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Today I got my paper work with the time and date!...

Today I got my paper work with the time and date! April 17th at 0730!! It feels real now. I am 31 mother of 3 ah ma zing kids!! My breast are currently barely fitting into a 34A cup by Victoria secret. My goal is to be a large B or modest C and I'm not real sure I want a C it seems so Big! Even though they look incredible on a lot of lucky ladies.. I feel I am noob obssed. I'm on this sight all the time getting pointers and reading incredible stories that make me realize this is the best decision, other than marrying my high school sweetie and producing 3 beautiful children, ya this is up there with that! I have always been extremely envious of any one with a bump of a boob.

As you can see in the pics one breast is larger than the other thanks to breast feeding and favoring one side more than the other. I am hoping this can be corrected but to be honest as long as I have some oomph I don't really mind it.
My PS I am going with is awesome! He was my third consult and as soon as I met him and his staff I was sold. I was dead set on saliene but after him explaining the statistics of saliene ruptures, my limited breast tissue and the fact his wife has silicone I was okay with it. I work at a cancer center and we refer a lot of our pt to him which he also stated he uses silicone on. This changed my mind but he did say by the rind I have my surgery his office will be housing a new breast implant that is saliene with silicone texture do who knows I may go with that. I just like the idea if saliene ruptures I will know it.
My plan is 225-275cc sub muscular silicone high profile (again due to lack of breast tissue) I cant wait!!

Question my PS is implanting a pain pump for the muscles it is to last 4 days and only administers medicine similar to lidocaine. Has anyone experienced this? Thoughts...
Can't wait.....

So I am seven weeks away and have had a mammogram...

So I am seven weeks away and have had a mammogram due to being 30 yrs of age my PS recommended it. I was cleared from anything which gives me more self assurance. I also found a Danskin bra in my desired size at wal-mart for a 5 dollars!! yeah the price of a foot long. I was stoked! I am taking it in with me tomorrow to try sizers on again. I feel me and my PS staff will be besties by the time this is over!
I am on this site, and researching boobs constatnly!! I can not wait to be among the proud boobie having ladies! So questions.......
Has anyone had the pain pump? My PS is administers this with lidocaine medicine and gives oral narcotic pain meds... I am kind of excited because I hate pain. Also for all you ladies can you lay on your stomach ever again? How long after your surgeries did you feel 100% yourself? When does your breast feel like your breast? Thank you for all your help!!! :)

Tomorrow will be exactly one month to the big day!...

Tomorrow will be exactly one month to the big day! I am so ready. I feel I am educated enough to preform this procedure myself. lol. I still need to get a few items for recovery
neck pillow
feather blanket-(I plan on sleeping in recliner for the first few days and I am sure my hubby wont give up the one we sleep with now...)
Arnica gel
frozen dinners
homework done in advance
bendy straws
jello (it settles my stomach)
stool softners ( wanting to try some to make sure they dont crap my stomach and make me feel worse)
Cozy pants
I believe that is all....or at least all i can think of. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Barrington Cosmetic Dentist

My doctor I work for refers pt to him, He has done thousands of mastectomy ladies feel like a woman again. He is easy to talk to, makes you feel your worries are important.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi. I think your breasts look very nice now and they will look even better after. Good choice on the size you chose, my advice do not go bigger than that. I went with overs, the recovery is so fast, no pain after I came back from the hospital, a day after the surgery. I had 175cc, silicone and I think they are a good size. You even have more breasts than me to start with. I breastfed 2 babies and I lost my breasts. Had nice breasts before. Well, do not worry too much about anything, just trust your doctor. Smaller implants are likely to have much less complications, if any. If you read my story about what happened to me, you will thank God you only have to go through this. I was lucky I decided to have them done and take out that tumor I had there for 5 years and thought it was nothing as told by doctors. Things happen for a reason sometimes if not always. Hung in there, do not look at pics and obsess about the look etc. Your original shape is different than anybody else's and you will turn out the way you are supposed to. I did not even buy the cream the doctor asked to for the incisions. I let thinks take their course naturally. Bye.
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I am doing horrible! lol I had to cancel due to some un-foreseen expenses! As soon as I get these caught back up hopefully within the next month I can schedule again! I am so excited for you! Right before summer so you can wear your pretty tops, and swim suits! I will be getting them soon just not in April now! My friend is still getting hers I am excited to see her going through the process! Have a great surgery ill be praying for a fast beautiful recovery!! Good luck mama chichi!
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I am the day before you! These last couple of weeks are killing me! How are you doing?
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I'm a total wuss - definitely not a fan of pain! I only had Tylenol for pain, but managed fairly well with that. My PS had me start laying on my stomach for 15min every night starting the night of surgery. At first it royally sucked. It really, really just SUCKED! It took probably 10min to get onto my belly and another 10min to get back off it and only with my husband's help! It got better each day, though. I'm almost 4wks out now and can easily lay on my stomach, including sleeping at night. Now it actually feels better during and afterwards! Ask your PS if/when to begin getting onto your stomach. I've been back to most of my normal activities for a while - running was the only thing I'd been doing preop that I hadn't gotten back to. I did 3 miles tonight though and it felt great! Getting new boobs was one of my best decisions ever!! Good luck to you! :)
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How long have you had them now? Thanks for the input anything helps. I am reseraching over and over and I come across so really crazy, scary stories and then ones where they say its the best thing ever. I guess I can only go into this thinking anything is possible. I am still very eager to have them done. Just like everyone else wish I knew exactly what size, profile etc... lol
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I'm 5wks out today! Love, love, LOVE my boobs!!! There are definitely a lot of decisions to make, and there are some risks - educate yourself, look at the risks/benefits, and work with your PS to figure all that out. And think about how MANY success stories there are vs how many "horror stories" there are. I'd totally do it again (though admittedly it took a few days to get to that point!) and feel like it was some of the best $$ I've ever spent! Do you have a surgery date yet?
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Yes April 17th I can't freaking wait. Some days go by and I am happy its a little far out just because I have a few things to buy to be prepared for it. I wish it was here though bc im ready to start the healiong process and enjoy my new purchases. :) When did you start feeling like they belonged to you? When did you feel well enough to do everything, sleep, shop, work, etc.
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They've been coming around in stages. I was back AT work POD5, though not exactly really back TO work til about 2-3wks postop. I was back to sleeping pretty comfortably (including on my sides and stomach) maybe around 2-2.5wks. It was probably 3-4wks before I was able to comfortably resume running. I still can "feel" them sometimes when I move just right, or if they're getting more stiff from just not moving around much - they just get a little tight every now and again. Overall, I'm feeling really good and am thrilled with my results! The 17th will be here before you know it, and you'll be well on your way to big beautiful boobs!! :)
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Hello! :) I just recently got my boobies done and I'm 3 weeks out today. To answer your questions.. I feel about 90% myself, and notice it gets better every week. however, i am still unable to sleep on my tummy. My doctor told me it may take months to be able to. My breast started to feel like mine about this week. The first two weeks i still couldn't believe I got them done. Have you chosen your implant size yet?
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I am leaning toward 200-250 range still. That is good to hear. Do you love them? What size did you get? silicone saline?? what size were you before?
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That's a good size. I definantlty am in love with them. They look very natural and fit my body. (I have post pics yesterday but I guess it takes time to post) I went with 240 cc silicone under the muscle. I started off with a small 32B. I got measured today and I am a 32d but I look more like a C cup.
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Yeah it does take like a day or 2 after you post pics before they put them up. That sounds like an awesome size. Are you doing ok? Far as pain? It seems the smaller the implant the faster the recovery?????? At least that is what I am hoping for. Keep me posted girl!! Is there anything I should do to prep??? Eat? stock up on? lol I will pray for a quick and easy recovery for you! ;)
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I'm doing great. I have the typical soreness here and there. Everyone was telling me how much pain they wer in, so I went in expecting to be in excruciating pain. However, it went really easy and smooth. I took the vicodine for the 1st day and switched to tylonal the next day. I would say to get some stool softeners, because the one day of vicodine messed with my system for about a week. Make sure to have someone with you the first 3 days to assist you with your personal care. My boyfriend had to help me with showering for a week. Drink lots of water and stock up on light foods. You will do great. Don't worry it's gonna be a piece of cake :) I can't wait to see your results! Good luck!
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I seen your pics they look awesome!!!!! It makes me even more excited to get them done! Thanks for the heads up I will be stocking up :) Do you were work? how soon would you say you were ready to go back to work? I am a MA and feel the type of work I do isnt too bad, except if I have to do a phelbotomy on someone. Thanks for the helpful advice!
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Thank You :). I work as a social worker and I took a week and a half off. My job requires a lot of driving and I didn't feel comfortable driving for about a week after. I think you should be good with a week off, but remember everyone is different. You should go back when you feel comfortable and ready. No problem! If you have anyother questions please feel free to ask. Good luck :)
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I was worried about silicone at first, but my PS reassured me it was completely safe and looks and feels more natural, so that is what I am going with! If I am going to do this I want them to feel and look like the real thing!
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I hear ya! The silicone they have now is way better than before. What size have you decided on? what size are you now?
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I'm glad you started your story with us here on RealSelf!

You might want to check out this list of supplies for recovery.

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My surgery is March 21st! I am so nervous..but excited. What made any of you choose between silicone/saline?
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my dr suggested silicone bc of my minimal breast tissue, he said this would feel more natural as well as the rate for leakage is 20-30yrs and saline is around 10yrs give or take on both..... I really liked the feel of silicone, but knowing when saline ruptures makes me feel less worrisome.. He is getting the new ideal implant which feels more like silicone and mirrors silicone but is actually saline so i am leaning towards this, but with it just coming to the market it worries me. so idk! what are you leaning more to?
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I just had to reply because my surgery date is also for April 17th...SO excited!!! I am also going for a moderate C cup size but saline, under the muscle. I am planning on using just the pain pills and hoping that will do. I have my mammogram in a week, and my PreOp appointment the 2nd of April. Good luck!!!!
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Awes yeah!!! :) That is sooooo awesome. We can share our recovery with each other!! What size are you now? Are you leaning toward a large C?
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I'm a small B cup or A cup...smaller these days:) I'm going for a full C cup. I'm 5'5" about 115 lbs. Most of my weight goes to by booty so I think this will round me out in a very nice way.
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I am getting the pain pump. My PS offers it, but so many have told me it is not necessary. I've had several friends gettheir boobs done without it and swore the pain pills were enough, but if there is another option to help with the pain then I am going to get it! A girl I work with got the pain pump and loved it!
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Awesome. I'm a baby when it comes to pain so I am hoping this helps. Also Im a medical assistant and have to wear scrubs to work I wonder if I'll be able to put them on 5 days post op? When is ur surgery and what's ur deets
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