad eating habits).
I'm kind of thinking that once I'm healed, I'm getting a belly button ring ;-) I was always too chubby to get one so now I can get one and maybe it will help hide my giant belly button and scar lol!

Post-Op Day 18: Before some good news, I have to...

Post-Op Day 18: Before some good news, I have to complain a little: My legs are hurting, not sure why. My incision was burning when I woke up this morning but is okay now that I'm up and around. I also have been feeling kind of dizzy lately. Not sure if it is from anxiety or something else. My heart palpitations have really increased as well so I am starting a multi-vitamin and vitamin D in hopes that that will help. The dizziness is the biggest complaint and it is keeping me from getting out and about by myself :-( Please pray that it goes away.

On to the good news: Adding a few pics of my belly button and incision and one of me in the bikini I wore for my before pics. The bottoms are actually too big so I had to hold them up on the sides. And I think I'm learning to love my belly button. I went from not seeing my belly button (unless I was 8 months pregnant)to almost having an outy. But I'd much rather have an outy than a deep belly button that I never see. Progress is being made people lol! I also weighed myself. Prior to surgery I weighed 138lbs. and today I was 133lbs. Not sure how much of my weight loss is muscle loss though :-( But hey, I haven't seen that number in years so I'll take it! I also measured myself and am happy that, even with the swelling, I lost 3 inches around my waist (measuring around my belly button)!



Keep the postings coming!
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I think you look great ..including your belly button and I think once it is healed and the incision is not so noticeable hat you will be extremely happy with as well :)
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Thanks Shaila. I think you're right. It is such a vast improvement that I need to be thankful. My scar is high, higher than most people's, but I can deal with it ;-)

Post-Op Day 19: Hello everyone! Time for my boring...

Post-Op Day 19: Hello everyone! Time for my boring daily update lol! Today was a pretty good day. My swelling is down considerably, especially in my upper abs. I took it easy today and just did light house work and went shopping for a few groceries tonight. When I got home from the store I took my binder off because it was uncomfortable. My husband was checking out my belly as I was standing up and he said he could see the upper abs and a line in the middle separating them!! What! I ran and looked in the mirror and sure enough, there was a line for my abs!!!! I can't wait until the swelling goes down in the lower belly. I always told my husband that I had a 6 pack under all that skin he he. Oh, I also wore jeans today that fit me perfectly before surgery and they were literally falling off of me today ;-) Jeans aren't uncomfortable for me to wear either, as long as they fit loosely, so that's a plus.

Here is my daily list of complaints today:
-Swelling in the "lady parts" sucks. Going to ice it tonight.
-I'm a bit achy in the incision area and sometimes have a burning sensation. It usually goes away if I take off my compression garment. It isn't painful enough to make me take anything though.
-I still can't exercise and that is driving me crazy. I had to run after my daughter today as she was running towards the road and it was so weird and I felt sore doing it.
-Walking around the grocery causes me to get really tight in my stomach. I hate that tight feeling.
-My energy level at this point is like this: Get up with lots of energy, I go crazy and do as much as I can, hit a wall around 2 or 3, I lay down and take a nap or rest, and then I get energy back and finish my day. I'm in bed by like 9pm lol! By my day I mean: cooking breakfast, cleaning up, doing laundry, making lunch, cleaning up, playing with my kids, cooking supper, picking out clothes, giving baths, etc. Nothing too strenuous ;-)

My goal for tomorrow is to get out of the house and buy a new book to read. Just finished "The Help", "Water for Elephants", and "Sarah's Key" after having surgery. Any book suggestions, let me know! Have a good evening ladies!!!


I definitely will ;-) I feel like I post waaaay too much but I really wanted to document as much as I can about this experience and what I went through. I felt like the more information, the better when I was browsing others posts before I had my tummy tuck.

Post-Op Day 20: Hello fellow tummy tuckers! Today...

Post-Op Day 20: Hello fellow tummy tuckers! Today was a good day. I realized last night that my belly button and incision were both scab free and completely sealed - yay! I started massaging my incision last night with Palmer's Oil. I had been massaging my stomach around the belly button and above my incision for about a week but I didn't start on my incision because I wanted it to be closed up. It is looking pretty good at this point. I do feel that there is a ridge under the incision of what I'm assuming is scar tissue. I'm confident that the massaging will help it go away. I'm sure it's a normal part of the healing process. Another cool thing, I went to the gym today and walked. I didn't feel the overwhelming tightness and swelling that I felt the last time I walked so that was good. I went early in the morning (around 9am) and stayed for about an hour. I did take breaks where I would sit for a few minutes. I even did 100 squats<


Bella- dont tan if doing the laser hair removal it will burn your skin it is attracted to the melanin in the hair follicle and if tanning it decreases the effect and can burn your skin, ask the tech they should tell you that!! Be careful!! And yes do not tan fresh scars or they will get dark and stay that way!!! Be careful hun, you have a great result you dont want to mess it up!
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The nurse will not do the laser removal if I am tan but I am just doing my armpits right now so I'm good ;-) I'm definitely being careful because I definitely do NOT want to mess this up.
Wow Bella! Totally smoking hot!!!!!!!!!!
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Well.....it has been almost one year!! I

Well.....it has been almost one year!! I


Hi, Thank you for sharing your story. Do you have any photos of your scar 1 year post op as I have seen many before and after photos but not after this period of time and wondered how it looks. By the way you look great, well worth it!
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I just want to say how much reading your journey just helped me. I am having surgery in two days and have had so many emotions, most of the same ones you described, and have been praying for guidance from God and I found your posts today. Thank you for sharing. Please pray for me! Also you look great and am happy you are doing great!
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I know you haven't been on this site for awhile but I came across your story and had to laugh because some of the same exact stuff happened to me! I had the dream of the open wound and I had some negative people wondering why I wanted to "riskmy life" it's like the same story a couple years later lol. You look awsome with your end result an I hope I do as well as you!! Take care!
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Scars at almost 3 years post op

It's been nearly 3 years since I've had my surgery and I'm mostly happy I did it. The only thing is I wish my scar were lower and hidden. However, it is what it is and I'm not getting a revision. And it's a lot better than it was, right?! Ha ha! Still have numbness below my belly button and it will stay that way forever but I'm used to it. Other than that, everything is going good.


Looking real good.
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Thank you little ani!
Looks amazing, thank you for sharing.
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