Postponed......Must Drop 20 Pounds and Stop Smoking for Next 7 Weeks - Columbus, GA

Well yesterday, I decided to go for another quote...

Well yesterday, I decided to go for another quote on my tummy tuck. This doctor was actually cheaper and was more detail oriented than the last one. This doctor told me that I must quit smoking. He will not do the surgery if I have not stopped smoking for six weeks. The reason why was because he said smokers can get what is called dead skin. This takes months to heal. He does not even like taking the risk of it happening. So I quit smoking cold turkey as of 8:00 p.m. last night.

Also, he wants me to drop 20 more pounds, so starting today I have adjusted my diet to five 200 calorie meals a day. So far so good. I need motivation to do this. The reason he will not do it now is because he wants me to be at a weight closer to my goal weight. I weighed 220 yesterday and he wants me at atleast 200 pounds. If he performs the surgery and I lose, then my stomach will not be tight. Honestly the lowest I have weighed was 190 and that was when I was age 14 and age 21 but it took a lot for me to stay at that weight. So here goes....,..I will keep you updated. I even went online to figure out how many calories my body burns in a day and was able to figure out if I follow my diet plan to the T until June 14, I will lose 24 pounds and weigh 196. Send me good lucks, I need all I can get.
I totally get what you are saying...I was told the same thing. I quit in Feb and I power walk an hour and a half every day. I took Chantix because I couldn't manage to do it on my own. I also eat about 1200 calories today by way of three meals and two snacks...all clean unprocessed foods. I want this so bad...I think it really was the motivator to get me working on me again. Congrats on the quitting smoking. Best of luck to you on your weight loss. I don`t think there is a bigger motivator than plastic surgery! LOL! Take care! :-D
Thanks for sharing. Yes as of today I have lost 9.8 pounds. I have 4.5 more weeks to go and I know I can do it, because I have not stuck to the diet as strictly as I could. I have also had trouble with the smoking thing. I have two more days before I absolutely cannot have another cigarette. Best of luck to you as well.
Have you ever tried the atkins diet? I know it really works well, the problem is if you come off of it completly you gain pretty fast. I too have to quit smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to surgery and i am hoping to get my mm in september, its gonna be so ruff. Well theres nothing like good motivation to change are bad habits so i know you will get the weight off, and congrats on cold turkyin it. You are a tough cookie!
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