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30 Year Old Mom of 1, Very Active, but Always Had Flabby Behind and Outter Thighs - Columbus, OH

I will be having lipo on my outer thighs and...

I will be having lipo on my outer thighs and flanks to give me a more proportioned shape. I am small up top, but have thick thighs, which I hate. I had breast augmentation 3 years ago and absolutely love them, but want to feel more complete, I work so hard to have a nice physic, but have never been able to get the thighs I want. So I am hoping for a nice result :)

Im so glad I found this site!

Its been so great being able to read other's reviews and see photos of women who have shared the same experience with me. It has given me some really good peace of mind and comfort, and also made me even more excited about my procedure! I really appreciate the kind words of encouragement that I have got from people. It has helped me a lot! So thank you and best wishes to you all! I will be keeping up with this regularly as my journey continues! ONLY 30 MORE DAYS!

Frustrated! I have been battling bronchitis for two weeks now!

Due to still having bronchitis, I had to reschedule my surgery to Aug 24th. I am so tired of being sick, im so ready to get better so I can get my surgery over with. So hopefully I will be better soon.

only 1 more week to go!!!

I am so excited for my upcoming surgery. I am FINALLY getting over this awful bronchitis I had after 3 weeks and two rounds of antibiotics and 2 rounds of steroids. Still feel just a tiny bit inflamed in the right bronchial, but getting much better and Im sure ill be fine by next week. Im just ready for my procedure! Wish me luck:)

Surgery date rescheduled once again

Well, I had to move my procedure date yet again, now till October 1st. my bronchitis didn't go away nearly as fast as I had hoped, so my doctor decided it was best to push it out another week just to make sure my breathing was completely back to normal. As of now Im feeling pretty well, so another week of recovery should make me even better and more rested for my surgery. So ill be updating again very soon. take care all!!!!

Finally had my surgery! 5 Days post op

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have been on here, and after rescheduling my surgery 3 times due to illness, I finally had it done this past Friday (Nov 7th) My procedure went well, although the anti-nausea patch that was given to me caused my pupils to dialate and I had to deal with headaches and blurry vision from that for about 4 days, which has now subsided. As far as my lipo, I am still VERY sore! My legs feel better, but where my incisions are on my lower back for the lipo of my flanks and hips is so painful. Hopefully that will get better soon. I am now 5 days post op. I haven't taken any photos yet, because all I really have to show is a ton of bruising. I am using Bromeline and Quercatine as well as Arnica gel. I guess I am a little bummed because I have not really noticed any change in my body yet, I know that results could take months, but I guess I hoped to see at lease a little bit of change, but I really don't yet. I am really hoping that this is because of the swelling. So I will post some pics very soon. Take care all and wish me luck. Thanks!

No drainage from incision sites. Normal???

I was told to expect some drainage from my incision sites for 24 to 48 hours post op, from the fluid that the surgeon injects into the area of the body that has been liposuctioned, and this this is some of the dissolved fat leaving the body.... I never had one drop of drainage what so ever. I am not sure what this means... I was told that my body must have absorbed the fluid and came out via my urine. But I am concerned! Does this mean that I am not going to have as good of a result as if I would have had drainage from my incisions??

A couple pics

More pics

Some pre op and 6 day post op before and afterw

I don't see any change at all :(

11 days post op!

Starting to see some results and loving it!

11 days post op

Missed a pic :)

16 days post op

6 weeks post op

I'm pretty happy with my results so far. I still have some swelling and tenderness, so it's been difficult to get back into my workout routine full swing, so I really am anxious to get toned up more

I still can't believe this is MY butt

I'm so happy with my results. I've always wanted to wear a sexy thong for my husband, but I never would because I was so self conscious about the way my but looked. Now I feel good about it and I'm not afraid to let him see me in one now. I can't wait to start vamping up my workouts to really get it toned back there! But it's still a vast improvement!!!

New butt :)

Loving my new look


I got these as a gift 2 years ago and have NEVER worn them, too tight and too short, if have been mortified.... I think I'll Definatly be breaking them out when the weather gets warm!!!
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