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I am a 32 year old mother of 3... We have...

I am a 32 year old mother of 3... We have completed our family and now I'm ready to reclaim my body! I am beginning the process of consultations. I would like to have a full tummy tuck, I'm hoping to go without muscle repair... I am considering a vertical scar to avoid length. I will also have a breast augmentation, I am hoping to only need a crescent lift and have larger implants (I'm going big!) So this is where it begins for me! Real Self has been awesome for me in helping me gain courage and information

So my first consultation is done, I think it went...

So my first consultation is done, I think it went well! No big surprises, the cost is in line with my expectation & I really like the doctor , his staff and his office... My BIG question is about getting the lift done... I'm just SO scared of the vertical scar on my breasts!! He said I will likely only need a donut incision, which I will be OK with, my goal is to look GREAT naked... As I had hoped my diastasis isn't so bad, I wanted to avoid muscle repair because of the down time, 3 small children LOTS of carrying, but it looks like I'll do muscle repair after all... My amazing husband has also been suggesting that we MAY move up my timeline, I feel like an interloper, I am possibly 15 months out (originally aiming for February 2014) BUT he suggested we may be able to do July 2013!!!! we'll see. either way in little over a year I'll be having a FTT, BA (with possible BL) and possible lipo of flanks... When this thing gets REAL wheels under it, I'll post before pics...anyone go with a BA and regret not doing the BL??

It's actually going to happen!

Adding wish pics... So much has changed since I first started my research... I've been seriously planning this for nearly 5 years! I will be going to Miami in April (FINALLY) for a TT and BA

more wish

Booked, but lots of questions

I'm officially booked for April 15th with Dr. Ortega in Miami. I'm very excited and feeling extremely confident, in the procedures at least. The details and logistics are a little overwhelming with the aspect of travel involved. I have several possible scenarios but none of them are set in stone and there is definitely some tension involved unfortunately. I want my BEST healing scenario but organizing the details to make that a reality are a little daunting. Any insight into travel to Miami would be extremely helpful!

wheels in motion

Admittedly, I really wanted to avoid the lift. I have really been having issues accepting scars even with expertly done incisions. For some reason I have a full acceptance of the tummy tuck incision but my breasts, I had hoped to leave completely in tact... I've always identified myself by them, I've had "big boobs" for as long as I can remember (since I was 11, I developed quickly). But now here I am, 3 kids later, nearly 6 years of breast feeding combined and I'm left empty and uncomfortable. I'm looking for a very natural relaxed look, but I want fullness too. Anybody get a lift and regret it? Or the opposite, askew the lift and later wanted it? Anyway... I'm booked! down payment made, contract signed, accommodations set and READY for this new chapter!
Dr. Mel Ortega

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