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Preparing Myself..excited..nervous..anxious..ready to DO IT!!! - Columbus, GA

I lost about 25lbs..its the excess skin that is so...

I lost about 25lbs..its the excess skin that is so horrible!...I just turned 38 yestrday,i have four children the 4th child was 9lb 3ozs...about 1 1/2 yr ago i decided to loose weight..did that,but the excess skin was still there? So about 4 weeks ago i decided to have this procedure,i've often looked at my stomach and said if i could just cut this fat off? I work out 5 days a week, when i decided on the procedure i bought a weight bench for my home. I've got 3 days till the procedure,i've got my meds,foods,water,new pjs to change into,books to read...I'm excited and nervous at the same time ( i hate pain)..but as they say (no pain/no gain). My husband gave me the go ahead and do it (suprisingly) he is kinda old fashion...all in all it was MY DECISION!!!...I will share photos of before and after...after my procedure

....only hours left...I'll be at the PS office in...

....only hours left...I'll be at the PS office in the morning at 7: 00 am..in ready to get my procedure over with...I've turned my room into a make shift recovery room...I got the recliner set up...medicines....just waiting on time....
Hi Holygirl74,

I'm praying that your procedure went well and you are having a great recovery. I sent up a prayer for you. Can't wait to see your before and after pics.
Hi Holygirl !
Just browsing the website and came aross your blog. I am from the UK but love this site. Hope your op went well. I am booked in for a TT in December 2012. Nervous but excited at the same time. Love reading everyones stories it gives me real encouragement. good luck to you. Take care. Suzi
...its 2: 31 am the morning of procedure...I AM WIDE AWAKE....oh I so want to be asleep...watching the clock....

WOW......24 hours after my procedure....i was...

WOW......24 hours after my procedure....i was really worried about the pain.....it's not really pain it's an ache...i started crying after i was awaken in recovery.( the nurse asked me what was wrong,i told her i was happy). i took pain meds as soon as i got home..i do have the drainage bulb that has to be emptied. i am in a recliner,it's ok..the getting up and down is the worst.everything seems to begoing good..i did go to thebathroom twice alone and went to the kitchen alone....my husband and 3 teenage kids have been great....ttyl
Way to go girl! It's great to hear it's an ache and bearable! You are strong woman! Nothing but healing in your future now! God bless!!
Speedy recovery wished your way. Look forward to seeing your photos in due course. Best wishes from a very wet and windy UK !!

Day 4 post op....last night i had the best sound...

Day 4 post op....last night i had the best sound solid sleep since the procedure (that was so needed).......Went to have my drain checked,it was not ready to be removed,so i have to go back on monday.....getting in and out of the car was ok.......today was an ok day...i stopped taking the pain meds on yesterday,they had me too spacey...so im just taking the regular tylenol....the doctor said i can begin to try and walk upright...wheeew...i feel so TIGHT...the WORST of the pain is in my lowerback..the doctor said that's from walking bent over...over all day 4 was a better day...i feel like i'm becoming more focused mentally...right now i'm sitting at my kitchen table just to be out of my bedroom (i've been calling it the recovery room)..and the chair at the table is upright and it feels good not to be laying back....i'm praying for another good night of sleep....ttyl
Happy healing!! :)

Oh boy...day 5 and 6 post op.....i'm feeling like...

oh boy...day 5 and 6 post op.....i'm feeling like i'm gonna go BONKERS? "sitting in this chair"....this LOWER BACK PAIN!!!!!! feels like being in labor i just want my back to stop hurting and this DRAIN OUT!!!!! .....the fluid in the drain is down to about 50/60cc...the ps said i could get it out on moday if it was under 100cc...of coarse that was on thursday so i'm having to go the whole weekend with it (yeaaa :-() knowing it is for the best (the drain)...i'm just reassuring myself i'll be back on my feet...back to my "new" self and i'll be working out again..buying me some new clothes..i'll probably do a new fresh haircolor...new..new..new..its gonna be BEAUTIFUL!!!!...
Happy healing!!!!!!
Just so I understand, you don't need the narcs long term then, by day 3 I could be on tylenol, I hate the fact I get constipated from pain killers, so if tylenol at least takes the major edge off that should be good. What about Ibuprofen, it's an anti inflammatory has anyone been using that?
If you feel your body doesn't need pain meds listen to it! Continue with antibiotics and arnica or whatever else they have you on. People have different pain tolerances for sure so let yourself be the judge. Good luck!

Day 7 post op...today was a long day...I was kinda...

Day 7 post op...today was a long day...I was kinda back and forth emotionally..I just want this drain out tomorrow....bathing was so refreshing today..I adjusted the compression garment, I think I had it to tight I was able to walk better when I adjusted it..I put on a bra for the first time since the procedure that was a nice feeling...I'm from the recliner to my kitchen chair..the time in the recliner makes me feel so stiff when I get ready to get up from the recliner....my incision feels like it is healing..that dry feeling you get when you have stitches..and when I move a certain way feels like it the stitches are pulling...my back is doing some what better thats good..other than that all is wel...some good sound sleep sure would be nice tonight...
Congrats you've already made it a week & it just gets better from here. Can't wait to see your after pics!

Hang tough and this will get easier.  You just made it through the works week and it's all up hill now.

Kimmers25...thx..for being positive..I hope the first week is the worst week...looking for better days

Oh happee day :-)......got th DRAIN OUT!!!! what a...

oh happee day :-)......got th DRAIN OUT!!!! what a releif...when he snipped that stitch..andpulled that looooooog tube out...i was like ahhhhhhhh...no wonder i was so uncomfortable...but anywho....i feel like i've jumped over a hurdle today....this morning when i called for the app. to go in today..they said they couldn't see me until after lunch...i almost had a crying spell..but i heldi together...i can sit better...i can move my leg.....my daughter told me i look different (better)...i feel like im on the mends
Hello Holygirl74! I'm happy I stumbled upon your blog! Congrats to you and I hope your healing process is quick :) I had my tuck done 5 days after you! I still have my drains in. I go this Thursday to see if they can be removed. I cant wait to get them out! I'll keep coming back to see how you're doing!
....well you are on the way....are you having to keep record of how much you are draining in the bulb?...that drain felt like a rope being pulled out my stomach..ttyl

Day 9 post op....drove myself yesterday to the...

Day 9 post op....drove myself yesterday to the drugstore ( i drive a stick-shift).....then today i drove to jc penny...to buy me a panty girdle to put on over this compression garment to hold in my sides on my upper hip area i did have some lipo in that area...the panty girdle actually feels really nice...driving was ok.........now my next hurdle is to stand up staight when walking this being slumped over even just a lttle bit is...ugh....but i do feel like i'm well on the way..
Did I read that right? You were driving a stick-shift a few days after your procedure??? There's a lot of hip and leg action driving a stick; and you actually use your ab muscles a little. How was that for you? You're one bad mama! LOL
Driving my car..yelp a stick-shift....it wasn't bad..nothing hurt..I didn't drive fast like I normally do (mustang)..just for safety reason..and wanting to make sure I was able to handle a car on the road....I've driven my self back to the mall cause I got the wrong size panty girdle.....but driving was nice...I want to get back to normalcy as much as I can...cause I'm a very independent person..I like to do it myself!!!
Driving my car..yelp a stick-shift....it wasn't bad..nothing hurt..I didn't drive fast like I normally do (mustang)..just for safety reason..and wanting to make sure I was able to handle a car on the road....I've driven my self back to the mall cause I got the wrong size panty girdle.....but driving was nice...I want to get back to normalcy as much as I can...cause I'm a very independent person..I like to do it myself!!!...walking with a walker..nooooooo way..I think that's gonna be worst.my kim brought me a cane over..tried it...horrible!!!..your have to use your body..your legs..you will he really tired at first..but it gets better

Day 12 post op....all seems to be going well.....

Day 12 post op....all seems to be going well...EXCEPT...."MY BACK"....i cant stand up straight..i'm still noticably hunched over...walkin slow...if i can just get my back straight ( i feel handicaped)....i can deal with the slow walking.....PLEASE if anyone has any tips
Hi, :) I saw your comments on my review so I thought it was only right that I read yours. it seams as if you and I are on the same recovery line as far as day 3 to day 3 and ect. your are a few days a head of me but I think I can watch how your days are going and be able to see what I have coming :) PHOTOS! where are they??? :)

Day 13 po....feeling good today...went back to the...

Day 13 po....feeling good today...went back to the mall...tried on some clothes...????? (with the compression garment)......i am walking better..yeaaa....i'm makng dinner for my family for tomorrow (sunday)...i will go to church tomorrow..normally i sing at church.... tomorrow i'll let someone else have the microphone...i'll just be happy to be attending church ( i love church)...i tried on shoes at the mall today...i also went to my moms house...she says i look good...today i'm wearing one of my adidas work out oufits...i like the way it fits ( no muffin top)....i even went by my job..and one of my regular customers said..you look like you lost weight..i didnt know what to say?.....ready to hit the gym...and WORK IT OUT!..that's 5 days a week for me (in due time)...well let me tend to my food...ttyl
You look great! No luck for me with my drains :( I still have them. I go back this Wednesday.

Looking good girlie!


Day 16 post op....visited the ps office yesterday....

Day 16 post op....visited the ps office yesterday....everything looks good...had the stitches taken out of my belly button.....i've been to work 2 days now...i only worked 4 hours both days...(feeing good about it)....i'm just so use to going..going...going..not being able to really go..go..go..like nomal is kinda aggravating..still slightly bent over just a little bit...i'm just mentally ready to be active like usual...but overall all is well :-}
You look fabulous! I get my last drain and stitches out tomorrow. I can't wait. Happy Healing!

Hello all.....I was 3 weeks po yesterday...had an...

Hello all.....I was 3 weeks po yesterday...had an app. with my ps today...all is well...he took off the little tapes that was covering my incision...i feel pretty good in my body...still if i sit too long i feel like i have to loosen myself up when i stand up...and MY BACK is soooooo much BETTER..it is almost completely straight..i feel like i'm about 90% on that.....I've been back at work for a week..I am a hairstylist...i had a great week at work..better than i thought i would be..i'm gonna post 3 pictures..i love the one with my clothes on......NO MUFFIN TOP!!!!!..... I use to buy large or xlarge tops to camoflauge my muffin top..but the top in this picture is a medium..and now my breast look like Pamela Anderson breast.......GO ME!!!!!!!.....still swollen but I am so excited already about the future....

I am so happy for you girlie!  Sounds like you are healing beautifully and feeling great.  You will notice improvements each week and so be back to your old self....well plus a new tummy!

@Kimmers25 I went and got an electric recliner today. I can get way more uses out of it than a hospital bed. Im counting down. Can't wait!

Nice!!!  That will be very helpful for you.  Glad to hear you are all set up:)


Hi..tt'ers.....i'm po in my 9th week...feeling...

hi..tt'ers.....i'm po in my 9th week...feeling GREAT!!!!...I've been back at the gym for about almost 4 weeks..feels GREAT!!!..my back is soooooo much better i thought i was never gonna walk straight again...i'm back in my regular pants wearing belts...my BLOUSES i've went from LG/XL..to a MEDIUM..yeee-haww...i was buying larger tops to camoflauge my muffin top...I went to see my PS last week he says i look really GOOD..my scar is almost invisible..now i'm still slightly tender at the end of my scar and on my sides where i had lipo..my ps says swelling will decrease with time..i'm making sure i drink PLENTY of water...excersise..no late night eating...i am really happy with my results..i feel like a brand new person....i even had a 90 minute body massage on yesterday..i needed that it loosened me up some..she did nothing to my tummy just my sides and my back..all is well :=)
Nice to see another AA mom out here. You look great!! My surgery is Sept 28 and I'm starting to get a bit scared. In other words my mind is doing back flips trying to talk me out of this. Did your head play games with you?

YEE-HAW....tomorrow i will be 90 days po....i can...

YEE-HAW....tomorrow i will be 90 days po....i can truly say..i feel like a million dollars...i'm still swollen in the lower part of my tummy;;;i'm working out 5 days..i love the way i look in my clothes..im buying medium size tops now no need to camoflauge the muffin top,,its not there anymore....my sides where i had lipo is still just a little tender ( just a little)..my stomach is numb. I am about 5'9 my scale is at 186...i really want to get down to 180...i know still being swollen is apart..but i'm just going to let time take its coarse...since i am ONLY 90 DAYS PO....
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