13 Days Post Op - Columbus, OH

Today makes 13 days po op. Wow this has been...

Today makes 13 days po op. Wow this has been nothing like I thought it would be the recover hurts and is long. I wish I could do the normal things I use to around the house. I got both my drains removed on po op day 9 was so happy about that to finally take a shower and not my boyfriend giving me a baby wipe bath. One of the drain holes has not closed and is leaking fluid out of it the other closed up over night it seamed like. My swelling is horrible last night I thought my body was going to explode from my neck to my feet. My binder is coming apart not sure if I should start wearing my spanx that I have ( use to call it my fat sucker inner) before the tt,bl,ba and tl. I have a drs appt. on thrusday to get my stitches removed then have to go back to work for 4 hrs on friday not sure how that is going to work as I work in a factory and stand all day I can't even stand on and off for a couple hrs out of the day without swelling bad. The things we go through to look good and feel better about ourselves.


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Sorry your recovery has been rough. If you can, try to get Friday off. That seems to soon to stand for so long. Also, if you have concerns about the oozing, call your doctor and don't wait until Thursday. Keep us posted!

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Thought I should give a little back ground info...

Thought I should give a little back ground info about myself. I am 32 years old 5'9 160 lbs I have 2 kids both done by c-sections. I had weight loss surgery done 4 years ago lossing 150 lbs resulting in a lot of extra skin to have removed. I fell so lucky to have been able to have this done can't wait to see the final results.

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Go to dr. Today to get stitches removed didn't...

Go to dr. Today to get stitches removed didn't really know that they would stay in 16 days. I found two big knots one is on my tt incision from middle of belly all the way to the right side and the other is on my left leg at the end of my thigh lift incision going to ask dr about it today hope it don't stay like that. I still swell bad by the end of the day try not to do too much. I have one more week off of work when I go back we will be on over time not looking forward to 9 hours of standing first day back.

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I am po op day 22 today just got back from longs...

I am po op day 22 today just got back from longs retreat was there for 3 nights. Thought I would be good to to go since I was all most 3 weeks po op I was wrong. Took kids to the swimming beach was so excited to wear my bikini didn't not wear my binder was there for 2 hrs and when we got back was so swelled I thought my bb was going to explode spent the rest of the day and night on the couch. My bf had to take them by himself the next day I did not want to feel like that again it sucked. Sometimes I feel like I will never feel like myself again. I just want to be normal.

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Is there any one who has had a mommy makeover...

Is there any one who has had a mommy makeover without lipo? My dr did not do lipo on me and now I wish he would have I am almost 4 weeks out and I don't think my sides are going to smooth out. Idk maybe it is still to soon. My left breast has still not dropped my right one looks awesome. My thighs swell along with my tummy. NOT looking forward to a 9 hour workday on Monday for my first day back!!!!


I can totally relate to wanting to feel normal again. I just want to run my sweeper and mop my floors. Instead I am forced to sit on the couch and think about it. Grrr.

My left breast (just a lift on both) is looking fine! My right, however, not so much. It is lopsided, and the nipple is cowering as if it were afraid to come out. I am hoping that it changes as the swelling goes down and my body adjusts to its new arrangements. I am only 2 and a half weeks out. It is too soon to expect perfection, I suppose. :-)

Good luck!!

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Hey wonj I go back to work Monday it's going to be my first day back and a 9 hour day to boot. Had my mommy make over on June 12th my thigh lift hurts the most and my boobs still fill tight my left still has not dropped yet. I have so many pics on my phone but I don't know how to post them I wish I did because I would love to have people's input not sure if I am completely happy or if it is to soon to tell
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Well I can tell you that it is still very earlier in your recovery. Your body is making so many adjustments while it heals. I know I just about made an appt to see my PS for everything that seemed like a concern or I would call him,....often....LOL. But he would just listened to me and looked at my concern and say, that's part of the healing process you and doing fine. :) It's a big step for us and we don't know what to expect but I'm sure you are healing just fine. :) Maybe you can go online and search info for how to download pics from your phone. :)

So last night was my first night back to work I...

So last night was my first night back to work I work second shift in a factory we end up only working a half hour over instead of an hour that was a plus. I am so so so slow getting around and oh man did my whole body hurt standing and moving like that after 26 days of being off and with all the surgery I had done I am paying for it for sure today. I wish I could afford to be off work for longer. Hopefully it will get easier and easier.

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When I went to get into the shower for work today...

When I went to get into the shower for work today I found a little hole in my tt incision line, first night back to work body was not use to all that bending and lifting just yet was so sore when I woke up. I left early today just couldnt do it again.


Yeah I am 4 week out and and my left one still looks higher then the right I still hopping it drops
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For what it's worth any one reading my post and...

For what it's worth any one reading my post and having a mommy make over with a thigh lift that works in a factory standing 8-9 hours a day please try to get at least 2-3 months off of work it is so hard my first day back to work which was 26 days po op I thought I was going to die and I split my incision open just a little but was freaking out!!! I do 6 different jobs on one line and 2 on the other line and they all hurt my body in different ways very tired by the end of the night! I have been signing up for no pay no penalty days so that really helps to get out when I can. I am almost 5 weeks out and I wish I could just do the thing I used to do and walk as fast as I use to slowly but surely it is coming back but I am not a very patient person sucks to be me right now. Takes me about an hour and a half to get ready for work as I thought I was all done with thigh the gauze and tape had to get that back out for a couple more weeks. Happy heeling to every one!!!!!!


Hi there. Your the first one I have run into that has all the procedures I had done at once. I'm sure there is more just haven't seen them yet. It's a bit to heal from all of it. So many places to hurt at once. I'm 12 days post op and today has been a bit tough still Have 4 drains in and different places are starting to hurt that I had no pain in before at all. Lol. Hope your healing has continued to improve. :) you look amazing!!
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Oh how I need to up date more but I have been working so much over time it's not been funny! But I am doing good I got a huge knot only knee from my thigh lift my dr. Cut it open buy the next week it came back so then he had to put what they call a wick in it had to change it twice a day now down to once a day everything else is heeling nice. I did get a bl and ba they where 457 in size have to check what kind not for sure on that. I am going to try to post new pics this weekend 7.5 weeks out now just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for asking!!!!!!
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How are you feeling?
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Dr. Donaldson has been wonderful along with every one in his office. He called me twice after surgery. Had an appt. The day after surgery and I was 30 min late for and when I walked in I went straight back no waiting at all.he is very nice and knows exactly what he is doing. Thanks dr. Donaldson for the new body!!!

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